RBA governor warns unregulated stablecoins, cryptocurrencies risk losses for investors – ABC News


  • RBA Governor Philip Lowe says “privately issued and backed money all too
    often ends in financial instability and losses for consumers”
  • Dr Lowe welcomes the federal government’s move to introduce new financial regulation

A death tax by stealth? Your superannuation savings could be subject to a hefty tax when you die – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: My position is that superannuation plans have not been designed for the benefits of workers. It is there to benefit funds managers and governments.


It all depends on your marital status and whether you have “dependants” (that is children or someone else who lives with you
and financially depends on you).

If you are single and childless, and no one else depends on you, your super money will be taxed before being handed to the person you nominate to receive it — assuming you nominated someone prior to your death to get the money.

Linux Malware mulling to Spoil Black Friday – muunyayo



Researchers have discovered a new Linux backdoor on compromised ecommerce servers that intercepts and exfiltrates sensitive customer information, including credit card details.

The malicious agent, dubbed linux_avp is written in Golang, and was discovered by researchers at Sansec, who were approached by an affected merchant who couldn’t seem to get rid of malware from his store. Once deployed will take commands from china C2C.

The discovery of the malware across ecommerce stores all around the world comes mere days before the Black Friday shopping extravaganza. The attackers first run automated tests to probe ecommerce websites against dozens of known vulnerabilities. As soon as one is found, it installs a backdoor and uploads the linux_avp server agent.

The linux_avp agent injects fake payment forms on checkout pages displayed to customers of the compromised stores. Further analysis reveals that the fake payment form written in PHP is designed to steal and…

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Teen accused of North America’s biggest-ever single-person crypto heist — RT World News


A Canadian teenager has been arrested after allegedly stealing $36.5 million in cryptocurrency from a person in the US. The police
claim it was the largest such heist involving one victim ever registered in North America.
Police in the city of
Hamilton, Ontario, arrested the unidentified perpetrator on Wednesday,
after over a year investigating what they have described as the
biggest-ever cryptocurrency theft from a single person in either the US
or Canada. Local police began a joint investigation with the Federal
Bureau of Investigation and the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task
Force in March 2020, when the theft was reported.

The Hamilton Police Service said it had made “multiple”
seizures in excess of CA$7 million (US$5.5 million) during the arrest,
which came after investigators noticed some of the stolen money had been
used to buy an online username considered “rare” in the gaming community, according to a police statement.

victim was apparently targeted by a cell phone hijack known as SIM
swapping. This method involves manipulating cellular network employees
to duplicate phone numbers in order to let the scammer intercept the
two-factor authorization requests that allow them access to a victim’s

This method is considered especially potent because a lot
of people use the same password for multiple sites, according to
Detective Constable Kenneth Kirkpatrick, of the Hamilton Police’s
cybercrimes unit. He added that cyber and cryptocurrency crimes were
becoming increasingly common, but noted that the figures involved in
this case were “very surprising.”

“It’s a large amount of money in anybody’s opinion,” Kirkpatrick said, adding that the case was currently in the Hamilton court system.

The police haven’t revealed the age or gender of the youth, the username they purchased, or whether they were acting alone.

FBI probes cyber-attack emails sent from internal server – BBC News


The FBI has launched an investigation after thousands of fake email
messages were sent from one of its servers warning of a possible cyber-attack.

The government agency said the incident on Saturday morning was part of an “ongoing situation”, but provided no further details….



But, in truth, the Bush administration warned years before of the shaky nature of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in financing with government guarantees home mortgages for people who could or would NEVER intend to repay the loans. The entire enterprise was engineered by Democrats starting back during the administration of Jimmy Earl Carter. Then in 1977 the Carter administration threatened banks that if they didn’t expand their coverage of black mortgage applicants, whether they could or would pay back the loan or not, the Carter government would sue them for Civil Rights violations. That was the background. Then arrived the chief culprits….all Democrats…and led by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and abetted by Charlie Schumer, and a host of others who have used courts to charge racism against their political opponents, social or economic.

It began the slide down hill almost to national insolvency.

President Obama lies when he infers in his talks after talks, that Wall Street was the source of the fnancial meltdown sin in 2008. A chief conduit, perhaps, but not the source. The chief source was crook, Barney Frank, Representative from Massachusetts…where else?

The Bush Aministration warned the public of potential insolvency from the Barney Frank Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae scandal. Click on the following video for more….

Thirteen defendants plead guilty in Texas court to $126 million prescription scheme


The defendant include several doctors, pharmacists, and patient recruiters, who spent years defrauding various U.S. healthcare programs

Scammers gave thousands of people fake Covid shots in India, authorities say – CNN

Comment by tonytran2015: Are there Australian copycats (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-01/melbourne-deepdene-saline-pfizer-covid-vaccine-injection-mistake/100506516) ?


New Delhi (CNN)Thousands of people have fallen prey to an elaborate wide-ranging scam selling fake coronavirus vaccines in India, with doctors and medical workers among those arrested for their involvement, authorities say.

“They were using saline water and injecting it,” Thakur said. “Every fake
vaccination camp that they held, they were doing this.”

Stock trading app Robinhood tampers with market amidst Gamestop frenzy – Challenge


… It is becoming increasingly clear that there are two separate sets of rules for capitalists and workers.

When multi-billion dollar financial institutions manipulate markets they are rewarded with cultural
idolization and praise. They are considered savvy and ingenious even if their actions are manipulative, exploitative, and contradict the common good.

As working people start to gain ground through investment, the financial and corporate establishments coalesce to stop it at any cost…

Democratic Sen. Warner calls for eliminating ‘crazy’ debt ceiling tool altogether

Warner compared the debt ceiling to a ‘live hand grenade’ that can be used by ‘extremists’ in both major political parties Go to Source Author: {Just The News}… Read more