Lefties Abandon Biden | Call Me Stormy

The Democrat establishment continues to stab their far-left base in the back, leading to a mountain of discontent, dysfunction and all-time lows for the party. The latest adventure came earlier this week when lefties stormed out of a meeting with President Biden after a major disagreement over the administration’s immigration policy, saying they’ve reached a turning point. At issue, according the Democrat socialist wing, was another broken Biden campaign promise, when he assured the party he would abolish President Trump’s remain-in-Mexico policy. Biden initially made good on his promise by suspending the policy last summer, but a Supreme Court ruling in August forced him to reinstate it. Here’s the full story from Liberal Hivemind.


2021 migrant crossing could set new record | Fox News Video | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


Migrant encounters reach 1.5 million this year and may possibly set a new record, Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin has the latest on ‘Special Report’.

UK: Conservative MP Stabbed To Death By Somali Was A Strong Supporter Of Black Lives Matter | VikingLifeBlog

Comment by tonytran2015: Old wisdom saying is always be cautious with strangers.


The brazen daytime murder of 69-year-old Tory MP David Amess yesterday in Essex has brought worldwide attention to the epidemic of black knife crime.

The accused killer, a 25-year-old Somali, patiently waited in line as Amess met with constituents then unleashed his savage attack, stabbing Amess at least a dozen times.

National Justice

Migrants face expulsion at Polish border under new law – BBC News


Poland’s parliament has passed a legal amendment allowing border guards to
immediately expel migrants who cross the border illegally.

Guards will also be given power to refuse applications for international asylum, without examination.

Poland and the EU have accused Belarus’s authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko of facilitating an influx of thousands of migrants…

Viktor Orbán Gives Pope Warning About Mass Migration To The West

Viktor Orbán Gives Pope Warning About Mass Migration To The West Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán asked Pope Francis not to let Christianity “perish” as he gave him a gift that challenged the the Supreme Pontiff’s advocacy for mass immigration. “At the meeting on Sunday, according to…

British diplomat uses social media to draw attention to removal of Chinese mosque minarets – ABC News


  • The ancient Dongguan Mosque appears to have had its green dome and minarets removed
  • President Xi Jinping has overseen a campaign to “Sinicise” Islam and other religions
  • The UK and other Western parliaments have declared treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang to be genoide

New Documentary Investigates The History Of The Great Replacement and Mass Immigration In Sweden | VikingLifeBlog

Comment by tonytran2015: In Australia there was absolutely no referendum on going multicultural. Just suddenly a Labour Prime Minister declared that Multiculturalism was in and appointed a Commissioner for Multiculturalism (whose many associates were alleged to have connections to the Underworld) and the policy was set.


“Why Is Sweden Multicultural?”, a new documentary by journalists at Palaestra Media, is the most thorough investigation on the origins of Sweden’s failed multiracial experiment ever published to date.

The film examines the role of various interests, including the local Jewish community, in formulating a policy that has dragged Sweden from a successful nation admired around the world to now, in 2021, an incoherent and failed state.

National Justice

Barbara Spectre Is Back

Woke Capital | VikingLifeBlog


Woke capital or Woke capitalism are usually negative terms for “woke” for-profit individuals and organizations supporting political correctness. In addition, some of those who brand themselves as “non-profit” may in reality have for-profit motives, one argued example being the Southern Poverty Law Center.

There may be various motives for such support, including:

The owners or managers may promote political correctness for reasons other than profit.

  • They may actually believe that political correctness is correct.
  • As a form of virtue signalling beneficial for themselves, even if they covertly view the politically correctness as harmful for their organization and society more generally.
  • In order to support special interests, such as ethnic networking or minority groups believing mass immigration is beneficial for the own group, see for example Jews and immigration.
  • Managers may feel they have lower positions than they are entitled to and believe that this is due to some form of discrimination. See also Great Awokening on “elite overproduction”.
  • See also Managerial state.


Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In “Virtuous Victim Signaling”, Study Finds.

War refugees, chain migration and the importation of cruel foreign customs.

War refugees, chain migration and the importation of cruel foreign customs

by tonytran2015.

1. The transplantation of war refugees.

This upsetting story started with the transplantation of a war refugee from Colombo to Australia. The chain of events began with the issue of some humanitarian visas in 1984.

Nations have to offer help and protection to war refugees. But going far beyond that with unchecked immigration and allowing new arrivals to remain un-integrated in the host nation after resettlement is threatening even the survival of the host nation. Fortunately, Australia does not adopted the practice of calling every border-crosser a refugee.

2. The acquiescence to importation of foreign customs

The events of this case brought into Australia a foreign custom of arranged marriage. This foreign custom is enhenced with the advantage offered by Australian rules on chain migration.

On paper, the Sri Lankan-born Kannans ­presented a typical
Australian immigrant story. Kumuthini came to Australia on a
humanitarian visa in 1984 at age 17 after her parents fled the civil war
in Sri Lanka. She finished high school in Melbourne and completed an
occupational health and safety degree before agreeing to an arranged
marriage with Kandasamy, an IT worker from Sri Lanka. She sponsored him
to come to ­Australia on a skilled migrant visa and they were married in
1994 before having three children, who have each been diagnosed with
­varying degrees of autism.


This is confirmed from Court document

117 The civil war in Sri Lanka resulted in you and your family being forced from your home to live in a refugee camp in Colombo for a period of months. You were subjected to an unsettling and frightening time. You later came to Australia with your family on a humanitarian visa in 1984, when you were 17 years old. … you completed one year of applied science at the Caulfield Institute of Technology. This was followed by six years studying a part-time degree in occupational health and safety at Victoria University.
118 … By this stage, you were married and accompanied your husband to Canberra, where you worked for the Department of Immigration for six months, … You disliked living in Canberra and felt
119 You lived in Canberra with your husband for 18 months before returning to Melbourne. You returned to work with City West Water, then engaged in charity work until commencing a family in 2000. In 2002, you started full-time work in customer service at an ANZ Bank call centre. This employment concluded in 2016 when details of this court case were published in the media. Your subsequent attempts at employment were not successful due to adverse media publicity. As such, you have been unemployed since late 2017 and have been living at home.
120 You report having a good relationship with your husband and describe him as a quiet man who gets frustrated easily. There has never been abuse or violence in your relationship. You describe yourself as doing, saying and organising everything for the family.


S CR 2018 0063



3. The imported foreign customs are more than just arranged marriage.

In this case the concern is that “domestic helpers” from other cultures may be a varied form of slavery. Some community of immigrants may not integrate well into the main national culture and retain a close knit of “diverse culture” enamored by the over-promotion of “multiculturalism”.

The Kannans were considered respectable members of their Tamil
community and references that said they were committed to social causes and helping others were a “stark contrast” to their crimes, Justice Champion said.


Actually, the persons keeping a “domestic helper/slave” even have difficulty in realizing by themselves the offence due to their background from another “diverse culture”.

Kandasamy and Kumuthini Kannan were found guilty of using the woman as a slave from 2007 to 2015
The woman endured physical abuse at the hands of her captors, suffering permanent injuries

“Slavery is regarded as a crime against humanity,” he said.

“Your offending occurred in the daily presence and with the obvious knowledge and comprehension of your children…

Justice Champion branded the couple as “almost compulsive liars”.

“The number and brazen quality of the lies has been nothing short of astonishing,” he said.


No statement of sorry were offered

Justice John Champion told the Supreme Court of Victoria the couple showed “a distinct lack of care”.
“They must have been aware she was probably days away from dying, and it’s never been conveyed that ‘we were sorry’,” he said.
Mr Kannan’s barrister said they were reluctant to apologise because any
expression of regret could be taken as an admission of liability or culpability, which could impact an appeal in the future.


And even seriously illegal activities had been made to cover the actions.

… prosecutor Richard Maidment QC told the court a phone in the KK home was tapped by the Australian Federal Police, who captured
conversations the couple had with a man in India.

Mr Maidment presented the jury with transcripts of the conversations, saying it appeared a meeting had been set up between a third party and the alleged victim’s son to encourage him “not to pursue the

Mr Maidment said Mrs KK was captured saying: “We need proof to say they are doing all this to get money”.


So much damages have resulted from the over-promotion of “cultural diversity”.

4. Massive immigration threatens to extinguish established national culture.

Beware that besides chain migration, domestic slavery, there are also other foreign customs awaiting discussions. They are:

Female genital mutilation,

Eating dogs, eating cats.

Unfavourable attitude on existing dressing standard of females,


Once the national culture is gone, national cohesion will disappear. This is the sad consequence of mass immigration.

DeSantis demands feds account for all illegal aliens ‘resettled’ in Florida

The governor said Florida law enforcement officers deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border told him seven of 10 aliens they found trying to cross the border said they were eventually bound for Florida. Go to Source Author: {Just The News}… Read more