Pentagon Denies National Guard Troops For DC After “Sanctuary City” Mayor Begs For Help
Pentagon Denies National Guard Troops For DC After “Sanctuary City” Mayor Begs For Help The Pentagon has denied a request from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to deploy the National Guard in response to an influx of illegal migrants arriving in the nation’s capital, according to the Daily Caller, citing a Pentagon spokesperson. According to the…

The Hundred Year War on Palestine – A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance, 1917-2017.

With the writing of The Hundred Year War on Palestine – A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance, 1917-2017, Rashid Khalidi has created an interesting well written overview of the Zionist colonial-settler enterprise in Palestine. One of the underlying features of the creation of Israel is how well it fits into the colonial-settler mindset that established the current Five Eyes scenario of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia within the global influence of the British empire. The indigenous people of each of those regions were effectively done away with, labelled “savages” and “uncivilized”, beneath contempt, and essentially to be eliminated through various means of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

In Palestine, those attempts at ethnic cleansing, a necessity for the Zionists in regard to their demographic fears of majority Arab/Palestinian population, came up against the post WW II decolonization movements rising from the liberal rhetoric of the western powers and the Cold War conflict with the Soviet Union. It also came up against the will of the indigenous people, the Palestinians, who “have shown unusual patience, perseverance, and steadfastness in defending their rights, which is the main reason that their cause I still alive.”

While looking at the “Hundred Years’ War”, Khalidi divides it into six “declarations of war” as a means of highlighting the different eras and approaches to the Palestinian struggle: the Balfour pre WW II era; the nakba; the 1967 war; Beirut; the first intifada; and the second intifada leading into the “war on terror”.

Several threads through Khalidi’s writing make it highly informative,…

Fed Up with Biden’s Open Borders Agenda, Justice Department’s Top Chief Immigration Judge, a Trump Appointee, Resigns — The Gateway Pundit | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

The Justice Department’s top immigration judge announced he will be leaving his post at the end of the month.

Tracy Short, a Trump appointee, is resigning because of the Biden Regime’s open border policies, the Washington Times reported based on sources.

Tracy Short was appointed in 2020 and “oversees the country’s 600 immigration judges and sets courtroom procedure and policy.”

Republican lawmakers have recently accused US Attorney General Merrick Garland of politicizing the DOJ and purging a half dozen Trump appointed judges…

Mayor Bowser Claims Illegal Immigrants Are Being ‘Tricked’ Into Being Bused to the Nation’s Capital [VIDEO] – Nwo Report

Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport

100 Percent Fed Up reported on Apr 6, 2022, that in response to the Biden administration ending Title 42, Abbott announced that “Texas will be taking its own precedented actions this month.”

Among a series of strategies covered at the press conference, the one that generated the most buzz was Abbott’s announcement that Texas would begin using charter buses to ship illegal immigrants to Washington D.C.

On Sunday, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to discuss the persistent homelessness problem plaguing her city.

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Host Margaret Brennan brought up a Washington Post report that suggested homeless shelters are now becoming filled with illegal immigrants being bused in from Texas and Arizona.

Bowser was asked about a report that said homeless shelters in the district were filling up as busloads of migrants were being dropped off in the city.

Bowser said that she fears illegal immigrants are being “tricked” into traveling to her city. She also admitted that it’s a “significant issue” and called on the federal government to get more involved.

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White House claims Abbott causing border chaos, states should butt out of immigration | “OUR WORLD”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took questions in a short press conference ahead of President Biden’s Friday visit to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Jean-Pierre was asked by a reporter if the Biden administration had any plans for a legal response to Abbott’s executive order authorizing state law enforcement officials and the Texas National Guard to apprehend illegal immigrants and return them to the border.

“Immigration enforcement is a federal authority, and states should not be meddling in it,” the White House press secretary said…

Why Does The Mainstream Media Protect Criminal Aliens? | VikingLifeBlog

Though it should not, it still amazes this writer when going through the daily reports of crimes committed by illegal aliens, only to see either the accused or convicted felon described as “a North Carolina man,” or “a Houston man,” etc., when the suspect in question has been deported back to Mexico, say, half a dozen times. How can that “man” to whom the reporter refers, be “a North Carolina man,” when he is in fact, a Mexican national?

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United States Illegal Alien Crime Report

Raise The Shield Wall! | The Tactical Hermit

Raise The Shield Wall!

I say it is time to raise the shield wall.

Especially when Western civilization is engaged in a life and death struggle for its very survival and our enemies are attempting to twist the very lexicon and identity forming descriptors we have used for centuries to define ourselves, in an attempt to supposedly ‘de-toxify’ what they perceive as ‘white supremacist’ terms.

A perfect example is the disingenuous way historians like Dr. Mary Rambaran-Olm, a fellow at the University of Toronto, who specializes in race in early England and Sherif Abdelkarim at John Hopkins University, who apparently studies Early English language, assert that “First-millennium Britain offers one glimpse into the extent to which communities mixed and flourished…. suggesting extensive exchange and assimilation among Britain’s inhabitants and settlers.”

Their colleague Paul Edward Montgomery Ramírez, a Nicaraguan-American archaeologist, desperate to exaggerate the significance of a theological expression used by Alfred the Great, “You must not oppress foreigners and strangers, because you were once strangers in the land of Egypt,” making a timely intervention (especially coming from someone who shares the same heritage as the people currently rushing America’s southern border) to remind us that Britain was always multicultural.

And please remember the International Society of Anglo Saxonists (ISAS) have only recently been forced to drop the term Anglo Saxon and the academic department at Cambridge specializing in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, as well as the longstanding Chairs of Anglo Saxon at Oxford (most famously held by J.R.R. Tolkien) have also been attacked for using such a divisive name.

Which brings me back to my core point.

Anyone making a detailed study of early English charters will see the predominant usage of the expressions englisc and angelcynn rather than Anglo Saxon (think also of the Roman Tacitus and the word Anglii). The very term Anglo Saxon was coined in fact on the continent to differentiate between German and English Saxons.

But accuracy is tangential to the reasons behind the arguments being put forward by the likes of Rambaran-Olm, Abdelkarim and Gonzalez, who are in fact attempting to deconstruct the very meaning of the words Anglo Saxon, arguing fallaciously that “Archaeological evidence shows that people of sub-Saharan African descent lived in early England.”

I have even heard the descriptor Afro-Saxon being used. Politically correct historians abusing the fact that the descriptor Anglo Saxon was rarely used prior to the Norman Conquest of 1066 and became more common at the time of the British Empire’s major expansion in the nineteenth century in order to demonstrate the term was being applied to imply the superiority of “white people” by the Victorians.

Today’s liberal propagandists operating in the field of medieval studies increasingly trying to cast aside the use of the expression “Anglo-Saxon” because they continually insist it denotes Western superiority with one media article related to Rambaran-Olm’s work, ignoring the acclaimed work of academics like Stenton, Hill, Crossley-Holland, Hook, Carver, Campbell, Higham, Wood and Morris and instead saying:

‘Because in their (the left wing deconstructionists) view it has more connection to white hoods than boar-decorated helmets. The record shows that myths about the past can be exploited to create hateful policies. But as perceptive readers, we can arm ourselves against hate by wielding historical precision as a weapon’.

Which is why we need to defend the use of such terms as Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic, until we control these centres of research and teaching because it is for us, not our anti-white enemies, to provide nuance to these identities.

Especially given the reality that our people currently recognize such expressions as they relate to their ancestors. Indeed, walk into any bookshop and you will see, for now at least, histories referring to Anglo Saxons and Celts. That must be our starting point. Our cultural outreach must begin on such familiar ground.

Especially when it so rich and fascinating, contributing to who and what we are and linking us forever to the land that is ours by right of inheritance.

Biden barred from ending Title 42 at border by federal judge – Nwo Report

The Biden administration has been barred by a federal judge from ending the pandemic health policy known as Title 42 on May 23.

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The move delays what Homeland Security officials predicted would prompt an unprecedented rush of migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border and is a major win for the three Republican states that brought the lawsuit in early April, of which 19 other states have since joined.

“In a lawsuit originally filed by Missouri, Louisiana, and Arizona, our Office just obtained a temporary restraining order to keep Title 42 in place. This is a huge victory for border security, but the fight continues on,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt wrote in a post on Twitter Monday afternoon.