Pfizer raises 2021 COVID-19 vaccine sales forecast to $45.7 billion – ABC News

  • There’s been general positive attitude towards Pfizer’s vaccine during the pandemic
  • Their sales forecast is based on signed deals for 2.1 billion doses
  • Pfizer said it has shipped 1 billion doses since December

Bank of America Slides After Trading Revenue Slump, $2.2 Billion Reserve Release Saves The Day
Bank of America Slides After Trading Revenue Slump, $2.2 Billion Reserve Release Saves The Day The bank earnings parade continued on Wednesday morning when Bank of America reported disappointing earnings that missed on the top line as a result of disappointing trading revenue like JPM yesterday with FICC sliding 38% Y/Y due to “more benign…

The National Pastime: Living At Everyone Else’s Expense | John Barleycorn

TimmyTaes sends this illuminating chart of “Per Capita Distribution”—ahem: shouldn’t that be “Redistribution”?—“of Federal Receipts and Expenditures, FFY 2017.” In other words, is your state robbing you to send more or less money to the Feds than it grabs in return? (“Understanding Money”), publisher of this study in 2019, reached several conclusions—and this was before COVIDCon’s assault on our wallets: 40 out of 50 states are getting more, sometimes a lot more, from the federal government than they’re paying in taxes. Taxpayers in Virginia receive more than $10,000 on a per capita basis than they pay, the biggest imbalance … Continue reading →

Source: The National Pastime: Living At Everyone Else’s Expense

Inside the service station war that started over a meat pie – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: This is only one of many complaints about the system of franchise operations in Australia.

The body representing service station operators said as much in 2014 in a submission to Treasury. It stated:

“It is not unusual for new entrants to the industry to be newly arrived business migrants who often lack the ability to make balanced
assessments of … the financial viability of the business they are about
to purchase.”

“Most of these agreements, if subjected to independent legal advice, would not receive a favourable assessment and yet the ‘take it or leave it’ approach of the big business offering is
difficult for these vulnerable people to resist.”

Former Mildura McDonald’s franchisee dropped over filmed Aboriginal flag altercation sues – ABC News

… Robert Vigors has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court
of Victoria, claiming McDonald’s Australia wrongfully terminated his
Mildura franchise deal and “demanded” he sell the restaurants to former
Geelong captain Leigh Colbert.

Mr Vigors is
alleging that the makers of the Big Mac took “unconscientious
disadvantage” of him by taking over the restaurants following the
racially charged incident.

Ranchers Sell Off Cattle And Farmers Idle Hundreds Of Thousands Of Acres As America’s Drought Emergency Escalates
By Michael Snyder In my entire lifetime, this is the worst that drought conditions have ever been in the western half of the country. During… Ranchers Sell Off Cattle And Farmers Idle Hundreds Of… Go to Source Author: Activist Post… Read more

Inflation is Back… and Here to Stay, by Adrian Day | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

You manufacturer fiat debt instruments that function as money, and you get monetary inflation. From Adrian Day at

April’s Consumer and Producer Price indexes, showing prices up 4.2% and 6.2% respectively year on year, were well ahead of expectations and have produced widespread discussion.

Everyone from Ray Dalio and Stan Druckenmiller to my next-door neighbor has chimed in. The Federal Reserve, Democratic politicians and media apologists all proclaim this move to be “transitory.” The usual suspects trotted out the to-be-expected excuses: it’s all because of the “base effect,” starting from a low point last April when the economy first went into lockdown. It’s all because of pent-up demand as the economy reopens. While these factors have some validity—any comparison can be distorted by a low starting point—they are only part of the story. Fundamentally, the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented binge of credit creation on the back of the new administration’s unprecedented spending plans—following the hardly hawkish last four years—is the necessary and sufficient cause of the jump in inflation numbers.

It is important to note that various price indexes are symptoms of inflation; they do not represent inflation itself. Inflation is the creation of excess credit above the current needs of the economy. That excess can show up in increased asset prices or in consumer prices, depending on many factors, including, most importantly, the velocity of money. But usually, these excesses do show up in asset prices (including equities) and, after a lag, in producer prices followed by consumer prices. Events such as the economic lockdowns and restrictions we saw over the past year have the effect of reducing the velocity of money and postponing the rise in consumer prices.

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