China sees ‘unprecedented’ capital outflows following Russian invasion of Ukraine – China News

Global investors have withdrawn money out of China on an “unprecedented” scale since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, according to a report by the Institute of International Finance (IIF), with the yuan likely to face more pressure in coming months...

Energy Traders Ask For Central Bank Bailouts To Save Them From “Margin Call Doom Loop”
Energy Traders Ask For Central Bank Bailouts To Save Them From “Margin Call Doom Loop” Yesterday, we reported that the Bloomberg news that one of the world’s largest independent energy merchants, the secretive Trafigura which trades hundreds of billion in commodities every year, […]

How a billionaire’s short bet on nickel shut down the London Metal Exchange – ABC News

  • The nickel price surged 250 per cent after a short squeeze
  • It is unclear when the London Metal Exchange will allow nickel to be traded again
  • Tsingshan Holding Group faces losses of up to $US8 billion

One Of China’s Largest Banks Unable To Pay Margin Call After Today’s Monster Nickel Squeeze
One Of China’s Largest Banks Unable To Pay Margin Call After Today’s Monster Nickel Squeeze Around the time Peabody was served with a $534 million margin call on its hedging coal futures short, which it funded with a new $150MM unsecured (10%) revolver from Goldman Sachs, one of China’s largest banks was also served with […]

After Years of Censoring Christians and Conservatives, is Anyone Surprised That People Are Leaving Facebook? – Nwo Report

Source: HAF

Stock prices for Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, took a swan dive on Wednesday after the company revealed both a profit decline and, for the first time in its history, a shrinking userbase — leading to a sell off that resulted in a $195 billion stock plunge, Bloomberg reports. If it holds, the 22 percent dip could be the biggest collapse in market value for a US company in stock market history…

How China’s Model of Dictated Economic Growth Blew Up, by Wolf Richter | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

The Chinese government steered prodigious amounts of debt towards real estate, and now China is paying the price. Perhaps a planned economy isn’t such a great idea after all. From Wolf Richter at

The debt-fueled property & construction bubble that drove its growth turned into a huge explosive mess with an enormous amount of debt.

It’s mind-boggling just how important the residential property sector is to the Chinese economy, to what extent government-dictated economic growth was achieved by building more apartment towers, and it’s even more mind-boggling how much debt residential property developers have racked up, and how much household wealth is tied up in the property sector at multiple levels. Then there are the demographic headwinds the property sector has been facing for years, that are coming to the forefront. So now there is a property crisis in China that is making the US mortgage crisis of 2008 look like child’s play in terms of magnitude. The central government has been trying to deal with rampant real estate speculation and prevent it from going even more haywire and take down the financial system and the economy.Continue reading→

China’s property sector stalked by Evergrande default fears as developer misses third deadline – ABC News

  • Evergrande faces staggering debts of roughly $400 billion
  • The firm missed its third round of bond payments on Monday as investors wait to be paid $200 million in coupon payments
  • It will be formally declared in default if it doesn’t meet its October 18-19 payment deadline…

‘China’s financial system could collapse’: What the Reserve Bank’s Evergrande bombshell means for Australia – ABC News

… “If they act too quickly in addressing these

vulnerabilities, confidence in the implicit guarantees that underpin much of China’s financial system could collapse, which would lead to

financial distress,” the RBA says.

“In contrast, if they act too slowly, the probability of more severe financial stress in the future will increase.

“Continued bailouts also risk further entrenching perceptions of implicit guarantees.”…

After Evergrande, Chinese developer Fantasia can’t pay its debts either. That’s stoking real estate fears – Muunyayo

Bisaya News

Fantasia Holdings, a Shenzhen-based developer, has failed to repay $ 206 million in bonds due on Monday, the company said in a listing. It is now assessing ?the potential impact on the Group?s financial position and liquidity,? it added. The property management company of Country Garden, China?s second largest developer by revenue after Evergrande, separately said in a filing that Fantasia failed to repay a corporate loan of around 700 million yuan (US $ 109 million). Fantasia had told the company that it was likely to ?fail? [its] External debt, ?added Country Garden Services.

S&P and Moody?s have given Fantasia “default” credit ratings, stating that failure to pay the principal would likely cause the company to default on its remaining bonds as well…