U.S. financial institutions prohibited to buy Russian bonds | Ukraine Today .org


U.S. financial institutions have been prohibited to buy Russian bonds issued after June 14, 2021.

This was announced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury on its website.

The Fed’s Sneaky Plot, by Charles Hugh Smith | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC


The Fed is quietly taking control of more and more of the financial system and the economy. From Charles Hugh Smith at dailyreckoning.com:

For the past 22 years, every time the stock market whimpered, wheezed or whined, the Federal Reserve rushed to soothe the spoiled crybaby. There are two consequential results of the Fed as savior:

1. The Fed has perfected moral hazard: everyone from the money manager betting billions to the punters gambling their stimmy money is absolutely confident I can’t lose because the Fed will always push the market higher…

2. Organic (i.e. non-manipulated) market forces have been extinguished. There is now only one consequential force, the Fed. All markets are now 100% dependent on the Fed responding to every bleat from every punter who’s recklessly risky bet is about to go bad.

The Fed is now the perfect union of quasi-religious savior and Helicopter Parent: oh dear, our little darling got high and crashed the Porsche? Quick, let’s save our precious market from any consequences!

Bitcoin: El Salvador makes cryptocurrency legal tender – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Bitcoin can thus be used to pay tax in El Salvador. But what is the official conversion rate when paying taxes? Who might bail out the Central Bank of El Salvador ?


Congress approved President Nayib Bukele’s proposal to embrace the
cryptocurrency, with 62 out of 84 possible votes on Tuesday night.

Three Wall Street Mega Banks Have Admitted to a Combined Eight Felony Counts | John Barleycorn


Rigged Game

But don’t expect the word “felony” to come up in Wednesday’s Senate Banking Hearing with their CEOs.

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens of Wall Street on Parade.

On Wednesday, the Senate Banking Committee will haul each of the CEOs of the largest U.S. banks on Wall Street to a hearing. Three of those banks have been charged with, and admitted to, egregious felonies. But we will be shocked if any Senator dares to inquire about these unprecedented felony counts.

Until 2014, no major Wall Street bank that held federally insured deposits had ever been charged with a felony in a century. That all changed on January 7, 2014 when theU.S. Department of Justice charged JPMorgan Chase with two criminal felony counts for its role in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. The bank had managed the business account for Madoff for decades and had even written to…

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Fed To Treasury Dealers & Congress: We Can’t Count On You, We’re Taking Charge


Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, The Fed sees itself as trapped by the incompetence and greed of the other players and by its own policy extremes that were little more than expedient “saves” of a system that is…

OLD news: Sydney Opal Tower at ‘no risk’ of collapse, but many residents still unable to return home – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Any boom carry its own risk of overinvestment in substandard products.


  • Police say an internal support wall failed and a large crack appeared on the 10th floor of the tower

… While most residents have returned, 51 apartments — about a third — have been deemed unsafe and those living there are spending Christmas elsewhere as they await the all clear.

About 3,000 people were initially evacuated from the newly constructed 38-storey building and surrounding areas after the alarm was raised just before 3:00pm on Christmas Eve.

“We’re On An Economic Cliff!”

Comment by tonytran2015: The US dollars are already having a short half-live of about 14 years relative to gold. Higher inflation, meaning even shorter half-live, may turn away its acceptance and the inflation may amplify itself (Inflation is vicious to fiat money users).


“We’re On An Economic Cliff!” Via SchiffGold.com, By and large, the mainstream is bullish on the economy. According to conventional wisdom, we are in the midst of a robust recovery. In fact, many people out there believe the Fed is going to have to tighten monetary policy sooner rather than later. But there are a […]

Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude


… A somewhat attenuated version of monetary reform was introduced. In order to finance the state’s work and rearmament programs, two dummy corporations … were established…

In January 1939 matters came to a head when Schacht refused extension of RM3 billion worth of Offa and Mefo bills, because of fears of “inflation”. On January 7, 1939, he sent Hitler the following memorandum:

“1) The Reich must spend only that amount covered by

2) Full financial control must be returned to the Ministry of Finance. (Then forced to pay for anything the army desired.)

3) Price and wage control must be rendered effective. The existing mismanagement must be eliminated.

4) The use of money and investment markets must be at the sole discretion of the Reichsbank. (This meant a practical elimination of Goering’s Four Year Plan)”(14)

By these means Schacht intended to collapse the German economy, which during the period 1933-39 had increased its gross national product by 100 percent. From being a ruined and bankrupt nation in January 1933 with over six million unemployed persons, Hitler had transformed Germany into a socialist paradise and the most powerful and prosperous state in the history of Europe. He angrily rejected the recommendations of the Reichsbank, describing them as “mutiny”.(15)

On January 19, 1939 he sacked the impudent lackey of international finance.(16) Without further ado he instructed the Reichsbank to issue all credits requested by the state. A form of Federgeld (Feder money) was now in circulation, although the bills of exchange still attracted nominal interest.

A new Reichsbank law, which was promulgated on June 15, 1939, made the bank “UNCONDITIONALLY SUBORDINATED TO THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATE.”(17) Article 3 of the law decreed that the bank should be “directed and managed according to the instructions and under the supervision of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor.”(18) Hitler was now his own banker,…

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