World War II started in 1933! | Justice for Germans

one could argue that World War II was merely a continuation of the first war, and that it was planned for, hoped for and prepared for, by the allies, and that it was virtually assured by the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles, with Germany forced to disarm, and to take full responsibility, as well as, to made to pay for it all, followed by the abdication by Kaiser Wilhelm II, and the sudden advent of the Weimar Republic as the coup de gras. Weimar proved in short order to be an abject failure, turning Germany into a political, social, cultural and economic basket case, rife with internal divisions, and subject to foreign influence, with no means to defend herself. This was further
fuelled by mass employment, massive debts, hyper-inflation, homelessness
and starvation, which was then followed by the Great Depression.