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22 May, 2023 16:16

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London bars whites from internship posting

The communications position at Transport for London requires the applicant be of ‘Black, Asian, and minority ethnic’ background

London bars whites from internship posting

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A paid internship posting at UK government transit body Transport for London restricted to non-white applicants has triggered widespread outrage after it was posted to social media on Saturday.

The Stuart Ross Communications Internship, which pays a total of £21,824 ($27,134) for 11 months of “London-based hybrid working” with one or two days per week in the office, requires the applicant to be “of Black, Asian and minority ethnic background, defined as having some African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian or other non-white heritage.”

The racial qualification is listed ahead of the requirement that the applicant be “either an undergraduate or recent graduate on track to receive, or have already achieved, a 2:2 in any degree.” 

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The program will also take non-graduates with less than a year’s experience in the communications industry, but the racial requirements appear to be less flexible.

The advertisement boasts that Stuart Ross interns have moved on to permanent posts with Transport for London as well as jobs with the Metropolitan Police, Crossrail Ltd, Marks & Spencer, the Arts Council, and the National Health Service, as well as local government. The internship was set up in 2006 to address the purported lack of diversity in the PR industry, according to TfL’s website.

Nigel Farage, the former head of the UK Independence Party, responded to the posting with a tweet urging to “end racist adverts,” while Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox said: “if this advert said ‘blacks need not apply’ […] there would be justifiable outrage from every corner of the insipid media.” 

The advertisement was just the latest of many racially-targeted job postings to attract attention in recent weeks. An ad for two £51,000/year ($63,300/year) teaching positions in Glasgow open only to candidates “who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic” appeared earlier this month on the official government website for the Glasgow City Council, which removed the ad after public outcry. 

The council claimed the ad had been made public accidentally, and was meant to only be circulated internally, but defended the idea behind it, arguing the aim was to “provide our young people with positive role models.”

A document explaining the controversial hiring policy points to the 2010 Equality Act, which allows “positive action” favoring minorities such that “it is not unlawful to recruit or promote a candidate who is of equal merit to another candidate, if the employer reasonably thinks: the candidate has a protected characteristic that is underrepresented in the workforce.”

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(UN News)* — The UN on Monday [] commemorated for the first time in its history, the mass displacement of Palestinians from land that was to become Israel, 75 years ago, that turned 700,000 Palestinians into refugees, almost overnight.

UN Photo | Barefoot and pushing their belongings in prams and carts, Arab families leave the coastal town of Jaffa which became part of the greater Tel Aviv area in the state of Israel.

The mass displacement in 1948, known as the Nakba (meaning “catastrophe” in Arabic), has an importance to Palestinians across the world, said Rosemary DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, addressing a high-level event at UN Headquarters in New York, marking the day….

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Via The Cradle,  US officials blocked an effort led by China at the UN Security Council (UNSC) this week to condemn Israel’s latest onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip, according to senior Israeli officials that spoke […]

Documents Reveal Homeland Security Listed Pro-Life Moms as “Radicalization Suspects” – With Examples — The Gateway Pundit | Vermont Folk Troth

The record of the Department of Homeland Security’s attacks on Americans of faith, particularly Catholics, is long and disturbing.

The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila reported on Chris Wray’s FBI memo warning agents of the dangerous ‘radical traditionalist Catholic ideology’ gaining popularity in the country. The memo was posted at by former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin.

As TGP reported in April, the FBI is also infiltrating Catholic parishes and engaging in outreach to Catholic leaders to spy on Americans practicing their Christian faith.

Now, America First Legal has obtained documents showing DHS using a pro-life mother as an example of a potential “radicalization suspect.”   The violence prevention training guide is dated just days after Joe Biden took office…

Israeli ploy to divide PIJ and Hamas in Gaza a grave miscalculation | Aletho News

By Robert Inlakesh | Press TV | May 12, 2023

The Israeli regime’s new assassination campaign in the besieged Gaza Strip has essentially sought to isolate the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) resistance movement from Hamas, in what Palestinian resistance leaders, across the board, believe is a miscalculation.

The Israeli occupation military carried out a barrage of deadly strikes on the residences of PIJ leaders in the Gaza Strip in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

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America First Legal obtained the documents via the Freedom of Information Act Posted BY: | NwoReport America First Legal (AFL) has released documents obtained from the U.S. …

Israel prevents foreign journalists from entering Gaza | Aletho News

MEMO | May 11, 2023

The Israeli occupation authorities have been preventing foreign journalists from entering Gaza since the start of its offensive on Tuesday night.

In a press release, Head of Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza, Salameh Maarouf, said: “The Israeli occupation has been closing Beit Hanoon Crossing and preventing foreign media crews from entering the strip to cover its offensive.”

Maarouf called on the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and all other bodies concerned with the freedom of the press and freedom of speech to take practical measures against the Israeli occupation so that it lifts its restrictions on the entry of media crews.

He considered the Israeli ban on the entry of foreign media as a “violation of the freedom of journalists to practice their work, as well as a violation of their right to free movement.”

At the same time, he pointed out that the Israeli occupation bans foreign journalists from entering Gaza during every offensive it carries out against the besieged coastal enclave.

Maarouf stressed that the “silence of the international bodies concerned with media is the reason that encourages the Israeli occupation to repeat and continue its oppressive and suppressive violations.”

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Trump Goes Full Anti-Semite in Room Full of Jewish People | Vanity Fair

Comment by tonytran2015: Trump does not know who really support his ideology and who only used him. The article said that he lost 50% of support from that group after his term.

“A lot of you are in the real estate business, because I know you very well. You’re brutal killers, not nice people at all,” he [D. Trump] said…