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Dow Jones DROPS 1,000 POINTS LIKE I PREDICTED as Stock Market Crash Begins from Soaring Inflation
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Goldman Sachs Tattled To Regulators About Morgan Stanley’s Block Trading Business

…. Many of Morgan Stanley’s Wall Street rivals had coveted the bank’s lucrative block-trading business for years, despite the fact that the business thrived even as many of the bank’s clients suspected it of front-running its trades. But after the disastrous collapse of Archegos, many…

Twitter Board of Directors Own Almost No Shares of Stock in Company, Elon Musk Notes “their economic interests are simply not aligned with shareholders” | Centinel2012

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 16, 2022 | Sundance

In the ongoing public battle over Twitter as a speech platform, one actual user of Twitter, Chris Bakke, wanted to see who exactly these Board of Directors are, who are attempting to stop Elon Musk from purchasing it.

Chris Bakke then noted how little of the actual stock is owned by the company’s Board of Directors. Sans Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey, the combined ownership of the entire board equates to 77 shares of stock, worth around $3,200 bucks.

The Board of Directors [SEE BoD LINK HERE] consists of academics, tech executives, business and policy wonks, and a random baroness who doesn’t even use the service. These are the people who are making fiduciary decisions for all Twitter stock owners without any financial stake in the decisions they make for the company.

Twitter board takes action to fight Musk bid – BBC News

…The move will prevent anyone from having more than a 15% stake in the company.

It does this by allowing others to buy additional shares at a discount.

The Twitter board detailed its defence plan to the US Securities and
Exchange Commission and put out a statement saying it was needed because
of Mr Musk’s “unsolicited, non-binding proposal to acquire Twitter”.

China sees ‘unprecedented’ capital outflows following Russian invasion of Ukraine – China News

Global investors have withdrawn money out of China on an “unprecedented” scale since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, according to a report by the Institute of International Finance (IIF), with the yuan likely to face more pressure in coming months...

Energy Traders Ask For Central Bank Bailouts To Save Them From “Margin Call Doom Loop”
Energy Traders Ask For Central Bank Bailouts To Save Them From “Margin Call Doom Loop” Yesterday, we reported that the Bloomberg news that one of the world’s largest independent energy merchants, the secretive Trafigura which trades hundreds of billion in commodities every year, […]