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Spain to give pets same rights as humans, a breakthrough in the home of bullfighting | “OUR WORLD”


Spain has given pets the same legal status as humans in a sign of growing support for animal rights in the home of bullfighting.

Domestic animals will be considered “living beings” under Spanish law instead of mere objects as has been the case until now.

This will mean that dogs or cats must be considered in the same way as children in divorce hearings or when inheritance or debts cases have to be settled by the courts…

Petition: We demand EU immediately suspend importation of kangaroo body parts and flesh | “OUR WORLD”


We call upon  the European Commissioners Stella Kyriakides (DG SANTE) and Valdis Dombrovskis (DG Trade) to immediately suspend the importation of Kangaroo body parts and flesh. Statistics have disclosed more than 70% of Kangaroo flesh derived from the Australian “harvests” is exported to Europe.

The slaughter of Kangaroos for export of body parts and flesh for human consumption, under an Australian Commonwealth Government approved “wildlife trade management plan”, does not comply with the Legislation of the European Union namely Regulation 1099/200910,  Killing of animals.  Under the regulation, stunning animals before killing, ( to ensure the killing is humane and not cruel)  is compulsory. This regulation applies to animals “culled” for “depopulation, disease control” or “other purposes” “and farmed animals”.  This is not happening. Further, the regulation requires products imported into the EU, to be accompanied with an attestation, certifying that requirements at least equivalent to those of the EU have been met. Investigations have revealed this cannot be certified.

Kangaroos can ‘communicate’ with humans, study finds – BBC News


Kangaroos are able to intentionally communicate with people and “ask for help”, a study has found.

The research challenges the notion that only domesticated animals display this behaviour, co-authors from the UK and Australia tell the BBC.

Video by Isabelle Rodd

End the cage age | VikingLifeBlog


Over 300 million farmed animals suffer in cages across Europe. This is cruel, unnecessary and has no place in Europe. Our movement seeks to ban cages completely.

Over 170 organisations and caring citizens across Europe joined forces to spearhead the End the Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative.

A European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is a powerful way to influence lawmakers in Europe.

End the Cage Age |

Petition: Kill California’s Ivory Market, Save Endangered Elephants | “OUR WORLD”


…President Obama has a plan. But there are loopholes. Currently, California ivory dealers can still legally sell elephant ivory because of one loophole: intentional mislabeling. Elephant ivory is being passed off as wooly mammoth, cow bone, etc…

Largest Dog Meat Auction House In South Korea Closes Following Lady Freethinker Investigation | “OUR WORLD”


Before and After: L – Dogs at the Nakwon Auction House, photo from Lady Freethinker. R – The Nakwon Auction house has been shut down, photo from City of Namyangju

Lauren Lewis 4 days ago

World Animal News

In a major victory for animal advocates, what is most-likely the largest remaining dog meat auction house in South Korea, Nakwon Auction House, closed this week, following an inspection by Mayor Cho Kwang-han of the premise’s illegal dog meat farm and auction in the city of Namyangju. The dogs have been removed from the facility, and the owner has voluntarily reported the business’ closure to the government.