13,000 turkeys to be killed on Italian farm after second outbreak of highly contagious H5N1 bird flu  — RT World News


… At least two large flocks of birds are confirmed to have been contaminated with a strain of bird flu in Italy, officials announced,

with thousands set to be killed off to prevent an epidemic in Europe.
Some 200 birds died in a
commercial farm of fattening turkeys in the province of Verona, local
media reported on Thursday, citing authorities. The turkeys on a farm in
Ronco all’Adige had suffered from a highly infectious H5N1 virus that
causes bird flu, local veterinary services told the farm owners,
according to la Repubblica daily.

The news was also confirmed by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

the disease killed only 200 of the 13,000 birds at the farm, the rest
will also be killed and their carcasses burned to prevent the spread of
the flu.

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Chinese H5N8 avian influenza outbreak kills thousands of wild birds in Shaanxi province – agriculture ministry

Last week, some 38,000 birds were also killed in the nearby
province of Ferrara in the north of the country, despite the virus in
that case being less contagious.

Health authorities say they are
confident that the two incidents are isolated cases, but are warning
poultry owners to be vigilant. They are advised to keep an eye on their
flocks and keep them isolated in the farms, to avoid any contact with
wild birds. A restriction zone of one kilometer around the sheds is

Migrating ducks and other species can often harbor the
virus without getting sick themselves and spreading an epidemic to
others. Last winter was one of the worst seasons regarding bird flu
infections in Europe. Some 23 million birds in 31 countries were
affected, with 3,800 outbreaks registered. Outbreaks kept up between May
and September when they would usually have ceased in the summer months,
with another 162 outbreaks recorded in 17 countries.

The H5N1
virus is highly contagious for birds, but not so much for humans.
However, contamination in people is not impossible, with farmers known
to have suffered from the disease.

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World’s 1st case of human infection with H10N3 bird flu recorded in China

(MOSCOW) JUST IN: An explosion and fire at a gunpowder factory in Russia on Friday killed at least seven people, while nine remain missing, emergency officials said #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services


#AceNewsReport – Oct.22: The Emergency Situations Ministry said the explosion hit the Elastik factory in the Ryazan region, about 270 kilometers (about 167 miles) southeast of Moscow.

#AceDailyNews says according to Boston Globeat least seven are dead and nine people are missing in Russian gunpowder factory blast: Russian news reports said that all those missing are believed dead. One person was hospitalized with serious injuries, according to local officials.

Delta Airlines CEO Announces Company Will Ditch COVID Vaccine Mandate – The Citizen Media

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian said that the company will be dropping its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, making it the only U.S. airline that will not require employees to receive their shots. Bastin said during a Thursday appearance on Fox Business’ “The Claman …

JMSE | Free Full-Text | Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from Submarine Power Cables Can Trigger Strength-Dependent Behavioural and Physiological Responses in Edible Crab, Cancer pagurus (L.)

Comment by tonytran2015: What are the effects of these very low frequency EMF on mammals? Then what are the effect of EMF at extremely high frequencies (2 GHz and up) on human?


The current study investigated the effects of different strength
Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure (250 µT, 500 µT, 1000 µT) on the
commercially important decapod, edible crab (Cancer pagurus, Linnaeus, 1758). Stress related parameters were measured (l-Lactate, d-Glucose,
Total Haemocyte Count (THC)) in addition to behavioural and response
parameters (shelter preference and time spent resting/roaming) over 24 h
periods. EMF strengths of 250 µT were found to have limited
physiological and behavioural impacts. Exposure to 500 µT and 1000 µT
were found to disrupt the l-Lactate and d-Glucose
circadian rhythm and alter THC. Crabs showed a clear attraction to EMF
exposed (500 µT and 1000 µT) shelters with a significant reduction in
time spent roaming. Consequently, EMF emitted from MREDs will likely
affect crabs in a strength-dependent manner thus highlighting the need
for reliable in-situ measurements. This information is essential for
policy making, environmental assessments, and in understanding the
impacts of increased anthropogenic EMF on marine organisms.

747 cargo jet from Leipzig in Germany bursts into flames as it lands at East Midlands airport with a loud bang | ukgovernmentwatch



The moment a 747 cargo plane landed at East Midlands Airport with a loud bang, sending flames.https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10047869/747-cargo-jet-bursts-flames-lands-East-Midlands-airport-loud-bang.html Just Surviving., A North West City, United Kingdom, @DailyMail: That plane was bringing a cargo load of Johnson promises, that burst into flame and disappear the moment they land.

Vaccine effectiveness drops further in the over-40s, to as low as minus 53%: New PHE report | Aletho News


And That’s a Fact

By Will Jones | The Daily Sceptic | September 24, 2021

It’s official: I am spouting misinformation about the Covid vaccines. Full Fact – the Google, Facebook and George Soros-funded outfit that Ofcom has said it relies on to tell it what to censor regarding COVID-19 – has ‘fact checked‘ my recent piece on PHE data showing negative vaccine effectiveness in August and branded it “incorrect”.

Writer Leo Benedictus – henceforth to be known as the Oracle – takes particular issue with the headline, which he says “falsely claims that a report from Public Health England (PHE) shows the COVID-19 vaccines having ‘negative effectiveness’ in the over-40s”.

“This is not true about the COVID-19 vaccines – nor is it true that the PHE report shows this,” the Oracle declares. Except it is. The data contained in the report is completely clear, and the calculation of unadjusted vaccine effectiveness from that data is straightforward.

According to the Oracle, however, this is not a valid way of estimating vaccine effectiveness. Benedictus quotes the PHE report stating as much – “The vaccination status of cases, inpatients and deaths is not the most appropriate method to assess vaccine effectiveness and there is a high risk of misinterpretation” – and notes that I too quote this. What he fails to acknowledge, though, is that I also examine the reason PHE gives for this claim and counter it.

The only substantive reason PHE gives that vaccine effectiveness might be underestimated in its data is that “vaccination has been prioritised in individuals who are more susceptible or more at risk of severe disease”. In other words, the high-risk are over-represented in the vaccinated and this skews the sample. I countered that the large majority of the older age groups are now vaccinated so this bias should be very much reduced. Of course, we also need to ask why, if this is supposedly the key confounder of the data presented, we are not also provided with the necessary data on risk categories so that it can be duly quantified and accounted for.

Benedictus reiterates PHE’s claim that vaccine effectiveness should only be estimated via the published studies. However, as I noted in my article, these studies are riddled with serious problems and inconsistencies that bring their findings into question. They are also out of date since they don’t cover the Delta surge, which is the first time the vaccines have really been stress-tested in the U.K.

Benedictus spends half the ‘fact check’ in a bizarre attempt to argue that my vaccine effectiveness calculation is wrong because I used the data PHE itself used for the size of the unvaccinated population. He points out it is different to the ONS figures on this. Er, take that one up with PHE, Leo.

It does seem at times that Benedictus is fact-checking the PHE report rather than my article. At one point he takes the report to task because one of its charts sowed confusion as it “seemed to show for the month in question (August 9th to September 5th) that people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s were more likely to test positive for Covid if they had been vaccinated than if they hadn’t”.

Except the chart didn’t ‘seem’ to show that; it did show that. Again though we are told that this data does “not give a reliable estimate of vaccine effectiveness” because of biases in the samples.

But who defines what makes an estimate of vaccine effectiveness ‘reliable’ enough to be permitted without being labelled false? All vaccine efficacy estimates have limitations arising from the limitations of the data, including those produced by PHE. I was careful to acknowledge the limitations of the estimates I was making, saying they were unadjusted for risk factors – though argued that this shouldn’t matter so much anymore given high coverage. There’s also the point that being high-risk may affect the risk of serious disease and death but there’s no reason to think it will have an impact on infection rates (save for the small number of immuno-compromised).

The unmistakable impression here is of a gatekeeping exercise by the Government and its outriders to ensure it controls the concept of vaccine effectiveness and no one unauthorised is allowed to make an estimate of it. Thus the availability of the data is carefully controlled and we only get a month at a time and without the additional data that would allow us to control for the supposed biases that the report tells us the data includes and which ‘invalidate’ any attempt to make an unauthorised calculation of vaccine effectiveness.

None of this concept-policing does anything to alter the facts, however. In recent weeks reported infection rates have been higher in the double vaccinated than in the unvaccinated for the over-40s. That means that, for this period, (unadjusted) vaccine effectiveness is negative in those age groups.

PHE has published two new reports since my article and in each the unadjusted vaccine efficacy has declined further. Here is the table using data from the latest report, covering August 23rd to September 19th (the related chart from the report itself is above).

It shows that in the two weeks since my article the vaccine effectiveness has dropped further, with unadjusted vaccine effectiveness in the over-40s now hitting as low as minus-53% among people in their 60s. This means that, on this data for this age group, the double vaccinated experienced a 53% higher reported infection rate than the unvaccinated in the past month. And that’s a fact.

Stop Press: Professor Norman Fenton and Professor Martin Neil on the Probability and Risk site have used age-adjusted all-cause mortality to estimate vaccine effectiveness and found that mortality rates are currently higher in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

Stop Press 2: Professor David Paton has produced a good Twitter thread responding to one of the more well-informed critics of this (and other) pieces citing the PHE data.

Incredible unexpected arrival of an earthquake during an open heart surgery.

Incredible unexpected arrival of an earthquake during an open heart surgery

by tonytran2015.

According to ABC radio PNN, a man was undergoing an open heart surgery in Geelong in Victoria, Australia and an earthquake (of 5.8 magnitude) struck in Mansfield in the same state at 9:15 am, 22/9/2021. The surgery table moved. Fortunately the doctors could suspend the surgery until the earthquake has subsided. This is an incredible bad luck but fortunately the surgery has suffered no adverse consequence.

China’s ban on Brazilian beef over mad cow joined by Indonesia, Egypt, Saudis – ABC News


  • More countries have joined China in banning Brazilian beef over two cases of mad cow disease
  • Brazil is the world’s largest beef exporter by volume, while Australian beef
    exports worth around $10b are the most valuable, MLA, ABARES
  • China, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia take 55 per cent of Brazil’s beef exports

Contaminated Pfizer Vaccines Reported In Several Japanese Cities

Contaminated Pfizer Vaccines Reported In Several Japanese Cities Several cities in Japan have reported ‘white-colored floating substances’ in Vials of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, according to Bloomberg. The vials came from lot FF5357, where white contaminants were first reported by Kamakura City in Kanagawa prefecture. On Tuesday, two more cities – neighboring Sagamihara and Sakai City…