FBI Agents Steal $86 Million Dollars From 800 Random People In Private Vault Heist | VikingLifeBlog


The FBI is facing yet another controversy over what court documents is the theft of the life’s savings of 800 random people at the U.S. Private Vaults safety deposit box storage in Beverly Hills .

Federal agents raided U.S. Private Vaults and asserted in court last February that the business was a front for laundered drug money. Six months later, nobody has been charged and the US Attorney prosecuting the case has not provided any updates.

Cryptocurrency heist hacker returns $260m in funds – BBC News


… at 18:28 BST on Wednesday, Poly Network said it had received $260m.

Poly Network posted on Twitter that it had been sent digital tokens relating to three crypto-currencies, including $3.3m worth of Ethereum, $256m worth of
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and $1m worth of Polygon…

Hackers steal over $600 MILLION in one of the biggest crypto heists ever — RT Business News


Some $611 million worth of crypto assets have been stolen by
cybercriminals using the multinational blockchain platform Poly Network.
We’re sorry to report that #PolyNetwork was attacked on @BinanceChain, @ethereum and @0xPolygon,” the platform said on Twitter, identifying three addresses where stolen assets were transferred.

total of 9,468 in various crypto tokens valued at approximately $611
million were drained from the platform, including hundreds of millions
of dollars worth of Ethereum and Binance coins.

Poly Network urged cryptocurrency exchanges to “blacklist tokens
coming from the addresses linked to the hackers. Also, it launched a
preliminary internal investigation that found a vulnerability between
the platform’s contract calls, which may have given cybercriminals a way
to steal the funds.

Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing “Industrialized” Organ Harvesting In China

Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing “Industrialized” Organ Harvesting In China Authored by Eva Fu via The Epoch Times, At the sound of gunshots, prisoners fell lifeless to the ground. Their bodies, still warm, were carried to a nearby white van where two white-clad doctors awaited. Behind closed doors, they were cut open, the organs carved…

California May Extend Eviction Moratorium Past June, Make Landlords Whole

Comment by tonytran2015: Why didn’t the state government just simply pay the rents directly to landlords on behalf of the tenants? Landlords are not the piggy bank of the state.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) says the state will make landlords whole whose tenants have accumulated past-due rent amid the pandemic – despite the fact that the state has only distributed just $32 million of the $490 million in requests for rental assistance through May…

Tom Girardi sued by Indonesia’s Lion air crash families over claims US lawyer embezzled millions of their settlement funds – ABC News


….Court records show that Boeing forwarded millions of dollars in settlements for the four families in March 2020 and wired the money directly to a Girardi Keese trust account….

China’s Thousand Talents Plan To Dominate and Steal Intellectual Properties


00:00 What is Thousand Talents Program? 06:53 Down Side of Tech Steals 12:11 What is the scope? 19:12 Journalism Talent/Theft? Thousand Talented Individuals or Thousand Talented Thiefs. A program from 2008 is guiding a new way of Chinese espionage. Though science and technology are stolen in the West, China claims they trump in the new…

Debate over the Israel-Palestine issue has changed forever, but here’s why the fabled ‘two-state solution’ is no solution at all — RT Op-ed

Comment by tonytran2015: The Two State Proposition was a fraud from its inception. There had been nothing like that in history and its was clearly designed to be unstable and unsustainable. It was only part of a great fraud against local Palestinians, to unfairly force them paying for European misdeeds.


The recent fighting has revealed two new realities: the US’s once-automatic backing of Israel is fraying, and the much-parroted resolution for the conflict is a non-starter. Are we approaching seismic change in the Middle East?

After more than a week of fighting and hundreds dead, mostly Palestinians, Israel and the militant group Hamas agreed on Thursday to a ceasefire. Even though this is cause for celebration since it will mean an immediate end to hostilities, it hardly means an end to the conflict. But much has now changed in the dynamic of this problem, objectively the region’s most polarizing subject, in terms of the public discussion.

For starters, the conversation on this subject in the United States – Israel’s largest benefactor – has changed forever. As Ryan Grim of The Intercept described in a recent piece, this is the first time ever that members of the United States Congress have expressed disapproval against Israel. What we’re seeing is a generational change over how the public sees the conflict and I think it has to do with the fact that this is the most diverse Congress in history, in a country that is becoming more and more racially diverse. Also on rt.com Whose Israel and whose Palestine? Extremists are running amok as leaderships fail

Minorities in the United States, which have been mistreated and abused for centuries, feel a natural sympathy for the Palestinian cause since it reflects their own struggle. And unsurprisingly, for example, some of the largest Black Lives Matter personalities on social media, like activist Shaun King, are coming out against Israel’s aggression in Gaza. It’s clear that the public perception of the Israeli-Palestinian issue has changed along with a much wider public-perception shift over the issue of race. 

Even though much of the mainstream media is highly sympathetic to Israel (if not actually reflecting Israeli PR campaigns in some cases), we’ve seen once-rare sympathy for the Palestinians and condemnation against Israel’s war crimes break through into cable news networks like MSNBC and, most strikingly, on John Oliver’s popular show Last Week Tonight

Because of how this conversation is shifting, it requires us to not only call out the reality of the situation, but to also be more realistic in the solutions put forward. The most common one proposed for the situation, the one we hear about all the time from politicians and which is supported by virtually every major country, is the so-called two-state solution. We need to have a serious talk about why this hasn’t worked and why it can’t work under the status quo. 

The two-state solution sounds nice in principle, but, as it stands, it can’t work – because of the Israeli government’s actions. For Israel, rhetorically supporting the two-state solution is essentially only a means for Israel to buy time for more illegal settlements that encroach on Palestinian sovereignty.

Without dismantling the settlements and holding Israel accountable for violating international law, the international community cannot guarantee a genuine two-state solution, since a Palestinian state would, by this point, have almost no effective sovereignty over its legal territory. There’s pretty much no chance that Israel will give up its settlements under the current situation. Also on rt.com Slavoj Zizek: Israelis’ SHAME over what their state is doing in West Bank would be sign of truly belonging to Israel

That’s why the conversation needs to change, because it means either the international community needs to give Palestinian land back to Palestinians, which would require a complete U-turn in US foreign policy, or a one-state solution with equal rights for Palestinians is the only way forward – and that would spell even more complications. 

As the American side has made clear, Israel faces a fundamental dilemma over whether it can simultaneously exist as a democracy and a Jewish state. If Palestinians were allowed equal rights, it would mean that Israel as a Jewish state would probably cease to exist, since there would be more Palestinians than Jewish Israelis under a single democratic state.  

This is precisely the reason why Israel has essentially reduced its Arab population to less than second-class citizens and treats Palestinians in a way that has been described by many, including members of the US Congress, as an apartheid system, because its entire existence as a Jewish ethnostate relies on artificially separating out the people who lived there prior to its existence, whether that means literally keeping them out or keeping them out of any serious political project within Israel. 

It is, to clearly define it, a settler-colonial project that carries with it the same classic contradictions seen through history, e.g., the displacement of the native population, ethnic cleansing, cultural appropriation and so on.  Also on rt.com China’s humanitarian intervention in Gaza may be motivated by its PR war with the US – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t welcome

But just because Israel as a unified democratic state would not exist as a state where Jews have sole political and social rights does not mean it would not fulfill the intention behind its creation by the United Nations in 1948, e.g., being a refuge for the Jewish nation. Israel could be a peaceful, democratic and inclusive society if – and only if – its apartheid system is brought to an end. 

The US under President Joe Biden is extremely unlikely to make any seismic policy shift, but public opinion is changing and the prevailing narrative that this is a “complicated” issue where “both sides” need to figure it out is quickly being rejected by new generations. What’s becoming clearer everyday to more people is that getting to the heart of this polarizing issue means addressing contradictions perpetuated by Israel since it’s Israel that wields most of the power, not Palestinians.

F-35s Bombing Gaza – Global Research


Israeli Forces spokesman Zilberman announced the start of the bombing of Gaza, specifying that “80 fighters are taking part in the operation, including the advanced F-35s” (The Times of Israel, May 11, 2021). It is officially the baptism of fire for the US Lockheed Martin’s fifth-generation fighter, whose production Italy also participates in as a second-level partner.

Israel has already received twenty-seven F-35s from the US, and last February decided to buy no longer fifty F-35s but seventy-five. To this end the government has decreed a further allocation of 9 billion dollars: 7 were granted by a US to Israel free military “aid” of 28 billion, 2 were granted as a loan by the US Citibank.

While Israeli F-35 pilots were being trained by the U.S. Air Force in Arizona and Israel, the US Army Engineers built in Israel special hardened hangars for the F-35s, suitable for both fighters’ maximum protection on the ground, and their rapid take-off on attack. At the same time, the Israeli military industries (Israel Aerospace and Elbit Systems) in close coordination with Lockheed Martin enhance the fighter renamed “Adir” (Powerful): above all its ability to penetrate enemy defenses and its range of action which was nearly doubled.

These capabilities are certainly not necessary to attack Gaza. Why then are the most advanced fifth-generation fighters used against Palestinians? Because it serves to test F-35s fighters and their pilots in real war action using Gaza homes as targets on a firing range.

It does not matter if in the target houses there are entire families.

The F-35s, added to the hundreds of fighter-bombers already supplied by the US to Israel. are designed for nuclear attack particularly with the new B61-12 bomb. The United States will shortly deploy these nuclear bombs in Italy and other European countries, and will also provide them to Israel, the only nuclear power in the Middle East with an arsenal estimated at 100-400 nuclear weapons. If Israel doubles the range of F-35 fighters and is about to receive eight Boeing Pegasus tankers from the US for refueling the F-35s in flight, it is because it is preparing to launch an attack, even nuclear, against Iran.

The Israeli nuclear forces are integrated into the NATO electronic system within the “Individual cooperation program” framework with Israel. Although not a member of the Alliance, Israel is integrated with a permanent mission in the NATO headquarters in Brussels. In the same framework, Germany supplied Israel with six Dolphin submarines. modified for launching nuclear missiles (as Der Spiegel documented in 2012).

Italy’s military cooperation with Israel has become a law of the Republic (Law No. 94 of May 17, 2005). This law establishes comprehensive cooperation, both between armed forces and military industries, including activities that remain secret because they are subject to the “Security Agreement” between the two parties.

Israel has supplied Italy with the Opsat-3000 satellite, which transmits very high-resolution images for military operations in distant war theaters. The satellite is connected to three centers in Italy and, at the same time, to a fourth center in Israel, as a proof of the increasingly close strategic collaboration between the two countries.

Italy supplied Israel with thirty Leonardo Aermacchi fighters for pilot training. Now it can provide Israel with a new version of the M-346 FA (Fighter Attack), which – Leonardo Industry specified – serves at the same time for training and for “ground attack missions with 500-pound drop ammunition, and precision-guided ammunitions capable of increasing the number of targets to hit at the same time “. The new version of the fighter – Leonardo Industry underlined – is particularly suitable for “missions in urban areas”, where heavy fighters “are often used in low-paying missions with high operating costs”. The ideal for the next Israeli bombings of Gaza, which can be carried out with “a cost per flight hour that is reduced by up to 80%”, and will be very ” cost-effective “, that is, they will kill many more Palestinians.