As The West Adopts “Wokeism” As New Religion, Russia Bans Homosexual Marriage Permanently – Nwo Report

Source: Jose Nino

On June 1, 2020, Russia officially enshrined traditional marriage — a union between a man and a woman— in its constitution.

Russia’s new constitution also officially recognizes the role that the Orthodox Church has played in the history and the development of the Russian state.

According to Deutsche Welle, 78 percent of Russian voters pulled the lever in favor of the Constitutional reforms which included the extension of Putin’s term in office and a guaranteed minimum pension.-

… If a government is to exist, it should at least promote pro-social behavior and not undermine its historic nation via social engineering or
policies that destroy traditional institutions.

Ironically, Russia is one of the few superpowers that gets that.

Hong Kong security law: Anger as China’s Xi signs legislation – BBC News

The UK, EU and Nato have expressed concern and anger after China passed a controversial security law giving it new powers over Hong Kong.

President Xi Jinping signed the law and it is being placed in Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, criminalising
sedition and effectively curtailing protests.

One key pro-democracy group said it was now ceasing all operations.

VOODOO ECONOMICS: Meet BlackRock, The New Great Vampire Squid – By Ellen Brown | RIELPOLITIK

To most people, if they are familiar with it at all, BlackRock is an asset manager that helps pension funds and retirees manage their savings through “passive” investments that track the stock market. But working behind the scenes, it is much more than that. BlackRock has been called “the most powerful institution in the financial system,” “the most powerful company in the world” and the “secret power.” It is the world’s largest asset manager and “shadow bank,” larger than the world’s largest bank (which is in China), with over $7 trillion in assets under direct management and another $20 trillion managed through its Aladdin risk-monitoring software. BlackRock has also been called “the fourth branch of government” and “almost a shadow government”, but no part of it actually belongs to the government. Despite its size and global power, BlackRock is not even regulated as a “Systemically Important Financial Institution” under the Dodd-Frank Act, thanks to pressure from its CEO Larry Fink, who has long had “cozy” relationships with government officials.

BlackRock’s strategic importance and political weight were evident when four BlackRock executives, led by former Swiss National Bank head Philipp Hildebrand, presented a proposal at the annual meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in August 2019 for an economic reset that was actually put into effect in March 2020. Acknowledging that central bankers were running out of ammunition for controlling the money supply and the economy, the BlackRock group argued that it was time for the central bank to abandon its long-vaunted independence and join monetary policy (the usual province of the central bank) with fiscal policy (the usual province of the legislature). They proposed that the central bank maintain a “Standing Emergency Fiscal Facility” that would be activated when interest rate manipulation was no longer working to avoid deflation. The Facility would be deployed by an “independent expert” appointed by the central bank.

The Global Reset – Unplugged. “The Deep State”, by Peter Koenig | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

The globalists have some really swell ideas on how the world’s economy should be run. From Peter Koenig at

Imagine, you are living in a world that you are told is a democracy – and you may even believe it – but in fact your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, or simply the Beast, or anything else obscure or untraceable – it doesn’t matter. They are less than the 0.0001%.

For lack of a better expression, let’s call them for now “obscure individuals”.

These obscure individuals who pretend running our world have never been elected. We don’t need to name them. You will figure out who they are, and why they are famous, and some of them totally invisible. They have created structures, or organisms without any legal format. They are fully out of international legality. They are a forefront for the Beast. Maybe there are several competing Beasts. But they have the same objective: A New or One World Order (NWO, or OWO).

NBC colludes with UK thought police to get ZeroHedge & Federalist deplatformed from Google Ads, smear them as ‘far-right’ — RT USA News | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

After initially reporting that Google had “removed both sites’ ability to monetize” via Google Ads after they were found in violation of the platform’s rules regarding race-related speech on Tuesday, NBC quietly stealth-updated its article to reflect that the tech behemoth had banned ZeroHedge last week and had merely notified the Federalist of outstanding violations. The Federalist supposedly has three days to remedy the offending content – which is apparently located in the comments section, not its articles.

NBC nevertheless patted itself on the back for a job well done, bragging that its “News Verification Unit” notified Google of “research conducted by the Center for Countering Digital Hate,” a UK outfit that lobbies social media platforms to censor “wrongthink” perpetrators.

Some questioned when Google had begun demonetizing sites over the
content of their comment sections – a policy that would seem to fly in
the face of Section 230 protections, which don’t only apply to giant
tech platforms.

A handful of threats ominously suggested the Daily Caller was “next.”…

— Read on

SCOTUS decision redefining sexuality will wreak havoc on society — Christian Research Network | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

“Codifying into anti-discrimination law the concept that a man who says he is a woman must be treated according to his mental illness is not something we can live with as a society. Gorsuch might want to dismiss the earth-shattering ramifications of his opinion, but he knows well that there are already pending lawsuits to demand that men be treated as women, in very dangerous or disruptive ways that go well beyond trying to use the boot of government to stamp out mean or discriminatory behavior.”

(Daniel Horowitz – Conservative Review) When Anthony Kennedy discovered a right to force states to redefine marriage in the 2015 Obergefell case, he promised that religious liberty would remain untouched….

“The First Amendment ensures that religious organizations and persons are given proper protection as they seek to teach the principles that are so fulfilling and so central to their lives and faiths, and to their own deep aspirations to continue the family structure they have long revered,” wrote the former justice for the majority at the time.

Yeah, right.

Thanks to Justice Gorsuch’s contorted reading of the word “sex” in anti-discrimination law, you now have a right to sue for protection for biological traits you do not possess. This means that legitimate rights of others will now have to yield. Anyone who can’t see the devastating real-world effects of this decision – well beyond firing someone simply because you hate their private behavior – is clearly not paying attention. View article →

Barnaby Raine Jew not Zionist – Theology in the Vineyard

Despite being born and raised in London’s Jewish community to a family of committed Zionists, Barnaby Raine will not be celebrating the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.

The PhD student at New York’s Columbia University is a practising Jew whose mother was part of socialist Zionist movements in her youth and later spent time on a kibbutz.

However, that commitment to the Zionist cause was not shared by her son, who is now an ardent critic of Israel and the role Britain played in its creation.

“I am now a firm anti-Zionist,” Raine told Al Jazeera, explaining that his ideas developed as a teenager when he could not reconcile his Jewish beliefs with Zionist ones.

“We as Jews are religiously committed to ‘tikkun olam’, ‘mending the world’, and for centuries, Jews have stood at the forefront of struggles against oppression and exploitation,” he said.

“In one corner of the planet in Palestine, we are asked to believe that Jewish values mean not fixing the world but smashing it, not fighting oppression but instilling it with gruesome violence.

“That betrayal of Judaism is hard to stomach.”

‘Empire’s policemen’

A student of history, Raine is critical of the British role in empowering the early Zionist movement, which he considers a result of colonial self-interest rather than genuine concern for the aspirations of the Jewish people.

He argued that imperial powers, such as Britain, had a long-standing policy of using settlers from Europe in colonial territories to help administer their empires.

“The British did a similar thing in South Africa. Settler-colonists, whether Jewish or Boer, became empire’s policemen,” Raine explained.

Palestine is not the unfortunate meeting of two legitimate national movements … the problem is, and always, was a single colonial nationalism, which can permit no equal place in the land for its indigenous inhabitants.

British support for the Zionists was therefore not due to the legitimacy of their claim to Palestine, he continued.

“Palestine is not the unfortunate meeting of two legitimate national movements … the problem is, and always was, a single colonial nationalism, which can permit no equal place in the land for its indigenous inhabitants.

“The Declaration reserves full ‘political’ rights for Jews alone, licensed by the British empire to serve as civilised administrators over the natives.”

The argument is backed by historical evidence.

Some early Zionists actively encouraged the idea of Jewish settlers in Palestine serving as a vanguard of British interests in the Middle East.

In a letter dated to 1914, the leader of the Zionist movement, Chaim Weizmann wrote: “Should Palestine fall within the British sphere of influence, and should Britain encourage a Jewish settlement there, as a British dependency, we could have in 20 to 30 years a million Jews out there … they would … form a very effective guard for the Suez Canal.”

In the build-up to the centenary of the Declaration, Britain has faced calls from pro-Palestinian activists to apologise for its role in the dispossession of Palestinians, a demand it rejects outright.

According to Raine, besides the futility of such an apology, there is little chance of the structures responsible for the continuation of Palestinian suffering going away.

“Balfour has been reproduced every day for 70 years. Apologising for Balfour would require dismantling that status quo, and few in power in the West would find that an appealing proposition.”

Raine features in a short film alongside other Jewish critics of Israel titled, Independent Jewish Voices: 100 Years After Balfour, in which he sets out his criticisms of Zionism and the British role in creating Israel.

‘Blip in Jewish history’

For Raine, Zionism represents a “tribalist” vision of what it means to be a Jew that conflicts with the Jewish ideal of opposing oppression.

“Zionism is a strikingly recent blip in the course of Jewish history, less than 150 years old … where universalists see oppression as a problem per se, tribalists object only, ‘it shouldn’t be me who is oppressed,’” he said, adding:

“Zionism is one brand of tribalism, made for an era of nationalism and empire. It has always had to contend with universalist currents in Jewish politics.

“Before the Holocaust, those currents were stronger in most Jewish communities, and the sheer scale of Israeli violence now risks generating enough revulsion for universalism to make a comeback.”

by Shafik Mandhai Al jazeera Nov.2, 2017

Trump’s HHS Will Determine Sexual Discrimination Based on “the Plain Meaning of the Word “Sex” as Male or Female and as Determined by Biology” | Kingsjester’s Blog

When no one receives “special” treatment, then everyone is equal. reports that

The Trump administration will scrap ObamaCare’s
nondiscrimination protections for sex and gender identity under a final
rule released Friday.

In a statement, the Department of Health and Human Services
(HHS) said the government’s interpretation of sex discrimination will be
based on “the plain meaning of the word ‘sex’ as male or female and as
determined by biology.”

According to HHS, the new policy makes clear that “the
substantive protections prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race,
color, national origin, disability, age, and sex remain in effect.”

… The whole issue outlined in the article above is a great example of the difference between the Obama and Trump Administration.

Obama believed that everyone was a victim who deserved help from the Federal Government because they could not make it on their own in such a narrow-minded society.

Trump believes that American is a land of opportunity for everyone, regardless of ace, “sexual identity” or color.

You just have to be willing to work for it.

And, therein lies the rub.

Too many individuals living in America right now are living off of America.

It is like the Marxist Creed:

“From each according to his own ability to each according to his need.

Or, as my exes thought,

“What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.”

Like the President, I begrudge no American the opportunity to work for a better life.

However, to expect to receive “special protection” from the Federal Government simply because of your “alternate lifestyle” not only strains credulity…it squashes that sucker flat.

It’s kind of like the lesson that the Antifa “soldiers” and Rapping “Warlords” who have taken over the East Police Precinct in Seattle, Washington are learning:

Just because YOU think that you deserve special treatment because you’re “different”, does not mean you are going to receive it.

Sooner or later, your bad choices are going to catch up with you and you will have to put on your big boy and girl pants and get on with life.

“Life is harder. it’s harder if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

Until He Comes,



Written by Brent Cates, reprinted from his Soul War Twitter Thread

On Wednesday, June 3rd AG Barr revealed to the VILE Press & the despotic DC Denizens what He & President Trump had done to FOIL THEIR INSURRECTION & hopes for a KENT STATE 2.0 where Protesters would die at the hands of the US Military in a severe CRACKDOWN…

The Democrat Governors & Mayors were not
activating their National Guard to restore order & in many Cities the Mayors were having the Police STAND DOWN & giving the Mob “space to destroy.” This was all done trying to get Trump to send in Regular Military WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.

When that happened their Democrat Operatives would ensure a bloodbath. There
are 1,001 DIRTY TRICKS to “push” Soldiers & Protesters into attacking. Operatives dressed as Soldiers shooting Protesters. Operatives dressed as Protesters shooting Soldiers. ALL blamed on Trump.
This was beyond depraved.
IT WAS DEMONIC. A long planned insurrection used the death of George Floyd to launch a Nationwide Terror Attack to bring down Trump & possibly collapse the Nation. Trump was supposed to blindly stumble into
this quagmire & start a Civil

By Monday the vast Mobs were just milling about.

Wednesday Barr spilled the Beans = He & Trump activated 100’s of Federal SWAT Teams from all the various Branches of the Federal Government. EPA has SWAT Teams. The Dept. of AGRICULTURE has SWAT Teams. 1,000’s of Agents. US Marshalls, ATF, Federal Prison’s SORT Teams.
So as Esper TRICKED these degenerate Sh**weasels who had set the Stage for their longed for bloodbath (BYE BYE, TRUMP!) These Teams were quietly deployed to all major Hot Spots & restored order as Federal Agents can be deployed without Democrat’s permission! NO KENT STATE 2.0!
The MSM threw a FIT when Barr explained what he & Trump had done. MSM=BY WHAT AUTHORITY CAN YOU DEPLOY THEM? Barr=They’re Federal Agents, not Military, **WE DO NOT NEED PERMISSION.** What happened within minutes of that Presser ending? #DefundThePolice!!
They hoped the PANDEMIC would collapse the Nation. Nope. They tried to collapse the Nation with LOCKDOWNS. Nope. Now comes their loooong planned INSURRECTION! FAILED. You just witnessed a FOREIGN INFLUENCE’S (Communism’s) LAST DESPERATE GASP!

Grenell on Point – The DC Structure Will Never ‘Willingly’ Accept a People’s President… — The Last Refuge | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany and former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard “Ric” Grenell appears for a discussion with Lou Dobbs about the echo-chamber within Washington DC and the internecine relationship to the intelligence apparatus.

Ric Grenell makes a really good point when he connects how the DC political resistance would not attend the Trump inauguration, and how that same attitude just continued throughout. President Trump’s outsider status made him a risk to the interests of the administrative state. The DC system will not accept a ‘people’s president’, they demand approval authority permitting only one of their UniParty tribe.

  • When Democrats won the White House in ’92 Republicans helped the transition.
  • When Democrats lost the White House in ’00 they created chaos. They destroyed the telephones and computers, punched holes in the walls, spray painted and cut the furniture, and the Clinton’s even stole the furnishings down to the dishes.
  • When Democrats won the White House in ’08 Republicans helped the transition.
  • When Democrats lost the White House in ’16 they weaponized the intelligence apparatus to destroy the incoming administration. Leaked intelligence to the media; and unmasked incoming officials to create chaos and fabricate lies.