Statement from Pres Trump 6/9/21 – Trump:The American Years

Thank you to the Department of the Interior Inspector General for Completely and Totally exonerating me in the clearing of Lafayette Park!

As we have said all along, and it was backed up in today’s highly detailed and professionally written report, our fine Park Police made the decision to clear the park to allow a contractor to safely install antiscale fencing to protect from Antifa rioters, radical BLM protestors, and other violent demonstrators who are causing chaos and death to our cities. In this instance, they tried burning down the church the day before the clearing. Fortunately, we were there to stop the fire from spreading beyond the basement—and it was our great honor and privilege to do so. Again, thank you to the Inspector General!

New information into deadliest alleged Afghanistan war crime suggests civilians were killed by Australian special forces to cover tracks – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: These are the chilling accounts currently emerging from testimonies in an Australian court case.

‘They decided to kill all of them’

happens next comes from the testimony of the Australian Special
Operations officer who was deployed to Afghanistan alongside the SAS.

One of the men on that patrol will later return to base and tell the officer what unfolded in that field around the tractor.

The Special Operations officer agreed to be quoted by ABC Investigations but asked not to be identified.

told me from his perspective what happened, which was that the patrol
commander had accidentally shot one of this group of farmers,” the
officer said.

“And then they made the decision that they couldn’t leave anyone behind to tell [what happened].

“So, they decided to kill all of them.

“And he described the fact that there was a very young person, about 13 or 14, there.

“He described shooting someone as they hid within the tractor wheel, cowering.

can’t remember if that was the 14-year-old … I believe he said he shot
more than one, but I can’t remember the exact details.

“Honestly, it just sounded like a bit of a spree.”

That young person was Abdul Salim.

£1 billion compensation for genocide ‘too little too late’, Namibian tribes tell Germany | Ukraine Today .org

By Justin Huggler

BERLIN 2 June 2021

Namibian tribes have rejected Germany’s ‘offensive’ offer of €1.1bn (£950m) in recognition of an early 20th century genocide, throwing into doubt an agreement through which Berlin hoped to atone for the colonial atrocity. 

Germany for the first time officially recognised the systematic murder of tens of thousands of Herero and Nama men, women and children by its forces between 1904 and 1908 as genocide last week.

If the US Military are taught that their country is awful and racist, and needs dismantling, why should they lay down their lives to defend it? | The Wentworth Report

If the US Military are taught that their country is awful and racist, and needs dismantling, why should they lay down their lives to defend it? By Bruce Bawer.

Last month, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, the commander of a Colorado-based Space Force squadron, published a book entitled Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military.

On May 7, podcaster L. Todd Wood posted an interview with Lohmeier about the book. … A week to the day after the interview was posted, Lohmeier’s superiors abruptly relieved him of his command. …

Much of Lohmeier’s book consists of anecdotes about his encounters with the Marxist bilge now being endorsed by the Department of Defense in the name of “diversity and inclusion.”

For example, last year, after the death of George Floyd, Lohmeier and other men and women stationed at his base were shown two videos. One of them depicted American history as, in the words of its director, “400 years of white supremacy.” It portrayed the Constitution as oppressive and stated that all whites are racists, whether they know it or not. The other video described America as a “system of oppression,” accused Donald Trump of fueling “systematic racism,” presented Obama and the Clintons as anti-racist heroes, and promoted ideas about America that, in Lohmeier’s view, seemed intended “to justify…violent riots.” …

To feed members of the military this kind of propaganda is to plunge them into utter cognitive dissonance — into Orwellian Doublethink. If you’re going to promote such ideas — which paint America as a racist republic that shouldn’t be defended but overthrown — why have a military at all, unless you’re planning to use it to stage a Communist revolution?

Participating in an on-base discussion group, Lohmeier had to read the book So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo, which “teaches that the United States is ‘a white supremacist society’ that must be ‘dismantled piece by piece,’” …

All this, mind you, was going on during Donald Trump’s presidency. When Trump got wind of it, he issued an Executive Order requiring that the Department of Defense “immediately suspend diversity and inclusion training.” Yet military leaders, ignoring the order, continued to abet the spreading of these ideas. Did they get in trouble for disobeying the president? Of course not. Only those who agreed with their commander-in-chief were in danger of punishment — and Lohmeier knew it. …

He tells of white officers who’ve left the military because they’re sick of being told that “they are racists solely based on the color of their skin.”

He mentions a “non-white female” officer who quit because she felt valued not for “her work ethic and the quality of her work” but for “her ethnicity and sex.”

He describes high-school students who are loath to join the services because “they are unsure what their country stands for anymore.”

And he cites black West Point cadets who are unsure about pursuing an Army career because, having bought the Marxist line, they’re “conflicted about swearing an oath to defend a white supremacist country.”

Lohmeier personally knows an officer who’s tweeted that America’s systemic race problem won’t end until “we burn the system to the ground.” Did he get in trouble? Certainly not. …

Meanwhile, Lohmeier is being roundly trashed all over the place by his moral and intellectual inferiors, who are flinging the usual lies. The host of one left-wing podcast summed up Lohmeier’s complaint by sneering that he’s simply “mad [that] black women fly planes,” while her co-host assured viewers that “diversity and inclusion” training amounts to little more than telling white people not to “touch black women’s hair.”

If woke is so terrific, why does it need to be protected by so much lying and cancellation of its critics? And compulsory indoctrination?

(BERLIN) JUST IN: The German government formally recognized colonial-era atrocities against the Herero and Nama people in modern-day Namibia for the first time, referring to the early 20th century massacres as “genocide” on Friday and pledging to pay a “gesture to recognize the immense suffering inflicted.” #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – June.01: In light of the historical and moral responsibility of Germany, we will ask Namibia and the descendants of the victims for forgiveness,” said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in a statement, adding that the German government will fund projects related to “reconstruction and the development” of Namibia amounting to €1.1 billion ($1.3 billion). The sum will be paid out over 30 years and must primarily benefit the descendants of the Herero and Nama, Agence France-Presse reported:

GERMANY: Officially Recognises Colonial-Era Atrocities in Namibia. But For Some, Reconciliation Is a Long Way Off after German government formally recognized colonial-era atrocities against the Herero and Nama people in modern-day Namibia for the first time, referring to the early 20th century massacres as “genocide” on Friday and pledging to pay a “gesture to recognize the immense suffering inflicted.”

Report: US taxpayers were funding the Wuhan lab | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


Iowa Senator Joni Ernst explains the connection between US taxpayer dollars and the Wuhan Institute of Virology where some have speculated the COVID-19 virus originated –

Rio Tinto blasting of 46,000-year-old Aboriginal sites compared to Islamic State’s destruction in Palmyra – ABC News

An aerial view of the red dirt and trees of the Juukan Gorge.
Rio Tinto was given permission to blast Juukan Gorge 1 and 2 under Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act.(Supplied: Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura Aboriginal Corporation )

A world-renowned archaeologist has compared the destruction of two 46,000-year-old Aboriginal cultural sites in the Pilbara to the Islamic State’s destruction of Palmyra.

‘Oldest known drawing’ found on tiny rock in South Africa – BBC News

Scientists say they have discovered humanity’s oldest known drawing on a small fragment of rock in South Africa.

The drawing is about 73,000 years old,

and shows cross-hatch lines sketched onto stone with red ochre pigment.