Pronunciation of Written Vietnamese, Part 3: Tones

Pronunciation of Written Vietnamese, Part 3: Tones

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Pronunciation of Written Vietnamese in former RVN (based on Standard Vietnamese used in the South, 1954-1975).

Part of the fun of traveling is understanding the local culture. This blog helps you know about written Vietnamese and pronunciate it to communicate with Vietnamese.

1. Standard Vietnamese sounds.

The Standard Pronunciation of Vietnamese Language in Republic of Vietnam, 1956-1975 have been made based on the hearing of the pronunciation by readers on Radio and TV broadcast programs, the lyrics from songs produced during that period and from actual conversations with many many people I met from most parts of that country. That language had been successfully used for communication in that country. Here are the results of my transcription which may help future people find out the actual pronunciation of people in now defunct Republic of Vietnam (1956-1975, commonly known as South Vietnam) if they ever need to restore the language.

2. The tones in Vietnamese

Wsetern foreigners often consider the tones a big obstacle in learning to speak Vietnamese. The tones from Westerners are often quite distinct from those of native Vietnamese. The reason is that Vietnamese is often spoken like a short passage of music and few people have expected that. The following pdf show how to pronounce the Vietnamese tones using musical concepts.

Pronouncing-the-tone-of-vietnamese-words-1 pdf Download

The pages in reduced size are given below:


[1]. Pronunciation of Written Vietnamese, Part 2: Consonants

[2]. Pronunciation of Written Vietnamese in former RVN







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Five railway stations in central and western Ukraine come under fire, casualties reported

Five railway stations in central and western Ukraine come under fire, casualties reported

Five railway stations in central and western Ukraine come under fire, casualties reported

On the morning of April 25, five railway
stations in central and western Ukraine came under fire. At least 16
passenger trains were delayed.
“Russian troops continue to systematically destroy railway
infrastructure. This morning, within an hour, five railway stations in
central and western Ukraine came under fire,” Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian
Railways) CEO Oleksandr Kamyshin posted on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

According to Ukrzaliznytsia CEO, at least 16 passenger trains will be delayed.

“Casualties have been reported, we clarify the details,” Kamyshin said.

As Ukrzaliznytsia posted on Telegram,
there is no voltage in the catenary on sections Shepetivka – Koziatyn,
Zhmerynka – Koziatyn, Koziatyn – Fastiv due to the damage to traction

Ukrzaliznytsia notes that trains running through these sections have
been delayed, the delay time and the list of trains will be announced

On April 25, Ukrzaliznytsia scheduled six additional trains to run from the evacuation zones and back

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A Boeing 757-200 cargo plane operated by delivery giant DHL skidded
off the runway during an emergency landing at Juan Santamaria
International Airport in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose on Thursday and
broke in two.

The incident was caught on video. The aircraft lost its tail and went up in smoke.

Second black box found from China Eastern Airlines wreckage as investigation into crash continues – ABC News

  • The second black box is recovered 1.5 metres underground and 40 metres from the point of impact

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Samizdat | March 26, 2022

The Turkish military has intercepted an “old” naval mine near the Bosphorus strait, the country’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Saturday. The “mine-like object” was first spotted by a commercial vessel in the vicinity of the busy Black Sea strait in the morning, the official told reporters.

“Our SAS team was quickly deployed into the area. After the object in question was determined to be a mine, it was brought to a safe place,” Akar reported, adding that, “the mine, which was determined to be of an old type, was neutralized by the SAS team.”

Ankara has raised the issue with both Russian and Ukrainian officials, Akar said, without assigning blame to any party for the incident. While the defense minister said that maritime traffic “continues safely” in the area, the Turkish agriculture ministry has issued a notice prohibiting night-time fishing in certain areas of the Black Sea, in the wake of the incident.

Footage circulating online shows the mine floating close to Turkey’s shores. The object appears to be a classic ‘horned death’ naval mine, and may be similar to a Small Anchored Mine (MYaM), a Soviet-made munition dating back to the WWII-era…

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…The mystery of the China Eastern Airlines flight that crashed last week in China deepened after authorities said there was no evidence of explosive materials in the wreckage for the flight that crashed with 132 people on board.

“Lab tests taken of 66 samples, 41 of which have been completed, showed no major common inorganic explosive or common organic explosive substances have been found,” confirmed fire official Zheng Xi. That finding is preliminary and not enough to rule out a terror attack of some sort on the plane. An illness by the pilot or intentional act to crash the plane have also not been ruled out, although it has been reported that all three pilots on board had good performance records and stable family backgrounds.

A transmitter installed close to a missing black box was found in the wreckage, but the actual flight data recorder has not been found yet. That all leads investigators no closer to finding answers in what was the first commercial plane disaster in China over the last decade. On Boeing , The China Eastern Airlines Corp. Boeing 737-800 NG crashed in the southern region of Guangxi on March 21 while making a flight from Kunming to Guangzhou.

Adding to the mystery, the plane plummeted from an altitude of 29,000 feet, but then leveled off for ten seconds before appearing to fall straight down intact. The 737-800 has a strong safety record with only 11 fatal accidents across 7,000 planes since 1997. The crash is unrelated to the MAX crashes as the 737 NG does not have the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System software issues that the 737 MAX aircraft faced. Morgan Stanley kept an Overweight rating on BA following the crash. “Although the stock may be muted in the short-term, we continue to like the setup in the medium to long-term given the information we know today,” wrote analyst Kristine Liwag. On China Eastern: The carrier has grounded its fleet of 737-800s and canceled thousands of domestic flights…