First Nations Foundation chairman welcomes the national anthem change – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

…From January 1, 2021, the second line of Australia’s national anthem will change from, “For we are young and free” to “For we are one and free”…

‘Unmasking Obama’ – unfiltered truth about the 44th president | WND | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Cashill similarly gives attention to the explicit allegations made by Larry Sinclair in 2008 of a two-day sex-and-drug fueled homosexual romp that Sinclair alleged occurred between himself and then-state Sen. Barack Obama in 1999. (Sinclair even told his story at the National Press Club in 2008, available here.)

Cashill’s dissection of the “evolving” – one might say hypocritical – stances of the Democratic Party during the Obama years on a range of
issues on which they’d previously stood largely with Republicans, is often humorous. One example he cites is the transformation of illegal aliens from, well, illegal aliens, into “undocumented immigrants.”
Despite the potential offense to American blacks, the Democratic Party had no qualms about equating the “rights” of illegal aliens with those of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. They saw an
opportunity to garner new voters, while assuming that blacks would always be a reliable Democratic voting bloc and never object to the
appropriation of their legitimate historical grievances. …

“Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency” was released on Aug. 18…

American Aerial Massacres in Germany | Aletho News

Tales of the American Empire | December 6, 2020

Swinemunde was a beautiful seaside resort on the German Baltic coast. During World War II, it was of no military value other than a few piers where ships could dock. It had escaped aerial attacks as its population grew with refugees from bombed out cities. On March 12, 1945, the United States Army Air Force carpet bombed the town killing over 23,000 civilians. This was not a mistake, but part of a genocide campaign to kill German civilians and destroy homes.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The CIA Killed My Father & Uncle – Do Not Trust The Medical Or The National Security Establishment! » Sons of Liberty Media

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss his startling discoveries about who really killed his father and uncle…and

Plus, Mr. Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, has been among the most vocal and most successful opponents of the mainstream medical establishment, driven by
big Pharma to inoculate and medicate everything that moves.

He tells the Liberty Report how he very reluctantly decided to dedicate his career to fighting the mandatory vaccines that have resulted in so many
documented injuries to the recipients.

Biran Shilhavy has the story.

Mr. Kennedy begins by mentioning a book he has written, American Values, which he says documents his family’s almost 75-year battle with the CIA.

He says the fight with the CIA started in the mid 1950s when President Truman asked his grandfather, Joseph Kennedy, to serve on a commission called “The Hoover Commission.”

Their task was to look at the CIA, because the CIA was not
originally chartered to engage in paramilitary activities, fixing
elections, murdering world leaders, and interfering with the democracies of other countries.

Mr. Kennedy mentioned that the CIA was created with great
reluctance by both Democrats and Republicans, because the precursor to the CIA, the “Office of Strategic Services,” a military secret intelligence agency, was liquidated after WWII, because the belief at the time was that secret police organizations were inconsistent with a democracy ruled by a Constitution.

In those days, when Americans thought of secret police, they
thought of the “Stasi” (German secret police), or they thought of the “KGB” (Russian secret police), or they thought of the “Gestapo” (Nazi Germany secret police).

So there were debates in Congress when the CIA was being launched, and both Republicans and Democrats did not believe this was something
America should be doing.

When the CIA was started, it was supposed to be exclusively an “espionage” program for gathering intelligence. It was not meant to interfere.

But Alan Dulles, the first director of the CIA, apparently had other plans, and soon they were overthrowing democracies in Guatemala, Iran, and all over the world. So when Joseph Kennedy was on the Hoover
Commission, he recommended dismantling the CIA.

Mr. Kennedy continues:

Alan Dulles manipulated the law, and did a lot of
backroom deals to get these huge secret budgets and began really engaging in all of the mischief. And my grandfather was on a commission that looked at this and saw what they had done.

And when they were overthrowing democracies in Guatemala and Iran and all over the world, he said “we should dismantle it. We should remove the Plans Division,” which was the “dirty tricks” division.

Alan Dulles never forgave him, or my family for that. And when my Uncle came in, and did the Bay of Pigs, he then fired Dulles.

When President Johnson came into the room, in the East Room of the White House, I was standing beside my father when he said to my
father that Lee Harvey Oswald had just been killed by Jack Ruby, he told my father and Jackie that, and I said to my father, “Did Jack Ruby love our family?”

And nobody answered that question.

Mr. Kennedy’s father later discovered that Jack Ruby was
connected to the Mob and to the CIA. He believed that the CIA killed his brother, President John F. Kennedy.

While this is important. This is not all. Shilhavy points out that the conversation turns towards medical tyranny.

You are watching two men, Dr. Ron Paul, who himself was a
career Republican Congressman, and Mr. Kennedy from a famous career Democratic family, who both agree on the issues of medical tyranny facing us today, because they both understand that the threat to America
today over the fear of COVID, is a non-partisan issue.

Mr. Kennedy actually quotes the words spoken by Franklin Delano Roosevelt at his inaugural as president in 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” because
“fear” is the tool of tyrants. Tyrants rule by fear, and by claiming they are the only ones to rescue people from the perceived threat that causes fear.

That is happening today, in an unprecedented way, with COVID fear.

While neither man waxes eloquently as some who use those teleprompters. What you will find are men who, though coming from politically ideological different viewpoints, agree about medical tyranny. It needs to be stomped out.
Mr. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense can be found at Ron Paul’s Liberty Report can be found at

Is Putin the new Stalin? — RT Op-ed

President Putin meeting with Cabinet members.

President Putin meeting with Cabinet members, October 6, 2003. (

Bryan MacDonald is an Irish journalist based in Russia. He has written for RT since 2014. Before moving to Russia, Bryan worked for The Irish
Independent, the Evening Herald, Ireland on Sunday, and The Irish Daily Mail.
‘Tom’ thinks Vladimir Putin is the new Josef Stalin. As he’s
never been to Russia, his views surely reflect the power of a Western media narrative which continuously demonizes the Russian President.
Last week, an optician from my home town, let’s call him ‘Bernard,’ posted a link on Facebook to a radio show I participated in from Moscow. There was nothing unusual
about that, but some of the comments below the line were startling.

Particularly from a man I admire in other walks of life, who will be known as ‘Tom’
for the purposes of this op-ed. Tom is as bright as a button, well read, and is a high achiever but his prejudices when it comes to Russia are
badly misinformed.

“Russia (is) probably the most corrupt nation on the planet. Putin is in the same league as Stalin. Sorry, I have no time for their leadership. A tiny number of oligarchs have usurped the wealth of a huge country. All are friends of Putin,” Tom wrote on Bernard’s page.

My initial reaction was that his statement essentially regurgitated talking points from numerous BBC ‘exposes’ on Putin’s Russia. Which does
go to show the influence of the British state broadcaster.

Since I began reporting on Russian affairs, I’ve often been exasperated by the incredible bias of many American and British peers. Indeed, some of the factually challenged, and one-sided, dispatches they frequently deliver wreck my head. For example, when they have Vladimir Putin fathering
love children in Switzerland, purchasing vineyards in southern Spain or secretly exulting in the title of the world’s richest person. All delivered without credible – or often even named – sources by newspapers which have
accused this network of promoting “conspiracy theories.”

In moments of weakness, I sometimes feel I’ve been too harsh on certain individuals. After all, everyone needs to make a living and their copy
reflects the expectations of editors back home who usually know little or nothing about Russia, but demand sensationalism. The fact that many newspapers no longer offer monthly retainers to their foreign correspondents, but operate on a “no foal, no fee” basis only increases the pressure on journalists to get published. And, incidentally, most Moscow-based hacks from the Anglo-sphere appear to
have no proper training in the trade at all.

In my native Ireland, it’s a bit different. Unlike the BBC in neighboring Britain, for
example, the state broadcaster (RTE) still occasionally strives for balance on East Europe and is sometimes open to the Russian perspective on events. For that reason, I was recently invited onto the country’s
most popular daytime radio show to discuss the view from here on the Rio Olympics after a controversy regarding an Irish boxer, Michael Conlan,
and his opponent, Vladimir Nikitin.

However, it’s not the content
of the program, deftly handled by the remarkably neutral Joe Duffy, which discommoded me. Sadly, it’s the subsequent social media reaction. You see, proximity to the United Kingdom, a NATO member, means many Irish people can’t help but consume their media and culture and it appears that the tremendous propaganda from across the sea has permeated into Irish discourse.

It’s All About Transparency

My initial reply to Tom was a little angry, a result of my frustration at inaccurate stereotypes when it comes to a country I know very well. At
first, I pointed out that Stalin was responsible of the deaths of at least 20 million (the
consensus figure) people and that the Georgian dictator established a murderous web of gulags and shunted around entire ethnic groups to sate
his paranoia. Sure, some political opponents of Putin have left Russia, apparently to pursue careers on the talk show circuit, but we haven’t had mass executions (in fact, unlike in America for instance, the death penalty is outlawed in Russia) and labor camps aren’t a feature of his administration. Oddly, these type of things do exist in China, but its leaders are feted in the West.

Meanwhile, Putin’s one external war of his 12 years as President – or two if you
count Ukraine as a Russian conflict – has caused far fewer deaths than Barack Obama’s bombing campaigns against seven countries during his
eight-year term. For the record, they are Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia. As it happens, Russia’s Syria
intervention is legal under international law, whereas most of the American incursions have been illegal. Putin’s domestic war was
Chechnya, which he inherited from Boris Yeltsin’s badly botched attempts to quell the restive province.

On the subject of graft, Tom was surely surprised to learn that Russia is not the most corrupt nation on earth, nor close to being labeled as such. According to the Germany-based Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, Russia
is actually 49 places below the worst offender, North Korea. Indeed, the country’s rating improved by 17 places last year as a government anti-graft drive appears to be yielding some results.

Money, Money, Money

Tom’s other big concern was the oligarchs. These individuals actually owe their wealth to the botched 1990’s privatizations during Yeltsin’s presidency. Indeed, not only are they certainly not “all friends of Putin,” he’s actually cracked down on plenty of them. Including Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the late Boris Berezovsky, both of whom have been heavily promoted in western media. It is true that a number of oligarchs have survived in Russia but today their political influence is negligible compared to the Yeltsin years, when they pretty much ran the

Undeterred, Tom shot back by insisting that Putin was “coming after the Baltic States,”“ruining the Russian economy” and that “whatever
faults the West has, it is far more appealing which is obviously why Europe and (the) USA are so attractive to refugees and immigrants. Not too many (are) heading East!”

In the real world, Russia is actually the globe’s second biggest immigration destination after the USA and has accepted far more newcomers than any other European state. This isn’t widely reported abroad because it runs counter to lazy, and erroneous, tales of the “dying bear.” Which are pure hokum anyway, because Russia’s birth rate is far healthier than that of many other large European states, including Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Also, when it comes to the Baltics, there is no evidence that Putin has any hostile interest in those rapidly depopulating (Latvia has lost 27% of its people since 1990) countries, which have close to zero natural resources and boast little strategic value, especially considering Moscow already controls nearby Kaliningrad. At the same time, the number one emigration destination for citizens of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, presumably seeking brighter futures, is actually Russia.

This is despite their free access to the European Union whereas they need visas for Russia, which can be difficult to obtain.

Furthermore, when it comes to the Russian economy, despite the current crisis, the average, official, monthly salary
today (in dollar terms) is $567, compared to a meager $64 when Putin assumed office in 2000 and GDP per capita, when measured by purchasing power parity, has trebled. Also, quite incredibly given the severity of the collapse in resource prices, Russian unemployment has actually fallen this year.

Rocking in the Free World

Democracy is another concern of Tom’s. He states that “Russia could be a super country with proper democracy” and “should be a counter balance to US dominance.” Nevertheless, there are problems with this supposition. You see, Russia
isn’t powerful enough to equalize the US and its annual military spending (around $50 billion) is a drop in the ocean compared to Washington’s largesse ($598 billion in 2015). Anyway, the Kremlin doesn’t appear to crave such a status. Instead it seems to want the US
to merely butt out of its hinterland.

When it comes to democracy –
and this is tricky to explain – most Russians don’t appear to actually want to adopt the Western system. This year, Levada, which is universally accepted to be an independent pollster, revealed that only 7 percent of Russians are strongly concerned about democracy. Instead, voters are more interested in levels of social support (60 percent) and personal safety (45 percent). This tallies with a 2014 survey
in which only 5 percent saw a Western-style democracy as essential for Russia’s development versus 16 percent who favored a return to the
Soviet system. Indeed 45 percent of respondents said western-style democracy would be “destructive” for Russia and 55 percent agreed that the only form of democracy that could work for Russia was one that was “completely unique, corresponding to national traditions and Russia’s specifics.”

To understand why Russians are so belligerent about values held dear in other parts of Europe, we need to go back to the 1990’s. Back then Russia adopted a liberal democratic system and it turned out to be the most disastrous decade endured by a major global economy since the Second World War. The state effectively broke down and criminals ran amok. Salaries weren’t paid on time and proud, educated people were
forced to sell their possessions on street corners just to survive. To add insult to injury, the Kremlin was helmed by a chronic alcoholic who was enthusiastically supported by the US and the 1996 election
was effectively stolen in order to prevent the Communists from winning, while the west failed to bat so much as an eyelid. As a result, democracy is often a dirty word in Russia and the term “liberal” has been merged with a swear word “pederast” (pedophile) to create a new insult known as “liberast.”

Do as I say, not as I do

Next, Tom brings up Russian alliances with totalitarian regimes. He mentions Iran, Syria, Belarus, Venezuela, China, North Korea and Serbia. Now, never mind that some of those are not dictatorships; he does have a point here. But the problem is that the west has lost all moral authority in this regard through American-led support for the likes of
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chad, Uganda, Rwanda and Uzbekistan. Indeed, the
latter regime has jailed more political prisoners than the rest of the former USSR put together and is known for boiling its opponents to death.

Despite this, when John Kerry visited nine months ago, he never even mentioned these subjects in public. Presumably because Washington finds Uzbekistan geographically useful in case of future tensions with Russia or China in central Asia.

But back to the original point. If we accept that Putin is obviously no Stalin, we need to find a more appropriate equivalence. So, I’d suggest
Charles DeGaulle. The former French leader was also a staunch nationalist who tried to plot a different path for France, while remaining part of the global order. Because of the Cold War, the general’s ambitions were tolerated but Putin hasn’t enjoyed such luck.
Interesting, both were also accused of cronyism and installing their fellow travelers as a new elite in their countries and ‘Gaullists’ remain the establishment in France today. That might be instructive for
those who endlessly predict the end of the “Putin system” in Russia.

There is no evidence that Putin is an especially “dangerous man” as Tom suggests. Russian jails are not choc-a-block with political activists like those in, Western-allies, Uzbekistan and Turkey. There is also nothing to suggest that the Kremlin runs secret prisons to detain its opposition as Amnesty and Human Rights Watch have accused Ukraine of this weekend. The same Ukraine that the US and EU fully support, arm and bankroll.

Putin’s involvement in Ukraine might be considered murky, but it’s hardly on a par with Stalin’s activities there. Russia has reabsorbed Crimea, which
was only subsumed into Ukraine in the 1950’s for administrative reasons, with barely a shot fired. Additionally, the Kremlin has supported ethnic Russian rebels in the east to an extent considered far too
conservative by many Russians. It’s also worth mentioning that Mikhail Gorbachev, considered a very reasonable man in the west, openly supports Putin’s Ukraine policy. For which, as it happens, Kiev has given him a
visa-ban. By comparison, Stalin is accused of killing at least 2.5
million Ukrainians in a forced famine (the Holodomor) and we know he deported millions more to other regions of the USSR.

Comparisons between the legendary French leader and Putin don’t end there. Because
the situations they inherited are also somewhat synonymous. DeGaulle took over a defeated France, which had been humiliated in the 1940’s, and rebooted the state while promoting patriotic pride amongst its citizens. Similarly, Putin came to power in a Russia which had been reduced to penury during the 90’s and was the laughing stock of the
world. Of course, there’s little doubt that the President sees it as his mission to restore Russia’s ‘greatness.’ However, behaving like a long dead Georgian despot would evidently be counter- productive and morally

Sorry, Tom, but Putin is no Stalin. And thank God for that.

Dr. Goebbels and the “Big Lie” Legend | VikingLifeBlog

Contrary to popular belief, Goebbels was successful as a propagandist not because he was a master of the “Big Lie,” but rather as a result of his fidelity to facts and truth.

As biographer Heiber notes: “Goebbels was accordingly able to celebrate his information policy as being not only superior to the enemy’s in its monolithic character, but also of a ‘seriousness and credibility’ which ‘simply cannot be surpassed.’

Scam of the Millennia – the Marshall Plan – American Intelligence Media

The Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society generally triggers a war to suppress this kind of exposure of their evil underbelly (this is not hyperbole).

Unless we stop them, their next wars will evidently be fake pandemics and poison/pathogen-laden nanoparticles to attack our blood and immune systems via vaccines, chip implants, Tavistock-inspired mass mind control, and 5G mmWave wireless irradiation.

Spread this information as the antidote. Go inside the full story link to access the article with all of the hyperlinks activated.

Full story.


Downloadable a PDF of this post for safekeeping


Raw audio file: Note at the bottom of this posts, Douglas provides the links to the articles he refers to about silver rigging.


Identities discovered of the current Pilgrims Society “ACELA MAFIA” shadow government interlocking relationships

The 1947 Congressional Record provides hard proof of a massive Marshall Plan conspiracy by the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society and its Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) offspring

Newly-discovered Marshall Plan council member lists prove that in 1948, the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society seized control of the Marshall Plan’s $15 billion ($165 billion today), and funded the post-war rogue C.I.A. with Marshall Plan funds via secret Swiss accounts based on the gold stolen by Nazis and Japanese deposits (they even called it the “Gold Pot”)—the criminal basis of secret Swiss bank accounts is now revealed

Everyone Lost in World War II | Aletho News

Hitler had sent Winston Churchill peace offers several times in 1940, proposing that Germany withdraw from occupied areas except for traditional German regions that were seized after World War I. Churchill should have accepted this offer, but he was an arrogant, selfish, bumbling, alcoholic, psychopath whose actions destroyed Europe and the British Empire.

TAP: Khazarians Then, Khazarians Now | ukgovernmentwatch

July 17 2020 | From: Geopolitics

Over 1,400 years later Khazarians are still proliferating unimaginable destruction, death and evil everywhere they go, only much worse than ever…

Many years of prior very stern warnings had been given by Russia and Persia with no changes by the Khazarians.

The reason for this final destruction of the Kingdom of Khazaria was that its rulers and its people ignored these warnings that were made jointly by Russia and Persia….