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The Democrat establishment continues to stab their far-left base in the back, leading to a mountain of discontent, dysfunction and all-time lows for the party. The latest adventure came earlier this week when lefties stormed out of a meeting with President Biden after a major disagreement over the administration’s immigration policy, saying they’ve reached a turning point. At issue, according the Democrat socialist wing, was another broken Biden campaign promise, when he assured the party he would abolish President Trump’s remain-in-Mexico policy. Biden initially made good on his promise by suspending the policy last summer, but a Supreme Court ruling in August forced him to reinstate it. Here’s the full story from Liberal Hivemind.


New cross-dressing TV ad typifies the obsession with ‘breaking boundaries’, and it’s causing an identity crisis — RT Op-ed


Frank Furedi
an author and social commentator. He is an emeritus professor of
sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Author of How Fear Works: The Culture of Fear in the 21st Century. Follow him on Twitter @Furedibyte
The idea of challenging taboos and breaking free from the shackles of moral norms is becoming rampant in advertising. But while
the commercialisation of identities may be good for the bottom line, it messes people up.
A new advert in the UK for
John Lewis home insurance offers compelling evidence that transgenderism has become the sacred cause of the woke establishment.

Titled ‘Let Life Happen’, it features a narcissistic-looking young boy running riot and thrashing his home. However, according to the message signalled by the ad, all is forgiven because he is wearing his mom’s
frock and lipstick.

to the current woke ethos, little boys expressing themselves through
cross-dressing are inevitably labelled as ‘brave’, and unlike their
straight-laced mates are capable of expressing themselves through

In this ad, John Lewis isn’t just simply selling
insurance; it is also celebrating a lifestyle. This lifestyle promotes
transgression and the ethos of transgenderism.

As I pointed out in my book,
‘Why Borders Matter: Why Humanity Must Relearn the Art of Drawing
Boundaries’, the invention of new normalities and the devaluation of the
old has become a central theme in the contemporary consumer culture of
capitalism. Just look at the poster below promoting a boring bank like
HSBC. It shows a cool-looking trans person under the headline, ‘Gender’s
just too fluid for borders’. Given HSBC’s alleged association with money laundering, its commitment to ignoring borders is not surprising.

it seems that for big business, trans culture means big bucks. Playing
at transgressing has also become a constant theme in consumer culture.
Advertisers often promote their products by appealing to potential
customers to ‘dare to be different’. A Europe-wide sales campaign for Honda “outlines a path that pushes the boundaries of a Honda Civic driver.” A voiceover instructs would-be drivers to go “where different takes you.”

message of ‘dare to be different’ has become a theme that is constantly
promoted by the advertising industry. The idea of breaking boundaries
has also been used by Land Rover in advertisements. NatWest bank’s ‘cricket has no boundaries’ campaign boasts it was designed “to showcase and celebrate the diversity of modern cricket in the UK.”

Also on rt.com
As toys become the new battleground for social engineers, why can’t trans activists just let kids be kids?

Even the manufacturer of Barbie dolls plays the transgression card. Mattel’s sales pitch for its range of ‘Shero’ dolls leads with the statement that, “Barbie
honors global role models from diverse backgrounds and fields who are
breaking boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls.”

far as the advertising industry is concerned, ‘breaking taboos’ and
‘breaking boundaries’ are the markers of creativity. In June 2018, a
‘boundary breaking ad’ by the sanitary product brand Libresse won the
Glass Lion for Change Prix at Cannes, awarded for ‘culture-shifting
creativity’. The advertisement shows us, “scenes
of young women clutching themselves in pain from cramps, others having
sex on their cycle and, perhaps most notably, plenty of blood – blood
running down a leg in the shower and even realistic red liquid on a

According to the maker, this was intended to change the
conversation around the topic more than ever before. The breaking of
the boundary of the intimate is thus celebrated in an advertisement that
‘dares’ to display red liquid on a sanitary pad, rather than the
customary blue.

Evidently, transgressive behaviour does not involve the violation of powerful, widely-sanctioned moral and social boundaries.

the domain of sexual identity in the Western world, transgression has
become emptied of meaning with the possible exception of paedophilia.
Individuals can brag about their transgressive sexual identities without
incurring stigma. That is why a report directed at the advertising industry urges its members to “push the boundaries of gender stereotyping” and “help” consumers “break free from the shackles of identity norms.”

celebration of breaking taboos, and the call to help people ‘break free
from the shackles of identity norms’, implicitly communicates the
conviction that the regime of moral norms to which people are subjected
in their everyday life constitutes a serious barrier to the development
of their potential. Breaking free from the ‘shackles of identity norms’
constitutes an invitation to adopt a consumerist orientation towards

Also on rt.com
The sad story of Ellen/Elliot Page: From Hollywood glamour queen to trans-activist oddity

The little boy wearing mommy’s skirt and lipstick personifies the
‘no boundaries’ and ‘no limits’ of consumer culture. This is a culture
that incites children to question their identity on the ground that
‘they can be anything that they want’.

Peddling identities may be
good for the bottom line. However, the commercialisation of identities
messes people up. It complicates the task of finding your place in the
world, which is why the crisis of identity has become the permanent
condition of our time.

Despite its title, John Lewis’s ‘Let Life
Happen’ ad is attempting to impose its transgressive vision of freedom
on the rest of us. The advertising industry is not only breaking
boundaries but also imposing its vision on society.

Unless we
challenge adverts like this, it is only a matter of time before the act
of criticising transgenderism itself becomes a taboo.

Kongsberg: Bow and arrow attack appears to be terrorism – officials – BBC News


A deadly bow and arrow attack in Norway which left five people dead appears to have been an act of terror, Norway’s security service (PST) said.

The suspect, a 37-year-old Danish citizen named Espen Andersen Brathen, had
converted to Islam and there were fears he had been radicalised.

Virginia dad arrested at school board meeting: Daughter was raped in bathroom by boy in skirt

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Media Silent on Virginia School Board’s Alleged Coverup of Trans Bathroom Rape

Mainstream broadcast networks failed to cover a Tuesday night report that alleged a Virginia school board covered up a rape allegation against a boy who wore a skirt in the girls’ bathroom, according to a media analysis. The Loudoun County School Board kept the rape allegations quiet as it successfully pushed to adopt a policy…

THE EVIL OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS — PART 1 | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance




What does the expression “politically correct” mean to you? What does the picture of a mirage have to do with being “politically correct?” Well, just like a mirage, political correctness is deceptive. Political correctness leads us to accommodate lies until our increasing acquiescence allows the sins of liars to enslave us.

What kind of sins? Well, political correctness is obviously related to politics, but the sins are ordinary enough.

Here in the Introduction we will try to spark your interest and show the relevance of the topic. With a couple of examples we will show how political correctness is used to shame people into lying.

So let’s begin with our examples.

Global Warming

What happens when a Conservative rejects the argument that Global Warming is a proven fact. Don’t the politically correct treat him like he has lost his mind? Yet, consider the problem. What is the “proof?” The “proof” involves two things:

  • The consensus of the experts.
  • The “fact” that we cannot afford to do nothing.

But what is the solution offered by the politically correct? Doesn’t their solution actually amount to doing nothing? They don’t have a way to solve the problem. Using windmills, and solar panels, and enormous numbers of batteries just produces a different and still serious set of problems. Moreover, China and others will happily burn fossil fuels. That includes what is required to produce our windmills, solar panels and batteries. If we implement the politically correct “solution,” all we will do is give the government — The Establishment — much more power. Since tyranical governments are notorious for poluting their countries, that is really quite ironic.

Biological Sex Versus Gender

Here of late the politically correct insist that we must substitute gender choice for the plain reality of biological sex. That has led to creation of LGBTQ “rights” such as same-sex “marriage.” The latest demand is that we must quietly acquiesce when biological men want to use the ladies room, undress in women’s locker rooms, and compete in women’s sports. We must even cooperate, let the sexually confused put their words in our mouths, and accept their demand that we address them by their preferred pronouns.

Where is the LGBTQ agenda headed? The politically correct want children, prior to the age of puberty, to have the “right” to transition to the opposite sex. That is plainly child abuse, but that is what happens when we substitute going along to get along with doing what we know to be right.

Effectively, the politically correct want us to believe that the difference between men and women does not exist, that biology does not matter. How absurd is that? Where do babies come from? Do storks deliver them?

Parents respond to DOJ, school boards’ statements: ‘I am what a domestic terrorist looks like?’ | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


The Justice Department is facing a wave of backlash as parents criticize its recent decision to investigate potential acts of violence against school boards across the country.

Source: Parents respond to DOJ, school boards’ statements: ‘I am what a domestic terrorist looks like?’

‘Woke’ Antifa Leader Arrested for Shooting Big Pharma Protestor – Nwo Report


A far-left Antifa leader has been arrested and charged for shooting somebody who was protesting Big Pharma.

Benjamin Anthony Varela, 36, has been charged with first-degree assault while armed with a deadly weapon. If found guilty he could spend up to twenty years in jail.

Per NY Post, “Antifa member charged with shooting anti-vaxxer in Washington”:

On Sept. 4, a couple dozen Antifa from around the Pacific Northwest traveled to the Washington state Capitol building to try to shut down an anti-COVID vaccine mandate protest. The black-clad group was met by the rally’s volunteer right-wing security, who included Proud Boys members. When the Antifa group ran to the Intercity Transit Station, one of their masked members turned around and fired five 9mm pistol rounds in the direction of the right-wing group, which was about 50 feet behind, according to security footage. Proud Boys member Tusitala Toese was injured in the shooting.

Milley Responds, Claims Usurping Presidential Power To Give Enemy Advance Notice Just Part Of ‘Regular Communications’

Milley Responds, Claims Usurping Presidential Power To Give Enemy Advance Notice Just Part Of ‘Regular Communications’ Update (1245ET): As the backlash from Woodward’s expose of General Milley’s apparently treasonous actions grows, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has issued a damage control statement (h/t @JoshRogin) (emphasis ours) The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs regularly communicates…

France moves to dissolve ‘racist’ Black African Defense League following weekend violence — RT World News


… On Monday, French interior minister Gérald Darmanin posted a
statement on Twitter that the Ligue de Défense Noire Africaine (LDNA)
would be banned in France following a weekend in which the group was
allegedly involved in violence.

“I have decided to launch the
procedure initiating the dissolution of the Black African Defense
League. The speeches of this racist structure call for hatred and
discrimination. Its actions cause disturbances to public order, like
this weekend in Val-de-Reuil,” he tweeted.