HMS Queen Elizabeth to lead carrier fleet to Indo-Pacific region over tensions with China

The American destroyer, USS The Sullivans, with a squadron of 10 US Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II aircraft will be part of the fleet, along with HNLMS Evertsen of the Royal Netherlands Navy. They will operate alongside six Royal Navy ships, a British submarine with Tomahawk Cruise missiles, 14 naval helicopters, eight RAF fast jets and a company of Royal Marines…

Non-Prophylactically Ironic Dome over the Occupied Palestine | Aletho News

By Mansoureh Tajik for the Saker Blog | April 25, 2021

Exactly at 1:20 am (Tehran time) on Thursday, April 22, 2021 a missile hit near Dimona nuclear reactor, the “secret” nuclear site in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The Jerusalem Post headlined the event as “Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor, interception fails.”[1] The article went on to story the event as follows:

“It was unclear at first from where the missile was launched. Several signs indicated it having been launched from Iraq, while according to other reports, it came from the city of Daraa in southern Syria following an Israeli airstrike.”

“IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman told reporters that ‘the explosion was due to the firing of an SA-5 surface-to-air missile toward Israel from Syria that exploded in the southern Negev. The firing of the missile came during Israeli airstrikes in southern Syria,’ Zilberman said, and that ‘it was an errant missile and not directed toward the Dimona nuclear reactor.’”

It was not an errant missile. It did not come from where the General said it came. It was not during Israeli airstrikes in southern Syria. The interception did not fail because there was interception. The missile was directed toward exactly where it needed to hit near Dimona nuclear reactor and it hit exactly at 1:20 am the time Sardar Soleimani, the martyred commander of Qods Force was assassinated. The hit had a message.

The missile strike (not “landing” as if it were some civilian passenger airline) on the land in the vicinity of Dimona took place 22 hours after another serious explosion that happened inside Tomer factory which develops and manufactures military equipment including missiles for Israeli Defense. About Tomer, Haaretz reported:

“The explosion occurred during a ‘routine test’ by the Tomer factory for advanced weapons, which develops rocket engines, the Ofek satellite launchers and houses various types of missiles. In response to the blast, Tomer said ‘this was a controlled test with no exceptional circumstances.’ Tomer’s factory is located in central Israel, and in proximity to residential areas. The company manufactures missiles for use by the IDF and other Israeli defense systems. They are the manufacturers behind Israel’s Arrow 4 missile interception system.”[2]

Again, no. The explosion did not occur during a routine test and it was not a controlled test. The explosion was in fact controlled but not by any force friendly to Tomer, the Zionist entity, or IDF. That explosion, too, had a message. On Tuesday, April 20, in a public speech delivered during funeral procession held for Sardar Hejazi, the vice commander of Qods Force, Sardar Qa’ani, the current Commander of Qods Force (replacing Sardar Soleimani after his martyrdom) clearly and unambiguously declared:

“Today, in the resistance fronts from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, and the Children of Resistance [informal term that refers to all resistance fighters] every single day, delivers one major operation against the enemies including [US] America and Israel and they will continue this path until the global command has been achieved.”[3]

This statement was not a threat nor a warning nor a promise by Sardar Qa’ani. It was a declaration. The news vice commander of Qods Force, who was appointed after the martyrdom of Sardar Hejazi, announced on Thursday, April 22:

“The usurper Zionist regime must know that the resistance group in every segment of the planet earth are positioned right next to you and are getting you closer to your dusk.”[4]

In an interview conducted by Tasnim News Agency on Friday, April 23, with Hadi Qabisi, the director of Al-Ittihad Center for Development and Research, regarding recent explosions in Israel, he explained:

“The rules of engagement in the framework of the Resistance in terms of their demand and direction has changed. This now affects the change in balance in the region if the Resistance decides to go to war.”

“Mere shooting of missile from Syria to the occupied territories and reaching of that missile to Naqab region, regardless of what kind of missile whether it was air-to-air or surface-to-air or surface-to-surface, makes evident the inability of Israel defense system dubbed Iron Dome. This shows the erosion of Zionist Regime’s deterrence power while the capabilities of the Resistance Axis are increasing day by day. The consequence has a negative impact on all aspects of Zionist Regime. In addition, this military development cannot be separated from other events in the region such as Iran’s capability and power to strengthen its position in Vienna talks or an increasing tension between two global poles ([US] America and Russia) in other critical scenes such as Ukraine.”[5]

On Sunday, April 25, 2021, Major General Muhammad Baqeri, the Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces, said:

“The Zionists think they could permanently target Syrian soil, create mischief in other places and in the sea without backlash. For certain, several operations in recent days and operations that are forthcoming will have a sobering effect on them and the future of the Resistance is quite bright. We will not announce anything about who exactly is doing which operation but responses from the Resistance camp to Zionists are quite significant. We will not specify the operation but Zionist regime will not be in peace.”[6]

On April 22, 2021, a letter signed by two members of the congressmen, Ted Deutch and Michael T. McCaul, and co-signed by nearly 300 other members, urged the full funding of security assistance to Israel in the Fiscal Year 2022 appropriations bills. An excerpt from the letter reads:

“Israel continues to face direct threats from Iran and its terrorist proxies. In February, an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman was hit by a mysterious explosion that Israel has attributed as an attack by Iran. In 2019, Hizballah launched three anti-tank missiles at an Israeli Defense Forces vehicle in Israel. Hizballah is estimated to have an arsenal of over 130,000 rockets and missiles, and is believed to be developing new precision-guided munitions to be deployed in Lebanon. American security assistance to Israel helps counter these threats, and our rock-solid security partnership serves as a deterrent against even more significant attacks on our shared interests.”

“Congress is committed to maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge and its ability to defend itself, by itself, against persistent threats. Our aid to Israel is a vital and cost-effective expenditure which advances important U.S. national security interests in a highly challenging region.”[7]

Regarding maintaining Israel’s “qualitative military edge”, firstly, maintenance is for that which already exists. The famed prophylactic dome is engineered to emulate eyed Swiss cheese and can protect Israel exactly as much as it has done for Saudi Arabia and US bases in Iraq and Persian Gulf oil well states with flag. Secondly, the cost of maintaining illusions in West Asia has decidedly increased exponentially for the United States of America and its most cherished regimes.


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(MANILA) The Philippines is beefing up its presence in the South China Sea and deploying more ships and an aircraft to protect its maritime territory and resources, a government task force said on Wednesday #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Apr.23: The deployment is the latest move in an ongoing feud with China over what Manila called “swarming” by hundreds of fishing vessels it said were manned by Chinese state-backed militias. China has denied militias were aboard:

April: 21, 2021:

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered authorities to continue “sovereignty patrols”, and intensify operations against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in its territorial waters, the task force said.

U.S.-ally the Philippines has filed several diplomatic protests over Chinese activities in the South China Sea, with the latest accusing its giant neighbour of illegal fishing and massing more than 240 boats within its EEZ. 

South China Sea dispute: China’s pursuit of resources ‘unlawful’, says US – BBC News


What did Mr Pompeo say?

In a statement on Monday, Mr Pompeo denounced China’s claims on the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, saying Beijing had “no legal grounds to unilaterally impose its will on the region”.

He said the US, which has previously said it does not take sides in territorial disputes, rejected Beijing’s claims to waters off Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Any [People’s Republic of China] action to harass other states’ fishing or hydrocarbon development in these waters – or to carry out such activities unilaterally – is unlawful,” he said.

“The world will not allow Beijing to treat the South China Sea as its maritime empire.”

…Four years after an international tribunal in The Hague ruled that China’s claims in the region had no legal basis, the US has for the first time officially made its stance clear…

South China Sea

South China Sea dispute: Huge Chinese ‘fishing fleet’ alarms Philippines – BBC News

Defence Minister Delfin Lorenzana said the Chinese ships were violating the Philippines’ maritime rights.

The Philippines says the fishing boats do not appear to be fishing and are crewed by China’s maritime militia…

BBC World Service – From Our Own Correspondent, A dispute in the South China Sea

… the amassing of around 200 large ships at Whitsun Reef within the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone. China claims they are fishing vessels, sheltering from bad weather, but the Philippine government say they are militia boats, encroaching on its territory.

Russia ‘to pull troops back’ from near Ukraine – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: The Oriental tactics is Threatening in the East to actually strike in the West. The alliance of Russia-China only threatened in the Ukrainian theater to let China use its Navy and paramilitary force to actually OCCUPIED part of the Sea of West Philipines.

After weeks of tension over a build-up of Russian troops close to Ukraine’s border, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has ordered a number of units in the area back to their bases…

Philippines beefs up military muscle in wake of alleged Chinese aggression in South China Sea – ABC News

The Philippines government has set up a South China Sea task force, which has confirmed that more ships and an aircraft will be deployed to protect the country’s maritime territory and resources…

The deployment comes months after China authorised its coast guard to fire on ‘foreign’ vessels in Chinese-claimed portions of the South China Sea, which covers almost all of the resource-rich and strategic waterway.

China Accuses US, Japan of ‘Ganging Up’ Against Beijing – Nwo Report

China says it’s prepared to take “all necessary measures to resolutely defend its sovereignty, security, and development interests.”

Source: Sputnik

Friday saw US President Joe Biden meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in Washington, during which the two reportedly discussed the “severe security environment” and China’s actions in the Indo-Pacific region, among other topics.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has warned Japan and the US against meddling in China’s domestic affairs, warning that Beijing will take “all necessary measures to resolutely defend its sovereignty, security, and development interests”.

In a statement on Sunday, the spokesperson accused the two of “actually ganging up to form cliques and fanning bloc confrontation”, adding that “this anachronistic move runs counter to the aspiration for peace, development, and cooperation shared by the overwhelming majority of countries in the region and beyond”.

The statement comes a few days after US President Joe Biden sat down with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in Washington to discuss an array of pressing issues, including those related to China’s growing “assertiveness” on the global arena.

During the Friday talks, the two specifically expressed concern over China’s alleged military activity around a group of islands in the East China Sea.

Tokyo-Beijing Row Over East China Sea

Beijing and Tokyo remain embroiled in a longstanding dispute over the status of uninhabited islands in the area, known as the Diaoyu Islands in China and the Senkaku Islands in Japan.

Tokyo maintains it has had sovereignty over them since 1895, while Beijing claims that the islands are marked as a Chinese territory on Japanese maps circa 1783 and 1785.

Following World War II, the islands were controlled by the US and handed over to Japan in 1972. China believes Japan illegally seized them, while Tokyo maintains that Beijing began claiming the islands after the 1970s, when the surrounding water was found to be full of valuable minerals. The tensions escalated after the Japanese government bought three of the islands from a private owner in 2012.

Biden and Suga also voiced alarm about issues pertaining to the South China Sea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, which prompted Beijing to respond by insisting that the Chinese government has “indisputable sovereignty” over Taiwan and the South China Sea islands and that “issues relating to Hong Kong and Xinjiang are purely China’s internal affairs”.

South China Sea Spat

Apart from Beijing, the South China Sea territories are claimed by a host of countries, including the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Despite having no claims to the area, the US is also actively engaged in the dispute, repeatedly sending its military vessels to the South China Sea to fulfill “freedom of navigation” missions.

This causes flak from Beijing who describes such acts as “provocations” and is often involved in holding war games in the area.

Taiwan Issue

Though the US, along with many other countries, does not recognise Taiwan as a sovereign nation and officially sticks to the “One China” policy, Washington has maintained informal relations with the island since severing diplomatic ties with it in 1979.

Beijing, in turn, has repeatedly called Taiwan a sensitive issue in its relations with Washington, as China considers the island to be an essential part of its territory. China is especially uneasy over Taiwan’s cooperation with the US in the defence sector.