Killer monkeys murder 250 dogs by dropping them off buildings in ‘revenge’ attacks – Daily Star

The state of Maharashtra in India has become a bloody battleground as monkeys and dogs seem to have declared war on one another, apparently after a pack of dogs killed a baby monkey…

Pandemic workers kill pet dog in China, sparking online outrage and calls for animal protection laws – ABC News

  • The owner pleaded with the workers to stop attacking the dog via her home security system
  • The local government authority has apologised to the owner but says the apartment required “full disinfection”
  • China does not have animal protection laws for domestic pets

China Covid: Outrage after pet dog killed by health workers – BBC News

The Shangrao dog is reportedly not the first animal killed in China
after its owner was sent to quarantine. Earlier this month, cats
belonging to a resident of Chengdu were said to have been killed after
testing positive for Covid-19.

Suspected poacher killed by elephant in Kruger Park, South Africa – Nwo Report

Comment by tonytran2015: Is this a “Karma in action”?


KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, South Africa: An elephant has trampled a suspected poacher to death in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, said spokesperson Isaac Phaahla.

Phaahla told the Agence France-Presse that the poacher’s mangled body was discovered late last week, on Thursday, during an anti-poaching operation, adding that it appeared the other poachers fled before any animals were harmed.

“Initial investigations suspect the deceased was killed by an elephant and left behind by his accomplices,” he stated.

Rangers found the man’s cellphone and turned it over to police to assist their efforts to track down his accomplices, Phaahla added.

Earlier this year, another suspected poacher was trampled and killed by a herd of elephants at the park, while in 2019, a suspected rhino poacher was killed by an elephant before his body was apparently eaten by lions.

In February, the park’s rhino population plunged by 70 percent over the previous decade to just under 4,000, according to its own figures. Officials also announced the arrest of four rhino poachers on Tuesday.

“There has been an increasein the number of poachers arrested, totaling 22, compared to 17 for the same period in 2020,” Phaahla said.

Over the past two years, park officials have successfully reduced wildlife crimes due to new technologies and increased patrols, Phaahla said, noting that Kruger has seen a 37 percent drop in animals poached compared to last year.

Pressure on the park has also been partly relieved by COVID-19 travel restrictions.

PETA Calls on Fauci to Resign After (More) Allegations His Agency Funded Horrific Experiments on Puppies – Nwo Report

The US government has a long history of funding and even conducting gruesome experiments on animals and people. Here’s why.

Source: FEE

Dr. Anthony Fauci, already facing calls for his ouster for allegedly lying to Congress about his agency’s funding of controversial genetic research at China’s Wuhan lab, is now facing political heat on a different front.

On Friday, a bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NAID) and President Joe Biden requesting information regarding allegations that the government-funded experiments that injected puppies with parasites.

“We write with grave concerns about reports of costly, cruel, and unnecessary tax-payer funded experiments on dogs commissioned by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,” said Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, one of 24 lawmakers to sign the letter.

By Sunday, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had joined the group of lawmakers demanding action at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“Yes, I think everybody who heads an NIH agency right now should resign,” said PETA senior vice president Kathy Guillermo, when asked if Fauci should resign during an interview with Newsmax.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Francis S. Collins will end his tenure as director of NIH by the end of 2021.

The allegations, which can be read in this report from The Hill, are both stunning and terrifying. But they are not new.

In August, FEE’s Brad Polumbo wrote about the experiments NIAID, one of 27 institutes and centers that make up NIH, had allegedly funded in recent years:

According to a new exposé from the anti-animal-experimentation advocacy group the White Coat Waste Project, the National Institutes of Health spent $424,000 on a study involving the abuse of dogs. The NIH department that is specifically under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci [NIAID] funded this experiment, and it ‘commission[ed] a study in which healthy beagles are given an experimental drug and then intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease-causing parasite that affects humans.’

The revelations from August, however, also were not new. As Polumbo pointed out, the White Coat Waste Project reported in 2016 that Fauci’s department was “using tax dollars to buy beagle puppies and strapping capsules full of infected flies to their bare skin.”

“More than 1,100 beagles, hounds, and mixed-breed dogs—even puppies—were subjected to experiments in government laboratories operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DOD), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),” the 2016 report reads. “Hundreds of the dogs were subjected to experiments involving significant pain and distress. NIH… [has] spent $5.95 million since 2011 to give dogs heart attacks. Other recent experiments include exposing dogs to anthrax, repeatedly forcing dogs to vomit, and drilling into dogs’ skulls and damaging their brains.”

The revelation that US taxpayers fund gruesome experiments that intentionally infest puppies with parasites so they can be eaten by flies is likely a shock to many. The fact that it has been happening for years is probably a bigger shock.

The reality, however, is that the US government has a long history of funding and conducting gruesome experiments on animals and even on people—” research” that would land any private individual or enterprise behind bars if it ever came to light.

The 1932 Tuskegee experiment, which allowed hundreds of African Americans to go untreated for syphilis so scientists could study its effects, is perhaps the most famous such experiment conducted by the US government—but it is just one of many. Other research conducted or funded by the government—mostly in the 1940s and 1950s—including experiments that injected subjects with hepatitis, gonorrhea, Malaria, and the Asian Flu.

News records at the time made no mention of many of the experiments, NBC reported in 2011.

Many no doubt wonder how the government was able to get away with such experiments, but the answer is not difficult to find. As the economist Murray Rothbard once observed, government bestows itself with certain privileges not afforded to others in society—particularly the ability to use violence.

“The State is that organization in society which attempts to maintain a monopoly of the use of force and violence in a given territorial area,” Rothbard wrote in Anatomy of the State.

Rothbard was referring primarily to the state’s ability to raise revenue through taxation instead of trade (or charity) like everyone else. But history is replete with examples showing the state also uses its monopoly on force to exempt itself from the usual laws that govern mere individuals and private enterprises.

Many will argue that gruesome experiments on puppies are not the same thing as gruesome experiments on humans, and I’d agree—but that’s not really the point. The point is that government consistently exempts itself from the ethics that (rightly) bind the rest of us.

Why the government violates normal ethical boundaries is also no mystery. As the Nobel Prize-winning economist F.A. once observed, it’s baked into collectivist philosophy.

“The principle that the end justifies the means is in individualist ethics regarded as the denial of all morals,” the economist F.A. Hakey once observed. “In collectivist ethics, it becomes necessarily the supreme rule.”

For Fauci, like his predecessors in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, the end is the advancement of science (though the White Coat Waste project says injecting puppies is scientifically superfluous as well as unethical since such experiments have already been done on mice and other rodent creatures). For the Nazis and Soviets and many other collectivist states throughout history, the end was the advancement of the party.

In both cases, the ethical violations are pursued for “a greater good.

Don’t expect Dr. Fauci’s experiments to stop anytime soon. It’s likely the only reason they are gaining attention is because of the much bigger scandal brewing over Fauci’s unauthorized financial support of gain of function research, something he’s denied.

Nevertheless, NIAID’s cruel experiments offer a crucial lesson on the nature of government and an important lesson on means and ends.

“Ends, goals, aims are but the hope for things to come…not…reality… from which may safely be taken the standards for right conduct,” FEE founder Leonard Read once observed. “Many of the most monstrous deeds in human history have been perpetrated in the name of doing good—in pursuit of some ‘noble’ goal. They illustrate the fallacy that the end justifies the means.”

Dr. Fauci could have learned a lot from Leonard Read.

Fauci’s Puppy Torture Scandal Has United the Left and Right and May Be the Final Nail in His Coffin

By Matt Agorist In the last 20 months, Dr. Anthony Fauci has propelled himself into a messiah-like state for half of the country and an…

Fauci’s Puppy Torture Scandal Has United the Left and Right…

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Vietnam: Owners heartbroken after 12 dogs killed over Covid – BBC News

As Covid infections spike, a Vietnamese couple left Long An province on a motorbike along with their pack of pet dogs.

They later tested positive for Covid-19. From their hospital beds, they found out 12 of their pets had been killed by authorities over fears the
animals could spread the virus.

…The killings were “unethical” and “ridiculous” because there are no
guidelines dictating pets must be killed if owners are infected, said Nguyen Hong Vu, a staff scientist of the City of Hope National Medical
Centre in the US…

(Un)necessary evil? Taiwan authorities spark outcry after KILLING 154 rare-breed cats seized from smugglers — RT World News

Some 154 rare-breed cats seized from smugglers in Taiwan ended
up culled, prompting massive outrage. The authorities defended the move,
blaming the demise of the cats on criminals and promising to tighten
anti-smuggling laws.
The haul of cats was
seized by Taiwan’s Coast Guard last Thursday during a botched attempt to
get the animals on the island, claimed by China as an integral part of
the country.

The cats were found concealed in hidden compartments
on a fishing boat. Multiple animals were crammed into a single crate,
footage released by Taiwan’s Coast Guard administration shows.


total of 62 cages containing 154 animals were found on the boat. The
haul was estimated to have a value of TN$10 million (around US$357,000)
and included such rare and fancy breeds as Ragdoll, British Shorthair,
Persian American Shorthair and Russian Blue cats.

bust of the smugglers, however, did no good to the cats that ended up
in the hands of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection
(BAPHIQ). Citing veterinary rules, the BAPHIQ put all the cats down,
saying they might have carried assorted diseases and potentially posed a
danger to local domestic and wild animals.

The decision by the
Taiwanese authorities turned out to be extremely ill-received, prompting
widespread outrage, with the country’s nationals and animal rescue
groups alike blasting the authorities over the euthanasia. Adding insult
to injury, the mass culling of the ill-fated cats occurred on
International Homeless Animals Day.

“Animals are innocent. There are rules about border regulations, but they can actually check whether animals are sick or not,” said a spokesperson for the Taiwan Animal Emergency Rescue NGO. “I
understand the importance of laws and regulations for the domestic
ecology, but… I hope that the law can be amended and treat these lives
in a more humane way.”

The outrage was so huge that the issue
was addressed by Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen. The president
herself owns two cats, which frequent her social media feeds.

In a Facebook post, Tsai said she understands the outrage over the culling, stating that many pet owners “share the same feelings” over the affair. At the same time, she blamed smugglers for the demise of the cats, stating it was their greed and treating of “life as an illegal cargo” that had ultimately led to the deaths. The president also called for amendments to existing laws to handle such incidents “with the spirit of humanity” in the future.

Also on
Citing Covid threat, Australian council SHOT SHELTER DOGS dead instead of allowing volunteers to collect them

The extermination of the cats was also defended as a necessary
evil by the head of the Council of Agriculture (COA), Chen Chi-chung.
The official claimed that even after a quarantine the cats could have
posed danger to the local ecosystem, taking full responsibility for the
ill-received move.

“Even after quarantine, these cats could
still carry… diseases due to the long latency periods of viruses, which
could pose a major threat to pets and farm animals in Taiwan,” Chen told a news conference on Sunday.

COA minister also announced proposed changes to the existing laws.
Namely, the COA suggests allowing prison sentences for live animal
smugglers of more than seven years, which is currently the maximum
penalty. Apart from that, the agency seeks to bump up fines for animal
smuggling, which currently range from NT$100,000 to NT$3 million (some
US$3,500 to US$107,000). If the change is adopted, the fines would start
from the NT$3 million mark, according to Chen.

Oregon Ballot Initiative Would End Animal Agriculture, Hunting, Fishing | PA Pundits – International
By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ America’s rural-urban divide is wide and getting wider. Moneyed coastal elites rarely ever miss an opportunity to show their disdain for the rubes in flyover country. Anyone doubting the depth of the discord need look no further than Oregon, where a ballot initiative would all but put an end to the state’s rural economy and way of life. The Oregon Initiative Petition 13 (IP 13), known as the Abuse, Neglect, and Assault Exemption Modification and Improvement Act, would ban the harvesting of any animal by hunting, fishing, and trapping and would only allow a self-defense exception. IP 13 also criminalizes common animal husbandry practices, as well as slaughter for food and common breeding practices, such as artificial insemination. Proponents of the initiative say it will make Oregon a “sanctuary state” for animals and hope other states will follow Oregon’s example. IP 13’s supporters have until June 22, 2022 to collect 112,000 valid signatures to get it on the ballot, so that it can be voted on in November 2022. Jeopardizing Funding for Conservation The people whom the initiative targets and the very ones who fund the majority of the state’s conservation efforts. If the ballot initiative becomes law, not only will hunting, fishing, and trapping end, but all wildlife in Oregon will suffer due to lack of conservation funding...