Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, Now Signed Into Law, Mandates “Vehicle Kill Switches” By 2026 | The Wentworth Report

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, Now Signed Into Law, Mandates “Vehicle Kill Switches” By 2026. By Tyler Durden.

The United States federal government is apparently in the process of trying to force automakers to install kill switches in their vehicles that authorities can use to shut down any newer vehicle. The law comes as part of President Biden’s infrastructure bill, which was recently signed into law, according to Yahoo

TAP: Jabbed Pilots not lawfully allowed to fly | ukgovernmentwatch

24 Dec 2021
posted by Weaver

The David Knight Show – Published 23 December 2021

FAA’s own rule says those taking drugs than have been FDA APPROVED for less than 12 months should NOT be certified. FAA have been served notice that vaxed pilots should be medically flagged, tested frequently for signs of cardiac and clotting issues, among other restrictions and cautions

As if the Elites care.
None of [[[their]]] private Pilots or [[[themselves]]] have been vaccinated 😦

I think the public deserves to know if their pilots have been jabbed and are at risk as we have already seen several dying in the midst of a flight and if both have an episode then we could have planes falling out of the sky… not a good thing that these airlines rushed to mandate the jab. Just as the Doctors and nurses who took this will create and even bigger shortage of healthcare in the near future as sadly my cardiologist took the jab but my regular doctor didn’t.

Eternity somewhere
Omicron Delta = media control. That’s called an anagram. Like red rum, murder. Jesus is Lord of Lords! OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN SENT HIS SON TO SAVE US!!! JESUS DIED FOR US! God loves you all. We are saved by God’s grace through faith, not of ourselves, it is the gift of God. Jesus Christ is the gift from God. When you see a gift under the tree on Christmas day, remember the devil did that, to hide the truth. It is a fallen world. And there are many repetitive lies 666. God really does love you. Please call upon Jesus. Refuse the mark and stand as one in love and truth.

Christianity is the biggest hoax pulled on humans EVER to control them. Promoted by the deep state. Don’t drink the Kool-aid. Think about it. Virgin birth, walk on water, water to wine, takes away your sins (that’s convenient) and how can an invisible, “God” non corporial being have a son? Use your critical thinking and wake up people.

Pat League – > EndtheFeds
and for those like yourself who continue relying on your math and science (Kabbalah) still CANNOT get past the firmament/dome as written in Scripture. 🤔
You can say whatever you like. My only suggestion 4 you is to understand there is NO forgiveness for blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
As YOU and many others will find out at death.
😥 that you are so hateful and so lost.
I 🙏 for so many like you who are NOT ready to receive the message of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus. Christ.

Thanks for seeing thru Trump–he has a painting of Apollo over his fireplace and his Entire Home looks like an Illuminati Museum. Trump also killed our elderly by undoing decades of advocacy by poor caregivers like me and bailed out the banks based on their death rate And Not a SINGLE CONSERVATIVE HAS NOTICED. They’re pro life until you leave the womb and grow old.

Pilots are being killed by medical malpractice
Covid-19 a Pandemic of Ventilator Deaths – What They Don’t Want You to Know –

If the medical industry is willing to continue to provide ventilation therapy with a 80%+ average death rate, imaging how high of a death rate they are willing to accept from experimental (and extremely profitable) vaccinations?

Even though the medical community has known since April 2020 that ventilators are killing most covid patients, the federal government pays hospitals an average of $40,218 for each covid patient killed by a ventilator.

Covid-19 a Pandemic of Ventilator Deaths – What They Don’t Want You to Know

Oops . Truckdrivers next ? Nurses & Doctors next ? School teachers & police next ? Anyone who got this jab or jabs needs testing, & a current running full study on all of the effects. Date(s) received , manufacturer/lot#/batch#, status (healthy-injured-dead). I guess you need us terrible unjabbed after all. An Immediate Stop on all mRNA vaccines is now most definitely in order. Just stop it all.Now. Only an idiot, or a fool, would risk the lives of others, on a hypothesis. The governments of All Nations, Guilty !!! Unfit for office. Time to refresh the tree of Liberty, maggots got to eat too

New Covid variant: How worried should we be? – BBC News

In a media briefing Prof de Oliveira said there were 50 mutations overall and more than 30 on the spike protein, which is the target of most vaccines and the key the virus uses to unlock the doorway into our body’s cells.

Zooming in even further to the receptor binding domain (that’s the part of the virus that makes first contact with our body’s cells), it has 10
mutations compared to just two for the Delta variant …

This level of mutation has most likely come from a single patient who was unable to beat the virus.

The day Leonard Fuller put Brocklesby on the map after landing two planes at once – ABC News

  • After a mid-air collision during a training flight, pilot Leonard Fuller managed to land two planes near Brocklesby
  • The twin-engine planes locked together during a turn near Albury
  • A monument marks the event near where the planes landed

Updated: GM Recalls ALL Chevy Bolt Models (Including EUV Crossover) Due to Battery Fire Risk
By B.N. Frank Battery fires have led to a recalls in Hyundai Electric Vehicles (EVs) as well as some Chevrolet Bolt models. Last month, GM… Updated: GM Recalls ALL Chevy Bolt Models (Including… Go to Source Author: Activist Post