“Americans Are Tired Of All The Lies” – General Mike Flynn Warns Nation Being Overtaken By Small, Powerful Group Of Marxists

“Americans Are Tired Of All The Lies” – General Mike Flynn Warns Nation Being Overtaken By Small, Powerful Group Of Marxists Via Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com, Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), thinks evil communists are out to destroy America and your freedom. General Flynn explains, “Transitioning to all […]

Not Incompetence: Afghanistan and Globalism – American Thinker


… is it exactly as planned? Is there a hidden globalist
plan aimed at empowering Islamic governments in the Mideast? If yes, how would empowering the Taliban fit in the larger plan of globalists and believers in the New World Order?

America continues to allow evil to run this country – Zero Lift-Off


9/11 was a terrible tragedy in this country and really should have been a wake up call for Americans that evil is running the show. Unfortunately those who were already aware of what was happening was seen as “conspiracy theories”

The corrupt politicians in office continue to do whatever they want and not care about the consequences. I bet this tragedy in Afghanistan was done on purpose to get rid of Biden hoping that people would stop complaining about him. The real truth is people will continue to complain so long as there is a corrupt politician in office. Among these evil, corrupt politician pet projects is to force electric vehicles on the American people. Americans are not buying electric vehicles so they gotta try and replace the president. The problem is that too many people are focused on hating Biden and not…

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Why a US military base became a centre for Chinese Covid conspiracies – BBC News


…CCTV even aired an hour-long special report, “The Dark History behind Fort Detrick”, focusing on breaches of containment at the lab in 2019, to bolster claims of lax lab security echoed by Chinese officials and state media…

…the Global Times, … suggested that Dr Baric created a new human-infecting coronavirus, citing a paper the North Carolina-based researcher co-authored about the virus’s transmission from bats in Nature Medicine…In an editor’s note, the journal said it was aware the paper was being used to spread the false theory, …

Afghanistan, Dots Connect! – The Marshall Report


It’s the same regime, the same people, and the same game plans.

The Marshall Report has been following the events our government has
been doing for a long time. The patterns are all the same, although this
time it is quite a bit more in our face. Can you see the rinse and
repeat cycle yet? If you can’t …

“Internal Investigation” Exonerates Cop Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt…Cop’s Lawyer Claims He Can’t Be Heard Warning Ashli He Was Going To Shoot Her Because of His Face Mask! – Nwo Report


Source: Patty McMurray

The question of who shot and killed US Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt remains unanswered, and as time goes on, more people are demanding answers. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has called for answers about who killed Ashli and has requested the videotape from the day of the shooting at the Capitol.

Rep. Devin Nunes called for answers: The family has now filed a lawsuit. And with any normal circumstance where you have an officer-involved shooting, you have people who go out there and say, “Where’s the videotape? Where’s the videotape? We need to know what officer did this… Why are we living under a different set of rules? I think that’s what the Babbit family is asking, and I agree with them. We should know who the shooter is… House Republicans still have not seen the videotapes. There are reportedly 14,000 hours of videotapes from inside the Capitol. Why is that? Why do we not have that? Why do we not have an accounting of the dozens of people who broke the windows versus the people who just walked in openly because the Capitol police let them in?

Meanwhile, the family of Ashli Babbitt is suing the Metropolitan Police Department for records of the officer who fatally shot her at the January 6th Capitol riots. Babbitt’s husband (PICTURED BELOW) has also filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the records from the Metropolitan Police Department.

The lawsuit asks for all video footage of the shooting at the Capitol on January 6th and witness statements and documents gathered during an investigation into her death.

The Department of Justice decided not to pursue criminal charges against the police officer responsible in mid-April.

Department officials said at the time; an investigation found he was likely acting in self-defense as Babbitt crawled through a window.

The family of Ashli Babbitt is also pursuing another lawsuit against the Metropolitan Police Department, claiming he used excessive force. They are asking for more than $10 million in that lawsuit.

Now, it’s being reported that after an “internal investigation,” the Capitol cop that murdered the unarmed veteran has been exonerated.

The Daily Mail reports- The commander of the Capitol Police’s Office of Personal Responsibility says ‘no further action will be taken in this matter,’ according to a memo obtained by NBC News.

In April, the Department of Justice said it wouldn’t be filing charges against the officer, so the conclusion of the internal probe ends the official investigation.

Babbitt’s family told The Washington Examiner earlier this month that they plan on filing a $10million wrongful death lawsuit, claiming a plainclothes officer didn’t issue a verbal command.

The family’s lawyer, Terry Roberts, alluded to a video of the Air Force veteran being shot and said the fact that no one appears to be ducking for cover in the moments before Babbitt was killed also suggests that the cop gave no verbal warning.

The cop’s lawyer denied this in previous interviews and said his client issued multiple verbal commands but that they weren’t audible on the video because he was wearing a mask.

Hmmm…does that mean all future “accidental” shootings of unarmed Americans will be excused if the cop was wearing a face covering and couldn’t be heard on his bodycam yelling, “I’m going to shoot you!”???

Brace for Impact, by James Howard Kunstler | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC


The efforts to pretend the 2020 election wasn’t rigged amount to nothing more than an insult to the intelligence of millions of voters. There is no way Joe Biden had a prayer of winning an honest election. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

My Pillow man Mike Lindell’s three-day Cyber Symposium demonstrated a couple of things about the current depraved state of our nation: You could prove pretty conclusively that the national election of 2020 was saturated with fraud; and that no one in the news business would either care or dare to report it. Otherwise, it’s a little early to tell whether the exercise will have any effect on the country’s mood, though it is apparently a fact that millions tuned into the event on the few Internet sites that evaded the efforts to hack it out of existence.

The presentations by physicist Douglas Frank, law professor (New Mexico State U) David Clements, and retired army intelligence analyst Seth Keshel made a multi-dimensional case that the Dominion vote tallying machines were both pre-programmed with insidious algorithms and were also run remotely by Internet connection through servers in Senegal tied to China the night of Nov 3, 2020. Even so, the vote in favor of Donald Trump so overwhelmed the programming that oafish mopping-up operations with bogus write-in paper ballots had to be conducted on-the-fly to make sure the election came out in “Joe Biden’s” favor.

It was interesting to be reminded that four key states — Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin — all claimed to have stopped counting votes around 10:30 eastern time, and nobody reporting the tally on TV (a national ritual going back seventy years) seemed to consider anything irregular about it. But since when in US elections do officials not work through the whole of election night to reach a result? The answer, of course, is never before. It is, as they say, not a thing. Shouldn’t that have been a national WTF moment?

And so began the secret after-hours hijinks, such as in the Fulton County, GA, arena, where poll watchers were shooed out of the joint and then ballot-counters supplied by a Stacy Abrams-owned temp worker company got foolishly caught on a security camera running reams of paper ballots multiple times through their machines… and the arrival in Philadelphia of a truck from Long Island delivering tens of thousands of fresh paper ballots… and so on through the long night of supposedly no vote counting.

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A Day in the Death of British Justice – © blogfactory


Originally posted on The New Dark Age: 12 August 2021 — MintPress News By John Pilger I sat in Court 4 in the Royal Courts of Justice in London yesterday with Stella Moris, Julian Assange’s partner. I have known Stella for as long as I have known Julian. She, too, is a voice of freedom,…

A Day in the Death of British Justice

Epstein: They Knew Everything And Did Nothing



According to Alex Acosta, the former US Attorney who signed the NPA, he was instructed to back off the case because Epstein was above his pay grade. Acosta supposedly told Trump transition officials that “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”

And who gave Acosta those instructions to leave Epstein alone? A good starting point might be those federal officials identified in this article.

Tyler Durden
Wed, 08/11/2021 – 19:40