China forcefully harvests organs from detainees, tribunal concludes

June 18, 2019,

By Saphora Smith

LONDON — The organs of members of marginalized groups detained in Chinese prison camps are being forcefully harvested — sometimes when patients are still alive, an international tribunal sitting in London has concluded.

Some of the more than 1.5 million detainees in Chinese prison camps are being killed for their organs to serve a booming transplant trade that is worth some $1 billion a year, concluded the China Tribunal, an independent body tasked with investigating organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in the authoritarian state.

Antifa Faction Of Occupy Seattle Group Turns Violent – CHAZ Community Attacks and Chokes Christian Speaker… | The Last Refuge

Things are slowly devolving into violent confrontation in the nation of CHAZ Seattle. However, the violence is not with law enforcement; the violence is internal as Antifa factions within the occupy movement begin doing what they are famous for, being violent.

An openly christian man walks into the occupied zone within Seattle, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ, to share the message of Jesus Christ. The Antifa elements immediately confronted the man, threw him to the ground and began choking him.

The Christian Preacher professed his own humanity and proclaimed he was a “free man”, but the rulers within the CHAZ community would not accept his cries for freedom.

The Chazukstan mob surround the preacher, shouting at him, berating him, and eventually trying to beat him into submission. At one point they sat atop the preacher in the same choking position that killed George Floyd. No-one noticed the irony.

India: In a dingy gully of progressive Mumbai, Bohra Muslims are removing the clitorises of little girls – Wake Up To The Truth

According to the World Health Organization, “FGM is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. It reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women. It is nearly always carried out on minors and is a violation of the rights of children. The practice also violates a person’s rights to health, security and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and the right to life when the procedure results in death.”

Also known as khafz or khatna, the practice is alive and well in India within the Bohra Muslim community. Quite an irony, as the Bohra community is known to be the most liberal and open among all the sects of Islam thriving in the country. Even worse, Mumbai, a metropolitan advanced city of India, the financial capital of the country, has become the hub for the practice of female genital mutilation. Not only do Muslims from the Bohra community in India frequent its practitioners, but after having legal actions begun against them in Australia and the USA over this practice, Bohra expats from other countries have started to crowd into Mumbai to get their little girls cut.

At times these girls are promised a piece of candy, at times a movie featuring their favourite stars, at times a fun outing. The deceit unravels itself as the girl child is ushered into a dingy, dark room through a grimy gully in an inconspicuous corner of the city. She is pinned to a dirty bed, her pants are forced down and the tiny part of her body that, in due course, could have led her into experiencing the greatest pleasures of womanhood is chopped off with knives, blades, or anything sharp and long enough to slit off the clitoris. In most cases, female genital mutation is carried out by older women or untrained midwives with scant regard for personal hygiene and sanitation of the surroundings. The severed flesh is then tossed in a garbage bin, in the name of culture, morality, uprightness and modesty.

Israeli forces detain RT’s Redfish stringer while covering rally against Jordan Valley annexation in West Bank | Aletho News

…The crew had already stopped filming and were standing aside when they somehow drew the attention of the IDF. “An officer came to us, he was pointing his finger at us and he was very violent in his body language,” Nayfeh said. The journalists sought to explain they were at the scene on official business but even a document confirming they were “a crew working for RT” apparently failed to persuade the officer.

“He ordered his soldiers to take me,” Nayfeh told RT. “I was surrounded by six or seven soldiers.”

“They took the camera and I was afraid they would break it. They said I will come with them and I will ‘have a good time.’” The man was eventually released only after he agreed to hand over his camera’s memory card to the IDF.

It is not the first such incident since the IDF began cracking down on media working in the Palestinian territories. The Israelis have gone as far as to raid local TV and radio broadcasters over the past few years while accusing them of “inciting” violence. During one such raid in 2017, a local RT provider was shut down.

Victorian man suffers collapsed lung and broken ribs in Shepparton police cell – ABC News

A Victorian has suffered a collapsed lung and broken
ribs during what his lawyer described as a “brutal” and “excessive” display of force from police in a holding cell.

Rushworth man James Martin, who police identified as Indigenous but is of Fijian
descent, was placed into custody over a bail breach on May 28 and locked
in an isolation cell at the Shepparton Police Station.

CCTV footage obtained by the ABC shows a police officer kneeing the man in the ribs before punching him repeatedly, as he is restrained by five
other officers.

He was then handcuffed with his hands behind his back and left alone in the isolation cell for more than 40 minutes.

A Victoria Police spokesman said the restraint required force after Martin refused to comply with officers.

Martin is considering legal action against Victoria Police over the incident.

Martin’s lawyer, Shepparton solicitor Ian Michaelson, described the injuries as serious.

“You don’t get those kind of injuries in a boxing ring — it is more akin to a car accident,” he said.

The footage shows Martin, 31, pacing around the cell and throwing water
from a toilet on the ground, before a police officer opens the cell door.

Martin can then be seen approaching police before one officer pushes him back and places him in a headlock.

Six police officers then wrestle him to the ground.

Once restrained, an officer proceeds to knee him in the ribs before punching him repeatedly.

Police then leave him lying alone and handcuffed on the concrete floor.

The footage shows police putting Mr Martin in a headlock.(Supplied)

The footage shows Martin sitting up and pacing around the cell before pressing a distress button and finally collapsing on the cell’s bed.

It shows paramedics and police entering the cell 46 minutes after the incident, but a spokesperson for Victoria Police said an ambulance was
called 15 minutes after the event took place.

Mr Michaelson said the outcome could have been fatal.

“Fortunately he was able to get to his feet, probably due to his age — if it had’ve
been anybody older they wouldn’t have managed to press the distress
button,” he said.

Police say incident required ‘use of force’

The Professional Standards Command has been notified.

A Victoria Police spokesman said the man had resisted an emergency worker and refused to return a “foreign object” to police.

They said the man subsequently attempted to remove police equipment from the vests of multiple officers, requiring the “use of force”.

“As a result, officers attempted to restrain him in handcuffs until the item could be accounted for as is common practice,” the police spokesman said.

“Officers called an ambulance as soon as the man indicated he had sustained injuries shortly after the incident.”

Martin was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and treated for a collapsed lung and broken ribs.

He was then incarcerated for two weeks and later paid a $1,500 fine after pleading guilty to resisting arrest, assault on police and acting
prejudicial in a police jail.

Mr Michaelson said the incident reminded him of the Palm Island death in

custody in 2004, where Aboriginal man Cameron Doomadgee died in a police

“I believe it’ll shine a light on excessive force used by Victoria Police,” he said.

The incident comes as police around the world come under increased scrutiny for their treatment of people of colour in custody.

Bangarang-Yorta Yorta man Joshua Simm said the Black Lives Matter movement and recent local protests had highlighted issues within the justice system.

Mr Simm, who struggled with drugs and experienced the criminal justice
system as a younger man, now works as a role model for the community
through a men’s behavioural change program at Dardi Munwurro.

“I know [bias] is there, I’ve seen it and I’ve experienced it myself being an Aboriginal person,” he said.

“It wouldn’t be an easy job for a uniformed police officer, but I also think violence isn’t acceptable, whether it be from a community member
or by the police.

“There needs to be more
alternatives than jail because men need to learn the life skills and going to jail doesn’t teach men these skills.”

Vote or Gays will Take Your Children. 2020 edition | Ukraine Today .org

Pro-Kremlin propaganda and homophobia go hand in hand ahead of the vote on constitutional amendments in Russia.

Two years ago, EUvsDisinfo wrote about a viral video in Russia that promoted participation in the 2018 presidential election by suggesting that unless people go and vote, forced homosexuality will become a norm in Russia.

Now, ahead of the constitutional referendum scheduled in Russia for July 1, the video has gotten a remake – to drum up voters’ support for the amendments to the Russian Constitution.

A video clip circulating on social media networks shows Russia in 2035, with a man arriving to an orphanage to adopt a boy. But the heart-warming story takes an unexpected twist when the new father introduces the boy to his mother – another man, wearing make-up. As the boy receives the first gift from his adoptive parents – a dress – a solemn voice asks the viewer, “Is this the Russia you choose? Decide the future of the country. Vote for the Constitutional Amendments.”

The defining question of the 21st century: Can We Say No? | The Wentworth Report

The defining question of the 21st century: Can We Say No? By David Cole.

Last year, [Justin Barrett, leader of Ireland’s National Party] attended a public meeting in his hometown of Borrisokane, Tipperary. The meeting was ostensibly a chance for the locals to be heard regarding the government’s surprise plans to house Third World “refugees” in the town. Many at the meeting felt ambushed by the scheme. More than that, they felt helpless, as if nothing they could say would deter the government’s resettlement machinations. As if their opinions just didn’t matter.

Over audible objections from those running the meeting, Barrett rose to speak. He pointed out that every time such “refugee” programs had been forced upon Irish communities, an immediate increase in violent crime, vandalism, and intimidation of the locals followed. “I love my country and I want my country to be an Irish Ireland and I am not ashamed of that and I shouldn’t have to be ashamed of that,” Barrett proclaimed.

“I have one question to ask: Can the people of Borrisokane say no?”

Can we say no? There, nailed it. Is the destruction of the West predetermined? Are we just going through the motions of letting “the people” decide, just pretending that the citizens, the voters, the taxpayers can say no to what the powers that be have already decided must occur? Either we can say no or we can’t. And if we can’t, just admit it; drop the illusion that anything we say, or anything we do, can stop the civilizational decline.

Can we say no to the Third Worlding of the West? Generally, in Western Europe, you can’t. If you say no a little too stridently, you get arrested as a hate criminal, banned from speaking publicly, and banished from political organizing and activity.

But what about here in the U.S.? Can we say no to our demographic decline? Well, we certainly tried in 2016. Candidate Trump ran on the most unambiguous platform (with the most specific pledges) in recent American history. No Michael Dukakis “uncertainty of purpose” there! Trump voters knew what they were voting for. So, we said no to open borders and lawless aliens, only to be told by the Democrats, most Republicans, the media, and Trump’s own inner circle that “yes” was the only allowable answer. …

Okay, so we can’t control our national borders or our local ones. Can we at least say no to people who want to enter our places of business with intent to commit theft? Nope, can’t say no there, either. “Progressive prosecutors” in big cities are effectively decriminalizing shoplifting by making it a citation-only, non-arrest offense. Someone wants to walk into your store and clean out the shelves? Don’t you dare say no to that! …

Okay, so we can’t control the bad actors who come into our country, our neighborhoods, and our stores. But at least we have final say in our own homes, right?

Very funny. …

Because you can’t say no to trespassers. England’s already where the left wants us to be in a few years. To quote The Guardian’s guide to trespassers’ rights: “Homeowners actually owe a duty of care to trespassers to ensure they do not come to any harm.” Indeed, homeowners “might reasonably be expected to offer some protection” to those who enter their homes without permission, and that includes “not leaving sharp tools lying around” where trespassers might hurt themselves as they rob you.

Read it all, and weep or laugh at how little control the majority have in our “democracy”.

Swedish Policewoman Takes A Knee, Cries After “Protesters” Attack Her Vehicle – NATION AND STATE

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A policewoman in Sweden has gone viral after she responded to
“protesters” attacking her vehicle by taking a knee, crying and holding
a sign that read “white silence is violence.”

A video clip shows the woman submitting to the mob before she is hugged by black people and a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.

“The significance of the gesture is reinforced by the fact that her police car was attacked the seconds before she chose to submit to them,”
commented Tobias Andersson.

Similar scenes have been documented in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

In each case, the person prostrates themselves so as not to get harassed, or in the worst case scenario, physically attacked by the mob.

Two police officers in London were photographed kneeling before protesters yesterday, only for their colleagues to be violently attacked moments later.

If these are the people tasked with the responsibility of defending us from violent mobs, is it any wonder that armed vigilante groups in
America are now protecting their own neighborhoods?

Meanwhile, Sweden maintains its reputation as the most embarrassing, pathetic country in the world.

British PM Johnson Tells China: We’ll Not Walk Away From Hong Kong People – NATION AND STATE

LONDON/HONG KONG—Britain will not walk away from the people of Hong Kong if China imposes a national security law that would conflict with its international obligations under a 1984 accord, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday.

The United Kingdom has urged China to step back from the brink over the national security legislation for Hong Kong that it says risks destroying one of the jewels of Asia’s economy while ruining the reputation of China.

Riot police detain a group of people during a protest in the Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong as the city’s legislature debates over a law that bans insulting China’s national anthem on May 27, 2020. (Isaac Lawrence/AFP via Getty Images)

“Hong Kong succeeds because its people are free,” Johnson wrote in the Times of London newspaper. “If China proceeds, this would be in direct conflict with its obligations under the joint declaration, a legally binding treaty registered with the United Nations.

“Many people in Hong Kong fear that their way of life—which China pledged to uphold—is under threat,” Johnson said.

China’s parliament approved last week a decision to create laws for Hong Kong to curb sedition, secession, terrorism, and foreign interference. Mainland security and intelligence agents may, for the first time, be stationed in the city.

“If China proceeds to justify their fears, then Britain could not in good conscience shrug our shoulders and walk away; instead we will honour our obligations and provide an alternative,” Johnson said.

Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997 after more than 150 years of British rule—imposed after Britain defeated China in the First Opium War.

(LONDON) Parliament Report: FM Dominic Rabb said on Tuesday that he had spoken to #FiveEyesAllies over poten tially opening up the U.K. Hong Kong people who are worried over Beijing’s Enforcement & National Se curity Law and say that the law is likely to …

Comment by tonytran2015: A courageous move by Britain to extend her protection responsibility to the descendants of her former colonial subjects.

#AceNewsReport – June.03: Britain’s foreign minister said he has spoken to “Five Eyes” allies about potentially opening their doors to Hong Kongers if Beijing’s plans to impose a national security law on the city sparks an exodus: The revelation came as Prime Minister Boris Johnson said London would not “walk away” from Hong Kongers worried by Beijing’s control over the international business hub, in his most direct comments yet on the former colony’s future: Semi-autonomous Hong Kong has been rocked by months of huge and often violent pro-democracy protests over the past year: