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After President Trump’s 2016 election victory in which he broke the glass ceiling for TRUE anti-establishment candidates, the Democrats refused to peacefully accept the election results. Four years of “not my president” and violence and rioting over any pretext followed…

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First, let’s take a look at what you would get with China Joe in charge. Can you say ‘Death Panels?’


Definitely not putting the Republic first


Bought and paid for. Joe is fully owned by his contributors.


Meanwhile, the truth continues to sneak out past the MSM, and Biden wants us all to wear the Marxist masks.


Throw those masks away and stand up like a real citizen of the Republic!

With Malice For All: The Lincoln Project Unleashes Attacks On Lawyers Who Represent The Trump Campaign . . . As It Runs A Commercial On The New Unity – JONATHAN TURLEY


The Lincoln Project is airing a commercial today celebrating the end of the politics of division and personal attacks as Twitter removed a tweet (with a skull-and-crossbones emoji) from The Lincoln Project that sought to target lawyers simply because they represent the Trump campaign. The crushing irony is magnified by the fact that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has called for liberals to start to assemble enemy lists of people who were “complicit” in the Trump Administration and the first entry was . . . you guessed it … the Republicans who founded the Lincoln Project. It is the reality of our doublespeak politics. Call it skull-and-crossbones civility.

The Lincoln Project called on its almost 3 million followers to hound and harass attorneys Carolyn McGee and Ronald Hicks for assisting the Trump team in its legal battle over mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. The Lincoln Project tweeted, “Make them famous,” to its 2.7 million followers along with an emoji depicting a skull-and-crossbones. This is the targeting of lawyers who are doing their professional jobs in representing a client and raising allegations of voter irregularities. The Lincoln Project is clearly trying to unleash a campaign of harassment to deter them or other lawyers from taking such cases. Rather than allow the courts to simply rule on such legal challenges, the Lincoln Project is trying to scare off the lawyers.

Lincoln Project tweet (FNC screenshot)

Twitter stated: “The Tweet referenced is in violation of the Twitter Rules on abusive behavior. The account owner will be required to delete the violative Tweet before regaining access to their account.”

At the same time, the Lincoln Project is airing a commercial of how we can finally “put people before politics” as they pursue people who are supporting Trump in court.

In the meantime, the members of Lincoln Project are being moved from the resistance to the reactionary category in the aftermath of the election. When asked about AOC’s call for a black list, Sanders surrogate Nomiki Konst helpfully noted that the first on the list would be people like the former Republicans in the Lincoln Project. She said that those people like George Conway are the “perfect examples” of people to be cancelled despite their work against Trump. That did not take long. After spending millions in support of Biden, Knost and AOC are calling for all such figures to be listed and held “accountable.”

The contrast is evident across the political spectrum as leaders herald Biden as the “healer” while denouncing Trump supporters. Former first lady Michelle Obama denounced “tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division.” Media figures have called Trump supporters racists and compared them to Nazis after the election while rejoicing that the era of personal division is over.

Lists are being compiled. The Trump Accountability Project, led by staffers who worked for former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and President Barack Obama, is making lists of Trump administration officials to hound them out of any employment opportunities. Former Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan proudly tweeted “WH staff are starting to look for jobs. Employers considering them should know there are consequences for hiring anyone who helped Trump attack American values.

For those members of the Lincoln Project, it may be useful to remember the holds of our 16th President: “With malice toward none; with charity for all; … let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds…”

Victorian coronavirus contact tracing concerns remain as optimism grows about falling cases

Comment by tonytran2015: Victorian Premier STILL HAS NOT SET UP CONTACT TRACING AS PROMISED in September. Other states have their effective contact tracings working since March 2020.


… However, former Australian Medical Association president and Altona North GP Mukesh Haikerwal said he remained unconvinced changes to the contact tracing system would prevent further outbreaks once the restrictions were eased.

The doctor has been one of a number of voices to criticise the way contact tracing was handled during the state’s second wave.

In early September, the Government announced five suburban response units would be used to bolster tracing efforts.

Three of the five have been set up to date,…

…While the 14-day average has been steadily dropping in Melbourne, more “mystery” cases with an unknown source have been added to the state’s tally.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said there was concern around the “uptick” in mystery cases, saying they could represent more cases in the community…

Reagan Warned Us About Today’s Democrats in 1964 – CHILLING (Video)

Comment by tonytran2015: This is a timeless election speech.


Click the rumble.com link to watch the video.



Victoria Covid-19 Hidden Agenda

Current (Labour) Victorian Government appears to be executing its own agenda to prolong the lockdown and increase the power grab for its bureaucracy.

Common sense requires that:

1/- Authority should close down or restrict and lift the standards on activities that spread the disease (age care, dayhealth care, meat work) while leaving alone activities which carry little risk (construction using heavy equipments).

1a/- Each occupation/specialty should be evaluated against its occupational benefits and risks.

1b/- Health care cannot be shut down but its usage should be reduced to lend available capacity to pandemic care.

1c/- Health care service should increase their anti-contagion measures.

1d/- Health care receivers should try to reduce their demands on the system.

1e/- Victorian authority should not promote unnecessary usage of its other services like home care, child minding.

1f/- Meat works which have high contagion rate need be reorganized immediately even at the cost of temporatory closing down. The state can go without fresh meat for a long while.

2/- Location and time of outbreaks should be clearly publicized to facillitate tracing. Sharing of information like in South Korea, New South Wale is necessary for trust in authority. Hiding of information put question on the honesty and sincerity of authority.

2a/- In the past Vietnam had successfully used its century old practice of painting white with lime any infected house. Presently Vietnamese authorities don’t hesitate from fully locking down any infected street blocks but the lockdowns are less severe for surrounding suburbs and even less for larger cities containing the suburbs. This method of graduated lockdown from ground zero keeps people away from infected area while allows un-infected areas to have near normal life.

2b/- Areas to be isolated should be street blocks with physically visible delimiting lines. It should not be replaced by any half baked high tech measure which only enrich bureaucrats with connection to phone makers.

2c/- Smallest areas to be isolated should be street blocks, not post codes and certainly not cities.

The arrogant government of Victoria must learn from non-White nations.

3/- Contact tracing must be done. New South Wale is doing it and has success in containing every outbreak. The arrogant government of Victoria must learn from New South Wale.

4/- Employees on salary of State and local governments should not be allowed to enjoy the close down of activitities. They should channel their activities to anti-infection measures: Publicizing latest informations on the pandemics, installing sanitizer dispensers at public areas, etc..

5/- Other States and Federal governments can HELP BY NOT GIVING unconditional limitless financial support to the State of Victoria. All financial help should be fully or partly repaid by Victoria in the future.

China Changes Bible Story, Says Jesus Killed Woman Caught in Adultery: ‘I, Too, Am a Sinner’ – Christian Headlines

Comment by tonytran2015: Anything can happen in China.


A new textbook published by an entity of the Chinese Communist Party has changed the John 8 story of Jesus and the adulterer. Originally a story of mercy and grace, the altered version says that Jesus stoned and killed the woman as He asserted that He, too, was a sinner.— Read onwww.christianheadlines.com/contributors/michael-foust/china-changes-bible-story-says-jesus-killed-woman-caught-in-adultery-i-too-am-a-sinner.html

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer had no ‘oversight’ of coronavirus infection control in Victorian hotel quarantine program, inquiry told|abc.net.au

Comment by tonytran2015: Victorian (Labor) Premier had been used to misusing then repaying tax money, signing up to controversial economic ties with potentially adversary foreign power so this action of setting up a program of hotel quarantine using little trained private security guards is not much of any surprise.


By late June, the Victorian hotel quarantine program was plagued with problems.

  • The inquiry has heard Professor Sutton did not know security guards were being used …
  • … he would have preferred to have been given the position of state controller
  • … Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) had not endorsed hotel quarantine programs … announced by the Prime Minister

Staff had been infected and clusters at the Stamford Hotel and Rydges on Swanston were about to cause a second wave.

Victorian Government announces $3b coronavirus business support package, targeted support for hospitality, ski resorts – ABC News


Businesses have mounted a campaign for industry to reopen sooner than the current roadmap out of restrictions allows.

The state is forecast to record an unemployment rate of 11 per cent in the December quarter, and there are fears some businesses will not be able to afford to reopen once restrictions lift.

Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien said the $3 billion package was not enough.

“Daniel Andrews is going to be responsible for the destruction of so many businesses and so many jobs,” he said.

Mr O’Brien said businesses “don’t want welfare” … they just want to safely reopen”.

He also criticised the Government for ignoring sole traders and repeated his calls for a royal commission into how Victoria had handled the

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