Russian invaders mired in looting, plundering temples – intercepts|ukrinform

Russian invaders mired in looting, plundering temples - intercepts

Russian invaders mired in looting, plundering temples – intercepts

In a series of intercepted calls made by
Russian soldiers that are part of the invasion forces, it is revealed
that they brag to their families about the scale of the war crimes
committed by their comrades-in-arms.
The tapes were provided to Guildhall by a source in Ukrainian intelligence, Ukrinform reports.

A serviceman, allegedly with the 810th Separate Marine Brigade of
Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, tells his wife living in the occupied Crimea
about the looting of Mariupol: “I’ve already collected so many gifts
I’ll give you upon my return – tablets, phones, watches, jewelry, and a

Another soldier, with the 14th Separate Specops Brigade of Russia’s
military intelligence (Military Unit 74854), who is deployed outside
Izium, Kharkiv region, is heard telling his mother about the looting
of a warehouse run by the Leroy Merlin chain of hardware stores near
Kyiv: “Remember, I told you back when we were in that other place, there
was a Leroy Merlin warehouse there. In the very first days, we would
grab whatever we needed there. Our gunners got me a triple tent and also
a single tent. They broke into that place, started looting that
warehouse: they got loads of wet wipes, all sorts of stuff in there:
tools, chainsaws… There was also a motorboat, but they didn’t take it.
Everyone got what they needed.”

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Russian soldiers are not hiding the fact that their army is robbing the civilian population of Ukraine.

A serviceman with one of the units of the Russian Army’s Western
Military District, who goes by the name of Danil, at the time of his
stay near the village of Zavorychi outside Kyiv on March 23, tells his
St. Petersburg-based friend over the phone: “We’re well-off here: we got
lamb here, all these cottages, shops – it’s all ours. All that people
have here is ours, we just take it as we wish: cars, whatever.

On March 20, a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces, who was
deployed in Ukraine’s Polissia area, tells his friend in Russia, Major
I. Gotovtsev: “We eat pigs here. We’ve eaten pretty much everything
here, including chickens.

In late March, Russian military serviceman Viktor Korobeinikov had a
phone call with his wife, also serving at one of the Russian army units
stationed near Mariupol: “They just grab people’s cars there. The
locals’ cars. They are driving them out of Mariupol, the ones that are
not hit, and they’re also looting the villages around the city.”

Another military serviceman who is part of a unit with the Russian
Army’s Western Military District, stationed near Izium, tells his wife
living in Smolensk region: “We loot the area, going door to door. We get
no supplies here. Whatever is delivered, or rear officers demand bribes
to distribute it. I traded a mink coat for a pack of cigarettes last

A particularly “pious” war criminal with the 9th Artillery Brigade of
the Russian Army’s Western Military District, who was stationed near
Kharkiv, boasts to his mother, Irina Viktorovna Stepanova, that he stole
the icon from a local church: “I took the icon from the church for
Nastia. It’s Mother of God with Jesus Christ. I took it. It has
rhinestones in it. Looking like diamonds, really beautiful.

Parents and friends of Russian marauders rejoice at the stories told
and even instruct them as to further action. Aleksey, a serviceman with
the Russian Armed Forces, deployed in Ukraine, supposedly near Mariupol,
is taking an “order from a friend, whose name is Ivan:

– Listen, can I ask you for a favor? I need a phone and a laptop, too. Or perhaps they have these robotic vacuum cleaners…

– Alright, I get it. If I find something, I’ll get you this.

Federal Informant in Trump Probe Found Dead After He’s Reported Missing – Nwo Report

Comment by tonytran2015: This case looks like the death of Seith Rich. Ordinary people should keep away from FBI, CIA, Democratic National Convention, …

Source: Cristina Laila

A federal informant who turned over documents in an investigation into Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank was found dead in Los Angeles on Monday after he went missing last year.

Valentin Broeksmit, 46, was reported missing last year, according to LAPD.

The cause of death is unclear but authorities say foul play is not suspected.

Propagandists inadvertently confirm scale of Russian atrocities in Mariupol

Propagandists inadvertently confirm scale of Russian atrocities in Mariupol

Propagandists inadvertently confirm scale of Russian atrocities in Mariupol

In Mariupol, the Russian invaders are
trying to cover up civilian killings in the city, while one of their
propaganda media reports did just the opposite.
The Mariupol City Council announced this on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

“The occupiers are again trying to hide the scale of the genocide
committed in Mariupol. They disguise a huge mass grave in Manhush with
‘plates.’ So far it’s not going well. In the photo, we see only one
sector of the burial site, where, judging by the numbering of plates, at
least 268 bodies are buried. In satellite images made
on April 9, we observe four such sectors. Therefore, the Russian
propagandists themselves documented the evidence of the murder of 1,000
Mariupol residents,” the City Council wrote, releasing photos of Manhush
mass graves.

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Taking into account eyewitness accounts of the nature and scale of
the burials made throughout April, the preliminary estimate is confirmed
– from 3,000 to 9,000 Mariupol residents were buried in Manhush, the
settlement just outside the city.

Russia’s aggression has caused one of the biggest humanitarian
catastrophes in Mariupol. The invaders have been bombing unarmed
residents and blocking humanitarian aid.

The mayor of Mariupol previously said that since the onset of the
Russian invasion, up to 20,000 civilians have died in the city.
According to Ukraine’s military intelligence, the Russian forces have
deployed at least 13 mobile crematoria in town in an effort to get the
bodies off the streets. The invaders are also trying to identify and
eliminate all potential witnesses to their atrocities.

About 120,000 civilians remain in besieged Mariupol, while many are being forcibly deported to Russia and the occupied Donbas.

Ukrainian forces are defending their last stronghold in the city, the
Azovstal Plant, which is being continuously shelled and bombed by the
Russian forces.

Provocation in Kherson region: Russian tanks flying Ukrainian flags fire on occupied territories

Provocation in Kherson region: Russian tanks flying Ukrainian flags fire on occupied territories

In order to discredit the Armed Forces of
Ukraine, the Russian military carries out provocations in Kherson region
by shelling the occupied territories from tanks flying Ukrainian flags.
In particular, Russian tanks flying Ukrainian flags broke
into to the outskirts of the village of Hrozove, Kherson region. The
column then moved in the direction of Molodetske village, Ukraine’s
Operational Command “South” informed in an address posted on YouTube.

“Thus, the enemy tries to simulate the presence of units of the Armed
Forces of Ukraine in the occupied territories, firing from these tanks
on the captured localities, giving the local population a fake picture
of the Ukrainian military attack on civilians in Kherson region,” the
Command says.

As noted, in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson and
Mykolayiv regions, Russian troops continue to exert psychological and
fire pressure on civilians, carry out propaganda activities to agitate
the population against the Ukrainian government and for the creation of
pseudo-republics, discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine with fake
attacks and shelling.

Ukraine’s Operational Command “South” emphasizes that the defenders
of Ukraine do not fire on civilian objects and the population, do not
open fire on settlements where Russians are hiding behind civilians.

Last night, Ukrainian missile and artillery units launched 12 attacks
on the invaders’ positions. The enemy suffered losses: 11 servicemen
and three units of equipment, including armored vehicles.

About 20 units of the Russian Navy remain in the Black Sea operational zone, including submarines carrying missile weapons.

As reported, Ukrainian defenders eliminated about 21,800 Russian servicemen from February 24 to April

New Imagery Points To Possible Mass Graves For Mariupol Victims

New Imagery Points To Possible Mass Graves For Mariupol Victims

satellite photo of Manhush, near Mariupol, on April 9. At the top of
the picture, there are signs of a long excavated trench that could be a
mass grave for victims of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.
New satellite imagery indicates possible mass graves west of the
besieged Ukrainian port of Mariupol, and a local official said thousands
of bodies may be buried there.

The finding by Schemes,
an investigative unit of RFE/RLs Ukrainian Service, comes after weeks
of bombardments and brutal street-to-street fighting that the mayor of
Mariupol says have killed some 20,000 people.

The Sea of Azov port, which has become a symbol of Ukrainian
resistance, has been a priority target for Russian forces since
launching the invasion on February 24, due in part to its port and
industrial facilities — including two major steel and metal works

A torn Ukrainian flag hangs on a wire in front an apartment building destroyed during fighting in Mariupol.


Live Briefing: Russia Invades Ukraine

Mariupol is one of the biggest cities in the Donbas, a sprawling part
of southeastern Ukraine that Russia says it is seeking to control in
its entirety. The city itself is being defended by a dwindling force of
Ukrainian marines and soldiers from the Azov Regiment.

Satellite imagery taken by the private company Maxar Technologies
between March 23 and April 3 and obtained by Schemes shows an excavated
trench, containing what appear to be dozens of narrow pits, dug into the
ground near a cemetery in Manhush.

Located about 20 kilometers west of Mariupol, the town remains under Russian military control.

The trench, which is more than 300 meters long, was dug sometime
between March 23 and March 29, based on a comparison of imagery from
different dates.

Two satellite images of Manhush taken on March 23 (left) and March 29. The trench that could be a mass grave appears to have been dug between these dates.
Two satellite images of Manhush taken on March 23
(left) and March 29. The trench that could be a mass grave appears to
have been dug between these dates.

In a more recent image, dated April 9, the trench has been widened further.

Petro Andryushchenko, an adviser to Mariupol’s mayor, told reporters
that Russian troops had been collecting bodies from the city’s streets
and initially placing them in industrial refrigerators. They were then
packed into trucks and shipped to mass graves, he said.

“How many and how to count them? We do not know. Thousands must be
there… But at last we found out where at least some of the dead are
taken from Mariupol,” Andryushchenko said.

Mariupol’s City Council, meanwhile, said in a post on Telegram on April 21 that Russian forces had buried between 3,000 to 9,000 people in Manhush.

Mariupol is also a strategic target for Russian forces because of its
location along a coastline that, if fully controlled by Russia, would
give it a “land bridge” to Crimea, the peninsula that Russia seized from
Ukraine in 2014.

Currently, Russia’s only access to the peninsula by road or rail is a 19-kilometer-long bridge across the Kerch Strait.


Inside Azovstal: The Ukrainian Metalworks That Has Become A ‘Last Stand’ Fortress

The city itself is almost entirely occupied by Russian forces, with
the Azovstal steel plant currently serving as the last redoubt for
Ukrainian troops along with an estimated 1,000 civilians.

The situation at the factory remains critical, Major Serhiy
Volynskiy, commander of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, told Schemes,
with food, water, and ammunition running low.

On April 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin effectively declared
victory over the city, and he ordered Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu not
to storm the factory but to set up a siege blockade instead.

Written by Mike Eckel based on reporting by Schemes
  • 16x9 Image

    Kyrylo Ovsyaniy

    Kyrylo Ovsyaniy is an investigative journalist with Schemes (Skhemy),
    an investigative news project run by RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service. Since
    2021 he has worked on the Corruption In Detail program, after beginning
    in 2019 with a regional project. Born in Odesa, he has worked as a
    journalist there since 2018.

Mariupol: Videos appear to show dead civilians – BBC News

Video footage has emerged from the city of Mariupol in Ukraine showing the
bodies of more than 20 civilians lying along a main road.

The graphic videos, posted on social media in recent days, come as the United Nations has confirmed that it is investigating hundreds of
allegations of killing of civilians during the invasion of Ukraine.

Mariupol: Satellite images suggest mass graves dug near besieged city – BBC News

A US satellite firm says it has identified a mass burial site containing about 200 graves near Mariupol, a city Russian forces have been trying to wrest control of for weeks.

Maxar said its images showed an expansion of graves that began at the end of March.