Updated: GM Recalls ALL Chevy Bolt Models (Including EUV Crossover) Due to Battery Fire Risk

By B.N. Frank Battery fires have led to a recalls in Hyundai Electric Vehicles (EVs) as well as some Chevrolet Bolt models. Last month, GM… Updated: GM Recalls ALL Chevy Bolt Models (Including… Go to Source Author: Activist Post

Boeing calls for grounding of some 777s after Denver engine fire – The Ranao Star


23 Feb

WASHINGTON: Boeing called for the grounding of 128 of its 777 planes across the world on Sunday as US regulators investigated a United Airlines flight whose engine caught fire and fell apart over a suburban American community.

Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear masks on London Tube — RT UK News


London authorities are lobbying the UK government to make mask
wearing on the Tube required by law again, Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed,
arguing that only mandatory masking will make people feel safe on public
transportation again.
Mayor Khan is pushing for
compulsory mask wearing on the Underground, seeking to make it into a
by-law, enabling the British Transport Police to enforce it and impose
fixed penalties on those daring to board the trains maskless.

are trying to lobby the Government to allow us to bring in a bye-law,
so it will be the law again, so we can issue fixed penalty notices and
we can use the police service and BTP to enforce this,” Khan told the BBC’s Newscast podcast.

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Making mask-wearing compulsory again would make people feel safer and encourage them to use the Tube, the mayor said.

“We need people to be coming back to the West End. We want to encourage people to return to their offices,” he stated.

They are not going to do so if they don’t feel public transport is safe.

mask-wearing for England was dropped on July 19, though Khan has
consistently opposed the move. Ahead of ‘Freedom Day’, which ended
compulsory mask-wearing, he asked Transport for London (TfL) to enforce
it as a “condition of carriage,” making TfL workers able to ask non-compliant passengers to leave the bus or train.

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If pushed through, the changes proposed by Khan would effectively
revert the situation on London public transportation to pre-July 19
conditions. Despite the easing of restrictions, around two-thirds of
adults in the UK still plan to continue wearing masks, according to
official statistics.
The number of people wearing masks on public transportation also
remains high, with around 85% of Tube, bus, and train passengers
continuing to do so.

FAA issues warning over ‘potential’ fire suppression issue in troubled Boeing 737 Max — RT USA News


…The US Federal Aviation Administration has issued an order
restricting Boeing 737 Max & NG airplanes’ ability to transport
flammables, noting the planes may have an issue with air flow control
into and out of the cargo hold.
Boeing 737 Max airplanes
and some other 737 models are affected by the safety directive, which
requires operators to verify that all objects in the cargo hold are
nonflammable and noncombustible. Affected planes are suspected to have a
“failed electronic flow control of the air conditioning packs that vent air into the cargo hold from other areas of the plane,” according to the FAA.

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Following a decade of incidents and hundreds of deaths, how can ‘tainted and deluded’ Boeing regain the public’s trust?

The order affects some 2,204 planes globally, 663 of which are
registered in the US. Boeing’s 737 Max model has been largely grounded
since March 2019 after two deadly crashes which killed all 346 people on
board revealed a problem with the onboard computer systems. Further
investigation has only turned up more safety issues, and not just in the
737 model.

Boeing’s 777s and 787s have also been scrutinized for safety flaws. The company itself urged airline carriers
to suspend flights of some 777 models in February after multiple
engines exploded in midair , while that same month, the FAA demanded the
inspection of 222 Boeing 787s over concerns about decompression panels.
Manufacturing concerns about “foreign object debris” left in new planes have brought the mega-liner under further scrutiny.

the FAA reversed its original order grounding all Boeing 737 Max
aircraft in November, over 100 of the seemingly cursed planes were grounded again in April
over issues with the electrical system. The company’s newest model, the
737 Max 10, took off for the first time in June and is expected to
enter service in 2023…

China reimposes restrictions on overseas travel amid crackdown to control jump in Covid cases — RT World News


The announcement from China’s immigration authority on Wednesday
comes amid increasingly tightened domestic restrictions across the
country. Renewed efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 come after the
country recorded its highest number of new daily infections in months.

“Non-emergency and non-essential”
overseas travel will be restricted, with officials halting the issuing
of passports or exit documents, the National Immigration
Administration’s Liu Haitao stated at a press briefing…

ACCC launches legal action against Mercedes-Benz over Takata airbag recall – ABC News


  • The ACCC alleges Mercedes-Benz failed to convey that the airbags posed the risk of serious injury or death
  • Mercedes-Benz says it takes its compliance with consumer law seriously
  • The vehicle recall was the biggest in Australian history

(BEIJING) MonkeyB Virus Report: The virus was first detected in 1932 and since there have been fewer than 100 diagnosed human cases as a veterinarian has died according to Fox News reports | Ace News Services


#AceHealthReport – July.21: The veterinarian, 53, suffered severe nausea and a fever two months after dissecting two monkeys at a breeding research institute in Beijing and died on May 27, according to the Washington Post……

#AceDailyNews says China first human case of Monkey B virus after veterinarian’s death who has become the first person in the country to contract and die of the extremely rare virus according to Chinese officials who said last weekend, according to reports

‘I take responsibility’: Prime Minister acknowledges COVID-19 vaccine rollout failures, as one million weekly doses mark reached – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Australia had a successful border closing strategy in the first wave of Covid spread. Therefore (untried, new) vaccines have not occupied a high priority and a cautious approach was adopted. Australia was spared the agony of having many vaccine deaths. Now the danger from Covid has risen with its new delta strain and the relative risks between Covid and (still highly effective?) Covid-vaccines have to be re-evaluated.

The new outbreak should be blamed neither on the choice of Astrazeneca for local production nor its roll out. Astrazeneca is still in high demand in neighbouring countries and Australians are still worried about the side effects of vaccines. Australia should be more worried on its overseas arrivals and their quarantine.


… One million Australians received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the
past seven days, placing the country on track to offer vaccines to all
Australians by the year’s end, Mr Morrison said…