Inequality during crisis | Ukraine Today .org

In Ukraine, the measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus highlighted the class divide. The well-traveled rich are most likely to bring the disease into the country, yet the poor will suffer most from the restrictions.

Even the key measure, staying home, is problematic for many in Ukraine. A recent survey showed that 57% don’t have funds to live in strict quarantine for more than four weeks. Only 16% can stretch savings for up to two months.

Those who are hit hardest are low-income families, service workers, manual laborers, creative class professionals, the elderly and the disabled.

They can’t afford to stock up. The prospects of getting the next paycheck are uncertain for those who are employed in the sectors greatly damaged already: hospitality, entertainment, retail, services, seasonal work abroad, etc.

For those who stay at home, the quality of their time in quarantine also depends on their financial situation.

Robbing dogs to serve irresponsible, inhumane humans

Robbing dogs to serve irresponsible, inhumane humans

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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1. Robbing dogs to serve irresponsible, inhumane humans

a. Dogs owners pay their veterinarians to set up animal clinics for animals. These clinics have ventilators for animals.

b. A lot of Australian people have been abusing their (Absolutely) Free Doctor Visits, paid for by Australian Medicare, to the tune of seeing doctors twice weekly even when they have no illness or disease (They also obtain subsidized medicines for their imaginary illness to take them oversea for resale at profits.). This wastes enormous amounts of money from Australian Health System. The system has now inadequate number of ventilators for this Covid-19 pandemic.

c. The above waste in Australian Medicare could have been used to buy lots of ventilators.

d. The Australian Federal Government now makes directives to rob the dogs of their ventilators if and when the number of human ventilators is inadequate.

2. Conclusion

How low can human morality get in Australia?



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Coronavirus: Germany tries to stop US luring away firm seeking vaccine

Berlin is trying to stop Washington from persuading a German company seeking a coronavirus vaccine to move its research to the United States, prompting German politicians to insist no country should have a monopoly on any future vaccine.

German government sources told Reuters on Sunday that the U.S. administration
was looking into how it could gain access to a potential vaccine being developed by a German firm, CureVac.

(ITALY) #Coronavirus Latest Report: Medical Company Threatens To Sue Volunteers That 3D-Printed Valves for Life-Saving Coronavirus Treatments Due to it costing $11,000 by the company and $1 for the replicas: This is not working together its #ProfitB4Peopl…

A hospital in Italy was in need of the valves after running out while treating patients for COVID-19: The hospital’s usual supplier said they could not make the valves in time to treat the patients: That launched a search for a way to 3D print a replica part, and Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Ramaioli, who work at Italian startup Isinnova, offered their company’s printer for the job.

However, when the pair asked the manufacturer of the valves for blueprints they could use to print replicas, the company declined and threatened to sue for patent infringement: Fracassi and Ramaioli moved ahead anyway by measuring the valves and 3D printing three different versions of them.

Burning the Temples. The Collapsing Culture of the American Empire – Global Research

So what have we burned? We have squandered a once-prosperous nation built on dual ideals of freedom and equality and turned them both inside out, into their negatives: freedom into the selfishness of “me first” as a virtue, and equality into the dominance me over you, or more obviously, one class over other classes, with the others splintered and siloed into small “identity groups” competing for leftover crumbs falling from the table of the dominant class.

The Culture of Narcissism):

1) Collapse of international law

2) Collapse/U.S. rejection of treaties (e.g. ABM [Anti-ballistic
Missile Treaty]; INF [Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty]; JCPOA
[Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—nuclear treaty between U.S. and

3) Corporate-bought politicians

4) Racism and nationalism abound

5) Denial of any authority

6) Disenfranchisement of citizens and lack of citizen involvement

7) Politicians and political leaders disconnected from the people and
in their own “billionaire’s bubble,” making laws only for themselves,
and hearing only their billionaire colleagues, doing their own
billionaire infighting (e.g. Donald Trump vs. Jeff Bezos, etc.)

8) Spying on citizens

$1.5 Trillion Fed Injection Sparks Outrage Among Struggling Workers – Activist Post

Most of the working class does not have the luxury of taking the social distancing measures that will protect them from catching the virus, because so many people are just one missed paycheck away from being homeless or unable to afford food. This issue was raised in an article published by Truth Theory earlier this week, which pointed out that service workers will have no
choice but to work while they are feeling ill because they don’t have enough sick time.

Meanwhile, the US government seems more concerned with giving bailouts to corporate CEOs and banks than helping out the people who need it the most.

Is This How Europe Ends? – Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Comment by tonytran2015: Geography does not change much the attitude and the culture of people. Their attitude and culture co-evolved with their characteristics over centuries.

Will these migrants and asylum seekers become good Europeans? Or will they
create in the great cities of Europe enclaves that replicate the conditions in the African and Middle East countries whence they came?

Leftist Protester Displays “Sweden Must Die” Sign At International Women’s Day March – NATION AND STATE

Comment by tonytran2015: This has revealed that Sweden has fallen into a trap set up by A. Merkel. Sweden should exit from EU and repatriate its asylum seekers with FAIR compensations. Sweden should admit its loss, cut it and get out of its bad deal.

The notion that “Sweden must die” presumably incorporates the demographic obliteration of its native population.

Ethnic Swedes will be a minority in their own country within 40 years, possibly sooner, with 10 per cent on newborn babies in Sweden currently having Islamic names.

Coronavirus panic shopping means some have months’ worth of toilet paper while others can’t get basic supplies – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015:

Emma King, the Victorian Council of Social Services chief executive, said stockpiling household goods is inherently selfish.

“By buying a trolley load of toilet paper or 40 bags of oats, you’re making it harder for others to get what they need,” she said.