The United States Does Not Have an Economy
The Federal Reserve’s rise in interest rates is just a continuation of its policy of concentrating income and wealth in the hands of the One Percent. Quantitative Easing was the cloak for the Federal Reserve to print $8.2 trillion in new money which was directed or found its way into the prices of stocks and bonds, thus enriching the small number who own most of these financial instruments. Having maxed out this avenue of wealth concentration, the Federal Reserve is now raising interest rates in order to drive up mortgage costs to aspiring home owners. The Federal Reserve is driving individuals out of the housing market in order to free up properties for “private equity” firms to purchase homes for their rental values. That private equity firms see rental income from the existing stock of houses as the best investment opportunity tells us that the US economy has played out. When investment goes into existing assets, not into producing new assets, the economy ceases to grow.

General Mills’ Profits Explode By 97% After Five Price Hikes | The Most Revolutionary Act

General Mills’ massive profits reaffirm ongoing research from Accountable.US exposing how major companies across several industries are using inflation and pandemic uncertainty as an excuse to increase their wealth and line their shareholders’ pockets at the expense of working families….

NeverTrumper Adam Kinzinger Attempts to Use “Italian Job” to Hurt Trump – Was Kinzinger In On It? – Nwo Report

Posted BY: Joe Hoft

After the 2020 Election was stolen there was much effort to cover it up. Big Media and Big Tech never reported on the steal and censored those who did. But in addition to that, bad actors inserted themselves on the GOP side to attempt to destroy President Trump with false information on the steal. The “Italian Job” was one of these efforts…

Bad Faith | VikingLifeBlog

Bad faith (Latin: mala fides) is a sustained form of deception which consists of entertaining or pretending to entertain one set of feelings while acting as if influenced by another. It is associated with hypocrisy, breach of contract, affectation, and lip service. It is not to be confused with heresy (supposedly false religious faith). It may involve intentional deceit of others, or self-deception.

Some examples of bad faith include: Soldiers waving a white flag and then firing when their enemy approaches to take prisoners (cf. perfidy); a company representative who negotiates with union workers while having no intent of compromising; a prosecutor who argues a legal position that he knows to be false; an insurer who uses language and reasoning which are deliberately misleading in order to deny a claim.

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Fraud on the Minority – Does it Apply to Strata and Owners Corporations? Can the exercise of power in accordance with the voting rights be challenged? – Watson & Watson Lawyers Sydney

Comment by tonytran2015: The article from this laws firm offers some hope to the (low income) lot owners in large blocks where managerial frauds often occur.

‘Rip off’ body corporate managers stay registered

Comment by tonytran2015: Many Owners Corporation Managers have ripped-off (low income, unknowledgeable) lot owners in Victoria in recent years. The problem is growing and it becomes terrible when owners of (medium, low priced) lots don’t pay enough attention to the management of their buildings; low income lot owners in large blocks (of low priced lots) often make this mistake. Australian ASIC should be more active in this area where Managers often rip off low income home owners.

Goldman Sachs Tattled To Regulators About Morgan Stanley’s Block Trading Business

…. Many of Morgan Stanley’s Wall Street rivals had coveted the bank’s lucrative block-trading business for years, despite the fact that the business thrived even as many of the bank’s clients suspected it of front-running its trades. But after the disastrous collapse of Archegos, many…

Former Swiss “Banker Of The Year” Sentenced To 4 Years For Misusing Company Expenses
Former Swiss “Banker Of The Year” Sentenced To 4 Years For Misusing Company Expenses A Swiss banker once dubbed “banker of the year” is now on his way to serving 4 years in prison for millions of dollars of misuse of company expenses. Former Raiffeisen Switzerland Chief Executive Pierin Vincenz was sentenced last week after […]

Twitter Board of Directors Own Almost No Shares of Stock in Company, Elon Musk Notes “their economic interests are simply not aligned with shareholders” | Centinel2012

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 16, 2022 | Sundance

In the ongoing public battle over Twitter as a speech platform, one actual user of Twitter, Chris Bakke, wanted to see who exactly these Board of Directors are, who are attempting to stop Elon Musk from purchasing it.

Chris Bakke then noted how little of the actual stock is owned by the company’s Board of Directors. Sans Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey, the combined ownership of the entire board equates to 77 shares of stock, worth around $3,200 bucks.

The Board of Directors [SEE BoD LINK HERE] consists of academics, tech executives, business and policy wonks, and a random baroness who doesn’t even use the service. These are the people who are making fiduciary decisions for all Twitter stock owners without any financial stake in the decisions they make for the company.