New Covid safe mode of travel (?): Crazy Russian pilot flies 1,320mph stealth jet with no roof

Comment by tonytran2015: No air force would waste time and money on purposeless actions. This may be an experiment to test a revolutionary mode of Covid safe air travel. Roofless passenger planes may appear soon. Haha !

Incredible footage has emerged of a Russian pilot flying a state-of-the-art fighter jet without a roof canopy.

Chris Eccles, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ top bureaucrat, resigns after hotel quarantine inquiry requests phone records

Comment by tonytran2015: The Premier of the State of Victoria in Australia now has many people working for him each pointing finger at another saying that the disastrous decision to employ private security guards at quarantine hotels was not his own. Why was also the offer of well trained Army soldiers refused? So WHO HAS DONE IT? This makes a mockery of transparency and accountabiliy.

  • Chris Eccles says his phone records show he called Mr Ashton for two minutes at 1:17pm on March 27
  • In September he told the hotel quarantine inquiry he could not remember calling Mr Ashton on this day
  • Mr Eccles says he is resigning as he does not want to distract from the Government’s COVID-19 response

Virus that causes COVID-19 survives up to 28 days on surfaces, Australian scientists find

  • The virus survives on most surfaces for about six to seven days before starting to lose potency
  • On some surfaces, such as glass and paper banknotes, the virus lasts for longer than a month
  • People can be infected if they touch a contaminated surface then touch their face, nose or mouth

WHO doctor says lockdowns should not be main coronavirus defence

… “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus.”

… Dr Nabarro made the statements in an interview with The Spectator.

“The only time we believe a lockdown in justified is to buy you time to reorganise, regroup, rebalance your resources; protect your health workers who are exhausted,” Dr Nabarro said…

“But by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777 Faces Altitude Reporting Issue

Comment by tonytran2015: Trusting only the (faulty ?) altimeter and GPS would have sent the plane 5800 ft (1900 m) under the ground.

… the crew communicated with ATC and asked what their altitude readings were. Subsequently, the corresponding controller said that the figure was 200 feet. Meanwhile, the crew members said that their standby altimeter was indicating 6,100 feet. Moreover, according to GPS, the plane was at 6,200 feet

Boarding areas in airports should have only passengers with manifests and negative on site Covid fast tests.

by tonytran2015

One disaster of Covid transmission due to plane traveling follows another. Sharing cabin air in a passenger plane for 90 minutes is now a Covid risk. It is high time to set up boarding ateas in airports with only passengers with manifests and acceptable on site Covid fast test.

Fast tests are readily available ( ) and results can be known in 5 minutes ( ).

Otherwise, historic bunglings just keep repeating:

A study shows several people on a Qantas flight with Ruby Princess passengers developed COVID-19
Qantas is using the study to ramp up demands for sharing of passenger manifests (…

NSW authorities scramble to trace 40 passengers on Jetstar flight ‘exposed to COVID-19’ ( )…

Coronavirus can spread on airline flights, 2 studies show|

Coronavirus can spread on airline flights, 2 studies show

…By the time she got off the flight in Hanoi 10 hours later, 15 other people who had been on the plane with her were infected, researchers reported Friday.

This story is one of two published Friday demonstrating how coronavirus can spread on airline flights, and suggesting that simply spacing people out a little will not fully protect them…

US Issues Sweeping Travel Warning For China & HK: “Arbitrary Detention & Prolonged Interrogations”

US Issues Sweeping Travel Warning For China & HK: “Arbitrary Detention & Prolonged Interrogations” Tyler Durden Tue, 09/15/2020 – 17:45 In the latest move taking aim at China over the Hong Kong national security law, and part of the broader tit-for-tat being waged between diplomats, the Trump administration is again telling American citizens they are at…

“We Just Passed A Guy In A Jet Pack”: FBI Investigating After Pilots Report Sighting At 3,000 Feet

Tyler Durden

Wed, 09/02/2020 – 15:20

The FBI is now involved after an American Airlines pilot claims he saw a man in a jet pack on Sunday night while he was on final approach near Los Angeles International Airport, according to the LA Times. The flight was American Airlines Flight 1997 from Philadelphia.

“Tower, American 1997. We just passed a guy in a jet pack,” the pilot is heard telling the tower at LAX.

The tower responded:

“American 1997, OK, thank you. Were they off to your left or right side?”

The pilot responded:

“Off the left side, maybe 300 yards or so, about our altitude.”

New Ebola Outbreak Reported In Congo, WHO Alarmed

New Ebola Outbreak Reported In Congo, WHO Alarmed Tyler Durden Mon, 08/24/2020 – 02:00 Authored by Jack Philips via The Epoch Times, A new outbreak of the Ebola virus has infected 100 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Equateur Province, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which said several dozen people have died. The outbreak was […]