Malaysia accuses China of conducting ‘suspicious’ activity over contested South China Sea – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Aggression on others in their disasters is not unusual for immoral nations.

Malaysia’s air force says 16 Chinese military transport planes came close to violating Malaysian airspace after they were detected conducting “suspicious” activity over the South China Sea.The Chinese planes did not contact the regional air traffic controller despite being instructed several times, the air force said.

Why the Black Sea Might Make or Break Russia’s Sea Power | Ukraine Today .org

On June 14, NATO will be holding a summit in Brussels, and at the top of the agenda will be the rising Russian presence in the Mediterranean. As a precursor to the summit, the NATO Steadfast Defender 2021 exercise kicked off early this month off the Coast of Portugal. The live maritime exercise includes participation from 11 allied nations from North America and Europe, and it will be led by U.S. Second Fleet Commander Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis, who also heads NATO’s Joint Force Command Norfolk.

“This is a much more subtle fight – literally from seabed to outer space across all domains – when compared to World War Two’s transportation of goods and manpower from North America to Europe,” Lewis said in describing the exercise.

Israel’s Assault on Gaza Left 400,000 Without Regular Access to Clean Water |

by Jake Johnson

Israel’s deadly 11-day assault on the Gaza Strip left an estimated 400,000 of the occupied territory’s roughly two million people without access to a regular supply of clean water, a humanitarian nightmare that is driving calls for immediate international aid and an end to the 14-year Israeli blockade.

In addition to killing more than 240 Palestinians—including dozens of children—and displacing tens of thousands, Israel’s aerial and artillery bombardment further devastated Gaza’s infrastructure, from sewage systems to electricity lines that power the coastal enclave’s water desalination plants.

US and Russia FIGHT a New COLD WAR in Arctic | VikingLifeBlog


The US and Russia are going toe to toe in the Arctic Circle. As climate change shrinks the polar ice caps, new shipping routes are opening up and Russia wants to set the rules. And it’s using its new chairmanship of the Arctic Council to do that. If that doesn’t work, there’s always the Russian military…

Palestine: Hamas Defeats Israel, by The Saker | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Israel’s enemies in the Middle East know it is not invincible. From The Saker at

Just like in 2006, when both Ehud Olmert and George Bush declared that the “invincible IDF” had, yet again, achieved a “glorious victory” and the entire Middle-East almost died laughing hearing this ridiculous claim, today both the US and Israeli propaganda machine have declared another “glorious” victory for the “Jewish state of Israel” cum “sole democracy in the Middle-East”. And, just like in 2006, everybody in the region (and in Zone B) knows that the truth is that the Zionist entity suffered a huge, humiliated, defeat. Let’s try to unpack this.

First, a few numbers. The combat operations lasted two weeks. All other missile numbers are in dispute. Rather than trust this or that source,…

China and the Philippines’ tense stand-off over Scarborough Shoal leaves fishermen in fear – ABC News

The international tribunal rejected China’s territorial claim in 2016, although it acknowledged Chinese fishermen had enjoyed traditional fishing rights in the area that were “not extinguished”. 

It found China had violated its duty to respect the traditional fishing rights of Philippine fishermen by halting access to the shoal after May 2012


(GAZA CITY) WhatsApp Report: Ceasefire called on Friday but just after social media blocks Palestinian reporters are blocked #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – May.26: Other journalists, in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank as well as Gaza, said their accounts had also been blocked.

WhatsApp blocks Palestinian reporters, violating digital rights: Messaging app WhatsApp has blocked the accounts of dozens of Palestinian journalists following this month’s Israeli violence against the Palestinians and resistance group Hamas, reporters said according to French Press Agency – AFP

Turkey says support of Ukraine’s territorial integrity “matter of principle” | Ukraine Today .org

21:45, 25.05.21 – UNIAN

The Ukrainian top diplomat thanked the Turkish side for their firm position of non-recognition of the attempts by Russia to legitimize the temporary occupation of Crimea.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has called support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine a matter of principle for Turkey.

As reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the statement came as Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba held a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart.

Kuleba thanked Çavuşoğlu for the firm position of non-recognition of the attempts by Russia to legitimize the temporary occupation of Crimea, as well as for the strong support of the Crimean Platform initiative.

“Ukraine is grateful to Turkey for its adherence to principles in the Crimea issue. Kyiv and Ankara are unanimous in understanding that Crimea is Ukraine. It was, is, and will be. Attempts to legitimize the temporary Russian occupation of the peninsula are doomed to failure,” Kuleba stressed.

In turn, Çavuşoğlu confirmed Turkey’s unconditional support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, assured that the Turkish side is ready to take part in the Crimean Platform summit on August 23 this year and its further work…


Barbados Underground

Submitted by Pachamama

Those who have determined that the position ante be returned to are merely requiring of the Palestinians the continuation of dying in silence. Again, the Zionists are killing a high percentage of women and children as war crimes are committed with impunity.

This is a Western imposed silence about the genocide of the Palestinian peoples by an Apartheid regime for seventy-three years since the Nakba, or Catastrophe, of 1948. Genocide binds the regime in Washington to its agents in occupied Palestine.

The illegal Zionist regime could not exist for these many decades, in the middle of the Islamic world, without the sustained support of the United States of America principally, western European countries and others.

Amongst these is Germany – the country which committed all manner of atrocities against the Jewish peoples, and others, during World War Two. One dark day has long been replaced by another…

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Furious China Says It “Expelled” US Destroyer That “Illegally” Entered Territorial Waters

 China is furious and has lashed out Thursday over allegations that a US warship entered Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea. It comes two days after a PLA Navy ship followed the USS Curtis Wilbur as it conducted a “routine transit” through…