How Three Million Germans Mass Murdered after Destruction of the Reich | VikingLifeBlog

Nigel Jones reviews After the Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles MacDonogh.

MacDonogh argues that the months that followed May 1945 brought no
peace to the shattered skeleton of Hitler’s Reich, but suffering even
worse than the destruction wrought by the war. After the atrocities in
Europe, some degree of justified vengeance was inevitable, but the
appalling bestialities that MacDonogh documents so soberly went far
beyond that. The first 200 pages of his brave book are an almost
unbearable chronicle of human suffering.

His best estimate is that some three million Germans died
unnecessarily after the official end of hostilities. A million soldiers
vanished before they could creep back to the holes that had been their
homes. The majority of them died in Soviet captivity (of the 90,000 who
surrendered at Stalingrad, only 5,000 eventually came home) but,
shamingly, many thousands perished as prisoners of the Anglo-Americans.
Herded into cages along the Rhine, with no shelter and very little food,
they dropped like flies. Others, more fortunate, toiled as slave labour
in a score of Allied countries, often for years. Incredibly, some Germans were still being held in Russia as late as 1979.

The two million German civilians who died were largely the old, women
and children: victims of disease, cold, hunger, suicide – and mass murder.
Apart from the well-known repeated rape of virtually every girl and woman unlucky enough to be in the Soviet occupation zones, perhaps the most shocking outrage recorded by MacDonogh – for the first time in English – is the slaughter of a quarter of a million Sudeten Germans by
their vengeful Czech compatriots. The survivors of this ethnic cleansing, naked and shivering, were pitched across the border, never to return to their homes. Similar scenes were seen across Poland, Silesia
and East Prussia as age-old German communities were brutally expunged.

High stakes in the Himalayas: China and India’s border hotspot – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Images taken on June 22, show how the Chinese side was using heavy earth-moving equipment to build a road along the banks of the Galwan up to that river bend. The road connects
Chinese bases further upstream.

Zooming in, you can see excavators at work. One is transferring earth from the
mountain side. Another is working on the edge of the river bank.

The construction teams also appear to have built several crossings over the river.

Gryzlov says ‘two more states created’ in Ukraine | Ukraine Today .org

Russia’s representative in the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG), Boris Gryzlov, said at a TCG meeting on July 8 that “as of today, two more states have been created in Ukraine.”

In view of this, the Ukrainian delegation to the OSCE called on the Russian side to explain whether this marks Russia’s withdrawal from the Minsk agreements or its intention to recognize the so-called “DPR” and “LPR,” according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

The Origination and Evolution of Radio Traffic Analysis – The Period between the Wars (Part 1 of 6) – Station HYPO

The Japanese Grand Fleet Maneuvers of 1930 and 1933 provided the incentive and Lieutenant Joseph N. Wenger, USN (who served as first vice director of the National Security Agency in 1952-53), merits recognition as the instigator of traffic analysis activities during those times.

U.S. Hits Huawei, Other Chinese Tech Firms With New Sanctions

The law, which expands upon 2019 legislation, would require companies interested in offering services to the U.S. government to prove they have no business relationship with five leading Chinese telecommunications and surveillance companies.

Feds Fear ‘Jailhouse Suicide’ for Epstein Lady Pimp Maxwell – True Pundit

Comment by tonytran2015: “perfect storm of screw ups” is the aim of any espionage operation: a total deniability has been achieved.

The Justice Department has implemented additional safety protocols
and federal officials, outside of the Bureau of Prisons, have been
specifically tasked with ensuring there’s adequate protection and the
prisons protocols are being followed, the official said. The protections
are in case she harms herself, and in case other inmates wish to harm

The concern comes in part because Epstein, 66, killed himself in a federal jail in Manhattan last summer while in custody on sex trafficking charges. The Bureau of Prisons has been the subject of intense scrutiny and conspiracy theories since then, with staff shakeups and leadership changes. Attorney General William Barr said his death was the result of
the “perfect storm of screw ups.”

Two Nazi Soldiers Proved Snipers Could Be the Ultimate Weapon (And Changed History)

…Allerberger and Matthaus Hetzenauer, another skilled Austrian sniper in
the same division, were officially credited with killing more than 600
enemy soldiers during the Soviet advance toward Berlin in the latter
stages of World War II. And their sniper totals did not include scores
and scores of Soviets who fell to their rapid-fire machine pistol
efforts during numerous determined and often foolish Russian frontal

Barr Should Transfer Ghislaine Maxwell To Rikers For Her Safety: Former Prison Official

“I don’t think the feds can handle these prisoners, such high-profile prisoners like Maxwell or Epstein,” former NYC Department of Corrections Deputy Warden Ed Gavin told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday. “If I were William Barr, what I would do is, I would seek to obtain a substitute jail order and I would try to have Ms. Maxwell placed on Rikers Island with the New York City Department of Corrections.”

The Strange Fate of Those Who Saw JFK Shot – Global Research

…In January 1983 Rebel Magazine published an article written by Jones,
which is republished in full, with no editing below (except images). The
JFK assassination was one of the biggest events to have ever hit America and Jones assumes that the reader of the time would have known
quite a bit about it. This article makes for fascinating reading whether you believe the official state narrative or alternative theories. Last October, Statista concluded from surveys that 61 percent of Americans believe JFK was not killed by Oswald alone and that others were involved.