The “Smoking Guns” of a Manufactured Pandemic

Counter Information

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Kristina BorjessonGlobal Research, October 10, 2020WBAI radio. The Whistle Blower

Economics professorMichel Chossudovskydescribes the “smoking guns” indicating that the Covid-19 pandemic is a fraud and details the devastation that already has occurred as well as what is to come with the so-called “second wave,” which he says is also based on fake statistics and testing.

“Closing down the Global Economy as a means to combating the Killer Virus. That’s what they want us to believe. If the public had been informed that Covid-19 is “similar to Influenza”, the fear campaign would have fallen flat…”

Confirmed by prominentscientists as well as by official public health bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).Covid-19is a public health concern butit is NOT a dangerous virus.


Awarding winning journalist and authorKristina…

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JobKeeper recipients paying millions in bonuses to their executives, research reveals – ABC News

At least 25 companies have paid bonuses worth a
combined $24.3 million to their executives after claiming JobKeeper
subsidies, an analysis of the financial reports of 290 entities on the
ASX 300 has found

In the Worst of Times, the Billionaire Elite Plunder Like Never Before – Rigged Game

The “stimulus” bills signed by Trump and passed by Democrats have already given away trillions to major corporations and tens of billions in tax cuts to the richest Americans. Even two-thirds of the original set of supposedly “small-business”-focused Paycheck Protection Program loans went to large corporations, such as Ritz Carlton, while gifting billions in fees to the banks that distributed the loans.

Robinhood Faces SEC Probe For Misleading Customers About HFTs Frontrunning Their Orders

Tyler Durden

Wed, 09/02/2020 – 15:52

A few months ago, we publishedan amusing account of how the Ken Griffin-owned HFT firm Citadel sicced its army of white-shoe lawyers on Zero Hedge after we dared to explain to our audience exactly why RobinHood – and now its discount brokerage predecessors, all of whom have followed RH’s lead and abandoned trading fees – can afford to charge its clients nothing: Because the company takes all of that retail order flow and auctions it off to the highest HFT bidder, enabling them to profit by – and we want to be very careful with our language here – “trading ahead of customer orders,” a practice otherwise known as “front-running”.

With so many mom-and-pop traders parlaying their stimulus checks and enhanced unemployment benefits in the stock market, our warnings were promptly ignored (hardly a surprise – nobody cares when things are going good).

But as the S&P 500 roars to yet another record high – accompanied this time by a disconcerting rebound in the VIX – WSJ reports that the SEC is almost ready to slap Robinhood with a $10 million fine for failing to disclose to its customers exactly how their order flow would be packaged and sold to the HFT firms.

Wells Fargo: Gold Bull Run Signals Growing “Lack Of Trust” In Monetary System

Authored by Michael Maharrey via,

It’s easier to understand gold’s record-breaking move up if you look at it from the other side of the equation. The dollar is now at its all-time low compared to gold. In simple terms, the dollar is losing value and dollar debasement is driving up the price of gold.

This isn’t a narrative you don’t typically hear on the mainstream financial networks, but there seems to be a growing awareness that the dollar and the system based on it might be in trouble – even in the mainstream investment world.

We’ve seen Warren Buffettmake a bet on gold, and Goldman Sachs recently warned that the dollar could be in danger of losing its reserve status.

Now, Wells Fargo has weighed in, warning in a report that the bull run in gold signals “a growing lack of trust in the world’s monetary system.”

Who is the Most Evil Gates or Putin | Centinel2012

Comment by tonytran2015: A story of abusing market power and lobbyists to obtain heap of money then wanting to rule over all others with money and connections.


I am so grateful to you for your blog and what you are doing, fighting the good fight with your words of clarity!
Recently, the Russians have announced they have a vaccine for COVID-19. Immediately the mainstream media hyperventilated about it, or ignored it. If I was forced to choose between the vaccine endorsed by the “benevolent” Mr. Gates’ and the Russian one, I would choose the Russian one. Do you have any view on the game the Russians are playing here? Somehow I doubt they are into A population growth agenda, seeing as they offer cash to moms for having kids.

ANSWER: I agree. I would trust Putin before Bill Gates. He can deny the various conspiracy theories all he wants. This man is very dangerous, and I know for a FACT that people he is in partnerships with sold stocks and bonds at the top and even said it was because of a “virus.” He has pushed the destruction of the world economy and has strategic investments in everything he is pushing, right down to alternative meat production. He even had the audacity to tell Bloomberg News this will not end before the conclusion of 2021. He also said: “It’s ironic that people are questioning vaccines and we’re actually having to say, ‘Oh, my God, how else can you get out of a tragic pandemic?’”

I have stated that my cousin was taken to the hospital with COVID-19; they gave him hydroxychloroquine, and he was released in two days. Gates continues to put out false information claiming hydroxychloroquine carries with it the risk of “severe side effects” and arguing that medical officials should instead pursue the numerous “good therapeutic drugs” currently in development. He is absolutely lying! This would defeat his vaccine, which he intends to profit off of by charging each person on the planet $3 annually.

Gates has been funding experiments around the world, and nobody will dare stop him because, I believe, he has been bribing politicians from India to Africa and most other countries. He even launched an experiment in Italy. Gates has stated he wants immunity from lawsuits. Total immunity was given to vaccines by Congress. They can kill you, and you cannot sue. This is what is going on. If they are so safe, then why can you not file suit for damages? They can’t be that safe when they also ask for immunity. No other industry asks for such immunity. If auto manufacturers knew that your engine could blow up and kill you, but they were immune from suit, they would never fix the problem. Yet, Gates’ vaccine companies are completely immune. That does not give me any confidence in dealing with Gates or any company associated with him.

Looting, American Style: CEOs Get Big Pre-Bankruptcy Bonuses Even When Lenders and Employees Stiffed – Rigged Game

Posted on Aug 21, 2020 by from Naked Capitalism.

Nothing like paying for failure. The Financial Times describes how CEOs who ran their companies into the ground are nevertheless rewarded with “retention bonus” payouts shortly before the business declare bankruptcy, often mere days ahead.

The absurd rationale is that it is necessary to keep a failed CEO on in order to reduce disruption. It appears instead that boards would rather pay a rich and unwarranted premium to keep a bad known quantity around, perhaps due to personal allegiances to the incumbent or because they might actually have to rouse themselves to oust the dud leader and select a replacement.

… This article demonstrates the glaring deficiencies in the US legal regime by describing how these payoffs occur even when lenders and
employees are being stiffed:

Adding Insult To Injury | disturbeddeputy

So you’re a victim of a riot? Well, guess what, we’re not done with you. This just ain’t your day. After criminals victimize the citizens of Minneapolis, the city/state take their turn. Rape and robbery.

HIGH CRIMES: ‘Black Heart’, Could Wall Street Lose The Election? – By Charles Hugh Smith | RIELPOLITIK

Source –

“…The masses are awakening to what insiders have known all along: Wall Street is nothing but a skimming machine for insiders, and this is generating a fulsome hatred of Wall Street, Big Tech monopolies and the billionaires who’ve added half a trillion dollars in wealth in the current stock market rally while the rest of America crumbles”

Two simple regulations would drive a stake through Wall Street’s corrupt, evil heart:

1. A substantial tax on every single transaction of any kind, whether
it’s on an exchange or off-exchange, and most importantly, whether the
bid for a transaction was executed or not. This would kill
high-frequency trading (HFT) and various other front-running games
(spoofing the system with bids that are withdrawn in milliseconds,

A transaction tax wouldn’t affect Mom-and-Pop investors or mutual
funds, as they trade infrequently. It would only kill the parasitic Wall
Street predators.

2. A ban or even limit on corporate share buybacks would kill the stock market’s primary engine of relentless insider gains: corporations
buying back their own shares to goose their stocks higher even as their
sales and profits stagnate. It’s estimated that up to 75% of all stock
market gains can be traced back to the hundreds of billions of dollars
corporations have borrowed to buy back their own shares.

United States senator calls on China to repay $1.6 trillion of century-old debt | China News

The bonds, which are backed by gold, were issued by the Republic of China as long ago as 1912. The government’s leaders fled to Taiwan following the end of Chairman Mao Zedong’s revolution in 1949. Beijing maintains Taiwan is part of China, and under international law, successor governments are responsible for the debts of their predecessors.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1987 ordered Beijing to pay Brits for their holdings or lose access to British capital markets, enticing then-Chinese President Li Xiannian’s government to reach a settlement of 23.5 million British pounds.

By paying some bondholders and not others, Beijing is technically in selective default, according to the ratings of bond-risk firms Moody’s, Standard & Poors and Fitch, and cannot access the international debt market until it pays the remaining holders.

“We are thrilled,” said American Bondholder Foundation President Jonna Bianco, who has power of attorney for 95% of the thousands of U.S. bondholders. “We are pleased that our Senate leadership — and we’ve got one coming out of the House as well — are expressing their support in holding China accountable, consistent with America’s message to the president: Hold China accountable.”