People Need to Reclaim the Internet

… No matter how much you dislike Trump, only a fool can fail to see the implications for public access to information of the massive suppression on the internet of the Hunter Biden leaks.

This blog has been suffering a ratcheting of social media suppression for years, which reached its apogee in my coverage of the Julian Assange trial. As I reported on 24 September:…

Twitter removes mask guidance from White House Covid-19 adviser, claiming it violated policies on ‘misleading information’

“Twitter seems to be censoring the science if it goes against their own goals of public indoctrination,” Atlas told Newsweek on Sunday about his tweet being removed…

Conservatives Attacked by BLM and Antifa Supporters In Effort To Hold Free Speech Rally In San Francisco

… A conservative group named Team Save America organized the event and were met by a violent crowd intent on preventing them from speaking. Media reported that the counter protesters carried BLM and Antifa signs. In a now familiar pattern, the counter protesters stopped those with opposing views from being heard. Philip Anderson, an organizer of the event, had his teeth knocked out by someone he identified as Antifa…

Battlefield Social Media: The West’s Growing Censorship

Op-Ed by Gunnar Ulson The United States, United Kingdom and the European Union are fond of passing judgement on nations around the globe regarding “free…

Battlefield Social Media: The West’s…

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Bombshell news: Trump authorizes declassification of all Russia collusion, Hillary Clinton email probe documents

Comment by tonytran2015: This is urgently needed as all these records would be surely wiped out should Trump lose his hold on his presidency.

… President Trump on Tuesday said he has “fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents” related to the Russia investigation and the FBI’s investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server….

Australia & New Zealand: Test Ground for Techno-Fascism

… Australia and New Zealand are presently living with all four of the key hallmarks of a police state:

  1. Draconian laws depriving citizens of elementary civil rights.
  2. A mass media supportive of the state’s messaging and deprivation of rights.
  3. Informants and ideological division in the community.
  4. Excessive and unnecessary use of police forces.

We have witnessed an astonishing violation of human liberties, with the kind of restrictions now imposed on the lives of millions of people looking harsh in comparison to 1950s East Berlin.

People will argue that a ‘temporary’ police state has been justified because of the unique threat to life posed by the coronavirus. I do not believe the data will bear that out. Regardless, let us at least agree the pacific is closer to totalitarianism than ever history — and the world must take note. ..

The Assange Extradition Case Is An Unprecedented Attack On Press Freedom, So Why’s MSM Largely Ignoring It?

The Assange Extradition Case Is An Unprecedented Attack On Press Freedom, So Why’s MSM Largely Ignoring It? Tyler Durden Wed, 10/07/2020 – 03:30 Authored by Patrick Cockburn via, The silence of journalists in Britain and the US over the extradition proceedings against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is making them complicit in the criminalisation of newsgathering by the American…

Twitter is Blocking Access to OffGuardian’s Content

By Kit Knightly | OffGuardian | October 3, 2020

Twitter is blocking all links to OffGuardian with an incredibly vague and highly dishonest “warning”, they have been doing it for weeks and we have never received any notice or explanation. It is a blatant attempt at censorship, and it needs to stop.

Any of you who follow us on social media have probably become more than familiar with this screen:

… it appears every time you click on any of our articles on twitter.

Note the vague language – “potentially spammy”“could fall into”. They don’t even definitely say there is anything wrong, let alone what it actually is.

Since we can obviously rule out malicious software, phishing, spam and “violent content”, the only thing we can concluded is that we supposedly “violated” one of twitter’s rules. Since they don’t see fit to tells us which of their rules we’ve broken, let’s just inspect them all. They are right here in black and white and are fairly predictable:

  1. No child exploitation or child pornography
  2. No promotion of illegal practices
  3. No violence or promotion of violence
  4. No hate speech or threats
  5. No posting private information without consent
  6. No abuse or harassment
  7. No hacking, spam or fraud
  8. No plagiarism or copyright infringement

It’s all very basic stuff, and anyone even passingly familiar with our site could tell you we have never come close to breaking any of those rules. (We would be happy to argue this with anyone who comes forward to accuse us of anything specific).

Of course, none of this is accidental – the vagueness is entirely intentional. They don’t accuse us of anything specific, because then we cannot give a specific refutation (youtube does the same thing all the time, they will say your video “violated our community guidelines”, but they will never say how.)

This is actually even more dishonest than youtube – which is a hell of a thing to say – because twitter is going further, implying we have engaged in borderline illegal behaviour.

The most revealing details here are actually buried deep with the rabbit-warren of “help pages” on twitter.

First, there’s the way they “surface links” (meaning identify URLs which might be “dangerous”). Their methods include [our emphasis]:

Collaborative information sharing with industry peers and trusted NGO partners

They don’t say who their “trusted NGO partners” are, but we can probably guess…and we really don’t need to know the specifics to see how potentially corrupt that is.

Second, there’s this quote from the section headed “about links that have warning notices” [again, our emphasis]:

In some instances, Twitter will introduce a warning that the link may be unsafe. The warning notice can be clicked through if you wish to proceed to the third-party site. When a link has been categorized by Twitter as meeting the criteria for a warning notice, it will also have limited visibility on Twitter.

“Limited visibility” means twitter is actively hiding our content. Specifically – they are concealing it on people’s timelines and suppressing in search results.

To sum up:

  • Twitter is suppressing our content in searches and blocking links to our articles.
  • This decision was informed by unnamed third party “partners” – perhaps including unknown NGOs – and based on unspecified criteria.
  • They have been doing it for months, without ever notifying us, or giving us any option for appeal or review.
  • We don’t know of what we are accused and we have been given no method or avenue for defending ourselves.

This is authoritarian censorship, pure and simple.

But, as the saying goes, “When you’re taking flak you know you’re over the target”

Slipping into Totalitarianism? UK Government Tries to Shut Down Socialist Teaching

The guidance read:

‘Schools should not under any circumstances use resources produced by organisations that take extreme political stances on matters…Examples include, but are not limited to:

A publicly stated desire to abolish or overthrow democracy, capitalism or to end free and fair elections’

It should be said that since an article was published in The Guardian on this issue, the government website appears to have been updated to remove any reference to capitalism.  But there are other concerning words in the latest version.

An example of an extreme political stance is now described as ‘promoting divisive or victim narratives that are harmful to British society’.  What constitutes as a divisive issue? Brexit? Scottish independence? It’s not clear how teachers will interpret this advice. But how could they properly discuss the subject of Brexit, for instance, without referring to materials from both sides of the EU referendum campaign?…

Germany’s Merkel Visited Russian Opposition Leader Navalny In Hospital

…German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny in a Berlin hospital where he was recovering from what European experts have determined was poisoning with a military-grade nerve agent.