THE WOLF STREET REPORT: Housing Bubble Getting Ready to Pop – The Big Boys Leave, Waiting for Reset | Wolf Street
Biggest investors in single-family houses: “We need to be patient and allow the market to reset.”

US Senate Democrats Poised to Approve Climate, Tax Legislation

U.S. Senate Democrats, over uniform Republican opposition, are poised
Sunday to approve sweeping legislation to combat climate change, trim
health care costs and raise taxes on highly profitable corporations.

The measure, a scaled-down version of President Joe Biden’s
long-stalled economic legislative plan, calls for the biggest U.S.
investment ever in attacking the effects of global warming, $370 billion
to boost the use of clean energy, encourage Americans to buy electric
vehicles and reduce plant-warming emissions 40% by 2030.

The legislation would also for the first time authorize the U.S.
government to negotiate the cost of some drugs with pharmaceutical
companies to potentially lower the cost of medicines for older
Americans, extend health insurance subsidies for millions of people and
impose a 15% minimum tax on billion-dollar companies that now pay
nothing. The bill would also add 87,000 more federal tax agents to
further scrutinize individual and corporate tax returns to catch tax
cheaters and cut the chronic U.S. budget debt by about $300 billion…

CROSSROADS: ‘Capital Flight’, China At The Crossroads – By Charles Hugh Smith | RIELPOLITIK

China At The Crossroads

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith

Watch where capital is flowing. That’s pretty much all you need to know to predict the future.

The word “China” evokes strong emotions, so let’s set it aside in favor of a simple syllogism:

1. Certain things matter in all economies.

2. China is an economy.

3. Therefore these certain things matter in China.

Four things matter to all economies:

1. The flow of capital and talent in or out of an economy.

2. The productivity of that capital and talent.

3. The availability and cost of energy.

4. The stability of the primary foundation of the majority’s wealth.

Capital and talent flowing into an economy and being productively invested generates prosperity. Capital and talent squandered on unproductive speculation generates bubbles of phantom wealth that eventually pop, destroying the illusion of wealth.

Capital and talent fleeing an economy generates stagnation and collapse. Capital and talent are democratic in the most basic form:…

Biden economic policy: raise taxes, increase inflation, go further into debt | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together


I decided to do a round-up of articles from a variety of conservative news sources showing the effects of Biden economic policy. I hope everyone is making plans to deal with the coming catastrophe. It is a mistake to elect people who are focused on global warming, same-sex marriage, and gr00ming children for the benefit of their pedo constituents. We really need to vote them out in 2022.

First, Daily Wire reports on a study that shows the likely effects of Biden’s Increase Inflation Act:..

Inflation Reduction Act: Another DC Lie | MCViewPoint

The Affordable Care Act, No Child Left Behind, and the USA PATRIOT Act received new competition for the title of Most Inappropriately Named Bill when Senate Democrats unveiled the Inflation Reduction Act. This bill will not only increase inflation, it will also increase government spending and taxes…

‘I Was Wrong’: Paul Krugman Kicks Himself For His Awful Inflation Takes | PA Pundits – International

But true to form, Krugman tried to wiggle his way out of taking full responsibility. He excused that the situation was “complicated,” and tried to claim that his detractors were right for the “wrong reasons:”

Sir Lanka Protesters Storm President’s House Amid Economic Meltdown
Sir Lanka Protesters Storm President’s House Amid Economic Meltdown Thousands of protesters stormed Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s official residence as part of an anti-government demonstration calling for his resignation following the country’s economic collapse. Demonstrators marched to Sri Lanka’s commercial capital of Colombo early Saturday. They jumped security fences surrounding the residence and overran the […]

It’s “Worse Than Many Can Imagine” – Kim Dotcom Fears “Controlled Demolition” Enabling A “New Dystopian Future”
It’s “Worse Than Many Can Imagine” – Kim Dotcom Fears “Controlled Demolition” Enabling A “New Dystopian Future” Authored by Alexandra Bruce via, New Zealand tech CEO, Kim Dotcom did the math on the United States’ sovereign debt and he tweeted a thread about it, saying it may the most important thread that he may ever make.…

What happened to China′s ′Belt and Road′ projects in Nepal?

…According to geopolitical analyst C.D. Bhatta, both Sri Lanka’s sovereign-debt crisis and Nepal’s socio-structural tilt towards its southern neighbor, India, have contributed to the decline of the BRI in the Himalayan nation.