I fear ‘Protect the NHS’ could turn out to be one of the most harmful slogans in history, writes Professor KAROL SIKORA | ukgovernmentwatch



Protect the NHS is just an empty slogan – more useful would be to slash its business rates, as we do for private hospitals masquerading as charities – seems counterproductive for taxpayer money to go into paying for business rates on NHS properties

Worshipping the NHS has been one of the most bonkers religions of our times, fostered by the royals and the political elite. But why do people step on the bandwagon? This is a service which for the most of us is not free and is awful, what is there to worship?

What is so shocking is that neither those great brains in sage, nor the government and their civil servants foresaw any of this. Many, many people including the 40,000 doctors and scientists that signed the open letter told them that the cure was worse than the disease. Sage and government? The blind leading the blind.

Don’t make silly Tik Tok videos or sit crying in your car we just don’t care

Waiting lists! A friend of mine went to a hospital in the south of England for a minor surgical procedure. She was put in an orthopaedic ward and there was no one in it except herself. We are told there are all these people on waiting lists for hips and knees. Why are they not having their operations?

Amazing that most GPs surgeries in our area will do anything to keep you out, expect when the Government are paying them to jab you. Then it’s pack them in and queue them up outside whatever the weather. It’s all about the money and covid is the gift that keeps giving to those in the know!!!

My friend died in October. She had been ill for at least 6 months but the GP would only give her phone appointments. They also would not send her for an MRI. Her husband paid for a private scan (which she was given in just a few days) and it revealed she had bone cancer and there was nothing they could do. Now [[[they]]] are giving GPs £15 per covid booster jab on top of their already 6 figure salaries and not seeing patients! It is outrageous.

It was always a stupid slogan. What were we protecting it from? Work? While those on the covid front line have done stirling work, those dealing with most of the things it normally deals with have been virtually redundant. Just look at GP’s, many have hidden from the very people whose health they are supposed to safeguard. The NHS is unfit for purpose if it can’t deal with anything out of the ordinary and money isn’t the cure.

I’ve done my bit for everyone else for the past two years. If the NHS still can’t cope after having so much time to recouperate, then heads of management (and possibly higher up) should definitely roll.

A death tax by stealth? Your superannuation savings could be subject to a hefty tax when you die – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: My position is that superannuation plans have not been designed for the benefits of workers. It is there to benefit funds managers and governments.


It all depends on your marital status and whether you have “dependants” (that is children or someone else who lives with you
and financially depends on you).

If you are single and childless, and no one else depends on you, your super money will be taxed before being handed to the person you nominate to receive it — assuming you nominated someone prior to your death to get the money.

CFTC Awards Almost $200 Million To Deutsche Bank Whistleblower

CFTC Awards Almost $200 Million To Deutsche Bank Whistleblower In a release out Thursday, the CFTC said it had issued a monstrous $200 million whistleblower award to someone whose “specific, credible, and timely original information significantly contributed to an already open investigation and led to a successful enforcement action, as well as to the success […]

Stock trading app Robinhood tampers with market amidst Gamestop frenzy – Challenge


… It is becoming increasingly clear that there are two separate sets of rules for capitalists and workers.

When multi-billion dollar financial institutions manipulate markets they are rewarded with cultural
idolization and praise. They are considered savvy and ingenious even if their actions are manipulative, exploitative, and contradict the common good.

As working people start to gain ground through investment, the financial and corporate establishments coalesce to stop it at any cost…

APRA’s mortgage crackdown catches out hopeful home buyers – ABC News


… this week, the financial regulator announced banks would have to start
demonstrating, from next month, that new borrowers were capable of making mortgage repayments if home loan interest rates rose 3 percentage points above their current rate…

Reserve Bank warns home loan restrictions ‘may be adjusted’ if housing market doesn’t cool – ABC News


  • Reserve Bank says new home lending rules may take several months to have an effect on the property market
  • RBA says the current rules are likely to hit property investors and first home buyers slightly harder than other borrowers
  • The
    bank’s Financial Stability Review canvasses additional restrictions
    that may be introduced if the housing market and lending do not slow

House prices surge more than 20pc over the past year, CoreLogic data shows – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Investing in property through companies expose the desperate young Australian investors to frauds and abuse by the management class. Investing in property by otherwise-homeowners is NO solution to the housing crisis.


  • The national average home price jumped 20.3 per cent over the past year
  • That is the highest annual pace of growth since the year ending June 1989
  • First home buyers appear to be increasingly turning to property investment as they are priced out of homes they want to live in

‘China’s financial system could collapse’: What the Reserve Bank’s Evergrande bombshell means for Australia – ABC News


… “If they act too quickly in addressing these

vulnerabilities, confidence in the implicit guarantees that underpin much of China’s financial system could collapse, which would lead to

financial distress,” the RBA says.

“In contrast, if they act too slowly, the probability of more severe financial stress in the future will increase.

“Continued bailouts also risk further entrenching perceptions of implicit guarantees.”…

Pandora Papers open the box of offshore secrets


Why tax havens are problematic

Here’s how offshore companies work: For prices starting at just a few hundred dollars, providers can help clients set up an offshore company whose
real owners remain confidential.

Alternatively, for a fee of $2,000 to $25,000, they can set up a trust that, in some
instances, allows its beneficiaries to control their money while being not legally responsible for their actions. A bit of paper-shuffling and “creativity” help shield assets from creditors, law enforcement, tax collectors and ex-spouses…

Evergrande shares suspended from trade in Hong Kong… – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: the end phase of a company following its bubble phase


…It follows Evergrande missing a second offshore bond payment late last week, failing to pay some of the interest owed on its roughly $400 billion in debt.