Do You See A Pattern?

Let’s look at the allegations of Isaac Kappy, who said such Hollywood bigwigs as om Hanks and Steven Spielberg are pedophiles. Is Kappy really dead or has he been moved into the witness protection program? If so, who else might he implicate as pedophiles? What kinds of secrets might he reveal? Similarly, has Jeffrey Epstein already given testimony? How about Harvey Weinstein? More

Did The FBI Mislead The Senate Intelligence Committee On The Steele Dossier? The Media Is Not Interested – JONATHAN TURLEY

I recently wrote a column concerning a pattern of willful blindness by the media as new evidence emerges of serious wrongdoing by the FBI in the origin and continuation of the Russian collusion investigation. The latest information comes from the Senate Intelligence Committee which released a declassified briefing report to the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2018 on the Steele dossier’s Primary Sub-source. It is hard to read the document linked below and not conclude that the FBI misled the Congress on the subject.

The statement that most stands out from the briefing is that the Primary Sub-source “did not cite any significant concerns with the way his reporting was characterized in the dossier to the extent he could identify it.”

Keep in mind that this is a statement made in 2018. FBI agents had already warned that dossier author Christopher Steele may have been used by Russian intelligence to plant false information to disrupt the election. Indeed, Steele’s allegations were quickly discredited by the FBI. In 2017, key agents were aware that the basis for the FISA applications were dubious and likely false. Yet it continued the investigation, and then someone leaked its existence to the media. Both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified that they would not have signed off on surveillance if they knew this information at the time. Yet, the media seems uninterested in how this countervailing information was buried, even in briefings to the intelligence committees.

Another declassified document shows that, after the New York Times ran a leaked story on the investigation, even Strzok had balked at the account as misleading and inaccurate the year before. His early 2017 memo affirmed that there was no evidence of any individuals in contact with Russians. This information came as the collusion stories were turning into a frenzy that would last years.

The reference to the sub-source in the new document is particularly troubling because that individual told the FBI that he “has no idea” where some of the language attributed to him came from in the Steele report. He expressly denied being the source for some of the information. That would seem a tad more than even a “significant concern.” Yet, the Senate was told he had no significant concerns. In fact, he said that he “never mentioned” the information and “did not know the origins” of information. On some point, he said he had no recollection of ever giving the information to Steele. He also directly contradicted Steele in how he characterized the information.

The report also states that “[a]t minimum, our discussions with [the Primary Sub-source] confirm that the dossier was not fabricated by Steele.”

However, again, the sub-source said that he had no idea where some of the information attributed to him came from. That would seem to contradict this statement directly. He said that he has “zero” corroboration for some of the information while other claims were just stuff that he heard over drinks or was meant in “jest.”

The point is not that this source is clearly telling the truth or that this proves a deep-state conspiracy. Rather, the question is why this document has received virtually no media attention — as with earlier declassified documents. It is at best misleading by omission and at worse intentionally false in its briefing of a congressional intelligence committee. The media spent years exploring every possible claim of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, which were found to be baseless. Yet, these recent documents raise serious questions of false statements to Congress to keep that investigation going. These serious allegations of false statements and false evidence in an investigation that targeted figures associated with the opposing party and its presidential campaign. Indeed, the recent documents show, in direct contradiction of prior statements, the FBI used briefings with Trump as part of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. The response from the media? Crickets. Nada. Not interested.

We should be interested. This is why I continue to support the investigation by John Durham and why former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has called for continuing these investigations. The problem is that there seems a virtual new blackout on the new evidence being declassified. After using tanker loads of ink on the unfounded collusion theories, the media seems unwilling to use a drop of ink on the evidence of misconduct in pursuing that investigation. In today’s echo-journalistic world, there is no place for such stories that challenge the prior narrative.

This declassified document and other related material may be accessed at the following link:

The Great Problem of Power – FOR GOD AND COUNTRY

The Orthosphere

“It is far more powerful than I ever dared to think at first, so powerful that in the end it would utterly overcome anyone of mortal race who possessed it. It would possess him.”

J. R. R. Tolkein, The Fellowship of the Ring (1954)

So Gandalf says of the Great Ring of Power when he explains its dire potency to Frodo. Anyone who believes that he possesses the Ring will be in time possessed by the Ring. Anyone who employs the Ring to do his bidding will in time do the bidding of the Ring. And good and well-meaning mortals will not escape enslavement by the Ring of Power, because “neither strength nor good purpose will last—sooner or later the dark power will devour him.”

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Queensland Government not intervening after Metro North health bosses ‘misuse power’ to ban cardiologist Darren Walters from surgery – ABC News

  • The Supreme Court said Metro North unlawfully stripped Dr Walters of his medical credentials
  • Documents seen by the ABC show the Government was aware of staff support for Dr Walters
  • Health Minister Steven Miles said Metro North “do a very good job”

Metro North hospital service tried to gag whistleblower over corruption allegations – ABC News

  • Metro North’s lawyers demanded Alex Stewart stop the ABC publishing the story
  • Their letter has been referred to Queensland’s corruption watchdog by the Health Minister’s office
  • The State Opposition says the Minister should reveal what he knew and when

Decorated British hospital boss to face corruption charges in Australia over alleged nepotism – ABC News

  • Metro North Hospital and Health Service in Brisbane sacked Mr Stamp in 2015
  • Mr Stamp remains in his native UK after leaving Australia
  • He is listed for a committal mention in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on June 29

Queensland Health’s Metro North accused of silencing critics with culture of legal bullying – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

As its senior commercial lawyer, Mr Stewart was instrumental in uncovering a 2014 scandal that has founding Metro North chief executive, Malcolm Stamp CBE, still wanted on nepotism-related corruption charges…

Meanwhile, Mr Stewart has pressed for the investigation of two other matters.

One he cannot legally disclose.

The other is Metro North bankrolling the psychiatrists’ defamation case…

But those legal costs were covered by taxpayers. An invoice shows their barrister billed Metro North for work on the case over two years.

“The use of the state’s resources to go gunning for a patient is unconscionable,” Mr Stewart said.

‘Sham proceedings’

Jeffrey Epstein Staffer Says Bill Clinton Told a Bare-Faced Lie About Not Visiting ‘Pedo Island’ – Wake Up To The Truth

Steve Scully, who was responsible for maintaining the phones and internet on Little Saint James Island, has confirmed Clinton visited the island and socialized with the convicted pedophile.

The explosive allegation will be aired in the new series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, and contradicts Clinton’s claim that he never visited Epstein’s private island.

Victoria endangered in Covid-19 by its own Get-Rich-Quick companies.

1. Jobs for the boys.

Politicians in Australia usually set up companies in anticipation of government contracts before they make laws, orders to require service from the companies.

Only their companies can be quick enough to tender for the service.

Example 1:

Some time ago the Council of Brimbank had a motion to mandate all shops to have shutter doors to reduce vandalism. Someone then pointed out in time that the relative of a Councillor was the near monopoly shutter door installer in that area. The motion was quickly dropped.

Example 2:

The well connected businessmen set up globe replacing companies to replace 2 electrical globes for AUD 100. Who would think that those companies were viable?

The Councils of Maribyrnong, Brimbank (and many more) then passed the laws allowing those companies to directly charge the Councils AUD 100 to replace for each consenting household 2 incandescent globes with 2 LED globes (each LED globe costs only AUD 6). A nice earning, of more than AUD 80 per household, but the globe replacing companies must be quick to be the first to obtain the consents from households.

The practice of having connection to be first in line is widespread. It involves even common maintenance works.

These companies are known as Get-Rich-Quick Companies and are mostly owned by relatives of politicians. Currently more than 50% of rate payer money are spent on (unjustifiable) oversea study trips and contracts to those Get-Rich-Quick Companies

2. Backfire from Covid-19

Before the Victorian Government requires Isolation for people arriving to Melbourne from areas with Covid-19, someone had contracted to hire a hotel for use by some “Isolation Service Company”, set up another company for “Security Service” and another one for “Isolation Room Service”. The personnel for these newly formed companies are then supplied by some “Personnel Supply Companies” where tracing of paper trails is already hard and the payments and training of the emplyees are not what people expect. We should note the steadfast refusal by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew of help on Isolation from Australian Federal Government (,

The Get-Rich-Quick companies are then sent to work. The result is the classical disaster that every current outbreak of Covid-19 in Victoria can be traced back to its isolation hotels.

People get what they deserve.

REBEL YELL: ‘Day’s of Revolt’, Colonized by Corporations – By Chris Hedges (Flashback) | RIELPOLITIK

Comment by tonytran2015: Corporations have too much priviledge posted on 2020 July 22.

Gamer and many others who study the nature of colonial rule offer the best insights into the functioning of our corporate state. We have been, like nations on the periphery of empire, colonized. We are controlled by tiny corporate entities that have no loyalty to the nation and indeed in the language of traditional patriotism are traitors. They strip us of our resources, keep us politically passive and enrich themselves at our expense. The mechanisms of control are familiar to those whom the Martinique-born French psychiatrist and writer Frantz Fanon called “the wretched of the earth,” including African-Americans. The colonized are denied job security. Incomes are reduced to subsistence level. The poor are plunged into desperation. Mass movements, such as labor unions, are dismantled. The school system is degraded so only the elites have access to a superior education. Laws are written to legalize corporate plunder and abuse, as well as criminalize dissent. And the ensuing fear and instability — keenly felt this past weekend by the more than 200,000 Americans who lost their unemployment benefits — ensure political passivity by diverting all personal energy toward survival. It is an old, old game.