Belarus to appeal air traffic blockade by Ukraine | Ukraine Today .org

…Belarusian officials claim the move violates provisions of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation of 1944 and the Agreement between the Government of Belarus and the Government of Ukraine on Air Services of 1995…

Meet Russian All-Terrain Motorcycle, the Hamyak (“or Hamster”) — Robert’s Adventure | Ukraine Today .org

There’s nothing that piques my interest quite like a vehicle that appears to be in the far extreme of a category – any category, really.  And with the pedigree of a motorcycle, bloodlines rooted firmly in Russia, and the general appearance of a tank, the Hamyak fits that description to a tee. According to a […]

Meet Russian All-Terrain Motorcycle, the Hamyak (“or Hamster”) — Robert’s Adventure

Airlines May Start Weighing Passengers Amid Obesity Crisis

The issue of weighing passengers before flights have been a challenging one. It may not be known to travelers but calculating the weight of an aircraft is critical to flight safety that informs pilots of much fuel the aircraft needs, hence why check-in baggage is weighed. But…

Tesla driver killed in crash posted videos of himself without hands on wheel. | ukgovernmentwatch

A Tesla driver killed in a crash posted videos of himself online without his hands on the wheel. Highway authorities in California believe Steven Michael Hendrickson, 35, may have been driving in autopilot ahead of the collision.

Tesla driver killed in crash posted videos of himself without hands on wheel

Demand For Active Shooter Insurance Soars As Post-Pandemic America Reopens

…demand for active shooter insurance has surged following a spate of mass shootings across the country, according to Reuters.  Tarique Nageer, Terrorism Placement Advisory Leader at Marsh, the world’s largest insurance broker,…

Covid: Indian variant could disrupt 21 June easing, PM says – BBC News

The Indian Covid variant could pose “serious disruption” to lockdown easing in England on 21 June, the PM has said.

Boris Johnson said if it was found to be “significantly” more transmissible there could be “some hard choices”.

The wait between jabs will be cut from 12 weeks to eight for the over-50s and clinically vulnerable because of concern over the variant, he said

Gas Shortages Are Made Worse by Bad Policy

On Friday, May 7, the Colonial Pipeline had to stop operations to contain the effects of a cyberattack. The pipeline, which stretches from the Gulf Coast to the Northeast, can deliver 2.5 million barrels per day and is one of the primary ways transportation fuels are delivered to the East Coast. Until the pipeline resumes […]

Indian variant: Government concern at speed of growth – BBC News

Local and regional restrictions to tackle the Indian Covid variant cannot be ruled out, the government has said, as it expressed concern over the speed of the variant’s spread in England.

It said “economic and social” restrictions could be reimposed in parts of England if necessary.

Public Health England has recorded 1,313 UK cases of the Indian variant.