The West’s sole prerogative is that Russia has no right to self-defense… even when the threat is right on its border, by Daniel Kovalik | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Somehow Russia moving troops within its own country poses an existential threat to the West and risks World War III. From Daniel Kovalik at

… tensions increase between Moscow and NATO over a buildup of troops near the Donbass, actually initiated by Ukraine, the West’s apparent position is that Russia has no right to self-defense. That’s been the case for decades.Having grown up in middle America during the waning years of the Cold War, I possessed a not-so-healthy fear of an imminent Soviet invasion or attack… It is quite incredible to me that, nearly 60 years later, with the USSR itself having fallen in the meantime, these words still ring true in the West today.Continue reading→

US sanctions could spark Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine, Russian state media claims | Ukraine Today .org

US sanctions on Russia could be met with a full-scale invasion of eastern Ukraine, according to the editor in chief of the Kremlin-funded RT.

On Thursday the United States announced sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of 10 diplomats in retaliation for what Washington says is the Kremlin’s U.S. election interference, a huge cyber attack and other hostile activity…

Putin’s saber-rattling reflects Russian rage over the loss of Ukraine | Ukraine Today .org

… Since the beginning of 2021, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has taken a number of bold and unexpected steps to marginalize his country’s pro-Kremlin forces, while at the same time decisively aligning his administration with the geopolitical goal of Euro-Atlantic integration….

Washington seeks to expose Russian intelligence activity – BBC News

The most surprising element of the much-trailed US response to alleged Russian cyber-attacks and other acts was the sheer amount of detail on public display.

In a flurry of statements, the US published a vast trove of amount of information about Russian intelligence activities, including naming front organisations and individuals who have worked with Moscow in recent years.

The aim of the measures was to send a signal and to impose costs, making it harder for Russia to operate and deter future activity.

One Russian tech company which supports the Federal Security Service (FSB) but also does work for foreign governments and international companies was accused…

China Officially ‘Enemy Number 1’ In Annual US Threat Assessment Report

Via, On April 13th, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released [pdf] its annual threat assessment report. The report reflects the collective insights of the Intelligence Community (IC), which is committed every day to providing the nuanced, independent, and unvarnished…

Russia’s Putin authorised pro-Trump ‘influence’ campaign, US intelligence says – BBC News

Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to have authorised attempts to influence last year’s US election in favour of former President Donald Trump, intelligence officials say.

Moscow spread “misleading or unsubstantiated allegations” about the eventual winner, Joe Biden, according to a US government report.

But it said no foreign government had compromised the final results.

Russia called the allegations of election interference “baseless”.

“The conclusions of the report… are confirmed solely by the confidence of the intelligence services of their self-righteousness,” the Russian embassy in Washington said in a statement. “No facts or specific evidence of such claims were provided.”…

US poised to impose sanctions on Russia for cyber-attacks – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Weren’t there fake polling papers from China? Had China influenced the 2020 election?

The sanctions, expected as soon as Thursday, target more than 30 Russian entities and include the expulsion of at least 10 individuals from the US.

Diplomats will reportedly be among those targeted.

Basil Kalymon: Nord Stream 2 and the Donbas | Ukraine Today .org

This idea, surfaced in an April 13 op-ed by Colin Cleary, a retired U.S. State Department official, is reminiscent of the Barack Obama era “reset” policy with Russia which led to a dead end. The arguments in favor of such an approach are fully based on wishful thinking and ignore the reality of Russia’s motives and behavior. The proposal further fails to properly recognize the economics of the gas trade between Russia, Ukraine, and Europe.

First of all, the proposal of a trade-off makes the presumption that Russia would adhere to any agreement which it signs with regard to a withdrawal from Donbas or gas flows through the Ukrainian gas pipeline. Russia has flagrantly violated its past agreement guaranteeing the territorial integrity of Ukraine by its takeover and annexation of Crimea and continues a thinly veiled invasion of the Donbas. Repeatedly, agreements reached about ceasefires in Donbas have been violated. Russia has also used cut-offs of gas to Ukraine repeatedly as a strategic weapon. Any agreement to continue gas flows through Ukraine could easily be breached as gas flows to Europe could then be maintained through Nord Stream II.

U.S. at OSCE: Russia’s military activities near Ukraine not a routine exercise | Ukraine Today .org

Russia’s military activities near Ukraine’s border are not a routine military exercise, and Russia also massed forces in 2008 and 2014, before the start of military operations against Georgia and Ukraine, respectively, according to Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Mission to the OSCE Courtney Austrian.

She said this at a special joint meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council and the OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation on Wednesday, April 14.