Evergrande: Shares in cash-strapped China property giant plunge – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Any overpriced enterprise in heavy debt may go bankrupt suddenly leaving its investors, creditors and employees with heavy losses.


… The firm said it is struggling to sell assets fast enough to service its massive $305bn (£220bn) of debts…

“Interest Is Significant”: Cash Is Pouring Into Crypto Altcoins At Record Rates

It is the lesser known altcoins stealing the show from Bitcoin and Ethereum of late in the crypto world, according to a new report by Bloomberg. Altcoins like Cardano, Binance Coin and Avalanche have doubled (or, in the case of Avalanche, tripled) over…

“Investors Have Begun To Reduce Leverage” – BofA Spots “Bearish Signal” In Margin Debt


Research analysts publish dozens of complex charts that illustrate the bubble of everything continues to inflate away as central banks expand their balance sheets at record paces. These monetary wonks have distorted traditional indicators and made fundamentals obsolete, leading markets into a…

Evergrande Crashes Again As The Bad News Just Won’t Stop

It’s just keeps going from bad to catastrophic for China’s largest and most indebted developer, Evergrande. Just days after Chinese authorities called for indebted (some would say insolvent) property giant Evergrande to resolve its debt risks during a rare meeting with executives Thursday and warning […]

Beware An “Instability Cascade”: One Bank Warns That Stocks Are About To Hit Record Fragility

Beware An “Instability Cascade”: One Bank Warns That Stocks Are About To Hit Record Fragility Back in late 2017, Bank of America’s derivatives strategists made a remarkable, if hardly original, observation – the bank said what everyone knew but was afraid to voice namely, that “In Every Market Shock Since 2013 Central Banks Have Stepped…

European Luxury Stocks Tumble On China’s “Wealth Redistribution” Plans

European luxury stocks slumped, and were among the worst performers in Europe’s Stoxx 600, after Chinese state media this week said President Xi Jinping offered an outline for “common prosperity” via “wealth redistribution” – who know that China was communist after all – that includes income […]

SEC Warns US Investors About Risks Of Buying Chinese Stocks As Crackdown In Beijing Continues

A few weeks ago, the SEC quietly shut down the processing of any new Chinese IPOs, which seemed almost comical to us, considering any underwriter would probably have trouble lining up the financing since there’s approximately zero appetite for new…

Why I No Longer Invest In Stocks And Bonds, by Paul Rosenberg | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC


… As a young man I spent time learning the nuts and bolts of investing: Price to earning ratios, book values, charting, puts, calls, covered positions, and so on. And when I had extra money, I tended to put it into the markets and use my tools. But I can no longer do that, and I think explaining why may be useful.

There are three reasons for this conviction of mine, and so I’ll list them below. But I’m listing them in reverse order, because reason number one stands above the others: By itself it would prevent me from investing in the usual way. I think all three reasons are strong, but reason number one is pivotal.

Reason #3

Reason number three is simply that the markets no longer make sense…

After 188 Days Without a 5% Drop, Goldman Says Stagflation Risk Rising, Hedge For “Large Equity Drawdown”

After 188 Days Without a 5% Drop, Goldman Says Stagflation Risk Rising, Hedge For “Large Equity Drawdown” On one hand, it appears that nothing can shake this market which is so controlled by gamma, technicals – and expectations that the Fed will never again allow a correction – that the 4,400 level has proven to […]

China’s Delta Outbreak Worsens As Goldman, Bank Of America Cut Growth Forecasts

China’s Delta Outbreak Worsens As Goldman, Bank Of America Cut Growth Forecasts China’s latest COVID outbreak, the fourth wave to hit the country, has officially become the country’s worst outbreak since the virus first emerged, as the delta variant continues to spread despite Beijing’s heavy-handed response, which has involved testing of millions of people, travel…