Animals to be formally recognised as sentient beings in UK law | “OUR WORLD”

Set of government measures will include halting most live animal exports and a ban on hunting trophy imports

Animals are to be formally recognised as sentient beings in UK law for the first time, in a victory for animal welfare campaigners, as the government set out a suite of animal welfare measures including halting most live animal exports and banning the import of hunting trophies.

The reforms will be introduced through a series of bills, including an animal sentience bill, and will cover farm animals and pets in the UK, and include protections for animals abroad, through bans on ivory and shark fins, and a potential ban on foie gras.

Paw and Order: Dormie the Dog Who Went on Trial for Cat Murder – The way I see things …


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Only in America.

Dormie was an Airedale Terrier who ran afoul of the law.SGCALLAWAY/ISTOCK VIA GETTY IMAGES   

The defendant was said to have arrived to court in good spirits on the morning of December 21, 1921. He had exercised, eaten a full breakfast of sausages, and had received well-wishes from the children in his neighborhood, who gave him comforting pats on the head before he was carted off.

The charges were serious. He was up on 14 counts of murder, with numerous witnesses prepared to testify they had seen him commit the violent acts on their own property. One witness, Marjorie Ingalls, recalled seeing the corpse of her close friend laying in a vacant lot next to her home. The victim, Sunbeam, was just 8 years old. The defendant was alleged to have accosted her without provocation before turning his wrath to…

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Hopefully this will end the Yulin Festival | “OUR WORLD”

Good News For Animal Rights | “OUR WORLD”

Spain to give pets same rights as humans, a breakthrough in the home of bullfighting | “OUR WORLD”

Spain has given pets the same legal status as humans in a sign of growing support for animal rights in the home of bullfighting.

Domestic animals will be considered “living beings” under Spanish law instead of mere objects as has been the case until now.

This will mean that dogs or cats must be considered in the same way as children in divorce hearings or when inheritance or debts cases have to be settled by the courts…

Petition: We demand EU immediately suspend importation of kangaroo body parts and flesh | “OUR WORLD”

We call upon  the European Commissioners Stella Kyriakides (DG SANTE) and Valdis Dombrovskis (DG Trade) to immediately suspend the importation of Kangaroo body parts and flesh. Statistics have disclosed more than 70% of Kangaroo flesh derived from the Australian “harvests” is exported to Europe.

The slaughter of Kangaroos for export of body parts and flesh for human consumption, under an Australian Commonwealth Government approved “wildlife trade management plan”, does not comply with the Legislation of the European Union namely Regulation 1099/200910,  Killing of animals.  Under the regulation, stunning animals before killing, ( to ensure the killing is humane and not cruel)  is compulsory. This regulation applies to animals “culled” for “depopulation, disease control” or “other purposes” “and farmed animals”.  This is not happening. Further, the regulation requires products imported into the EU, to be accompanied with an attestation, certifying that requirements at least equivalent to those of the EU have been met. Investigations have revealed this cannot be certified.

Kangaroos can ‘communicate’ with humans, study finds – BBC News

Kangaroos are able to intentionally communicate with people and “ask for help”, a study has found.

The research challenges the notion that only domesticated animals display this behaviour, co-authors from the UK and Australia tell the BBC.

Video by Isabelle Rodd