Victory! Heroic Serbian Protestors Force Gov’t to Drop Lockdown – 1st Nation to Do So – Wake Up To The Truth

Until now, there were countries that avoided lockdown altogether (Japan, Sweden, Belarus), but there wasn’t a country where people demanded and then obtained their freedom. Serbia is the first one. This small (pop. 7 million) country in the Balkans has a long history of resistance – they fought the Turks for centuries; they resisted Nazi Germany longer than France; they had the strongest guerrilla movement outside of Belarus, and yes, they fought mighty NATO for quite a long time.

Ukrainian Armed Forced advance 3 kilometers into Donbas | Ukraine Today .org

Militants of the so-called Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics reported that the Ukrainian troops advanced 3 km into the territory of the Donbas near Stanitsya Siphonna and Donetsky settlment.

Military correspondent of the militants Marina Kharkova reports that the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced 3 km. The fighters of the Ukrainian army took up new positions and entrenched on new frontiers.

German Court Rules Tesla Autopilot Claims Are “Misleading Business Practices” And Can’t Be Used For Advertising

The court agreed with the industry body and has ruled Tesla cannot say “full potential for autonomous driving” and “Autopilot inclusive” in its advertising materials in Germany. The court ruled those statements amounted to “misleading business practices” and that the average buyer could be led to believe the car could drive without human intervention which, of course, is not the truth.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., highway safety regulators have allowed one accident after the next involving Tesla’s Autopilot to take place without taking any type of decisive action to correct the record and inform consumers that Tesla’s description of its autonomous driving features may differ vastly from reality. The examples pile up (literally) almost daily.

How to Avoid Falling for Fake News — Stand to Reason | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Here are three steps we can take to avoid being fooled by fake news.

1. Beware of bias.

Everyone comes to a news report with a set of prior beliefs or opinions.

2. Read with reasonable skepticism.

There are two extremes to avoid: extreme gullibility and extreme skepticism.

3. Dig for truth.

We ought to be concerned with truth—wherever it leads.Sadly, many people are more concerned with being right than believing right
things. Sometimes the truth can be uncomfortable because it bucks up
against our tightly held beliefs.

Chinese Military Exercises Threaten to Invade Taiwan

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is currently staging a military exercise across from the Taiwan Strait that looks as if it plans to culminate in an amphibious assault on an island in the South China Sea. Taiwan’s military — evidently fearing, with good reason, that the exercise may be a cover for an actual Chinese plan to seize another island in the region, Pratas (Dongsha),
claimed by both the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan — has declared a state of emergency. The PLA exercise also looks as if it is
preparing China’s air, naval and marine assets required for an invasion of Taiwan.

In 1996, China initiated a similar crisis in the Taiwan Strait by staging an amphibious assault military exercise. After President Bill
Clinton deployed two powerful US aircraft carrier-led battle groups, China discontinued its aggressive posture toward Taiwan. Strategic analysts judged that the Chinese decision was the fruit of a realistic assessment that it could not overcome the US ability to defend Taiwan.

Where’s The Durham Report? | Call Me Stormy

The timeline of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe is close to completion, according to U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr. Problem is, how many times have we heard this? First, Durham was supposed to wrap up the probe in spring of 2019, then the following summer and fall, and into spring of this year. Now, Barr says we should have some results this summer. Well, says Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, “Summer is here.” The ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Jordan tells Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that the No. 1 question he gets when traveling the country is: “When is somebody going to jail?” Says Jordan, “And the reason they say that is because they’re sick of the double standard. This idea that there is one set of rules for the politically connected in Washington, D.C., and a different set for our regular folks.” Jordan elaborates further and gives his take on fired New York U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, censorship and the upcoming presidential election.

More of This Approach – Devin Nunes Goes Hard After Mueller Team… | The Last Refuge

Congressman Devin Nunes is hitting the target here. To any and all truth-seekers, take up the call from Nunes… go hard after the Mueller Probe, it is much worse than you can imagine. They are going to come after Nunes. Support him!

I will stake everything on the value of this approach. Team Mueller, which included the 17 primary resistance lawyers, took over Main Justice from May 2017 to April 2019. The scale of their corrupt activity is almost unimaginable. We have the goods. We will share more later. Mueller’s team is at the epicenter of the abuse. WATCH:

Al Franken Is A … – American Revolt

…Democracy?? Last I checked, the Democratic Party rigged the 2016 Presidential primary and a DNC lawyer, while falling short of admitting this occurred, did openly argued in Court that the DNC would have had the legal right to do exactly that.DNC lawyerA select few Democratic insiders also admitted that the 2016 primary was rigged, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and former-DNC Chair Donna Brazile.

The Democrats also rigged the 2018 primary, as exposed by The Intercept.

And of course, the Democrats rigged the 2020 Presidental primary, as proven by the exit poll discrepancies that clearly indicate severe election fraud:

The Republican Party is absolutely engaged in voter suppression tactics, that much is true. But for Al Franken to act like the Democratic Party isn’t guilty of the exact same tactics is stunning, but not surprising. Whether holding closed primaries (preventing Independents from voting) or outright purging voters from the rolls, Democrats have been engaging in voter suppression for years, if not decades.

Again, there are many examples of this. But the most egregious and indisputable example was when the New York City Board of Elections de-registered 200,000 voters from the rolls in 2016. Sanders and Clinton had been in an extremely competitive primary until New York delivered a death blow to the Sanders campaign. It was all downhill after that. 117,000 of those purged voters were from Brooklyn alone, where Bernie Sanders was born and raised, and was expected to have a very strong voter turnout after having just held an incredible rally of 30,000 in Brooklyn:The reason this example of election fraud is so indisputable is because the NYC Board of Elections admitted that they did this and admitted that they had done so illegally.

If it had been due to a computer error or otherwise an accident it wouldn’t have been deemed illegal and instead merely the result of incompetence. This was not the case, which is why it constituted textbook election fraud. They intentionally purged nearly a quarter of a million voters to help Hillary secure the nomination and confessed to doing it. Nothing happened. There was no trial, no penalty. The NYC Board of Elections didn’t even fire any of their members

Iran Executes Alleged CIA Spy Who Worked In Defense Ministry

The AP identifies the following based on Iranian state media:

The report said Reza Asgari was executed last week. Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili said Asgari had worked in the airspace department of the ministry and retired in 2016.

“In the last years of his service, he joined the CIA, he sold information about our missiles… to the CIA and took money from them,” Esmaili said. “He was identified, tried and sentenced to death.”

In some recent examples, Iranian officials have claimed some among the spies have “confessed” to working with the CIA or other Western intelligence agencies.

In other instances there are still Western travelers who ended up in Iranian political prisons on what seem to many like trumped up charges of spying and sabotage related activities.

For example in 2019 three Australian nationals were imprisoned – with one given a steep ten year prison sentence.