Knowledge Vs. Experience: Why Most Investors Wind Up Losing
Knowledge Vs. Experience: Why Most Investors Wind Up Losing Authored by Lance Roberts via, Knowledge vs. experience. When it comes to investing, such is what separates long-term success from failure. Amid a “market mania,” retail investors believe they have “knowledge” as every investment they make seems to be successful. As the bubble inflates, continued success breeds over-confidence to the […]

Hedge Fund CIO Explains When To Take A Profit

Comment by tonytran2015: This demonstrates the “moral harard” created by Central Banks in recent time.
Hedge Fund CIO Explains When To Take A Profit By Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management “Let’s step into my office,” he said. So I did. He was my boss. “The firm’s most important client needs help.” I listened, uninterested, unconcerned about clients, their problems. Barely cared about my boss. I had a…

sell now. On Line Fake News: vax, diet, long life high altitude, high education, Colorado Wyoming | Financial Risk

Comment by tonytran2015: This kind of signals is alarming.

Sell all houses ASAP before the crash.
Prices have never been higher – now is the time.
Move to a safer location across the street from a quality hospital emergency room, rented apartment or RV for fast escape if fire, drought, riots, antifa, SHTF.

Sell all cars and trucks ASAP before the crash.
Prices have never been higher.
Biden will outlaw gas stations and tax dead fossil fuel vehicles to stop climate change and punish car owners. Learn to walk again and grow your brain by neurogenesis.

Small Caps Crushed At The Open, Erase All YTD Gains Vs Nasdaq
Small Caps Crushed At The Open, Erase All YTD Gains Vs Nasdaq Another day, another big-tech buying-panic and small-cap puke… And this tumble in small caps has erased all its gains relative to Nasdaq for the year… As 10Y Yields tumbled back below 1.40%! “Stagflationary” future pricing in. Tyler Durden Tue, 07/06/2021 – 09:42 […]

Crisis, Crash, Collapse
Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, We have a fine-sounding word for running with the herd: momentum. When the herd is running, those who buy what the herd is buying and sell what the herd is selling are trading momentum, which sounds so much more professional and high-brow than the […]

Michael “Big Short” Burry: This Is The Greatest Bubble Of All Time In All Things “By Two Orders Of Magnitude”, by Tyler Durden | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

There will be maybe two people who are short everything when the bubble pops, and they’ll be the two richest people on the planet. Michael Burry may be one of them. From Tyler Durden at

Earlier this year, none other than Michael ‘Big Short’ Burry confirmed BofA’s greatest fears, as he picked up on the theme of Weimar Germany and specifically its hyperinflation, as the blueprint for what comes next in a lengthy tweetstorm cribbing generously from Parsson’s seminal work, warning that:

“The US government is inviting inflation with its MMT-tinged policies. Brisk Debt/GDP, M2 increases while retail sales, PMI stage V recovery. Trillions more stimulus & re-opening to boost demand as employee and supply chain costs skyrocket.”


“The life of the inflation in its ripening stage was a paradox which had its own unmistakable characteristics. One was the great wealth, at least of those favored by the boom..Many great fortunes sprang up overnight…The cities, had an aimless and wanton youth”

“Prices in Germany were steady, and both business and the stock market were booming. The exchange rate of the mark against the dollar and other currencies actually rose for a time, and the mark was momentarily the strongest currency in the world” on inflation’s eve.

“Side by side with the wealth were the pockets of poverty. Greater numbers of people remained on the outside of the easy money, looking in but not able to enter. The crime rate soared.”

“Accounts of the time tell of a progressive demoralization which crept over the common people, compounded of their weariness with the breakneck pace, to no visible purpose, and their fears from watching their own precarious positions slip while others grew so conspicuously rich.”

“Almost any kind of business could make money. Business failures and bankruptcies became few. The boom suspended the normal processes of natural selection by which the nonessential and ineffective otherwise would have been culled out.”

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5 Signs That America’s Raging Inflation Crisis Is Accelerating — The Economic Collapse | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

The pace at which conditions are changing is catching a lot of people off guard.

#1 Inflation tends to hit those at the bottom of the economic food chain the hardest, but at this point even most millionaires say that they are “concerned about inflation”

#2 The biggest banks in the world are now sounding the alarm about the inflation crisis. This week, a team of analysts from Deutsche Bank warned that “neglecting inflation leaves global economies sitting on a time bomb”

#3 Housing prices continue to soar into the stratosphere in the United States. These days, investment funds, wealthy individuals and foreigners are all gobbling up homes in anticipation of making huge profits, and this is making things extremely difficult for ordinary home buyers. Earlier, I found the following message from one exasperated home shopper on a popular discussion forum

#4 Used car prices have now officially entered “absurd” territory. This week, we learned that the Used Vehicle Value Index has shot up by 26 percent so far in 2021…

#5 Food prices continue to surge higher, and I continue to see reports of intermittent shortages around the nation.

Down in Florida, Papa Bee’s Owner Lorie Hamm says that only a limited number of cases of chicken wings are being made available to restaurants in her area, and she also says that the price for such cases has nearly doubled since the start of 2021…

5 Signs That America’s Raging Inflation Crisis Is Accelerating — The Economic Collapse

China Warns Global Financial Bubble Could Burst

Almost three months after markets stumbled when after China’s top banking regulator said he’s “very worried” about risks emerging from bubbles in global financial markets (and China’s property sector) sparking concerns about further tightening in the world’s second-biggest economy and slamming risk assets, China has done it again…

ARK Funds Sold A Third Of Their Apple, Bought More Of Their Own ETFs, Amidst Continued Rout

Comment by tonytran2015: Large volatility knock companies around until one of the big ones fail causing market wide panic.

As ARK readies itself for what could be another tumultuous day on Tuesday, with the firm’s assets dropping below $20 billion to their lowest level since January, more eyes are turning to how Cathie Wood is steering her…

Hedge Funds Are The ‘Most Short’ Junk Debt Since Lehman

A month ago we warned that The Fed’s incessant intervention had put distressed investors out of business as the remarkable rally in even the lowest quality junk debt (‘CCC or triple hooks’) had created party time for zombie companies everywhere as “high yield” is now […]