Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in Canada: Mad Scramble to Lock in Mortgage Rates as Bank of Canada Is Set to Tighten | Wolf Street
QE ended months ago and interest rates are rising. Home prices fell in three markets, but spiked in others...

Renter Nation Strikes As Multifamily Units Spark Surge In US Housing Starts, Permits In December

Renter Nation Strikes As Multifamily Units Spark Surge In US Housing Starts, Permits In December Despite rising rates, weakening sentiment, and Omicron anxiety, Housing Starts and Building Permits unexpectedly surged in December. Starts jumped 1.4%

RBA governor warns unregulated stablecoins, cryptocurrencies risk losses for investors – ABC News

  • RBA Governor Philip Lowe says “privately issued and backed money all too
    often ends in financial instability and losses for consumers”
  • Dr Lowe welcomes the federal government’s move to introduce new financial regulation

Countries accelerate shift away from US dollar — RT Business News

According to the World Gold Council, the banks have built up their stockpile by more than 4,500 tons over the past decade. As of September, the reserves totaled some 36,000 tons – the largest haul since 1990, and up 15% from a decade earlier.

At the same time, the presence of the dollar in foreign exchange reserves has dropped sharply over the past decade…

Germany’s Surrender To The Greens Forced A Second Surrender To Russia

Authored by Mike Shedlock via, Germany is in a world of hurt over natural gas, the price of electricity, and its energy policy in general. Let’s look at how we got here… EU 0 – Putin 1 The following from Eurointelligence on December 17, emphasis…

Impeach Biden depression inflation stagflation, monetary policy, fiscal policy, supply crisis, border crisis, covid crisis…. | Financial Risk

The USA Federal Reserve has been punishing savers with zero interest rates for years. By an exploding money supply in the USA and overseas. Highly stimulative Monetary Policy...