Russia and Ukraine flag ban in Berlin for Victory Day|bbc

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, expressed outrage at
the ban, which he said amounted to giving the same treatment to the
victim and the aggressor in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Rising Inflation | Andelino’s Weblog

The tide is turning against the radical left as cost-of-living expenses rise.

Rising inflation rates may be uniting Americans against the Biden administration. According to a CBS News/YouGov poll from April 10, nearly 60 percent of Americans do not approve of how Joe Biden is running the country.

WINNING: Textbook Companies Cave to DeSantis, Remove Critical Race Theory and Other Woke Content From Their Materials – Nwo Report

Source: Cassandra Fairbanks

Textbook publishers are caving to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and removing Critical Race Theory and other “woke” lessons from their materials to meet the state’s standards.

National Character and the Quality of Peoples – Nwo Report

Source: Jacob Fraden

Many years ago, I happened to read the book Russia in 1839 by the French traveler and literary man Marquis de Custine, and there I found some interesting judgments about the Russian people:

“The Russian people are a nation of mutes. Everything is there, the only thing missing is freedom. That is, a life.”

“Everyone there is too miserable to complain.”

“To live in Russia, it’s not enough to hide your thoughts. You have to pretend.”

“The Russians have a slave mentality, but not without an arrogance.”

“The government in Russia lives only by lies, for both tyrant and slave fear the truth.”

“Human life has no value there.”

“Russia is a country of facades.”

“The Russian people should have been completely destroyed and then created anew.”

The main idea here is that compared to the Western countries, the quality of the Russian people has always been quite low. This quality has its deep roots in history, back to the 13th century, in the times of the invasions of the Mongol khan Batyi.

US state bans nonbinary birth certificates — RT World News

27 Apr, 2022 01:32

US state bans nonbinary birth certificates

Oklahoma’s governor has signed into law a bill
prohibiting gender markers other than male and female on state documents
US state bans nonbinary birth certificates
has become the first US state to prohibit a nonbinary option on birth
certificates, enacting legislation that supporters claimed would help
ensure “clarity and truth” on official documents.

Kevin Stitt signed the bill into law on Tuesday, following up on an
executive order that he issued last November prohibiting the Oklahoma
State Health Department (OSDH) from amending gender designations on
birth certificates. The controversy began after the OSDH – unbeknownst to the governor – settled a civil lawsuit by agreeing to allow a nonbinary option.

are free to believe whatever they want about their identity, but
science has determined people are either biologically male or female at
birth,” said Representative Sheila Dills, the Republican lawmaker who sponsored the bill on gender designations. “We
want clarity and truth on official state documents. Information should
be based on established medical fact and not an ever-changing social

More than a dozen US states allow for gender
designations other than male and female on their birth certificates.
Others don’t provide a nonbinary option, but Oklahoma is reported to be
the first to legally prohibit the designation.

President Joe Biden’s administration last month announced that it was making an “X” gender marker available on US passports. The US State Department had previously begun allowing citizens to self-select the gender identity on their documents.

new law relating to birth certificates comes less than one month after
Stitt signed a bill prohibiting biological males from participating in
girls’ sports. More than a dozen Republican-controlled legislatures have
passed such bills since 2020.

Oklahomans elected the nation’s
first openly nonbinary legislator, Mauree Turner, in 2020. The Oklahoma
City Democrat, whose Twitter profile includes “not a woman,” spoke out against the bill on nonbinary gender markers as it was being debated in the House last week. “I
find it very extreme and grotesque use of power in this body to write
this law and try to pass it when literally none of them live like this,” Turner tweeted.

New Credit Card Company Wants To Counter Woke Banks
A credit card company launching Tuesday will allow cardholders to funnel cash to conservative causes in an attempt to push back on a woke corporate culture that has seen banks funnel billions to causes like Black Lives Matter and the Clinton Foundation. Coign, whose advisory team includes former Republican senator Cory Gardner (Colo.), is eschewing […]

Report: Satanic Temple SUES School After It Refused After Hours ‘Satan Club’ For Kids – Nwo Report

Source: Steve Watson

The Satanic Temple is suing an elementary school in Pennsylvania after officials refused to allow the organisation to run a ‘Satan Club’ for children as young as six.

KTUL reports that The Satanic Temple has filed suit against Northern Elementary School in York, alleging that the school is violating the First Amendment and discriminating against the Satanists because it sanctions some after school clubs but not the Temple.

FUSA Bulletin: The African Invasion | The Tactical Hermit

Comment by tonytran2015: A Vietnamese proverb says “You will become one of the crowd you immerse yourself into” (Gần mực thì đen, gần đèn thì sáng).

Great Replacement Update: Biden Gives TPS To 12,000 Cameroonians

It’s not just pregnant beaner and sexual felon wetback’s invading this country folks.

Biden’s Plan to Ass-Ream this Nation and Replace WASP includes plenty of Africans as well.

Remember the recent grisly murder of Terry and Brenda Aultman in Daytona Beach Florida by a Haitian Illegal who should have been deported by Barry Obama?

How about the case of illegal Kenyan Billy Chemirmir, allegedly one of the worst serial killers in Texas history of senior citizens?

Prepare Accordingly.