120+ retired military flag officers warn US ‘under assault’ by socialists, Marxists, urges Americans to fight back – THE MARSHALL REPORT


…To see full list of signatories click link, partial listing is below: 120+ retired military flag officers warn US ‘under assault’ by socialists, Marxists, urges Americans to fight back | American Military News

My alt-right, anti-rich views made me unemployable. Now I’m ghost-writing college papers for rich leftie kids. What an irony — RT Op-ed


By Al Stankard, a political dissident and novelist living in New York City.  Since becoming unemployable due to my political activism, I’ve been earning college degrees for the children of my oppressors. Business is booming – but it makes me sick to my stomach.

I’m an escort in New York so I know firsthand how strange and stressful your life becomes when you’re outside the law,” writes April Adams in an aging VICE article explaining how and why she became a prostitute. She recalls one of the first men she nervously sold herself to, worried she might be breaking the law. Unsurprisingly, his purchasing power was built on a confident working knowledge of the outer limits of contract law. He assured her that, generally speaking, “it’s legal to charge for your time, so it’s legal to advertise [on Craigslist].” It’s an aging logic, but it’s proved so vital to our society’s shrewdly efficient arrangement of power relations that we all know and accept it by heart, without having ever read The Wealth of Nations.

Although my views on ‘sex work’ are mostly negative, I nevertheless find a kindred spirit in April Adams because I, too, have been forced by circumstance to make a living in a way that many presume to be dirty, if not illegal. Where April whores her body, I whore my mind. I write college papers for rich kids as an ‘academic freelance ghostwriter.’ I started out a decade ago on a shady Ukrainian website, though have long since carved out an independent reputation for myself to the extent that I offer multi-year, white-glove ghostwriting services to students at America’s most prestigious institutions. Remember that bleeding-heart movement against test-taking? It’s about making things easier for those who already command enormous social advantages and financial resources, yet who can’t be bothered to ace tests. ‘Social justice’ is just the front. In the age of lockdown-mandated remote learning, rich kids are leaping at my feet like salmon at the spawning. I do all the work, for a fee, and they walk away with a diploma.

Charlottesville saw deadly right-wing violence – and embraced the other divisive extreme
Charlottesville saw deadly right-wing violence – and embraced the other divisive extreme

Read more Charlottesville saw deadly right-wing violence – and embraced the other divisive extreme

You’d be amazed, too, by how fast I can churn out papers on virtually any topic. The only thing I can’t do is engage primary curriculum for graduate-level hard sciences. But I can clarify those ideas. If you’re curious how I have such a comprehensive mastery of all subjects – I don’t. Writing essays is hardly different from solving a Rubik’s cube. You master the basic algorithm and structure, inputting new variables for each new paper you write. Once you’ve written a few Plato papers, you’ve written them all.

In my early, naïve days, I guesstimated that 90% of my clientele were from impoverished backgrounds in the Middle East, Asia and India, lifting themselves up by their own bootstraps in ways I could not imagine. That’s what I grew up being told, anyway. Thus, I was merely helping them make do in spite of unfair standards which privileged native English-speakers.

Then there were the 9% of single mothers working full-time jobs, I told myself. The obnoxiously dumb, lazy, and rich party kids, I imagined, made up only the final 1% of my clientele. I could even empathize with that 1% by remembering the times in college when I was too desperation-drunk to do my coursework. If I had had the money, I too would have cynically outsourced some of those final papers.

As with the legality of advertising prostitution services, with a wink and a lip-bite, the baffles and whorls of Western legal theory allowed me to build a career as a freelance academic ghostwriter without risk of facing any real consequences. Sure, plagiarism in college is considered ‘academically unethical,’ but me writing college papers for others is not plagiarism, and it is most certainly not illegal. I am merely selling my intellectual property, transferring to each paying customer ownership of the paper I write for them. University administrations make virtually no effort to clamp down on such activities because, by the cold logic of liberalism, my customers are not stealing any intellectual property.

This is not some loophole I am wriggling through in the liberal ideology. The concept of intellectual property forms the bedrock of our corrupt, moribund society. The global capitalist power structure – this pyramid scheme whose ideology is codified and updated principally at Ivy League universities – depends on the fungibility of intellectual property rights in order to exploit those of us not born into privilege like them.

Michelle Obama’s ‘pandemic is great blessing’ comment reveals she sees the poor as character-building fodder for the privileged
Michelle Obama’s ‘pandemic is great blessing’ comment reveals she sees the poor as character-building fodder for the privileged

Read more Michelle Obama’s ‘pandemic is great blessing’ comment reveals she sees the poor as character-building fodder for the privileged

Insights supporting this fever dream of an academic ‘pyramid scheme’ are that, I have observed, one’s grades generally correlate not with the quality of one’s writing and arguments but, rather, with how densely you pack parenthetical citations into the text of your essay, as well as the institutional pedigree of your sources. If your paper looks coherent on its face, and is peppered with the right references, you will get an A. The content of your writing is mostly arbitrary; even your deference to political correctness, or its lack thereof, plays second fiddle to the citations themselves.

Crucially, I have learned, the more private, prestigious, and influential a university is, the less rigid are the formatting requirements of a paper’s references. At Ivy League universities, for example, it is generally acceptable to informally cite sources because their students are already insiders. At public universities, however, a strict adherence to referencing formats is mandated from on high – from those very same Ivy League universities.

As the political situation in the US has evolved, I have come to realize that the overwhelming majority of my clientele are obnoxious rich kids after all. This goes even for the 90% hailing from the Global South. As an American millennial, I had been thoroughly brainwashed into believing that foreign students arrive at American universities carrying on their backs the weight of unfathomable disadvantage. In reality, for the most part anyway, they come from privilege back home. Even those with more tenuous footholds in the American higher learning ecosystem are not as wholly dependent on student loans for their education as myself and others are, nor are they quite so hustled into the higher education system for reasons not to their benefit.

In my more recent white-glove services to Ivy League students, meanwhile, I have gotten to know and understand them more intimately. They are not merely somewhat dumb and somewhat rich. Rather, they are more or less on an intellectual par with me, yet are so extravagantly rich that it makes utmost career sense for them to outsource intellectual labor. This allows them to more effectively schmooze their professors and network with their peers. This is how the investor class operates – they sit atop massive wealth, with insider access, and buy and bring to scale all and every good idea, often from the desperate, in order to extract even greater wealth from the world around them.

I sympathize with April’s vindictive yet empowered retrospective on her career as a sex worker. While this may sound inconsistent for somebody as I who was, without remorse, a strident participant in the greater ‘alt-right’ movement, the fact stands that I am similarly forced into a grey market profession due to the crush of life circumstances. In my case, however, whatever disadvantages I may have already been heir to in life were compounded and ratified as a result of my dissident politics. In even starker contrast from April, I feel more vindictive than empowered, for it is the parents of these students I earn diplomas for who are, at least indirectly, responsible for barring me from the possibility of employment in polite society. The entire strata of society they occupy, the investor class, bears sole responsibility for creating and exacerbating the economic conditions that gave rise to the alt-right. Their collective scapegoating of all white people, for their own persistent sins and excesses, logically implied the birth of a new white ethnosolidarity. They needed the alt-right to exist, as a false effigy of their own global right-wing ideology, just as much as they needed to then ritually destroy those who wore its colors. Also on rt.com Chris Hedges: Cancel culture, where liberalism goes to die

I always used my real name while engaging in political activism because I believe there is more to life than throwing stray jabs at injustice in the dark, only to recede into an even deeper darkness. That, and I wanted to be held accountable to my higher self. You can’t live in this world as it is, participating in a rigged game that preys on our human foibles rather than correcting them. When our hollow consent is considered the gold standard for ethical, ‘win-win’ exploitation, things will only continue to deteriorate. I had made myself a persona non grata in our McWorld, as expressed through everything from VICE hit pieces to hysterical antifa fatwas, to the extent that I was forced into my particular brand of anonymous intellectual prostitution to make ends meet.

It’s almost an understatement to cite condemnatory Google search results to explain just how underground I had been forced. At one point, antifa hatched a plot to kidnap my sister after I peacefully confronted and briefly unmasked the man who slugged Richard Spencer at Trump’s inauguration. At another point, I had federal agents trying to blackmail me. Even as recently as last year, I have been violently confronted by antifa brawlers who may or may not have been sic’d on me by those same federal agents. This should give some indication of how unemployable I was made to be. I even resorted to a long stint as a handyman on the TaskRabbit platform. The last time I was publicly called out for being a ‘Nazi’ was by April Adams herself, the socially dislocated prostitute-turned-writer. April is not her real name. I feel bad that she should feel forced by her precarious station in life to try to come at me like that.

Most Americans realize cancel culture is a massive threat to our democracy, but I fear it may be too late to halt it
Most Americans realize cancel culture is a massive threat to our democracy, but I fear it may be too late to halt it

Read more Most Americans realize cancel culture is a massive threat to our democracy, but I fear it may be too late to halt it

Since my earlier political activism, which culminated in my involvement in 2018’s Unite the Right 2 rally, my worldview has evolved dramatically. I no longer hold the mistaken belief that anti-white political rhetoric and policies are the product of some well-intentioned ignorance on the parts of those we generously refer to as the ‘elite.’ Nor do I believe that our steadily unraveling society can be saved by cleaving to the Enlightenment values of free speech and open inquiry. 

I know now that all of today’s so-called ‘wokeness’ traces its origins to the earlier desperate need of the Western imperialists to court the Global South in building a firewall against the spread of Soviet Communism. Phony intersectional and cultural Marxism, the Rawlsian fixation on “the vulnerable,” gender wars, and anti-white scapegoating are all motivated by the investor class’s existential imperative of misdirecting criticism that threatens to bring them back down to earth with the rest of us. 

Most who are taught by the corporate media into self-identifying as members of the ‘dissident right’ overlook the manner by which the investor class funds this self-defeating pairing of toxic race and gender politics with Marxist and anti-capitalist notions. They know that most of us will gag on the former while thinking they are part and parcel to the latter’s promise of economic justice. That, and by presenting racial equality and equality writ large on the same continuum, those of us with vigorous intuitions of justice are easily bogged down, or else diverted outright, by the vexing mission creep of the racial and gender social justice wars. It was not an accident that the asinine pursuit of sideshow justice went into hyperdrive in the wake of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement, and even more so in France since the Yellow Vest protests.

It is for these reasons that I am eager to blow a lid, however I can, on the widespread practice of freelance academic ghostwriting. Get off my neck.

‘Our friendship will end here’: Duterte defies Beijing, says he won’t withdraw vessels from disputed waters — RT World News


The president of the Philippines has vowed not to withdrawal his country’s ships from waters contested by China as a long-running dispute between the two nations over sovereignty of South China Sea territory heats up.

Speaking in a televised address aired on Friday, President Rodrigo Duterte said he would not heed Chinese demands and would continue to push for sovereignty over islands and reefs in the South China Sea. 

“We have a stand here and I want to state it here and now again that our ships there… we will not move an inch backward,” Duterte said, adding “I will not withdraw. Even if you kill me. Our friendship will end here.”

In April, China demanded the Philippines remove its vessels from the contested waters and called on Manila to “stop actions complicating the situation and escalating disputes.”

On Friday, Duterte said he respected China’s position, but said he didn’t want trouble or to go to war.

The president has been widely criticized for his close relationship with Beijing but has maintained Manila’s claims to islands and reefs in the South China Sea, announcing in April that he would send naval vessels to the area.  Also on rt.com Manila claims nearly 300 Chinese militia vessels have swarmed Philippines-held islands in latest incursion

On Wednesday, the Philippines taskforce for the South China Sea reported incursions into its maritime territory by 287 Chinese militia vessels. This year, Manila has frequently called on Beijing to remove its vessels in accordance with a 2016 ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, which threw out China’s claims to the territory and the islands within it. 

Last week, Duterte caused a stir when he suggested that the ruling didn’t mean anything, and that it was just a “piece of paper” that he could throw out.

Islands and reefs in the South China Sea are not only contested by China and the Philippines. Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Brunei also lay claim to overlapping areas of the potentially resource rich sea.

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, it’s time to tell the non-binary woke warriors where to stick their pronouns — RT Op-ed


By Charlie Stone, author and journalist who has worked for the BBC, several national newspapers in the UK and international media. The pronoun police have struck again, with a UK train operator apologising to a passenger who complained about a friendly conductor using the term ‘ladies and gentlemen’. We have to stop pandering to this militant madness.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hands up if you even know what ‘non-binary’ actually means, and stick your other hand up – in surrender – if you actually even give a s**t.

I’ve heard the term. I’m pretty certain it’s yet another one of those pointless yet poisonous trendy navel-gazing woke things that get thrown about by men – it’s usually blokes – who don’t have much of a sense of humour.  Also on rt.com Now it only costs a fiver to get a gender recognition certificate in Britain, I think it’s high time we all got one

These crushing bores will jump on you if you step out of line, though. Just ask a jolly   on a train from London to the north-east of England. This evil sod walked down the aisle saying “good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,” to passengers. That horrible man clearly didn’t think for even a second that some might be somewhere in between male and female.

Mr. Conductor was, of course, just doing his job and getting through his day with a few friendly greetings and maybe a smile and offending pretty much nobody…except non-binary ‘Laurence’ and his non-binary chum sitting beside him in a carriage. The rail worker’s greeting was an outrage, an affront to this fella ‘Laurence’ and his mate ‘Jarley’.

This lad ‘Laurence’ immediately reached for his gun – his mobile phone – and tweeted out a complaint. This is what the guy tapped into his screen: ‘‘‘Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…’ so as a non binary person this announcement doesn’t actually apply to me so I won’t listen @LNER.”

His pal ‘Jarley’ waded in later, “Both Laurence and I were customers of the railway – being rail staff does not absolve an operator from the duty of care or responsibility to be inclusive. I was sat with Laurence when this tweet was sent. Both of us are non-binary and we were both alarmed and uncomfortable by the lack of inclusion.”

Some deadbeat bureaucrat for the London North Eastern Railway (LNER), of course, immediately caved in. “I’m really sorry to see this, Laurence, our Train Managers should not be using language like this, and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. Please could you let me know which service you are on and I will ensure they remain as inclusive as we strive to be at LNER.”

It turns out this chap ‘Laurence’ actually works for the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), the trade union that represents transport workers. No wonder the Labour Party is in a death spiral and has absolutely no chance of winning a general election, if people like ‘Laurence’ are actually being listened to.

God knows what this boy’s job is at the RMT. Honestly, though, I really don’t care. I don’t give a stuff about ‘Laurence’ and his rainbow face mask nor his buddy ‘Jarley’. I’m more worried that this jolly conductor might get in trouble or, God forbid, get sent on an unconscious bias training course. LNER, though, says he escaped censure. I bet he’s worried about his pronouns from now on though.

Personally, I really like these happy conductors, they add a bit of levity to what can be a tedious journey – especially if you’ve made it many times. I just wish I’d been on that carriage, so I could have annoyed ‘Laurence’ and ‘Jarley’ on the jolly conductor’s behalf. But, it seems, they never actually said anything out loud anyway – they just tapped away at their phones.

The best thing, the get-out-of-jail-free card for us all, in ‘Laurence’s’ post is this bit: “…so as a non binary person this announcement doesn’t actually apply to me so I won’t listen.” Excellent, my boy! Fantastic, kiddo! Marvellous, son! That means the rest of us don’t have to listen to YOU, mate, either.

Anyway, to answer my earlier query – what is non-binary? I know it’s something to do with gender, because the people who go on about these things are utterly obsessed by their gender and personal sexuality. Though, the truth is, nobody else cares. Your gender choice and sexuality is entirely up to you, what’s it got to do with anyone else?

Gender cannot just be male and female, men and women, boys and girls: this is simply not allowed anymore, despite DNA stating, unequivocally, that this is fundamentally the case in nature. That Y chromosome, you see, it can’t be hidden – not yet – and it means you’re male, a boy. Whether you like that fact or not is absolutely irrelevant, in nature. Also on rt.com Sorry for mansplaining, girls, but pretty soon your gender will no longer exist, you’re getting cancelled…unless you speak up!

I checked on Wikipedia, so you don’t have to. Binary, as any computer nerd will tell you, just means this or that, on or off. Male or female, in this case. Non-binary, therefore – which is also known as ‘genderqueer’ – simply means someone who identifies as neither male or female. Whoopee.

The singer Sam Smith identifies as non-binary. Other singers such as Miley Cyrus, Olly Alexander and Demi Lovato have also “challenged gender norms.

And I don’t know why it is, but not being sure of where you are gender-wise seems to also have some kind of a chemical impact on a person’s sense of humour. Just ask comedian Dave Chappelle. He took a digital drubbing and was castigated by the Guardian for some off-rainbow colour jokes. I’m pretty sure Chappelle was well chuffed at all the publicity. 

Isn’t the surest sign of acceptance when you can actually take the mickey out of each other? A very good gay friend of mine calls me “a breeder.” It doesn’t offend me. 

Man, I must say I’m so glad I don’t exist in circles where these horrible and stupid terms are common currency, a world in which they actually do come up in normal conversation. Can you imagine? It must be like living inside a pinball machine, constantly banging into things and ringing bells. Imagine trying to crack an even mildly off-colour joke in a bar where these folk congregate? You’d be marched outside and hung with hemp rope.

I don’t care how anyone wants to identify. Just like Dave Chappelle I am absolutely with them on their right to choose. Live and let live. Just don’t impose your will on me, you know? How much must the rest of the world be FORCED to participate with someone else’s search for identity?  Also on rt.com It’s not right for a census to ignore people’s biological sex at birth simply to appease trans people like me

The wind has been in the woke sails now for years. Yet a few rips, just a few small tears for now, have appeared in those rainbow sails. And it really is their own fault, for pushing too hard. For being, well, slightly ridiculous and just a little bit fascist. It’s no surprise Boris Johnson’s government is now introducing a law to force universities to let people air their views, when at the moment they are likely to get cancelled. 

Even former Prime Minister Tony Blair has waded in. In a segment on free speech, he told the Good Morning Britain programme, “It is a minefield, on virtually everything. And if you’re a certain generation, you’re not sure what you can say and what you can’t say. Or whether you can make a joke about something or you can’t make a joke about something. So I’ll – ahem – leave it at that.”

Feminists and lesbians – genetic females, and the L in that clunky LGBTQ alphabet soup – have also had enough of a bunch of blokes stealing their gender.  Some are breaking away, so it’ll soon have to be cut back to GBTQ (Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer). As lesbian rights campaigner Sam Esther told RT.com, “Males who identify as transgender or who are referred to as “trans women” are not any kind of woman because “women” are adult human females – a sex, rather than a gender role or set of “feminine” stereotypes that anyone can embrace.” 

I sense the tide is turning against these zealous idiots, slowly. Let’s help it along. Join the resistance and make little cuts in those sails, refuse to play the naming game. There’s an old phrase, way way older than this woke bulls**t, and it’s this, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

So, you know what, gender crusaders? You have pushed too hard and you’ve gone too far, and the rest of us simply must now resist before you push us all off a cliff. I will alway select my own pronouns based on what I can actually see or hear, ‘him’ or ‘her’ – not ‘they’ nor ‘them’. 

Sorry. But I choose to be binary and I don’t give a toss what you identify as. That’s your problem. Not mine.

The West pushes the Xinjiang issue hard and selectively, while ignoring the sustained slaughter of Palestinians — RT Op-ed


Muslims allegedly being treated badly in China? Terrible human rights atrocities that need to be stopped. Muslims being bombed, murdered and driven from their homes in Gaza? Meh, they’re anti-Israel terrorists.

As Gaza burns and rages on, and Palestinians’ homes are turned into their graves, the West’s two-faced hypocrisy towards Muslims has never been clearer.  Also on rt.com Israeli settlers attack Palestinians, steal land with impunity. Imagine outrage & calls for sanctions if any other state did it

Unsurprisingly, despite the climbing death toll, condemnation from the West at Israel’s military action has been non-existent. The United States has blocked a UN Security Council Resolution over the matter, while its secretary of State, Antony Blinken, unironically tweeted a celebration of the Muslim Eid Festival.

In the absence of such condemnation, there was at the same time nonetheless a concerted and observable push by the mainstream media and US-affiliated organizations yesterday to put the Xinjiang autonomous region of China back on the agenda. 

Several stories were tactically released, including a report from the National Endowment for Democracy-funded Uighur Human Rights Project accusing China of imprisoning Imams on trumped-up charges, while another from the US State and arms industry-funded Australian Strategic Policy institute accused them of demolishing mosques. At the same time, the US and its allies lobbed accusations at China in the United Nations and Blinken branded Xinjiang an “open-air prison”.

The West is pushing the Xinjiang issue hard and selectively, while ignoring long-term sustained atrocities regarding Palestine. They then wonder why Muslim countries largely offer support to Beijing on this matter and don’t take the West’s word for it. The answer is because, unwittingly, the Israel-Palestine conflict (like all the other Western-backed conflicts surrounding it), remains the primary wedge of geopolitical distrust between the Islamic world and the US and its allies. 

These countries have no reason to take America’s human rights rhetoric seriously due to the devastation it has inflicted on the Middle East, and they subsequently share a common interest with China on the norm of defending “national sovereignty” from outside interference.

The West advocates to its own public an image of benevolence and sincere self-righteousness, masquerading and rebranding what was otherwise a longstanding history of imperialism, as a global force for good and justice. As what is deemed “morally correct” overlaps with what constitutes “political truth” in Western theory, few of its citizens question the utilization of human rights as an extension of politics or the idea such a premise could possibly be motivated by dishonesty, economic power or malign intent; to be honest about it is rendered a form of “blasphemy”. Thus, what is deemed “universal human rights” are not truly universal at all.

Countries in the Global South, especially in the Middle East, recognize this. In their experience, human rights have been persistently used as a pretext by Western countries to advance strategic and military goals in order to dominate them, as opposed to a truthful effort to improve people’s liberties and quality of life. And which are subsequently ignored when it suits the West, especially in matters of a much greater grievance to the Islamic world such as the Israel-Palestine conflict, which has been the keystone of anti-Western sentiment and ideology in the Middle East since the first Arab-Israeli war of 1948.

There have been many Western interventions in the region, mostly in a period between 1991-2012, justified on the grounds of human rights, such as Iraq, Libya and Syria. Concerning the latter, the West has accused Bashar Al-Assad of killing civilians in the decade-long civil war and called for his removal. Yet at the same time, the West has continually endorsed long-standing killings of civilians by Israel against Palestinians, and enabled that country’s expansionist policies in occupied territories, its unbridled aggression against many of its neighbours, and failed to resolve the seven-decade-long conflict. 

In this case, if you are a Muslim country, why would you believe the US and its allies when they suddenly start crying atrocity, genocide and claiming they are standing up for the rights of a Muslim minority group in Xinjiang? Does this, for any Muslim country, have any real credibility? 

The same countries who destroy Middle Eastern countries with war and bombings, and refuse to condemn Israel even modestly, now frame themselves as the guardians of Muslims? It’s no surprise that Muslim countries have not joined in the West’s chorus of condemnation, but have offered support to China’s policies. Even if they do not agree ideologically with China as an atheist, communist state, there’s one important point regarding Xinjiang that creates a space of common interest: defence of national sovereignty. 

Irrespective of what they may think about events on the ground in Xinjiang, Muslim countries are largely post-colonial states which have suffered, and continue to suffer, from Western interference. Therefore, China’s norm of “non-interference in one’s internal affairs”, combined with its emphasis on defending sovereignty against Western intervention, is an attractive and logical solution to Muslim countries. Why would any such nation jump on the Xinjiang bandwagon and promote the idea that the West should be allowed to assault a country on the pretext of human rights? What might this mean for them? 

Muslim countries support China on Xinjiang for a myriad of factors, have no good reason to trust the West, and recognize that the US, the UK and other such countries crying foul on this issue are doing so out of political motivations, as opposed to a sincere concern about the well-being of Islamic people.  Also on rt.com The accusation of Uighur genocide is Pompeo’s last-gasp attempt to morally nuke China, but he’s unlikely to find many backers

As Gaza’s buildings are razed and its people slaughtered, the silence and indifference on this issue speaks louder than words concerning the West’s position on “human rights”. Let us end with this comparison: Palestine is an issue which Muslim countries are angry about, which is ignored by the Western elite; Xinjiang is an issue which the US-led alliance is angry about, that they desperately want Muslims to be furious about on the West’s behalf, but is rightly being ignored.

Cartel Corner: How Chinese Criminals Move Millions for Mexican Drug Cartels | The Tactical Hermit


How Chinese Criminals Secretly Move Millions for Mexico Cartels

Chinese involvement in the South American and Mexican Drug Cartels are nothing new, but this article illuminates just how VITAL Chinese Money Laundering is to the Illegal Drug Market and consequently to Global Human Trafficking.

Sen. Tom Cotton: Don’t let Biden, Fauci, Dems skirt big questions on COVID’s origins – it matters to us all | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


If we want closure in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic—and if we want to avert the next one—we must learn about its origin.

Source: Sen. Tom Cotton: Don’t let Biden, Fauci, Dems skirt big questions on COVID’s origins – it matters to us all

Group Of Scientists Insist COVID-19 “Lab Leak” Theory Deserves Further Investigation | ZeroHedge News | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


Finally, in this time of unfortunate anti-Asian sentiment in some countries, we note that at the beginning of the pandemic, it was Chinese doctors, scientists, journalists, and citizens who shared with the world crucial information about the spread of the virus—often at great personal cost (8, 9). We should show the same determination in promoting a dispassionate science-based discourse on this difficult but important issue.

Source: Group Of Scientists Insist COVID-19 “Lab Leak” Theory Deserves Further Investigation