Don Surber: Afghanistan learned the lesson of Vietnam

Comment by tonytran2015: The full article gives a good description of the mentality of Biden’s administration.

…the Taliban leaders and the leaders of the Afghan government we set up were reading about Vietnam. They knew the answer to John Kerry’s question in 1971, “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

That last man to die in Vietnam was not an American, but a Vietnamese soldier fighting for the Republic of Vietnam. Afghans decided they would not be the last to die in this war.

The Times story said, …”In fact, they were. Across Afghanistan the Taliban were methodically gathering strength by threatening tribal leaders in every
community they entered with warnings to surrender or die. They collected
weapons, ammunition, volunteers and money as they stormed from town to
town, province to province.”


Finally, to ignore the fact that we are now living in what are truly some very scary times, is to deny reality. We seem to have a rather significant number of our political elite who, in exchange for a few pieces of silver, have become allies of certain foreign powers interested in bringing about the demise of our country and replacing it as the world’s sole superpower. So the time has now come for all Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual persuasion to come together and ignore those trying so hard to divide us. We must put our petty differences aside and come together in the name of a cause that’s so much bigger than ourselves.

Regulators knew in 2020 that Covid-19 Vaccines would cause blood clots, heart damage, harm to children, and death | Aletho News


Every serious adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines that medicine regulators in both the USA and United Kingdom have been forced to admit is occurring was predicted by the very same medicine regulators to occur before the Covid-19 vaccines were even rolled out.

The following video was released by the US Food and Drug Administration in October 2020 and the person presenting the slides within the video skips past a slide entitled ‘Draft working list of possible adverse event outcomes’ as fast as he possibly can.

Skip to the 2 hour, 33 minute mark and see for yourself…

You’ll have noticed the slide read as follows –

“FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines: DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes ***Subject to change***

-Guillain-Barré syndrome
-Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
-Transverse myelitis
-Encephalitis /myelitis/encephalomyelitis/meningoencephalitis/meningitis/encephalopathy
-Narcolepsy and cataplexy
-Acute myocardial infarction
-Autoimmune disease
-Preganacy and birth outcomes
-Other acute demyelinating diseases
-Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
-Disseminated intervascular coagulation
-Venous thromboembolism
-Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain
-Kawasaki disease
-Multisymptom Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
-Vaccine enhanced disease”

All of the clotting and coagulation. All of the heart damage. All of the female reproductive issues. All of the people suffering heart attacks and strokes and people sadly dying. All of it was predicted by the medicine regulators before the jabs were even rolled out.

Even the multi-symptom inflammatory syndrome in children was predicted and it is a brand new disease where children have symptoms resembling toxic shock syndrome or Kawasaki disease, in which the coronary arteries enlarge or form aneurysms. Also common are heart inflammation with impaired heart function and low blood pressure, rash or red eyes, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Which is why we can be certain that vaccine enhanced disease also known as antibody-dependent enhancement is occurring and will occur, because the health regulators have predicted it will do so. This is precisely why Public Health England data shows that the double vaccinated have at least a 338% higher chance of death if infected with Covid-19.

The latest PHE report shows that up to the 15th August 2021 the fully vaccinated population had suffered a total of 679 deaths. This equates to 0.9% of all confirmed infections among the fully vaccinated population. Whereas the unvaccinated population had suffered just 390 deaths equating to just 0.2% of all confirmed infections.

The medicine regulators knew precisely what would happen to people once the Covid-19 injections were rolled out yet they allowed it to happen anyway. We wonder if Bill Gates being the primary funder of the UK’s Medicine Regulator the MHRA has anything to do with it? He only has major shares in both Pfizer and BioNTech so perhaps not?

Liberal Lawyer Freed Taliban Commando on Frontlines of Kabul Surge
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Updated: Escape from Kabul: U.S. Ambassador Flees Embassy, Americans Told to ‘Shelter in Place’ – Nwo Report – © blogfactory

Source: Kristina Wong The United States ambassador in Afghanistan has fled the U.S. Embassy in Kabul for the airport, according to multiple news reports. The ambassador fleeing the embassy came after Biden administration officials insisted the embassy would remain open. According to the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, the airport was “taking fire,” and Americans […]

Updated: Escape from Kabul: U.S. Ambassador Flees Embassy, Americans Told to ‘Shelter in Place’ – Nwo Report

The Insanity That’s Taking Place In Both New Zealand & Australia (Ron Paul) | Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Rand Paul commenting on the ridiculousness of locking down an entire country for one case of covid. As also does the related news video below.


Trump on Biden and Afghanistan: “This Is The Greatest Embarrassment In The History Of Our Country” | Video | RealClearPolitics | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Comment by tonytran2015: Please read the full original article. It gives a very good, coherent, comprehensive cover on this hot topic.


… We were spending $42 billion a year, $42 billion. Think of it, $42 billion. I understand Russia spends $50 billion a year for their entire military. We were spending $42 billion, not 1 percent..

…And I know the Bush family will not be happy. But I believe it was the worst decision in the history of our country when we decided to go into the Middle East. It’s turned out to be quicksand. We have destroyed the Middle East. Do you think it’s better now than it was 20, 21 years ago? It’s much worse. It was a horrible decision, cost us trillions of dollars and, if you look at both sides, because I like to look at both
sides, millions and millions of lives.

And it’s no different than it was. It’s much worse, because you have to rebuild. It has been blown to pieces. The worst decision ever made was going. You could do a strike as retribution, and it could be a big
strike, as retribution for the World Trade Center, et cetera, but to get stuck in there, it was like quicksand. So, we did a terrible thing….

He should’ve gotten the civilians out first. Then he should have taken the military equipment. We have billions of dollars of brand new beautiful equipment. Take the equipment out, and then take the soldiers out. And frankly, I said, take the soldiers out. But before you leave, blow up all the forts, because we built these forts that are being now used by the enemy. It’s not even believable. Watch the latest video at — Read on

Who will be held accountable for twenty years of lies about Afghanistan? | VikingLifeBlog


Hint: No one will.

For the first time in history, 100% of Afghanistan is under Taliban control

Renaissance Horizon

Opium in Taliban safehouse in Helmand