“Floodgates Are Open” – German Banks Start Charging Retail Savers

Comment by tonytran2015: Turn your savings into pieces of gold and keep them in your own safe along with small amount of cash (https://survivaltricks.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/gold-for-storing-wealth/, Negative interest rate is not new, Cashless and negative interest go hand in hand).


French Gold In World War II

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On May 28, 1940, a civilian ship sailed for Casablanca with 212 tons of gold… the gold was transferred to the USS Vincennes that brought it to New York. The United States insisted all the French gold be exchanged for US dollars upon arrival at the Federal Reserve. After June 5, 1940, the Banque de France decided not to send any more gold to the United States.

A Crisis to Shatter the World

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Gold “does not change in nature,” de Gaulle reminded the world in that 1965 speech. “[Gold] can be made either into bars, ingots, or coins…has no nationality [and] is considered, in all places and at all times, the immutable and fiduciary value par excellence.”

… Back in the 1950s and ’60s, world governments could simply tip up at the Fed, tap on the “Gold Window”, and swap their unwanted dollars for gold…

Starting in 1958, … ; in 1965 alone, he sent the French navy across the Atlantic to pick up $150-million worth of gold; come 1967 the proportion of French national reserves held in gold had risen from 71.4% to 91.9%. The European average stood at a mere 78.1% at the time.

Germany has got its gold back — They must know something we don’t.

Comment by tonytran2015: Gold holdings by US Treasury and the private Federal Reserve Bank have not been independentlty audited in recent time.

via: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/14/germany-has-got-its-gold-back–they-must-know-something-we-dont.html

Germany Gets the ‘Wrong Suitcase’ While Repatriating Its Gold Reserves From US.


“There are a lot of signs that the gold was not physically presented in the New York vaults when Germany called it back. Of course, the US began to return it to Germany but there is one interesting detail. When you leave your suitcase in the luggage storage you expect to get back the same suitcase. But Germany took the wrong ‘suitcase,'” Katasonovtold Radio Sputnik.

Ukraine’s so-called land reform wasn’t for Ukraine, it was for US-led IMF whose principle is to ‘privatize profits and nationalize losses.’ Ukraine may be bankrupt by 2021 since so much of its budget goes to public debt-NewColdWar.org, Dmitriy Kovalevich