The Pressure Cooker, by The Zman | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

They keep turning up the heat on the pressure cooker, and sooner or later something’s going to blow. From The Zman at

A universal truth of life is that pressure reveals character. This is not only true in individuals, but it is also true in societies. When times are easy, all sorts of undesirable things can be overlooked. The petty corruption in government is not a big deal in a booming economy. Inequality is ignored, maybe even celebrated when times are good, because people think their time will come. It is when things turn down that all of a sudden, those issues rise up and take up people’s attention…

Manhattan Retail Rents Continue Slide As Recovery Narrative Falls Apart

Manhattan’s “prime” retail real estate market remained under pressure in the first quarter even as COVID-19 vaccines became widely available and public health restrictions eased.  According to Bloomberg, citing a report by Cushman & Wakefield, SoHo, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan known for designer boutiques, fancy…

Inflation figures show consumer prices rose less than economists feared – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Trust the figures at your own risk ! CPI can be manipulated to leave out individual Inflation components posted on April 01, 2021.

  • CPI increased 0.6 per cent over the March quarter and 1.1 per cent over the year to March 31
  • Economists were generally tipping a 0.9 and 1.4 per cent rise for the quarter and year respectively
  • The weaker than expected price increases may allow the Reserve Bank to maintain its stimulus for longer

Durable Goods Orders Significantly Disappoint In March

After February’s surprise (weather-impacted) tumble, Durable Goods Orders were expected to rebound strongly in preliminary March data but they were disappointed. Against expectations of a sturdy 2.3% MoM jump, Durable Goods Orders rose just 0.5% MoM (orders were revised up modestly to -0.9% for Feb. from -1.2%)… Source:…

The Catalyst For The Next Leg Higher: Buyback Blackout Period Just Ended

…… a reminder of just how short collective memory is, as barely a year ago, the media, Congress and the broader public all rightfully slammed US corporations for having spent the bulk of their cash in the past decade on stock buybacks, and not on building a rainy day fund… which is why everyone demanded a government bailout in the immediate aftermath of the covid crisis…

Biggest Beat On Record: Consumer Credit Explodes Higher As Americans Rediscover Their Love For Credit Cards

Earlier this week, when looking at the latest BofA card spending data, we observed that “whereas previously the bulk of the upside spending game from debt card outlays, in recent weeks we have seen a solid increase in credit…

Coming To America: LA Metro’s Model Of Extreme Capital Consumption

…Authored by MN Gordon via, How much does gas cost in your hamlet? Here in the Los Angeles Basin the price of gas is now over $4 per gallon.  One year ago, it was just $2.89.  Could this be an example of what Fed […]

All Hell Breaks Loose In Turkey: Stocks Halted, Overnight Lira Implied Rate Hits 10,000%

Comment by tonytran2015: World recession may begin with a stock market crash in one country spreading to others.

All Hell Breaks Loose In Turkey: Stocks Halted, Overnight Lira Implied Rate Hits 10,000% Chaos has broken out across Turkey’s capital markets with bank shares crashing and marketwide stop-loss halts activated after President Tayyip Erdogan shocked investors by sacking the central bank governor. Turkey’s stock market logged its worst two days since the global financial […]