“If Getting Us Into $6 Trillion More Debt Doesn’t Matter, Then Why Not $350 Trillion?” – NATION AND STATE


Massie’s final point that was the punchline:

If getting us into $6 trillion more debt doesn’t matter, then why are we not getting $350 trillion more in debt so that we can give a check of $1 million to every person in the country?

Here the Kentucky Representative hit the bullseye, as this is precisely the endgame. However, since one can’t unleash the full $350 trillion overnight without classical economists admitting the truth about what the real nature of this bailout is, it will be done piecemeal with other crises, and other “unprecedented” emergencies emerging in the near future and unlocking the path to what is the real goal of this unprecedented reflationary bailout of the world’s most indebted nation. It also indirectly addresses Massie’s final point:

This stimulus should go straight to the people rather than being funneled through banks and corporations like this bill is doing. 2 trillion divided by 150 million workers is about $13,333.00 per person. That’s much more than the $1,200 per person check authorized by this bill.

AOC: Let us not neglect potential immigrants! | Jewamongyou’s Blog

Comment by tonytran2015: Haha!


Miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is outraged:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is very upset that
potential immigrants won’t be receiving $1,200 checks in the $2 trillion
emergency relief bill unanimously passed by the Senate Wednesday night.

For example, we could clear out these useless trees to make room for apartment complexes:



It’s a shame that all this empty space is not being used for factories to help support our burgeoning immigrant population:



If only we had the political will, there’s no reason we can’t bulldoze these ugly, and uneven, rocks and build shopping malls:



As you can see, we have plenty of space that is not being utilized
for the advancement of diversity. I would even say that such waste is a
crime against humanity.

Clampdown on foreign investments to prevent international raids on Australian assets amid coronavirus pandemic – ABC News


All foreign investment in
Australia will now require approval in a Federal Government move
designed to prevent international raids on struggling companies hit by
the coronavirus pandemic.

(Australian) Public gatherings limited to two people in response to coronavirus pandemic – ABC News


Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the number of people present at public gatherings will be limited to a maximum of two people.

The previous limit was 10 people… “I should stress that 10-person limit is enforceable now in most states and territories and can carry very significant on-the-spot fines,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison made the announcement following a National Cabinet meeting with state and territory leaders on Sunday.

He also said states and territories would move to temporarily ban the eviction of people facing financial distress from rental properties.

Measures to address rental stress for both businesses and residents have been considered by the National Cabinet for days.

Mr Morrison said the Government was relying on landlords and tenants to
come up with arrangements to help them get through the crisis.

In addition to the new gathering restrictions, outside gyms and skate parks will be closed from Monday.

Boot camps will also be reduced to two people.

“There’s No Gold” – COMEX Report Exposes Conditions Driving Physical Crunch – NATION AND STATE


Specifically, as Bloomberg details, at the center of it all are a small band of traders who for years had cashed in on what had always been a sure-fire bet: shorting gold futures in New York against being long physical gold in London. Usually, they’d ride the trade out till the end of the contract when

they’d have a couple of options to get out without marking much, if any,

But the virus, and the global economic collapse that it’s
sparking, have created such extreme price distortions that those
easy-exit options disappeared on them.

The real price.. for real gold?Nearer $1,800. If you can get it.

“There’s no gold,” says Josh Strauss, partner at money manager Pekin Hardy Strauss in Chicago (and a bullion fan).

“There’s no gold. There’s roughly a 10% premium to purchase physical gold for delivery. Usually it’s like 2%. I can buy a one ounce American Eagle for $1,800,” said Josh Strauss. “$1,800!”

“The case for gold is simple,” says Strauss.

#Coronavirus Care & Share Report: To Conserve Bandwidth, Should Opting In Be Required Before Autoplaying Videos? We keep seeing stories about how providers are slowing down their streaming speed to reduce bandwidth usage during this period when many are b…


#AceSocialReport – Mar.28: But it seems that many are totally ignoring a very obvious way to reduce usage significantly, and that is by disabling autoplay on their web sites and in their apps: To give an example, a couple of days ago I was watching a show on Hulu, … but I drifted off to sleep………….Two hours later I awoke and realize that Hulu had streamed two additional episodes that no one was watching. I searched in vain for a way to disable autoplay of the next episode, but if there is some way to do it I could not find it:

What I wonder is how many people even want autoplay? I believe Netflix finally gave their users a way to disable it, but they need to affirmatively do so via a setting somewhere. But many other platforms give their users no option to disable autoplay.

That is also true of many individual apps that can be used on a Roku or similar device:

Inequality during crisis | Ukraine Today .org


In Ukraine, the measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus highlighted the class divide. The well-traveled rich are most likely to bring the disease into the country, yet the poor will suffer most from the restrictions.

Even the key measure, staying home, is problematic for many in Ukraine. A recent survey showed that 57% don’t have funds to live in strict quarantine for more than four weeks. Only 16% can stretch savings for up to two months.

Those who are hit hardest are low-income families, service workers, manual laborers, creative class professionals, the elderly and the disabled.

They can’t afford to stock up. The prospects of getting the next paycheck are uncertain for those who are employed in the sectors greatly damaged already: hospitality, entertainment, retail, services, seasonal work abroad, etc.

For those who stay at home, the quality of their time in quarantine also depends on their financial situation.

California Governor: 5 Big Banks Suspend Mortgage Payments – NATION AND STATE


Five of the nation’s largest banks have agreed to temporarily suspend residential mortgage payments for people whose jobs have been affected by the CCP virus, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said on March 25.

The announcement came as Newsom provided yet another grim statistic about the economic devastation from the virus: 1 million Californians have filed for unemployment benefits since March 13 as businesses shut down or dramatically scaled back because of a statewide “stay-at-home” order to prevent virus spread.

Explainer: The Fed has a repo problem. What’s that? – Reuters


The repo market underpins much of the U.S. financial system, helping to ensure banks have the liquidity to meet their daily operational needs and maintain sufficient reserves.

In a repo trade, Wall Street
firms and banks offer U.S. Treasuries and other high-quality securities as collateral to raise cash, often overnight, to finance their trading and lending activities. The next day, borrowers repay their loans plus what is typically a nominal rate of interest and get their bonds back.
In other words, they repurchase, or repo, the bonds.

Australian Politician Warns of Mass Foreign Buy-Up Amid Weak Dollar – NATION AND STATE


An Australian senator is warning that Australia must guard itself against foreign buyers amid an economic recession triggered by the CCP virus pandemic.

The Epoch Times refers to the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, as the CCP virus because the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup and mismanagement allowed the virus to spread throughout China before it was transmitted worldwide.

Senator Pauline Hanson, who leads the nationalist One Nation Party, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison warning against “international vultures” and asked that he immediately suspend any sale approvals by the country’s foreign investment regulator, the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).

“Given unemployment numbers are surging, our stocks have been knee-capped, housing prices are set to fall, and our dollar is weakened, I will not allow foreign nations to fight over the carcass of Australia’s misfortune,” Hanson wrote.

The senator said she had alerted parliament “on numerous occasions the unforgivable volume of FIRB approvals.”