Iran-China deal to ditch dollar, bypassing US sanctions | © blogfactory

On Sunday, The New York Timessaid it hadobtained details of an 18-page proposed agreement that would vastly expand Chinese presence in banking, telecommunications, ports, railways and dozens of other projects. In exchange, China would receive a regular supply of Iranian oil over the next 25 years, it said.

America Can’t Hide From World War III Much Longer | ― ஜ ۩ Whiskey Tango Texas ۩ ஜ ―


If we thought that the 21st-century World War would be fought, just like the previous two wars, then we are sadly mistaken.

In fact, without our awareness, World War III has already begun. This is a long drawn war, which would last for a couple of decades. The war can be divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Masquerading
  • Phase 2 – Utter Chaos
  • Phase 3 – Subjugation

Phase 1- Masquerading

We are towards the end of ‘Phase 1’. The developments until now were looking, in control, and moving in a linear fashion...

Amongst many, the most important pillars of modern-day warfare are economic, psychological, and technological war fares. These pillars are so integrated that despite being separate entities, they intersect and complement each other, regularly.

Winning Without Fighting

In the 80s, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, along with the opening of the Chinese economy, ushered in the vision for the Chinese supremacy. The coming two decades were dedicated to ancient Chinese wisdom of “Deck the Tree with False Blossoms”(Through the use of artifice and disguise, make something of no value, appear valuable), and “Deceive the heavens and cross the ocean”(Mask your real goals with a fake goal, until your aims are achieved). ..

Deceptive Psychological War – The Making of Chimerica

Soon after the opening of the Chinese economy in the 80s, ….. The United States wanted China to join the mainstream world, and open up it’s vast markets to the western world. China had its sight set on achieving its past glory. Education and technological advancements were the need of the hour for China. .. Chinese students and scientists inundated the American universities, and research institutions, to fulfill that dream. Rampant stealing of the American trade secrets, military secrets and research papers by these students and scientists leapfrogged Chinese progress.

The initial plans of “Feign Madness but Keep your Balance”(Hide behind the mask of a simpleton, to create confusion about your intentions and motivations), were fulfilled by the turn of the millennium. China got the best and cutting edge technology from around the globe, in its factories.

Consolidation – The Preparatory Phase

Soon into the 21st century, China started consolidating its position in various fields. The United States and the rest of the world were busy with the conflicts in West Asia. This kept the attention away from China. China remained focused on its goals and never took part in any peacekeeping force, or conflict resolution.

China quietly kept spreading its wings in Africa, Australia, N & S America, and The South China Sea, militarily and economically. It was building Islands and military bases in the disputed South China Sea with impunity, adding to China’s economic and military reach.

China’s purchase of mines and rare earth deposits, all over the world, was considered an innocuous investment. … By 2018, the staggering figure had reached over $299 billion.

China further strengthened its position by doling out loans for infrastructure and other projects to gullible countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cuba, Ukraine, Venezuela, Ecuador, Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, the Maldives, Mongolia, Montenegro, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. China is the sole lender in the world, who hopes, not to get the loans paid back. Nonpayment of loans, facilitates China in acquiring ports, airfields, and State-run companies, of defaulting countries, at a bargain price. This also gives China a foothold, in far-flung lands, which would be crucial, if and when, the hostilities break out.

The turn of the millennium was the right time to introduce many concepts in a more aggressive manner. One of them was to modify the thought process of the world, in China’s favor.

The western media was flooded with advertisements depicting China, as a very powerful, very advanced but still very humble, and just country. Over 500 Confucius Institutes, on the campuses of foreign universities, were effectively used to further the spread of the Chinese way of thinking. University campuses were the right place to start the spread of Chinese psychological tool, ‘Alienation’.

(There are more frightening revelations.)

‘Dud deal’: Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien vows to scrap Belt and Road initiative – ABC News

In a statement issued on Saturday morning, Michael O’Brien said the decision was not made lightly but the deal was “not in Victoria’s

“It doesn’t support our sovereignty, our security or our jobs,” he said.

“Daniel Andrews’ dud deal has failed to advance Victoria’s interests.”

China’s trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative is a global infrastructure
push aiming to recreate the glory days of China’s ancient Silk Road trade routes.

The highly controversial scheme has been panned by many Western democracies, including Australia.

But Victoria has gone it alone on signing up to the infrastructure initiative, with Premier Daniel Andrews inking a Memorandum of Understanding with China in 2018 and committing to deepen the state’s involvement in 2019.

Mr O’Brien said while Chinese Government-owned companies had been given
contracts to build projects such as the Metro Tunnel and West Gate Tunnel, Victorian farmers had been “slugged by a punitive 80 per cent tariff on barley exports to China”.

Chinese officials refuse to call Australia back as coronavirus trade tensions bubble over – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Australian politicians always have a delusion of grandeur. This reality teaches them that China has become a BIG, BIG country while Australia remains a middle ranked country on the Pacific rim. Leaders of big countries don’t need to pick up numerous phone calls from leaders of small or vassal countries.

High-ranking calls to China have gone unanswered amid
an escalating trade dispute with Australia that’s been fuelled by calls
to investigate the origins of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Minister Simon Birmingham has been seeking to speak with his
counterpart since China threatened to impose an 80 per cent import
tariff on Australian barley.

China will make its final decision on the tariff on Tuesday. If it follows through with the threat, Australian exporters fear it will cripple a once-lucrative market.

“We’ve made a request for me to be able to have discussions with my Chinese counterpart,” Senator Birmingham told Insiders.

“That request has not been met with a call being accommodated at this stage.”

Futures Tumble After US Restarts Trade War With China, Locks Out Huawei; China Vows Retaliation – NATION AND STATE

It was shaping up as a nice, quiet rampy end a tumultous week, when at 630am ET all hell broke loose after the Trump’s Commerce Department to block shipments of semiconductors to Huawei Technologies from global chipmakers, via amending foreign direct product rule to “strategically target Huawei’s acquisition of semiconductors that are the direct product of certain U.S. software and technology” in the process “cutting off Huawei’s efforts to undermine U.S. export controls.”

And while the commerce department did extend the temporary general license for Huawei by another 90 days, the US now “anticipates” this will be the final 90-day extension.

Peter Navarro: China Is Hoarding Masks, Equipment During Pandemic – NATION AND STATE

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has hoarded personal protective equipment and profiting from the pandemic.

“First of all, the virus was spawned in China. Second of all, they hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization (WHO). The third thing they did was basically hoard personal protective equipment and now they’re profiteering from it,” Navarro said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday.

U.S. exports of surgical masks, ventilators, and other medical equipment to China increased dramatically in January and February, according to a USA Today report. During that time, CCP officials are attempting to grapple with an outbreak centered in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

“This was a time where that virus could have been contained in Wuhan,” Navarro told Fox. “Instead, 5 million Chinese people went out from Wuhan and propagated the virus around the world.”…

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to Build Advanced Chip Factory in Arizona… | The Last Refuge

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been in discussions for several years with both TSMC and Intel to build advanced chip manufacturing plants in the U.S. and extract U.S. supply chain needs from China and southeast Asia. It appears his efforts, and the emphasis on global supply-chain shifts from President Trump, are getting results.

Beijing’s Meat Ban Might Mean Trade War With Australia – NATION AND STATE

China has suspended imports from four Australian abattoirs in an escalation of trade tensions between the two nations.

The suspension comes days after China announced plans to slap an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley.

China is Australia’s number one market for beef, with exports worth more than $3 billion a year.

The Australian Meat Industry Council has put the suspension down to labelling issues.

China’s tariff threats on Australian barley force farmers to pause mid-planting – ABC News

… At the weekend, farmers were told by Australian grain groups that China was proposing to place tariffs on barley imported from Australia as a result of an 18 month anti-dumping and countervailing duties investigation.

The tariffs, which grain groups said could total up to 80 per cent, threaten the viability of the $1.5 billion barley trade into China.

About 88 per cent of Australia’s barley exports to China come from Western
Australia, and some growers in that state were now changing their cropping plans mid-way through seeding.

…Asked whether she thought China was threatening tariffs in retaliation for Mr Morrison’s call for an inquiry into the origin and spread of the coronavirus, Ms MacTiernan said: “Everyone is in the same position as I
am in terms of ability to judge that.”

#Most #Favored #Nation – 4dforum

There is a glaring problem the COVID-19 outbreak has illuminated; the United States of America has been kissing far too much People’s Republic of China government ass. The reason for this is the drive to form a One World Economy. Western leaders believe forming a such an economy will lead toward a One World Government. In their arrogance they think that they will be the ones who rule over it. In our arrogance we think it will be a democracy. In the meantime our nation slips further toward a surveillance state with arguments for censorship and the sacrifice of privacy being seriously entertained. The path we are on is ridiculous, dangerous and should be abandoned.

China was granted Most Favored Nation status by the United States in 1980. It’s status was made permanent on December 27, 2001. The term itself is arrogant.