Tokyo 2020: S Korea TV sorry for using pizza to depict Italy – BBC News

…Pizza for Italy, Dracula for Romania and Chernobyl for Ukraine.

These were the pictures and captions used by a South Korean broadcaster to depict nations at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

MBC has since apologised for …

US investigating possible cases of ‘Havana syndrome’ among diplomats in Vienna – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: The obvious prevention is to wear tin-foil-hats with electronic monitors for EMR and high-energy detectors inside. But doing so is admitting that the government also subscribes to conspiracy theories (Sonic weapons are real ). 😄

… More than 20 new cases were being looked at by medical teams at the State Department and elsewhere, including the Pentagon and

Some believe the unexplained injuries, which include brain damage, are the result of attacks with microwave or radio-wave weapons.

However, despite years of study, there is no consensus as to what or who might

be behind the incidents or whether they are, in fact, attacks.

Lightning Strike Destroys George Floyd Mural In Toledo
Lightning Strike Destroys George Floyd Mural In Toledo Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, A lightning strike has completely destroyed a mural of George Floyd that was erected in Toledo. After the mural collapsed, people were initially unaware of the cause, with one city inspector commenting it was “just age – it just…

Azerbaijan mud volcano triggers huge blast in Caspian oil and gas fields – BBC News

… It said the fire had been caused by a mud volcano, which spews both mud and flammable gases.

Mud volcanoes are similar to normal volcanoes but without lava. They are
caused by water being heated deep within the Earth that mixes with rocks
and minerals – when they erupt, this mixture is forced to the surface and can catch fire…

Sibuya: lions ‘execute’ rhino poachers | AFRICA DIPLOMATIC

An axe and three pairs of shoes and gloves were found later when police and an anti-poaching unit arrived. The lions had been heard making a commotion in the early morning hours.

We thought they must have been rhino poachers but the axe confirmed it,” Fox said. “They use the rifle to shoot the animal and the axe to remove the horn.”

When black holes meet neutron stars, guess who wins. – Scientific Inquirer

…“Each collision isn’t just the coming together of two massive and dense objects. It’s really like Pac-Man, with a black hole swallowing its companion neutron star whole.

“These are remarkable events and we have waited a very long time to witness them. So it’s incredible to finally capture them.”…

Man Wins Miss Nevada USA Pageant, On Track To Win Miss USA…Then Miss Universe? | PA Pundits – International
By Gabriel Hays ~ One of the world’s premiere beauty pageants has fallen for the transgender craze and will be allowing a biological male to compete with the country’s most beautiful women for the crown of Miss America.
A transgender woman – or anatomically speaking, a dude – just beat out 21 real women for the title of Miss Nevada giving 27 year-old Kataluna Enriquez the chance to be crowned Miss USA in the larger beauty competition. Our hearts go out to all the women who have so far been deemed less beautiful than a literal man. And we thought models had to deal with intense pressure, before they had to compete with men. But back to Kataluna’s rise as a man to the heights of feminine beauty achievement. (What a world.) His campaign for the Miss Nevada crown was remarkable and even local Fox affiliate KVVU-TV described it as “redefining what it means to be a woman and what it means to be beautiful.” Well when the literal opposite gender wins a female pageant, yeah, we guess you could call that a redefinition.

During the pageant, Enriquez leaned into his unorthodox gender identity and added some LGBTQ activism to the festivities. The Blaze reported that he wore a “homemade rainbow-colored gown to celebrate Pride Month” in order to “honor all of those who don’t get a chance to spread their colors,” he said.

In an interview with the Fox affiliate, Enriquez added, “I’ve learned to love myself, learned the beauty that’s inside me, learned to use my voice and the power that I have.” He also stated, “You are capable of anything as long as you believe in yourself.” Well he really is a testament to that. He IS a woman because he says so, and now even the world’s premiere line of beauty pageants are indulging it. This past March saw Kataluna win the Miss Silver State USA pageant, a local competition in the larger Miss Universe pageant. Again, our condolences to the poor women who lost that one. When asked about what participating in the competition meant to him, he called it, “a celebration of womanhood and diversity and this celebration of being your true self.” Again with this deluded farce. After winning the Miss Nevada crown over the weekend Kataluna stated, “Today I am a proud transgender woman of color. Personally, I’ve learned that my differences do not make me less than, it makes me more than.” Oh interesting quote there at the end. “More than?” So is she admitting her victimhood status makes her more powerful than the “normals?” Well, that’s straight from the horse’s mouth. But hey, if you claim oppression, you can literally get the Miss Universe pageant to allow you to compete even if you’re a bloody man. This is highly disturbing. Gabriel Hays is a staff writer for MRC Culture Read more Great Articles at NewsBusters .

WRONG Sydney pub listed as Covid exposure site: People mistakenly forced to isolate, while possibly contagious ones roamed free — RT World News

… It listed the Crossroads Hotel, a local pub in Casula, southwest Sydney among the affected premises.

Nearly a day later, however, the health authority issued a correction, stating
it actually meant the Crossways Hotel, an entirely different pub
located some 25km from the original location.

blunder attracted some criticism towards the health ministry, with many
blasting it for the false alarm, which apparently sent multiple people
into isolation – while individuals who may actually have been exposed to coronavirus roamed freely.

U.S. inmate becomes first incarcerated person in city to win elected office | Expect – welcome to my blog

… Joel Caston won the race for advisory neighborhood commissioner of a district where he’ll oversee the Harriet Tubman Women’s Shelter and D.C. Jail — where he is an inmate,