Vinland Map Identified as 20th-Century Forgery | History | Smithsonian Magazine

…experts used a technique called X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
to examine the ink used across the entirety of the map. Their analysis
showed definitively that the ink contained titanium, which only became
popular in the 1920s…

Goodbye, Columbus: Vikings crossed the Atlantic 1,000 years ago | Reuters

…Scientists on Wednesday said a new type of dating technique using a
long-ago solar storm as a reference point revealed that the settlement was occupied in 1021 AD, exactly a millennium ago and 471 years before the first voyage of Columbus…

Interesting hypotheses on JFK’s assassination.

The London Jewish Chronicle denounced President Kennedy’s UN delegation position that displaced Palestinians had the right to return to the land that Israel had illegally taken from them during the 1948
war. The Jewish Chronicle published this in London on November 22, 1963.

Adlai Stevenson, a former Presidential candidate, was the American UN
ambassador at the time. Stevenson’s son was also a Senator and opposed
Israel’s excesses. He was critical of Israel sinking the USS Liberty in the 1967 war, which killed 34 American sailors.

A JFK researcher once wrote that Piper was on to something in his research linking Israel to the assassination of President. But he said that we had to proceed with caution. Because to be accused of
anti-Semitism is about the same as being accused of being a child molester.

Robert Kennedy was the Attorney General in 1963. He gave the American Zionist Council, the predecessor to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), 72 hours to register as a foreign lobby…

…Lee Harvey Oswald tested negative for gunshot residue. Piper believes Oswald was in front of the Texas Schoolbook Depository when JFK was

… from a video made by Michael Collins Piper (

90+ Ancient History Trivia Questions And Answers | Thought Catalog
If you’re a history buff, you’re going to love this quiz! It will test how much you know about the Roman Empire and other ancient civilizations. You might even learn something new about the past that you never knew before. Here is an ancient history quiz that will blow your mind:

Ancient History Quiz:

What was the first capital of ancient Egypt?


What Roman Emperor was once captured by pirates and held for a 12,000 gold-piece ransom?

Julius Caesar.

What were the two most important city states in ancient Greece?

Covid: New WHO group may be last chance to find virus origins – BBC News

… the WHO’s director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, later said the

investigation had been hampered by a lack of data and transparency from

The proposed members of the Sago group include six experts who visited China as part of the previous team…

In a joint editorial in the journal Science, Dr Tedros and other WHO officials said “a lab accident cannot be ruled out”…

Jewish Author Claims FDR Let Jews Die In ‘Holocaust’ Because He Feared They’d Take Over America | VikingLifeBlog

In his book, The Jews Should Keep Quiet: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, and the Holocaust, so-called Holocaust™ “historian” Rafael Medoff puts forth a bizarre conspiracy theory alleging FDR so feared a ‘Jewish takeover’ of America that he wouldn’t allow many to immigrate during WWII, which resulted in them “needlessly” dying in the Nazi “death camps”

According to this wild Jewish conspiracy theory, FDR — whose administration was already chock full of Jews (see list below) — was a virulent closet “antisemite” and “White supremacist” — despite his own reputed Jewish ancestry — who sympathized with the ‘evil Nazis’ and may have indirectly been responsible for sending millions of Jews to the so-called Gas Chambers™.

And here’s a list of the Jewish cabal surrounding FDR:

1. Bernard M. Baruch — a financier and adviser to FDR
2. Felix Frankfurter — Supreme Court Justice; a key player in FDR’s New Deal system
3. David E. Lilienthal — director of Tennessee Valley Authority, adviser. The TVA changed the relationship of government-to-business in America — and helped with atomic esponiage to help Soviets get atomic bomb
4. David Niles — presidential aide
5. Louis Brandeis — U.S. Supreme Court Justice; confidante of FDR; “Father” of New Deal
6. Samuel I. Rosenman — official speechwriter for FDR
7. Henry Morgenthau Jr. — Secretary of the Treasury, “unofficial” presidential adviser. Father of the Morgenthau Plan to re-structure (“denazify”) Germany/Europe after WWII
8. Benjamin V. Cohen — State Department official, adviser to FDR
9. Rabbi Stephen Wise — close pal of FDR, spokesman for the American Zionist movement, head of The American Jewish Congress
10. Frances Perkins — Secretary of Labor; allegedly Jewish/adopted at birth; unconfirmed
11. Sidney Hillman — presidential adviser
12. Anna Rosenberg — longtime labor adviser to FDR, and manpower adviser with the Manpower Consulting Committee of the Army and Navy Munitions Board and the War Manpower Commission
13. Herbert H. Lehman — Governor of New York, 1933-1942, Director of U.S. Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations, Department of State, 1942-1943; Director-General of UNRRA, 1944 – 1946, pal of FDR
14. Herbert Feis — U.S. State Department official, economist, and an adviser on international economic affairs.
15. R. S. Hecht — financial adviser to FDR
16. Nathan Margold — Department of the Interior Solicitor, legal adviser
17. Jesse I. Straus — adviser to FDR
18. H. J. Laski — “unofficial foreign adviser” to FDR
19. E. W. Goldenweiser — Federal Reserve Director
20. Charles E. Wyzanski — U.S. Labor department legal adviser
21. Samuel Untermyer — lawyer, “unofficial public ownership adviser” to FDR
22. Jacob Viner — Tax expert at the U.S. Treasury Department, assistant to the Treasury Secretary
23. Edward Filene — businessman, philanthropist, unofficial presidential adviser
24. David Dubinsky — Labor leader, president of International Ladies Garment Workers Union
25. William C. Bullitt — part-Jewish, ambassador to USSR [is claimed to be Jonathan Horwitz’s grandson; unconfirmed]
26. Mordecai Ezekiel — Agriculture Department economist
27. Abe Fortas — Assistant director of Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of the Interior Undersecretary
28. Isador Lubin — Commissioner of Labor Statistics, unofficial labor economist to FDR
29. Harry Dexter White [Weiss] — Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; a key founder of the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank; adviser, close pal of Henry Morgenthau. Co-wrote the Morgenthau Plan
30. Alexander Holtzoff — Special assistant, U.S. Attorney General’s Office until 1945; [presumed to be Jewish; unconfirmed]
31. David Weintraub — official in the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations; helped create the United Nations; Secretary, Committee on Supplies, 1944-1946
32. Nathan Gregory Silvermaster — Agriculture Department official and head of the Near East Division of the Board of Economic Warfare; helped create the United Nations
33. Harold Glasser — Treasury Department director of the division of monetary research. Treasury spokesman on the affairs of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
34. Irving Kaplan — U.S. Treasury Department official, pal of David Weintraub
35. Solomon Adler — Treasury Department representative in China during World War II
36. Benjamin Cardozo — U.S. Supreme Court Justice
37. Leo Wolman — chairman of the National Recovery Administration’s Labor advisery Board; labor economist
38. Rose Schneiderman — labor organizer; on the advisery board of the National Recovery Administration
39. Jerome Frank — general counsel to the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Justice, U.S. Court o Appeals, 1941-57
40. Gerard Swope — key player in the creation of the N.R.A. [National Recovery Administration]
41. Herbert Bayard Swope — brother of Gerard
42. Lucien Koch — consumer division, N.R.A. [apparently-Jewish]
43. J. David Stern — Federal Reserve Board, appointed by FDR
44. Nathan Straus — housing adviser
45. Charles Michaelson — Democratic [DNC] publicity man
46. Lawrence Steinhardt — ambassador to Soviet Union
47. Harry Guggenheim — heir to Guggenheim fortune, adviser on aviation
48. Arthur Garfield Hays — adviser on civil liberties
49. David Lasser — head of Worker’s Alliance, labor activist
50. Max Zaritsky — labor adviser
51. James Warburg — millionaire, early backer of New Deal before backing out
52. Louis Kirstein — associate of E. Filene
53. Charles Wyzanski, Jr. — counsel, Dept. of Labor
54. Charles Taussig — early New Deal adviser
55. Jacob Baker — assistant to W.P.A. head Harry Hopkins; assistant head of W.P.A. [Works Progress Admin.]
56. Louis H. Bean — Dept. of Agriculture official
57. Abraham Fox — research director, Tariff Commission
58. Benedict Wolf — National Labor Relations Board [NLRB]
59. William Leiserson — NLRB
60. David J. Saposs — NLRB
61. A. H. Meyers — NLRB [New England division]
62. L. H. Seltzer — head economist at the Treasury Dept.
63. Edward Berman — Dept. of Labor official
64. Jacob Perlman — Dept. of Labor official
65. Morris L. Jacobson — chief statistician of the Government Research Project
66. Jack Levin — assistant general manager, Rural Electrification Authority
67. Harold Loeb — economic consultant, N.R.P.
68. William Seagle — council, Petroleum Labor Policy Board
69. Herman A. Gray — policy committee, National Housing Conference
70. Alexander Sachs — rep. of Lehman Bros., early New Deal consultant
71. Paul Mazur — rep. of Lehman Bros., early consultant for New Deal
72. Henry Alsberg — head of the Writer’s Project under the W.P.A.
73. Lincoln Rothschild — New Deal art administrator

Christians For Truth

Drugs, arms, and terror: A high-profile defector on Kim’s North Korea – BBC News

Kim Kuk-song, … former senior colonel,…

He claims he was given use of a Mercedes-Benz car by Kim Jong-un’s aunt [who is the wife of Jang Song-thaek],…

But then North Korean state media announced in December 2013 that Mr Jang [Song-thaek] had been executed.

“I was more than surprised, it was a fatal blow and I was appalled,” Mr Kim says. “I immediately felt a danger to my life. I knew I could no
longer exist in North Korea.”…

He depicts a North Korean leadership desperate to make cash by any means possible, from drug deals to weapons sales in the Middle East and
Africa. He told us about the strategy behind decisions being made in Pyongyang, the regime’s attacks on South Korea, and claims that the
secretive country’s spy and cyber networks can reach around the world.

The BBC … contacted the North Korean embassy in London and the mission in New York for a statement, but have so far received no response…