Why animals don’t get lost (and no, it’s not because they’re willing to ask for directions) — Reformed Perspective | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


…Scientists have been astonished to discover how far these and many other animals migrate. Another interesting study involved young fingerling salmon emerging from 16 river systems on the Pacific coast of North America. The tags on several thousand of these fish were scanned as they passed over special receivers placed on the ocean floor from Washington State up to Alaska. This study revealed that the young salmon follow precise migration paths which vary depending upon their river of origin.

The results of these tracking studies intensify the question, long pondered, as to how animals navigate long precise routes through the oceans or skies. As our tools for study become ever more sophisticated, our insights might be expected to increase too. This may be, but the more famous cases still abound in unanswered questions.

Sea turtles

Most of the seven species

SpaceX satellite signals used like GPS to pinpoint location on Earth


The Starlink satellites, sent into orbit by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, are designed to provide broadband internet connections in remote locations around the world. The researchers used signals from six Starlink satellites to pinpoint a location on Earth within 8 meters of accuracy.

Coronavirus: How the common cold can boot out Covid – BBC News


The virus that causes the common cold can effectively boot the Covid virus out of the body’s cells, say researchers.

Some viruses are known to compete in order to be the one that causes an infection.

And University of Glasgow scientists say it appears cold-causing rhinovirus trumps coronavirus…

‘Natural Immunity Is 27 Times More Protective’: Prof Tells White House Not to Ignore ‘Clear’ Science — Faithwire | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


Since President Joe Biden announced his controversial new vaccine mandates targeting private businesses, critics have been arguing the move is divisive and unconstitutional.

George Mason University (GMU) Law Professor Todd Zywicki – who was granted a medical exemption by the university – is one of those critics, telling CBN News’ Faith Nation the mandates actually undermine the vaccine message and insult the intelligence of Americans at the same time.

Zywicki’s own case against GMU earned him an exemption to the vaccination requirement there because he argued he had “natural immunity” after getting COVID.

The Virginia-based university had a mandate requiring all attending students to be inoculated by Aug. 1. Faculty and staff had a deadline of Aug.15 to be vaccinated. Those who did not comply with the mandate had to show a reason for a medical or religious exemption.

The law professor explained that forcing people to get vaccinated is not the way to address those who are unwilling. In fact, it’s causing more tension among Americans.

“This Is Bad” – Russian Cosmonauts Discovery Tiny Cracks In Space Station

“This Is Bad” – Russian Cosmonauts Discovery Tiny Cracks In Space Station Russian cosmonauts have discovered small cracks on the International Space Station (ISS), and it’s unclear whether the cracks are causing air leaks in the orbiting space lab, according to Reuters. Vladimir Solovyov, the chief engineer of Moscow-based company Energia, the top contractor for Russia’s spaceflight program,…

Coronavirus origins: US intelligence report ‘inconclusive’ – BBC News


Many scientists believe it could take years of research before a definitive conclusion on the virus’s origins is reached.

“We should not even be thinking about closing the book or backing off, but
rather ratcheting up the effort,” David Relman, a Stanford University
microbiologist, told the Washington Post.