Authority assumed but no responsibility taken in Victoria: Sutton questioned on emails for hotel quarantine

Comment by tontran2015: This is the extreme form of governing by deniability.

Professor Sutton was grilled again about his knowledge about the use of private security in hotel quarantine.

He apologised … “If I missed an email, I’m sorry. It hasn’t registered. I get thousands of emails … I was never involved about the decision.” … “I did not have a command control role. And as I said to the inquiry at the time, my public health team were trying to make a case for stronger oversight from the public health team, so I was keen.”

Pure Evil: Cuomo Now Claims Nursing Home Scandal “Never Happened”

The order stated: “No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the [nursing home] solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. The order flatly prohibited nursing homes from testing their residents returning from hospitals for COVID.”

As a direct result of this order, over 4,500 COVID patients were sent to their deaths in nursing homes throughout New York. New York state put the number even higher, at almost 6,300 in a July report. reports: But after the state’s nursing homes became out-of-control COVID hotspots, in May the Department of Health (DOH) quietly scrubbed the edict from its website. 

And yet, Cuomo this week said that nursing homes taking in COVID-positive residents directly from hospitals “just never happened.” 

Victoria’s coronavirus hotel quarantine mystery remains unsolved as Daniel Andrews prepares to front inquiry|

…the Coate inquiry has seen buck-passing between departments, with evidence showing that the program was run by multiple departments with “shared responsibility”.

What we do know is that nearly all Victoria’s second wave can be traced back to security guards working in hotel quarantine.[…]

Systems of government power in Victoria, Australia have combined to deliver the wanton destruction of its vibrant society. Of 816 Australian Covid deaths in a population of 26 million, 606 were in nursing homes-Chris Uhlmann

Victoria, Australia’s “systems of power have combined to deliver the wanton destruction of its vibrant society….Of the 816 Australian deaths [in a population of 26 million] the vast majority, 606, were in residential aged care.…The Victorian solution punishes the many for the few.…It is hard to imagine how you could design a policy that is more profoundly unfair or damaging to a society.“...Australia is a constitutional monarchy whose Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth. The Premier of the Australian state of Victoria is Dan Andrews of the Labor Party.

Former Victoria Police sergeant Rosa Rossi jailed for claiming vacant houses in property scam|

… Rossi would pick out empty homes and claim them under the laws of adverse possession, a legal principle which is sometimes described as squatters’ rights.

… The 57-year-old would find a home that had been empty for some time and change the locks on the property, never explicitly telling the locksmith that she was not the owner.

She would then contact the local council and submit a change of address form, redirecting any correspondence for the real owner to herself and at times even posing as them.

Her scam would target homeowners who were interstate or out of the country,

California’s Governor Makes Ominous Prediction For America

Authored by Simon Black via,

California’s governor made a rather ominous prediction this weekend when he told an interviewer that “California is America. . . fast forward.”

World Has Gone Mad | Centinel2012

… they are aware that lifting the restrictions means they have a very serious problem. There are proposals that all past rents must be forgiven. If people have to pay back rents, this will simply be an untenable position. But that means landlords lose revenue and when mortgaged, that means they too can’t pay. This is one giant mess that can burden the economy and create a decline into 2022.

Then we have the majority are just sheep. They wear their masks and surrender all rights today and those of their children into the future. They are incapable of waking up and think the government really cares. They will be the ones with a devastating blow that will come all at once.

U.S. and the Common Man: RIP? – Counter Information

By Michael J. Brenner

September 08, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – America’s Common Man exists no more – gone and forgotten. Once he was lauded as the salt of the earth.

He was the U.S.’s embodiment of what made us Americans special, attested to what made the great democratic experiment successful and the most potent symbol of what made of the United States the magnetic pole for the world’s masses.

The Assange Hearing Day 6: Your Man in the Public Gallery – Counter Information

Magistrate Baraitser then made a statement about access to the court by remote hearing, by which she meant online. She stated that a number of access details had been sent out by mistake by the court without her agreement. She had therefore revoked their access permissions.

As she spoke, …the online access of Amnesty International, of Reporters without Borders, of John Pilger and of forty others had been shut down. As these people were neither permitted to attend the court nor observe online, this was causing some consternation.

Baraitser went on to say that it was important that the hearing was public, but she should only agree remote access where it was “in the interests of justice”, and having considered it she had decided it was not. She explained this by stating that the public could normally observe from within the courtroom, where she could control their behaviour. But if they had remote access, she could not control their behaviour and this was not in the “interests of justice”.

GoFundMe For Salon Owner Who Exposed Pelosi’s Maskless Hypocrisy Raises Over $310K

GoFundMe For Salon Owner Who Exposed Pelosi’s Maskless Hypocrisy Raises Over $310K Tyler Durden Tue, 09/08/2020 – 19:40 Authored by Ben Wilson via, The salon owner, who released footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) getting her hair done without a mask, has received over $310,000 on GoFundMe at the time of publication. Pelosi notably said owner…