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Comment by tonytran2015: The similarities between USSR and USSA are actually much deeper. The dual loyalty of people involved in the Russian 1917 revolution (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/jan/25/russia.books) and the current rise of dual citizenships in USSA (https://www.cornellrooseveltinstitute.org/intl/the-problem-with-dual-citizenship) is the worrisome issue.

Is the United States a power with a future? Before 1914 superficial observers talked of unlimited possibilities after they had looked about them for a week of two, and post-war “society” from Western Europe, compounded of snobs and mobs[…]dollars must not be taken to represent the spiritual strength and depth of the people to whom they belong; neither must sport be confused with race-soundness nor business intelligence with spirit and mind. What is “hundred per cent Americanism”? A mass existence standardized to a low average level, a primitive pose[…]

[…]The resemblance to Bolshevik Russia is far greater than one imagines. There is the same breadth of landscape, which firstly, by excluding any possibility of successful attack by an invader, consequently excludes the experience of real national danger, and, secondly, by making the State not indispensable, prevents the development of any true political outlook. Life is organized exclusively from the economic side and consequently lacks depth[…]Their religion, originally a strict from of Puritanism, has become a sort of obligatory entertainment[…]there is an almost Russian form of State socialism or State capitalism, represented by the mass of trusts, which, like the Russian economic administrations, systematically standardize and control every detail of production and marketing. These are the real lords of the land in both cases.

[…]soulless mechanization. Dollar-imperialism, which pervades the whole of America down to Santiago and Buenos Aires[…]

[…]how many inhabitants of the country are there who inwardly do not belong to this ruling Anglo-Saxon type?[…]The greater part of these have not been incorporated in Americanism, but form an alien, foreign-thinking, and very prolific proletariat with its spiritual home in Chicago. They, too, desire unrestricted economic war, but have a different conception of it. 

[…]there is no Communist party. But neither did this exist as an organization for election purposes in the Tsarist regime. And in the one country as in the other, there is a mighty underworld of an almost Dostoyevsky sort, with its own urge to power, its own methods of destruction and of business, which, in consequence of the corruption prevailing in the organs of public administration and security, extends upwards into very prosperous strata of society – especially as regards that alcohol-smuggling which has intensified political and social demoralization to the extreme[…]

Why the dollar’s dominance is declining in the Middle East – DW – 05/20/2023


Iraq has just banned US-dollar transactions, the Saudis and Emiratis plan to sell oil without it, and there are plans to establish a whole new currency to bypass it. To know why, first have a look at the war in Ukraine…

Coffee prices skyrocket — RT Business News


23 May, 2023 05:35

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Coffee prices skyrocket

Wholesale costs of robusta beans are at their highest in nearly 12 years, according to Bloomberg

Coffee lovers around the world could struggle to find a budget-friendly cup of their favorite drink as the cost-of-living crisis and tighter supplies have pushed up prices, Bloomberg has reported.

According to the outlet, last week wholesale prices hit their highest level in nearly 12 years. Costs even soared for the robusta blend, which is typically less expensive because it is easier to produce in large quantities. Robusta is often used in instant coffee, espressos, and ground blends sold at supermarkets as a cheaper alternative for customers.

The report indicated that consumers in Europe’s largest coffee market, Germany, have seen retail costs soar amid a near-20% yearly jump in the price of instant varieties. US instant coffee price-growth also slowed less than the roasted version in April.

Meanwhile, expectations that the supply of robusta will recover any time soon are low due to poor harvests in the world’s largest producers, Vietnam and Brazil. There are also concerns that Indonesia’s output could drop as a result of heavy rains.

Global shipments of robusta beans have nonetheless increased, with more exported globally in the first six months of the current season compared to the last three years, Bloomberg reported, citing data from the International Coffee Organization. Statistics showed that shipments between October and March were about 4% higher than the same period in 2021-22. However, that was not enough to keep up with rising demand.

READ MORE: Italy suffers surge in price of signature staple

“There’s been so much of a demand shift away from higher-priced coffee that even the market isn’t being satisfied by higher robusta exports,” said Judith Ganes, who runs a New York consultancy focused on commodities such as coffee.

The Great Frequency War of Earth — Sunny’s Journal | Vermont Folk Troth


Comment by tonytran2015: Radiation effects on biological reactions may be possible. The nucleus of a chemical element may go into transition from one state to another with the right excitation frequency of radio waves; that is how NMR imaging works. Electrons in atoms and molecules may also do the same; that is the principle of optical detection of chemical elements. It is thus possible that biological enzymes may get excited by microwaves and related biological reactions get effected. Only serious experiments on rats (with exposure in days of rat life at much higher radiation dose) can answer this question.

The Great Frequency War of Earth You’re in it. We all are. It’s just that some of us are aware while many are not. The job of the Warrior is always to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We came here to do just that. To Protect and to FIGHT. But not in the commonly […]The Great Frequency War of Earth — Sunny’s Journal

The Shocking Truth: Unwashed Towels Rival Toilets In Bacteria Counts After Just Three Days


Authored by Ellen Wan via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Who would think the innocuous bathroom towel could potentially pose a threat to one’s health? An indispensable tool in our bathing routine,…