Parler CEO Flees Home with His Family, Goes Into Hiding After Receiving Death Threats | The Wentworth Report

Because of Big Tech censorship, Parler, the free speech alternative to Twitter, became the fastest growing social media company — until they got deplatformed by Amazon, Apple and Google in a coordinated attack. …

Parler responded to the deplatforming by filing a lawsuit against Amazon.

According to a new filing by Parler’s lawyers, John Matze was forced to flee his home with his family and go into hiding after receiving “deaths threats” and “invasive personal security breaches.”

Opposing the left without protection is foolhardy. 

Mass Arrests On The Way! | Call Me Stormy

… Jones promised if Pieczenik is correct, Jones will pay him up to $200,000 annually to serve as a daily commentator on the InfoWars broadcasts. Pieczenik took the bet, and said he would never appear again on the show if he’s proven wrong. He served in the Secretary of State’s office during the administrations of George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

Tulsi Gabbard Reveals How Big Tech Gets Away With Censorship

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard saw a lot during her eight years in Congress, including the ascendency of the big tech overlords whom she says are so powerful now it is impossible to regulate them.

And the reason is a familiar one: To paraphrase the song and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), it’s “all about the Benjamins.”…


It’s a once in a century gift to have someone like the Donald who is wealthy enough to not be bought by America’s cesspool called a government AND who is thick-skinned enough to endure the non-stop attacks that the Democrats and Republicans and their media outlets will unleash on anyone who tries GENUINE reform like Trump has done.

The fascists in both parties proved how terrified they are of Trump and his millions of supporters by the way they have absurdly overblown the events of Wednesday. See my article HERE regarding the hilarious hypocrisy from Democrats who usually never see a protest or a riot they don’t encourage.

It is remarkable how much this man STILL strikes fear into the hearts of America’s hate-filled, divisive and totalitarian political and media establishment. I repeat, he is NOT a career politician and that’s why he has always been worth rooting for. He’s the kind of reformer that the left used to PRETEND they wanted…

Indonesia passenger plane missing after take-off – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Boeing 737 max aircrafts and their autopilots taking over from human pilots, then an engine failure after flying again. Now another model of 737… It is too much. I will fly with Airbus.

The Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 lost contact en route to Pontianak in West Kalimantan province, officials said.

Flight tracking website said the aircraft had lost more than 3,000m (10,000ft) in altitude in less than a minute…

Google suspends ‘free speech’ app Parler – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: There are two issues here: 1/-Google and Iphone may have infringed the anti-trust laws when they illegally (?) ban Parler from their phones. 2/- Is USA actually a democracy or is it only a Puppet/Zombie State totally controlled by another state and its democracy is only an illusion?

Google has suspended “free speech” social network Parler from its Play Store over its failure to remove “egregious content”.

Parler styles itself as “unbiased” social media and has proved popular with people banned from Twitter…

Why think that the Biden / Harris administration will impose fascism? | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


In order to predict the future, it’s a good idea to look at the past. In this post, I want to try to review the some actions of Democrats, to see if they are for or against fascism.

First, consider the case of the IRS persecuting conservative groups during Obama’s re-election campaign. The Obama administration didn’t want conservatives influencing the election, so they just used government as a weapon against them:

The True the Vote v. IRS lawsuit has finally come to a close with a stunning ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton ruling in favor of True the Vote; penalizing the IRS with maximum attorneys fees due to their unconstitutional discrimination against the group and their unethical behavior in the case.

This decision marks the end of a nearly decade long battle that first began in 2010, when federal government agencies including the IRS, DOJ, FBI…

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The Real Reason Hillary Isn’t in Jail – Socialism is not the Answer

This is where we get to the problem. When investigators took the server out of storage, they found that it had no chain of custody. What does that really mean? For two months, the FBI was unaware of the server’s existence. Now, this does not prove that anyone tampered with the server before it was investigated, but it does prove that anyone could have messed with it and the FBI would be unaware.

For perspective, if the same thing happened with a drug sample or a murder weapon, people would be fired. Then, they would be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. Losing a chain of custody is a big deal, and in this case, it’s a catastrophe. If nothing else, it shows exactly how tens of thousands of emails were able to disappear right under the nose of the FBI.

And, above all else, this case was too high profile for such a problem to be an honest mistake. The chain of custody was missing for a reason, and it is another strong piece of evidence that shows complete corruption within the FBI and the Clinton investigation…

Trump vs. The Establishment, by Paul Craig Roberts

The House and Senate, backed up by neoliberal Junk Economists Larry Summers and Paul Krugman and billionaire owned presstitute media, blocked President Trump’s effort to boost  the Covid relief package from $600 per American to $2,000.  The Democrat/Republican Establishment wanted the money for defense contractors instead.

The Lie Factory, a.k.a. New York Times, pretended that the issue was the popularity of giving a 3% pay hike to soldiers instead, but the real issue was about reestablishing the US budget as a piggy bank for the rich…

Dept of Health in Vic, Australia finally cannot hide the list of places having Covid infection.

by tonytran2015.

After its stubborness in hiding the list of places under infection has caused thousands of deadly infections and 3 months of lockdown resulting in huge economical damage to Victoria, the Labor led State government of Victoria, Australia has now yielded to public pressure and outcries and now release that list.

The health department’s list of exposure sites is currently available and may be updated regularly (?).

The State may now fight the Covid pandemic like any other places in the World.