City Puts 89-Year-Old Grandmother’s Home Up For Auction Over $0.06 in Unpaid Taxes

…“You can keep paying that quarterly payment, but the back payment triggers an amount that eventually can cause a tax sale,” said Siciliano. “This is all computer-generated, not something that a human can correct.”

After Suhay shed light on her mother’s case, the mayor was forced to respond by reaching out to state officials to create legislation to increase limits on how much is owed before a tax sale is triggered. Perhaps they may raise the unpaid tax bill to $0.07 before stealing an elderly woman’s home…

Biden Tries To Shift The Blame From Democrats – He Just Dared To Pin Blue City Riots On Trump – Wake Up To The Truth

During the Republican National Convention this week, President Donald
Trump made it clear: he condemns the riots spreading across the

Specifically, he said “we must never allow mob rule,” and proceeded
to list the cities where civil unrest has been most prominent. All the
cities he cited were mostly Democrat-run.

This included Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, and most recently, Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The President continued to target left-wing politicians in his
speech, and said Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden and other
Democrats “were completely silent” about the riots:

If the Democrat Party wants to stand with anarchists, agitators, rioters, looters, and flag burners, that is up to them.

But I as your president will not be part of it. The Republican Party
will remain the voice of the patriotic heroes who keep America safe and
salute the American flag.

But Biden must’ve been watching because it wasn’t long before he responded on Twitter.

He tried to turn the President’s remarks around by saying that the violence has actually happened on Trump’s watch.

Here’s the actual tweet:

Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch. Under his leadership. During his presidency.

However, many called out Biden’s reply as being misleading.

First and foremost is something Trump specifically mentioned in his
speech: the fact that the violence is found mostly in Democrat-run

Furthermore, the Trump administration has frequently offered these
cities federal assistance to deal with the problem. And many Democrat
governors have rejected the offer.

Biden is trying to pin the blame on Donald Trump, but it’s difficult to do given the statistics and circumstances.

Royal Melbourne Hospital doctor hit with parking fine says inspectors are targeting health workers during coronavirus crisis – ABC News

“So when you send a parking inspector to Parkville, know that it is these people you are targeting.”

“We cannot work from home. We come here, and we sweat it out under our gowns, our voices muffled under masks, learning to ‘smile with our

eyes’,” she said.

… “We do not see our families for weeks.”

“Slapping fines on our cars is one hell of a thank you.”

By midday, the first post in Dr Arandjelovic’s thread had been retweeted more than 1,000 times and liked more than 2,200 times.

Why we should NOT save Portland, Seattle or any other liberal city that’s collapsing into anarchy… let them live with the consequences of their own votes – Wake Up To The Truth

If he does nothing, President Trump runs the risk of being seen as weak, allowing mobs to tear down courthouses, loot commercial districts, and take over entire police precincts. But by staying out of the state and local city business, President Trump may ultimately get to show strength and resolve, letting these liberal voters live with the consequences of their “peace,” “love,” and “equality.”

Democrat-ruled cities should clean up their own mess

Yes, these left-wing mobs

Government-watch AUS 2020 July

2020 July 23

Australian Federal Government

Federal Government has realized that its has given more money to people during the pandemic than they would have earned without Covid.

Some part-time employed people are happy with the Jobkeeper payment of $1400/fornight from the Federal Government. They would earn far less than that without the pandemic.

Unemployed people are happy that they received $600/fornight additional payments for Jobseeker package during the pandemic.

Struggling business so far has received nothing for themselves. Jobkeeper packages are to be forwarded to their employees.

Budget deficit with Covid is of order AUD 200 Billions over an economy of about AUD 2000 Billion.

Reasonable responsibility of Australian Federal Government has made Australian dollar climbing to USD 0.71.

Government of the Victorian State of Australia

Everyday the Premier of the State has 30 minute TV prime time show. He rarely tells the main points of his talks.

People are still in the dark about where the hot spots are and how infectious they are.

Landlords cannot evict tenants until September no matter how destructive the tenants are to their properties.

State Goverments in Australia receive GST taxes collected by Federal Government on their behalves.

State Land Tax has shot up to about AUD 600/year for small apartments in Melbourne. There are minuscule reductions to land taxes to landlords who reduce rents to struggling tenants.

Local Governments in Victoria

Local councils should have:

• Set up sanitizer dispensers at busy spots in each council.

• Set up distribution points for sanitizers, masks, toilet papers, food.

• Organize the distribution of food and toilet paper to residents who cannot go to shop.

They all have not done anything like that.

• Right now salary employees of Councils are enjoying reduced work load while their salaries are still the same.

Instead, Brimbank City still sent out Globe Replacers to 2 Sisters Restaurant on its main shopping strip on the date of 2020 July 22nd. What a joke of accountability.

Lord Mayor of City of Melbourne said she leads by example. She has done not many useful things for the pandemic and is proud of staying home and pulling out a permit system for take away food delivery. Let us remember that she is receiving a salary whether she stays at home ir not.

City of Brimbanks dig up its main shopping strip without much consultation with its shop owners. Fortunately for the City of Brimbanks, the pandemic had come at the right time and no one pay anymore attention on the digging of the main shopping strip.

These governments are at third levels, are under the Minister of Local Governments of each State Government. These Local goverments are mostly wasters of council rates collected from residents. Rates are currently AUD 700/year for small apartments in Melbourne.

Only 1/2 of collected rates are actually spent on Real Services: Rubbish collection, Road repairs, Primary Schools, Library, Parks.

The other half of collected rates are WASTED on:

Oversea Study Trips by Councillors. The trips should be better given to permanent employees of councils.

• Paying costs for Councilors to attend Council matters. This includes the outrageous child minding costs for the grand children of a Councilor!

• Wastefull projects like Gender Equality Traffic Signs, LGBT promotion, Climate emergency.

• Outright wastes such as employing well connected business to replace 2 light globes (bought at AUD 10/ pair) for residents at a cost of AUD 100 / (2 light globes) to the Councils.

Rebellious Mallacoota bypasses government to lead its own bushfire recovery – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Everywhere residents are often neglected by locally elected politicians who are only interested in trendy politics, their own marketing and personal (undisclosed) financial interests. “Local Governments” are often useless and wasteful of public money, they should be abolished as they are of the optimal size to breed corruption (being powerful enough for planning decisions but too small for corruption watch).

…The town and surrounding districts have created their
own incorporated body which now has nearly 800 members, in a town of

Mallacoota lies at the edge of the East
Gippsland Shire, nearly three hours from the local council headquarters
in Bairnsdale. Ms Harwood said the town had a difficult relationship
with the council.

“We have felt that we are not
always at the forefront of the shire’s decision-making process, which is
why the town running its own recovery was so important,” she said.

Trump and Barr Fooled Them All


Peaceful protests across the country about the death of a black man named George Floyd in police custody in
Minneapolis quickly turned into a series of violent nationwide riots.

It turned out much of this rioting seen across America was orchestrated by anarchist groups loosely referred to by the name “Antifa.”

President Trump and Attorney General William Barr on May 31 announced that Antifa had been designated as a terror group and that all federal law enforcement agencies were now coordinating their efforts through the 56 FBI Joint Terrorism Task
Forces to “identify criminal organizers and instigators.”

While the Democrats and the media anticipated getting the optics they so desperately craved of Trump sending in soldiers with bayonets fixed charging at the “peaceful
protesters,” what they got instead was the sudden appearance of a bunch
of federal tactical units from the FBI, the Secret Service, the DEA, ATF, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Bureau of Prisons, and other
agencies, in full gear, many with no rifles, and certainly no bayonets.

As the entire nation is about to belatedly discover, federal agents do not need the permission of governors or mayors before they can enter a state or a city to enforce
federal laws and arrest those who are breaking them.

And it happens to be a federal crime to conduct terror attacks against American communities.

It seems the play among some Democrat governors and mayors was to refuse to call in the National Guard while also making their police departments stand down and give the rioters
“space to destroy,” which would cause the situation to become so bad that Trump would be forced to act.

And the act they anticipated the president to take was to seize in the U.S. military in to restore order. This would have then allowed them to play their “Trump the Dictator” narrative all the way to the election...

But Trump didn’t do what they expected.

But Trump is simply too smart for these people. He sent in the feds, who spent the past week quietly taking down Antifa behind the scenes. And now it’s mostly over.

Once again, they lose, he wins.

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Author: {The Epoch Times}

Poor People and Minorities Are Victimized by “Predatory Cities” | International Liberty

One week ago, I wrote about how the welfare state creates high implicit marginal tax rates, thus making it difficult for low-income people to climb out of poverty and dependence.

But that’s not the only way that poor people are victimized by big government.

Another very serious problem is the way local and state governments impose a plethora of fees, fines and charges that can wreck the lives of the less fortunate.

In a column for the New York Times, Professor Bernadette Atahuene of the Chicago-Kent College of Law opines on the problem of greedy local governments.

I coined the term “predatory cities” to describe urban areas where public officials systematically take property from residents and transfer it to public coffers… Ferguson, Mo., is one well-known predatory city.

As a 2015 Department of Justice report showed, the police in Ferguson systematically targeted African-Americans and subjected them to excessive fines and fees. …local courts issued arrest warrants for unpaid fines and fees… Minor offenses, like parking infractions, resulted in jail time… The Ferguson Police Department and courts prioritized revenue raising over public safety, transforming Ferguson into a predatory city.

Professor Atahuene cites the pernicious policies of New Orleans and Washington, D.C. (and note that asset forfeiture is one of the problems).

New Orleans is another. …Orleans Parish Criminal District Court’s primary source of funding was the fines and fees it collected. This created a structural incentive for judges to aggressively and erroneously pursue payment from those with no ability to pay, turning New Orleans into a predatory city. Washington, D.C., is yet another predatory city. While civil asset forfeiture laws allow the police to seize property that they suspect was involved in a crime, in Washington, D.C., property owners had to post bonds of up to $2,500 in order to challenge the seizure. If the owner could not raise money in time, the D.C. Police Department sold the property, and the money went into its annual budget. In a two-year period, the Police Department made $4.8 million in profit by seizing money from over 8,500 people as well as seizing 339 vehicles.

Every decent human being should get upset about the grotesque way that politicians are mistreating their residents.

Especially since poor people are being disproportionately victimized.

By the way, it appears that Professor Atahuene is not a libertarian. She wants Congress to approve a big bailout, based on the theory that state and local politicians will be less likely to engage in what I’ve called “rapacious revenue-raising tactics” if they get big buckets of money from Uncle Sam.

Needless to say, I think that would be a mistake.

But I don’t think someone needs to agree with me on everything, or even most things, if we can periodically find common ground on proposals that would improve the lives of people (not just on the need to curtail greedy local governments, but also on issues such as over-criminalization and police unions).

P.S. I wonder if there would be fewer petty fines, fees, and charges if they were levied on the ability to pay, thus making higher-income people more sensitive to the problem?

Covering His Culo: Cuomo says ‘nobody’ should be prosecuted over coronavirus deaths amid criticism over nursing home policy – Wake Up To The Truth

The ultimate cover-your-ass move. Thousands of seniors died as a result of his homicidal nursing home policy.

Cuomo says ‘nobody’ should be prosecuted over coronavirus deaths amid criticism over nursing home policy

By FOX News, May 18, 2020:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
said “nobody” should be prosecuted over coronavirus deaths, including
nursing homes, saying older people were “always going to die from this

Cuomo has come under fire for his policy enacted March 25 forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 positive patients, which has only recently been reversed.

One reporter at an Albany press conference on Sunday asked the
governor what he had to say to families who had lost loved ones in
nursing homes to coronavirus. “They’re looking for accountability and
they feel that they were failed, what’s the comment to that?”

Cuomo noted that 139 people had died in New York state from
the virus on Saturday. “How do we get justice for those families? Who
can we prosecute for those deaths? Nobody. Mother Nature, God, where did
this virus come from? People are going to die by this virus, that is
the truth.”


NYC Mayor di Blasio says That NYC will be Open in a few more months | Kingsjester’s Blog

However, to attempt to close down one of the Biggest metropolitan areas in the whole wide world for “a few more months, at least” shows an insensitivity to those New Yorkers who need to go back to work right now in over to keep up with their bills.

Like Governor Whitmer of Michigan, Mayor de Blasio seems to be quite enamored of the level of control which he has over the citizens of New York City.

This is the same guy who New York’s Finest (the police) have been turning their backs on when he speaks in public.

This is a Mayor who will be hollering and screaming to his staff to “get me the White House please”…because he is extremely positive that his state will get bailed out again.

De Blasio is an embarrassment,