Parts and Ammo, by Eric Peters | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Comment by tonytran2015: We should learn from the Cuban experience.

It’s a good idea to stock up on parts for your cars and any other machinery and appliances you might have and ammo, too. From Eric Peters at;

Some people are stocking up on ammunition, which is never a bad idea as ammo retains its value better than gold or silver and – unlike gold and silver- is actually useful in and of itself.

Another item of similar usefulness to consider stocking up on is service/replacement parts for your car, which may become hard-to-get in the weeks and months and (god help us) years ahead as well as more expensive to get.

And not just in terms of money.

Things like engine oil and filters, tune-up parts (e.g., spark plugs, spare spark plug wires, coils, distributor caps, brake pads) and the other items that need to be periodically replaced to keep the wheels turning. You may want to have them stocked up before they are no longer stocked…

US House of Representatives approves Donald Trump’s $2,000 COVID stimulus cheques – ABC News

… The United States House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted to increase COVID-19 relief cheques to $US2,000, meeting President Donald Trump’s demand for bigger payments…

Crazy Klobuchar: Trump’s Demands for Larger Stimulus Checks Are an ‘Attack on Every American’ – Nwo Report

In a video message posted to Twitter on Tuesday, the president said the recent stimulus bill ought to be amended to include $2,000 in direct payments for every American.

Currently, the legislation only offers Americans a measly $600 each.

During a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Klobuchar blasted Trump over his remarks.

“This is an attack on every American – people who are struggling to get by right now, out of work,” the Minnesota Democratic senator claimed…

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Sells For Paltry $22 Million After $100M Listing

Comment by tonytran2015: Is this the first sign from people that they think real estates have been overpriced?

… Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Sells For Paltry $22 Million After $100M Listing The late ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson’s iconic (but more recently notorious and infamous) 2,700 acre Neverland Ranch has sold for $22 million after it initially listed in 2015 for $100 million.  According to the Wall Street Journal this week, public records reveal it’s […]

Pandemic increased net worth of 643 richest Americans by 29%, March 18-Sept. 15, per Forbes study. Bloomberg +14%, Bezos +55% | Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today

Comment by tonytran2015: I have never encountered any undeniable coincidence in my life. If something works quite well it must have been planned by someone.

… Oct. 9, 2020, New York’s Billionaires Are Doing Just Fine As Coronavirus Rages,, New York

“As the U.S. still reels from the pandemic’s economic fallout, the state’s billionaires all vastly increased their wealth, Forbes found.”

“The total net worth of 643 of the nation’s richest people increased from $2.95 trillion to $3.8 trillion [+29%] March 18 and Sept. 15, according to an analysis of Forbes data.

How to make long term food storage[How to make long term food storage]

… Get your own heirloom seeds for survival garden so you can provide food for yourself and family by growing your own year supply of emergency food,prepperfood and survive anything….

22,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, Survival Garden, Emergency Seed Vault, 34 VAR, Bug Out Bag..

San Francisco Rents in Free-Fall. New York Rents Swoon. Expensive Cities, College Towns, Cities in Texas, Other States Sag. But in 16 Cities, Rents Jump Double-Digits

Work-from-anywhere, unemployment, a land rush to buy houses, virus-fears about elevators, the oil bust: Big shifts for the fifth month in a row….