Stock trading app Robinhood tampers with market amidst Gamestop frenzy – Challenge

… It is becoming increasingly clear that there are two separate sets of rules for capitalists and workers.

When multi-billion dollar financial institutions manipulate markets they are rewarded with cultural
idolization and praise. They are considered savvy and ingenious even if their actions are manipulative, exploitative, and contradict the common good.

As working people start to gain ground through investment, the financial and corporate establishments coalesce to stop it at any cost…

SEC Reportedly Looking Into Robinhood President’s Sale Of AMC Stock
SEC Reportedly Looking Into Robinhood President’s Sale Of AMC Stock Late last night, in a lengthy post summarizing all the recent fabrication spewed forth from the Citadel-Robinhood complex, we asked a simple question: Did the president of Robinhood dump all his AMC stock right before they restricted trading. The reason for the question is that…

“Investors Have Begun To Reduce Leverage” – BofA Spots “Bearish Signal” In Margin Debt

Research analysts publish dozens of complex charts that illustrate the bubble of everything continues to inflate away as central banks expand their balance sheets at record paces. These monetary wonks have distorted traditional indicators and made fundamentals obsolete, leading markets into a…

After 188 Days Without a 5% Drop, Goldman Says Stagflation Risk Rising, Hedge For “Large Equity Drawdown”
After 188 Days Without a 5% Drop, Goldman Says Stagflation Risk Rising, Hedge For “Large Equity Drawdown” On one hand, it appears that nothing can shake this market which is so controlled by gamma, technicals – and expectations that the Fed will never again allow a correction – that the 4,400 level has proven to […]

“The Money Is Gone”: Archegos Employees Lose $500 Million From Company Bonus Pool
“The Money Is Gone”: Archegos Employees Lose $500 Million From Company Bonus Pool It isn’t just Bill Hwang who is “suffering” from the spectacular crash of Archegos Capital Management. The company’s employees have also lost about $500 million after their deferred pay plan crashed in value alongside the firm’s other holdings. The value of the […]

Hedge Fund CIO Explains When To Take A Profit

Comment by tonytran2015: This demonstrates the “moral harard” created by Central Banks in recent time.
Hedge Fund CIO Explains When To Take A Profit By Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management “Let’s step into my office,” he said. So I did. He was my boss. “The firm’s most important client needs help.” I listened, uninterested, unconcerned about clients, their problems. Barely cared about my boss. I had a…

Expectations Matter Most When It Comes To Inflation

By Laura Cooper, Bloomberg reporter and Markets Live commentator Inflation expectations matter when it comes to central-bank policy, with scope for markets to ramp up hedging bets as price uncertainty extends – and more potential shock-and-awe CPI prints add conviction to the debate. While investor fears of runaway price…

ARK Funds Sold A Third Of Their Apple, Bought More Of Their Own ETFs, Amidst Continued Rout

Comment by tonytran2015: Large volatility knock companies around until one of the big ones fail causing market wide panic.

As ARK readies itself for what could be another tumultuous day on Tuesday, with the firm’s assets dropping below $20 billion to their lowest level since January, more eyes are turning to how Cathie Wood is steering her…

Don’t Fight The Fed’s Commodity “Put”

By Ryan Fitzmaurice of Rabobank Don’t fight the Fed Inflation remains a key concern for investors as was clear from Warren Buffett’s comments at the Berkshire Hathaway annual event this past weekend Commodity index inflows picked up substantially this week as institutional investors return to the alternative asset class…

Hedge Funds Are The ‘Most Short’ Junk Debt Since Lehman

A month ago we warned that The Fed’s incessant intervention had put distressed investors out of business as the remarkable rally in even the lowest quality junk debt (‘CCC or triple hooks’) had created party time for zombie companies everywhere as “high yield” is now […]