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Teaching Generals Their Craft. By Alistair Pope.

For the “Secret” part of the course the foreign students were sent away while we 60 budding Napoleons were introduced to the strategic, political, and diplomatic views of some prominent people. However, I want to raise one point about one essay we had to write. The question posed was: “What is the greatest threat to Australia and and what counter-measures can we take?”

Naturally, most identified China, India and Indonesia as the major potential threats, and recommended more aircraft, more aircraft carriers, more guns, and more alliances. I wrote a unique article entitled “The Peaceful Invasion of Australia”. My scenario was that after the death of Suharto, Indonesia would descend into chaos and possibly civil war. …

In my scenario, up to one million Indonesians fled in small boats and ended up in Northern Australia. Naturally, we took them in (in accordance with our UN Treaty obligations). By the time things settled down, there were two million in the North & another 500,000 relocated to east coast cities. Those in the North then demanded to secede from Oz and become an independent Muslim state. Terrorism, murders, bombings and riots began. We had no answer and ceded most of the North from Broome to the East of Darwin. Indonesian troops arrived to ‘train’ the locals in ‘self-defence’. …

Inept generals lose countries

In 1982 General Butler tried to address the lack of knowledge and experience of our senior officers in commanding large-scale forces. He created a 5-day training course for 15 of our top Generals and Brigadiers. LtCol John Paget was put in charge of devising the curriculum. C’est moi was given the task of writing ten of the Command exercises. I took real life battles, set the scene, and put the Generals into the senior Division, Corps and Army Command roles. …

It was interesting as a Major to find myself instructing Generals on the arts of war. After just the first hour I had divided them into three categories:

  1. Interested and participating (3-4)
  2. Not interested and not listening (5-6)
  3. Wasting my time and the taxpayers’ money (5-7)

Perhaps they had not read the curriculum and had not realised they would have to take Command roles and give their strategic orders to fight the battles. General Butler and a small staff would play the enemy, so it was a two-sided affair.

Day-1, Scenario-1 was the British Army of the Rhine defending the Fulda Gap in West Germany from a Russian invasion, post WW2. I gave four generals command of the British 1st Armoured Corps and the three armoured divisions it controlled. Their task was to outline a strategic plan for the defence. When we read their concept of operations they achieved a uniform grading of “A+”.

“A” stands for ‘Appalling,’ because in our game Butler played the Russians and smashed the British Corps in a day by creating gaps and dislocating their positions. By Day-2 of Butler’s attack, it had become a rout. The four generals were angry at losing, but were not remorseful or willing to analyse their errors — because that meant losing face in front of their peers and compatriots. They criticized the exercise, Butler, and his staff (i.e. Hubble, Paget and me)

In WW2 in 1944, German General’s Balck (Corps Commander) and his Chief-of-Staff Mellenthin fought this very battle against the Russians (while outnumbered 10:1) and were still holding the Gap when the war ended in 1945. The Americans studied their battles and invited them to relive them at TRADOC (the US Army war games centre), by challenging two of the best American Generals (Otis & Gorman). In the first game Balck played the Germans and Gorman lead the Russians. Despite taking enormous casualties Gorman was never able to break the German Line.

Two days later, Balck played the part of the Russian Commander and Otis played the German defenders. Balck broke through in 24-hours and wiped out his old Corps.

They replayed the Game again, and again Balck won as either the German or the Russian Commander. It did not matter if he was outnumbered, outgunned, or ‘trapped’, his manoeuvres and positioning, followed by flanking attacks, night ambushes and surprise raids left his opponents reeling every time. Balck was a REAL General.

Stalin-era mass grave found in Ukraine – BBC News


Sergiy Gutsalyuk, the head of the regional branch of Ukraine’s National Memory
Institute, told AFP that the victims were likely to have been killed by the Soviet secret police unit during the late 1930s.

According to the Ukrinform website, around 8,600 people in Odessa were sentenced
to death by the Soviet secret police between 1938 and 1941.

The little known seeds of defeat sown in Vietnam by America.

The little known seeds of defeat sown in Vietnam by America.

by tonytran2015.

With the Fall of Kabul it is now an appropriate time to review the causes of the Fall of Saigon. There are many little known seeds of defeat sown by America in Vietnam.

Since 1955, South Vietnam had a strong anti-communist leader (https://www.britannica.com/biography/Ngo-Dinh-Diem, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngo_Dinh_Diem).

1/- Diem was and alway wanted to be independent of America. Indeed, two weeks before his overthrow he organized a big pro-government demonstration in Saigon for Sunday 3rd (or 10th?), Novembet, 1963 in front of Saigon Administrative Building (Tòa Đô Chính Saigon). All government employees including teachers were required to attend from early morning to the afternoon. The banners to be displayed include “Vietnam is self-reliant” (Việt Nam Tự Túc Tự Cường) and “Vietnam does not depend on aids” (Vietnam không lệ thuộc viện trợ). Unfortunately for Diem, he was overthrown before he could show publicly his political view point. Those government employees required to attend the meeting also felt relieved with the curfew imposed on 1/11/1963.

The main group to be the backbone for the meeting was the Party for Works and Human Dignity (Đảng Cần Lao, Nhân Vị) headed by Ngo Dinh Nhu, Diem’s brother. In the months preceding November, there were many press releases advising citizen that it was possible to live with a reduced budget. The reduction was estimated by Diem’s government to be about 30%(?).

Any Vietnamese with relatives working for the government in South Vietnam at that time should be able to verify the preparation for that unrealized government organized meeting. There should still be administrative records in various departments including department of education.

2/- Diem was not solely concentrated on military aspect. He has built up a self-suficient economic base for South Vietnam and his talk of self-reliance was not empty.

Diem controlled successfully the mills for rice and had managed a steady export of rice and other agricultural produces in his time.

He had also helped set up MANY light industries in South Vietnam. The list of small industries at that time is long and includes: Sugar producer Hiệp Hòa; Condensed Milk producersTrái Núi (MontBlanc), Nestle, Ông Thọ , Hai đồng tiền; Manufacturers of bottled drinks Phương Toàn and Con Cọp (BGI); Wine and strawberry wine producers in Đà Lạt; Manufacturer Vị Hương Tố producing Monodium Glutamate; Tooth paste manufacturers Perlon and Hynos; Paints Manufacturers Á Đông and Parrot making oil based paints for export; Soap makers Trương Văn Bền (producing Savon 72% phần dầu ), Cô Ba; Textile manufacturer Vinatexco. Ceramic manufacturer Đồ Gốm Lái Thiêu in Lai Thieu. Glass maker; Bicycle manufacturers; Tubes and tyres Manufacturer Micheline; Motorbike frames and accessories, copying designs of European brands Gobel, Remi, Putsch, Velosolex using Sach engines imported from West Germany, Putsch from Austria, Velosolex from France; Producers of electric fans, tools and drill presses in Cholon district of Saigon.

3/- Diem thought that a fair plebiscite could not be carried out in Vietnam when Communist Party operates at night to threaten its opponents. So Diem refused to carry out one prescribe in the Geneva Accords of 1954/07/21.

4/- Diem and his brother Nhu foresaw a protracted guerilla war in Vietnam. Diem set up Strategic Hamlets following a previous Filipino model. That was such a success that the guerrillas were starved and had to survive on the fruits of Waterhyacinth,water-orchid(Eichhornia crassipes), giving the names “trái Bình Định” to such fruits. Bình Định means Pacification, it was the name of Diem’s operation to build strategic hamlets so that peasants could be forcibly resettled in them to separate them from the guerillas.

5/- Diem even set up (few years before 1962) a reloading factory inside the Ammunition Depot at Govap (Kho Đạn Gò Vấp). His press release at that time said that each spent virgin brass riffle shell could be reloaded for a second time and that would reduce munition cost by almost one half.

6/- On the military front, there was a lot of guerrilla activities. American Ambassador wanted to send US forces to Vietnam. It was rumoured that Diem told him that US must sign an alliance treaty with Vietnam to do that otherwise US forces must stay out.

7/- On the political front, America saw that Diem’s government was not a government built according to its own American model. Diem, a devoting Catholic, was said to have had oppressed Buddhism in Vietnam.

8/- So US Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge organized a coup against Diem. It was on 1/11/1963.

9/- After the coup, the new government was pressured to follow American plan which

9a- had no emphasis for economic self-sufficiency.

9b- dismantled Diem’s successful Strategic Hamlets Plan.

9c- built a high cost Vietnamese military which relied on large flows of supplies.

10/- There were constant infiltration of South Vietnam by North Vietnam since Diem’s time, America could have used them to point out the violation of South Vietnam by North Vietnam. America ignored them and relied instead solely on the Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964/08/04 which later gave ammunition to the anti-war movements. There should be a reflection on how long would it takes North Vietnam to plan and execute the operation caught as Vũng Rô Bay incident .

11/- By the time the Israeli lobby wanted to funnel all American aids to Israel, there was little time to rebuild the local South Vietnam government and its military.

So the seeds for the Fall of Saigon was sown by the American side for a long time with events in sections 9, 10 waiting to be triggers by those in section 11.

Hidden History: A Close Examination of Woodrow Wilson’s Legacy | The Most Revolutionary Act


The Skeptics Guide to American History

Episode 15 Woodrow Wilson and Rating Presidents

Mark Stoler PhD (2012)

Film Review

I confess Woodrow Wilson is one of my least favorite presidents. In addition to breaking his campaign promise to keep the US out of World War I, he is responsible for creating the Federal Reserve and the US income tax and invading the Soviet Union without a congressional declaration of war. In addition to breaking a second campaign promise to break up the big US trusts («corporate monopolies»), he also opposed women’s suffrage and enacted policies that increased racial segregation. And while he claimed to be anti-imperialist, he launched more military interventions in Latin America than any other president in history.

Finally in addition to outlawing dissent through the Espionage and Sedition Act (the law under which Julian Assange has been indicted), he was responsible for the illegal Palmer raids involving the arrest, deportation and imprisonment of both immigrants and US citizens campaigning for greater social justice.

According to Stoler, Democratic President Woodrow Wilson only received 42% of the popular vote in 1912 when he was first elected. Because the popular vote was split three ways, owing to Teddy Roosevelt’s nomination by the Bull Moose Party, Wilson won the electoral college vote.

Wilson won his second term outright by promising to keep the US out of World War I. Stoler blames the 1917 US declaration of war on Wilson’s secretary of state William Jennings Bryan. Historian Alison Weir tells a much different story, blaming US involvement in the war on on secret dealings US Zionists and the British government which was suffering major casualties.*

After siding with Wilson’s critics on most of the above issues (he views the creation of the Federal Reserve and income tax** as positive achievements) Stoler goes on to enumerate Wilson’s «positive» accomplishments. These include the Federal Farm Loan Act and the Warehouse Act (to help struggling farmers), the Highway Act (to construct rural roads), the Owen-Keating Act (preventing Interstate shipment of items made with children labor), the Adamson Act (establishing the eight-hour day, but only for railroad workers) and the Kern-McGillicuddy Act (establishing a workers compensation scheme for federal workers).

*According to Weir, the secretive but powerful Zionist lobby Parushim (run by Wilson’s close friend Supreme Court chief justice Louis Brandeis), promised US entry into the war in return for Britain’s 1917 Balfour Declaration. The latter assured British support for a Jewish state in Palestine. (At the end of the war, control of Palestine would pass from the Ottoman Empire to Britain). See https://ifamericansknew.org/us_ints/history.html and https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2021/07/16/the-hidden-history-of-the-balfour-declaration-and-the-state-of-israel/

**While I would agree that wealthy Americans should contribute more to running the government, a tax on labor, like the income tax, tends to tax the middle class more than the wealthy. In my view, a land value tax is far fairer. See https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2013/12/24/progress-and-poverty-a-suppressed-economics-classic/

Despair in the Empire of Graveyards – LewRockwell | MCViewPoint



Fred Reed

Forty-six years ago in a previous comedy I was in Saigon, recently having been evacuated from Phnom Penh in an Air America—CIA—Caribou carrying, in addition to me, several ARVN junior officers and perhaps a dozen BUFEs (Big Ugly Fucking Elephants, the ceramic pachyderms much beloved of GIs).

America had already embarked on its currently standard policy of forcing small countries into wars and then leaving them in the lurch.

In Cambodia this led to the reign of Pol Pot, the ghastly torture operation at Toul Sleng, and a million or so dead. In the unending fight for democracy, casualties are inevitable.

At the time Saigon was tense because Ban Me Thuot had fallen and the NVA roared down Route One toward Saigon. To anyone with the brains of a doorknob, the American adventure in Vietnam was coming to an end, but the embassy was studiedly unconcerned. Embassies do not have the brains of a doorknob, but are keenly aware of public relations. Acknowledging the inescapable is not their way. As usual, Washington would rather lie than breathe, and did. As in Cambodia, so in Nam, and so later in Afghanistan.

Apparently a genius at State realized that a lot of gringo expats lived in Nam—the number six thousand comes to mind, but may be wrong—and that six thousand hostages taken when Saigon fell would be bad PR. So the embassy in Kabul—Saigon, I meant to say, Saigon—quietly announced that expats could fly out on military aircraft from Ton Son Nhut. They didn’t, or at least many didn’t. The NVA continued its rush toward Saigon.

The expats didn’t fly out because they had Vietnamese wives and families and were not going to leave them, period. These wives may not have had the trappings of pieces of paper and stamps and maybe snippets of ribbon. These things do not seem important in Asian war zones. But the expats regarded them as wives. Period. The family went, or nobody did. Period.

The embassy didn’t understand this because embassies are staffed by people from Princeton with names like Derek who wear pink shirts and don’t know where they are. The ambassador is usually a political appointee being rewarded for campaign contributions and probably doesn’t speak the language as few gringos spikka da Pushto or Vietnamese or Farsi or Khmer. For example, nobody at all in the embassy in Cambodia spoke Khmer. The rank and file of State are better suited to a high-end Rotarian barbecue than a Third World city teeming with strange people in funny clothes eating God knows what horrible things in winding frightening alleys. And so the State people could not understand why an American would marry one “of them,” as in the embassy I once heard a gringa put it. It was a good question. Why would a man marry a pretty, sleek, smart, self-reliant woman who wanted family and children? It was a great mystery.

The Taliban—NVA, I mean–NVA kept coming closer. A PR disaster loomed.

Meanwhile the PR apparatus insisted that the sky wasn’t really falling even as it did and no, no, no the US had not gotten its sit-down royally kicked by a ratpack of rice-propelled paddy maggots, as GIs described the opposition. Many in government seemed to believe this. This was an early instance, to be repeated in another part of Asia, of inventing a fairyland world and then trying to move into it.

Finally State faced reality, a novel concept. It allowed quietly that expats and their families could fly out, military. It was getting late, but better than nothing.

The comedic value of this goat rope grew, becoming more amusing by the hour. I was trying to get a young Vietnamese woman out as she had worked for the embassy and we suspected things might not go well with her under the NVA. Call her Linda. Linda and I took the bus to Tan Son Nhut. The Viet gate guards gave her a hard time, envying her for getting out while they could not, but we got in. I was going to tell the State people that we were married but that while I was in Can Tho, by then in VC hands, see, the marriage papers had slipped from my carrying case. This was obvious bullshit, but I guessed that if I made a huge issue of it they would bend rather than get in a megillah with a reporter, no matter how unimportant.

We found ourselves in a long line of expats with their families leading to the door of a Quonset hut, inside of which a State official was checking papers. Some of the expats had around them what appeared to be small villages of in-laws, brothers of wives, sisters, everything but the family dog. An official with a bull horn told us to write down all their names and the relationships on clipboards being passed around. Tran Thi Tuyet Lan, sister, for example.

Then a genius at the embassy or Foggy Bottom realized that something resembling a third of Viet Nam was about to come out, listed as in-laws. Policy changed, at least in Washington which was as usual blankly ignorant of reality on the ground. At Tan Son Nhut this meant telling men that they had to leave parts of their families behind, which they weren’t going to do. This would not look good above the fold in the Washington Post. Dozens of Americans taken captive because the State Department would not let their families out.” All was confusion because the US had spent years telling itself that the disaster couldn’t happen. What to do?

See the rest here

Be seeing you

1 Million German Women and Children Kidnapped and Put into the Gulags | VikingLifeBlog


This story is only about a fraction of German civilians taken to the death camps by the Soviets. But German citizens have also been kidnapped and taken to work camps in France, England, the U.S. and several other countries in Eastern Europe.

At the conference of Yalta in February 1945, the victorious Allies agreed to the most cruel crimes against humanity in their crimes against the German people. For these crimes, committed by democrats, the leaders of the ‘civilized’ world, AGAINST democracy and humanity, the victors themselves should have been hanged, according to the measurements handed out at the Nuernberg Trial. The perpetrators, however, had the subjugated Germans hanged and made sure that during the show trial against the losers of WWII, German children and German women were murdered in death camps. The BRD politicians mock the victims and celebrate the murders as “liberation.”

Read more here at Daily Archives

Read about WWII here

The big differences between the Fall of Saigon and the Fall of Kabul.

The big differences between the Fall of Saigon and the Fall of Kabul.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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#fabricated history, #history,
There are big differences between the Fall of Saigon and the Fall of Kabul.
1/- During the Vietnam War although there was a non-committed faction of the Vietnamese population in South Vietnam there was also a fiercely anti-communist faction. This fiercely anti-communist faction comes mostly from the 500,000 people who had moved to the South during the temporary partition of the country by the Geneva Accords of 1954.
2/- Former Israel Agricultural Minister Moshe Dayan went to South Vietnam to inspect(?) American war progress in 1966.There is a question mark on the real purpose of that trip.

Toward the end of his stay in Vietnam, Dayan was convinced that the war – which would certainly last much longer – was lost.

He figured that the American army had the power to destroy the Vietcong, but that it could never eradicate support and admiration for North
Vietnam’s struggle for independence


3/- After the Arab-Israel War in 1967 (with the attack by Israel on USS Liberty), it was more advantageous for Israel to get the US out of Vietnam so that all US military assistance could be funneled to Israel. There were then concerted efforts by US Main Stream Media to discredit any military success in South Vietnam and the anti-Vietnam War movements were also stirred up in USA.
4/- There was a concerted effort by US Main Stream Media to mis-report and make fake news on every battle in South Vietnam.
5/- The Paris Peace Accord 1973 signed by Henry Kissinger was to cut and run from the Vietnam War (that suited the above objectives very well) and to help Nixon to bring back American Prisoners of War.

Kissinger wanted to move quickly so that US troops could be withdrawn and American prisoners of
war released. And perhaps the US Administration also intended to get out in a hurry, to ‘cut and run’.
They could get out. We had to stay in South Vietnam.

You have complained that South Vietnam’s collapse in 1975 was attributable mainly to the fact that North
Vietnamese troops were allowed to remain in the South even after the Paris Peace Agreement had been
signed. You claim that you tolerated their presence only while the agreement was being negotiated and that they ought to have withdrawn once the negotiations were concluded.
But Kissinger claims …
It is a most unmannerly lie on Kissinger’s part to say that I agreed to North Vietnamese troops remaining in the South. If I had agreed from the beginning, as Kissinger claims, I would not have objected so strongly when he showed me the draft agreement, which included nothing about the withdrawal of North Vietnamese troops.
That was the most important point that I was fighting for, throughout the peace negotiations. Right to the very end, I asked Kissinger to demand that Hanoi withdraw its troops and made it clear to him that there would be no agreement unless it did so. After days of heated discussion, Kissinger finally confessed to me: ‘Mr President, it cannot be done. If it could be done, I would have done it. The question was raised three years ago, but Russia would not have it.’
I then realised that the American Administration had yielded to Russian demands, and that was my greatest disappointment.


6/- Henry Kissinger reduced the budget for South Vietnam drastically. In the last address to South Vietnam (1975), former President Nguyen Van Thieu said that Henry Kissinger talked to him like a fish seller in a fish market.

“The Americans have asked us to do an impossible thing…
You have asked us to do something you failed to do, with half a million
powerful troops and skilled commanders, and with nearly $300 billion in
expenditure over six long years.

If I do not say that you were defeated by the communists in Vietnam, I
must modestly say that you did not win either. But you found an
honourable way out. And at present, when our army lacks weapons,
ammunition, helicopters, aircraft and B-52s (bombers), you ask us to do an impossible thing, like filling up the ocean with stones…

Likewise, you have let our soldiers die under the hail of shells. This is an inhumane act by an inhumane ally. Refusing to aid an ally and
abandoning it is an inhumane act…

The United States is proud of being an invincible defender of the
just cause and the ideal of freedom in the world… Are US statements
worthy? Are US commitments still valid?

Some $300 million is not a big sum to you. Compared to the amount of money you spent here in ten years, this sum is sufficient for only ten
days of fighting. And with this sum, you ask me to score a victory or to
check communist aggression, a task which you failed to fulfil in six
years, with all US forces, and with such an amount of money. This is


7/- Henry Kissinger and US President Nixon visited China in 1974. Two weeks after that China attacked and occupied the Paracel Islands of South Vietnam. US refused to help South Vietnam bringing the attack to the UN Security Council. It is quite reasonable to SUSPECT that STRATEGICALLY the US preferred to see the future of the Paracel Islands to be in the hands of a supposedly US-friendly China to in the hand of North Vietnam who was more aligned with the Soviet Union. (This solves the riddle of the South China Sea).
8/– South Vietnamese units mostly fought valiantly with reduced ammunition against a North Vietnamese Force which was fully supported by the Soviet Union and China.
9/- South Vietnam Armed Force was starved of ammunition even before February 1975. There were heavy rationing of small ammunition and of artillery shells. The last ship carrying ammunition leaving USA to supply South Vietnam in February 1975 was order by a US Congress Woman to change its destination to bring the weapons to Israel instead.

Even the promised to South Vietnamese of 1 by 1 replacement of ammunition spent had not materialised.

In a scathing attack on the US, he suggested US Secretary of State Dr Henry Kissinger had tricked him into
signing the Paris peace agreement two years ago, promising military aid
which then failed to materialise.

“At the time of the peace agreement the
United States agreed to replace equipment on a one-by-one basis,” he
said. “But the United States did not keep its word. Is an American’s
word reliable these days?”


10/- South Vietnamese President Thieu was pressured to resign by the US in order to keep US support for South Vietnam.
11/- There was no incident of whole sale desertion or surrender or abandoning heavy weapons by units of South Vietnamese Armed Force. To the fall of Saigon, there were only one or two fighter pilots (one is Mr Nguyen Thanh Trung, lately a Director of Vietnam Airline for some period) changing side to join North Vietnam.
12/- USA could have taken action against violation of Paris Peace Accord of 1973 but decided not to.

Nixon promised to come to the aid of South Vietnam if the communists
violated the terms of the peace treaty, and Thieu agreed to sign.
Unfortunately for Thieu and the South Vietnamese, Nixon was forced from
office by the Watergate scandal in August 1974, and no U.S. aid came
when the North Vietnamese launched a general offensive in March 1975.

13/- There were no DECENT INTERVAL (for Kissinger) in the Fall of Saigon but there appear to be a VERY GENEROUS DECENT INTERVAL ready to be granted in Kabul. The US only needs to ask for it (Vietnam War – A Decent Interval / Who Lost Vietnam??).


It will take time to discover the real events in Kabul but the real events in Vietnam were different from what had been described by US Main Stream Media in that period of 1975. We should be careful in drawing parallel between the two events.
The differences between the real events and their description by American Media explain the distrust of and the bitterness against US government and US media by former members of Vietnamese Armed Force.

There are two quotes that should be remembered from the Fall of Saigon:

But the United States did not keep its word. Is an American’s word reliable these days?

Nguyen Van Thieu


The United States did not keep its promise to help us fight for freedom and it was in the same fight that the United States lost 50,000 of its young men.

Nguyen Van Thieu



Who are the Taliban? – BBC News


…Afghans, weary of the mujahideen’s excesses and infighting after the
Soviets were driven out, generally welcomed the Taliban when they first
appeared on the scene. Their early popularity was largely due to their
success in stamping out corruption, curbing lawlessness and making the
roads and the areas under their control safe for commerce to flourish…

The agenda of Marxism is to take over the world (NWO) with a One World Government | ukgovernmentwatch

Comment by tonytran2015: Arguments from both sides of WW2 should be heard so that truth may emerge.


Nearly everything we think we know about WW2 is a complete inversion of the truth.

They use this inversion to create sympathy for the real murderers and torturers to prevent and rational discussion and debate about the evidence and therefore the truth.

Russia was probably over 160 million they killed. Lowest estimate is about 66 million.

In both China and Russia they also used starvation.And they are planning that again, this time globally.


  • Communism came from Bolshevism.
  • Bolshevism from Marxism.
  • New York Capitalists funded the Bolshevik Communist “Revolution”!
  • It was not a “revolution” of the people. It was the takeover of Russia but a group that hated Russians (Solzhenitsyn).
  • Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin.
  • The aspects of Marxism taught in education is not the whole truth.
  • The agenda of Marxism is to take over the world (NWO) with a One World Government run by the ethnic group that Marx was part of and for the Luciferian religion that the leaders of Marxism such as Lenin secretly held to.

Consider this!
👉 Japan was fighting China before WW2 because Japan did not want Communism coming into Asia
👉 America especially and also Britain created a Cassus Beli when they blockaded Japanese ocean supply routes for fuel and oil. This would have made it an easy win for China against Japan. America FORCED Japan to attack Pearl Harbour. Other than suicide, America left Japan with no choice!
👉 Russia was a primary Ally in WW2, even after genociding tens of millions in preceding decades.
👉 China was only able to become Communist BECAUSE of the Allies
👉 Hitler did not “invade Poland” for land. He was on a mission to liberate the tens of thousands of Germans in Danzig that the Polish (mostly Jewish controlled) were butchering and beating to death, including women, children and even stabbing pregnant women in the stomach and raping them. The international community ignored numerous pleas from Hitler to look into this.
👉 Britain in a secret agreement with Poland say “keep going, we will have your back if HItler does anything”.
👉 Hitler did not want war. He made over 2 dozen GENEROUS peace offers to Britain that the world never heard about before and during WW2.
👉 Churchill, controlled by the JCS, forced war upon Germany
👉 Nuremberg Tribunal was kangaroo court. It was targeted ONLY against the enemies of the JCS Allies, especially Germans. Defendants were not allowed to submit evidence. No fewer than 146 defendants/witnesses had their testicles crushed as part of their torture for their “confessions” which were almost always false and scientifically impossible. Nuremberg did not care about truth, it’s foundational constitution stated: “This tribunal shall not be bound on any normal technical rules of evidence”. Over 3/4 of the prosecution (about 2500) were Jews. Rules and charges were applied ex post facto.
👉 Despite numerous breaches of the Geneva convention and worse atrocities than Germany was even (falsely) accused of, they were never held to account for these war crimes.
👉 Jews (Judea) declared war on Germany in 1933 after Hitler kicked out the Rothschild’s banks and started Germany on the greatest economic recovery recorded in history!

This is part 1. Watch the entire series. You will be glad you did. It will fill in gaps for you and give you some excellent context for what is happening today. https://t.me/Covid19TruthGroup/27268

For stating plain truth of history, liars, cheats and politically correct Marxist nonces will cry ad hominem like “Racist”, “Nazi”, “Fascist”, “Anti-Semite”, “Holocaust Denier”, but they will NEVER engage in open rational debate of the evidence. They don’t care about truth. They can’t debate otherwise their lies get exposed. So all they can do is make up false lying ad hominem and press the emotional buttons of the masses that have been programmed for decades.

Learn who you are not allowed to question and know who really rules over you!

Start with this series ‘Europa – the last Battle’. It will really open your eyes to the deeper level.

Chinese scientist filed COVID vaccine patent after contagion emerged: report


Zhou Yusen, a decorated military scientist for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) …, filed a patent on Feb. 24 2020, according to documents obtained by The Australian.

The patent — lodged by the “Institute of Military Medicine, Academy

of Military Sciences of the PLA” — was filed just five weeks after China
admitted there was human-to-human transmission of the virus, and months
before Zhou died under mysterious circumstances, the report noted.

… Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University told the paper.

… something being looked into as part of the international investigation ordered by President Biden, the paper insisted…