Sundial on stone marking Bronze Age grave – Archaeology Wiki

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Sundial on stone marking Bronze Age grave

Dating to the 12th or 13th century BC

by Archaeology Newsroom

A carved stone found marking a
Bronze Age grave in the Ukraine is the oldest sundial of its kind ever
found, a new study reveals. The sundial may have marked the final
resting place of a young man sacrificed or otherwise marked as a
messenger to the gods or ancestors.

Brit saves twin sister by punching crocodile in the face – BBC News

While they were swimming, Melissa disappeared under the water and Georgia had been trying to find her…
found her [had been grabbed by a crocodile] unresponsive and started to drag her back to the safety of a
boat,” says 33-year-old Hana from her home in Alton, Hampshire.
“She dragged her back as the crocodile kept coming back for more – so she just started hitting it.
“She’d heard that with with some animals, that’s what you’ve got to do.”

Two men rushed to hospital after whale lands on boat near Narooma – ABC News

Two men on the New South Wales Far South Coast have been hospitalised after a whale landed on the deck of their boat.

Moderna. You been poisoned.. – Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Comment by tonyyran2015: Please be cautious reading materials during the current propaganda war.

Paw and Order: Dormie the Dog Who Went on Trial for Cat Murder – The way I see things …


H/T Mental Floss.

Only in America.

Dormie was an Airedale Terrier who ran afoul of the law.SGCALLAWAY/ISTOCK VIA GETTY IMAGES   

The defendant was said to have arrived to court in good spirits on the morning of December 21, 1921. He had exercised, eaten a full breakfast of sausages, and had received well-wishes from the children in his neighborhood, who gave him comforting pats on the head before he was carted off.

The charges were serious. He was up on 14 counts of murder, with numerous witnesses prepared to testify they had seen him commit the violent acts on their own property. One witness, Marjorie Ingalls, recalled seeing the corpse of her close friend laying in a vacant lot next to her home. The victim, Sunbeam, was just 8 years old. The defendant was alleged to have accosted her without provocation before turning his wrath to…

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70 orcas target young blue whale in four-hour killing orgy off WA coast – ABC News

  • A young blue whale has been attacked and killed by a massive pod of orcas
  • Up to 70 orcas were involved in the attack
  • It is one of just a few documented cases of orca attacks on a blue whale

Killer whales stripping long-line fishers of catch in the Southern Ocean – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Big whales have been accompanied Vietnamese long range fishing boats for centuries. They often push stricken/disabled boats to shores and for that they have been deified by Vietnamese traditional fishing villages.

  • Long- line fishers are losing catch to killer whales
  • The whales pluck the fish off hooks, like grapes off a bunch
  •  Whales can stay with vessels for a 1,000 km, just to get a feed
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