Killer monkeys murder 250 dogs by dropping them off buildings in ‘revenge’ attacks – Daily Star

The state of Maharashtra in India has become a bloody battleground as monkeys and dogs seem to have declared war on one another, apparently after a pack of dogs killed a baby monkey…

America’s pro-Israel diplomacy at the UN hits a new level | Aletho News

Only a few days ago, the UN Secretary General made sure that the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People did not infringe on Israel’s colonial existence. So how can the US ambassador claim that the UN is denying Israel’s right to exist, when the two-state framework and the 1947 Partition Plan endorsed colonialism in Palestine and has protected it ever since?

The UN’s “unfair” focus on Israel is favourable to the settler-colonial enterprise. Its alleged unfairness has generated unrivalled impunity for Israel, while Palestinians have been begging for their political rights for decades to no avail. While Israel is recognised, endorsed and supported, Palestinians have lost so much territory that recognition of a Palestinian state renders no tangible benefits in terms of state-building. The “unfair focus” to which Thomas-Greenfield refers has allowed a colonial settlement project – with war crimes, as the International Criminal Court determined – to continue without any punitive measures, while Palestinians remain stuck in a perpetual cycle of dispossession. “Unfair focus” has also prioritised Israel’s existence over the Palestinian right of return, which the international community has long since written off as unfeasible and worthy only as a symbolic gesture, as opposed to a necessary political reckoning…

LA County Sheriff Boots China-Linked Covid Testing Firm After FBI Warns Over DNA Data
LA County Sheriff Boots China-Linked Covid Testing Firm After FBI Warns Over DNA Data LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has notified the LA County Board of Supervisors that LASD will not work with a China-linked genetics firm hired by the county to conduct Covid-19 testing and registration, after the FBI shared “very concerning information” about…

The problems in making Vietnamese writing using Latin alphabet

Every language has some peculiar parts and also can miss out totally some other parts. For examples, there are no strong r (French r) in English, while there are no English “th” consonant or English gliding dipthongs in French, etc…

For examples, there are no strong r (French r) in English, while there are no English “th” consonant or English gliding dipthongs in French, etc…

So it is obvious that it is hard to express French pronunciation in written English and vice-versa.

This is the problem (Portuguese trained?) Christian preachers and French colonial administrators encountered in Vietnam in their previous few centuries. The resulting Vietnamese writing system (in 1975) has been a magnificient solution to that difficult problem of transcription of a language which is not native to the transcription makers.

1. The Vietnamese language before Latin Alphabetization

The Vietnamese language is not any part of Chinese language. The Vietnamese race previously lived in the area on the South of Yangtze river.

Vietnamese and related races lost territories to the expansionist strategy of the “Han” Chinese race.

After the first Han Chinese occupation of Old Vietnam, Han Chinese General Mã-Viện ordered the melting of all cultural bronze drums of Old Vietnam. The question is why did the conquerors want to destroy the drums although they are not weapons. The few drums which survived that destruction order show that they have been casted with some raised Brahmic(?) scripts.

Figure: Chữ cổ trên trống đồng trưng bày ở đền Hùng.(

After that the Han Chinese rulers claimed that Old Vietnam had no writing and forced Vietnamese people to use Han Chinese writing. But Vietnamese language and Chinese language are different so Chữ Nôm was invented to record Vietnamese language.

Chữ Nôm is based on ideographic Chinese Han writing (colloquially and unjustifiably(?) known as Han writing but it was previously standardized and made used across the whole Qin Empire by Emperor Qin Sih Huang Di). Chữ Nôm each has two parts, one for the meaning in Han writing, another for the Han character with closest pronunciation.

Illustrative example:

Chu Nom 三 巴 (ba “three”) is composed of the pronunciation part 巴 (Sino-Vietnamese reading: ba) and the Chinese meaning part 三 “three”.

Its use is almost like writing a fictitious new word between angled brackets in the following line

<DOG, to be read as “ch-oooo-or” at higher pitch>

for an Englishman to read the sound of the Vietnamese word <chó> meaning Dog in English.

So it is evident that to read such fictitious written language, the person has to be well versed in English. That was also the difficulty with using Chữ Nôm: The person has to be well versed in Han language.

During the Second period of Independence from Chinese occupatiob (lasting from Vietnamese King Lê Lợi, AD 1428, to present), Vietnamese Emperor Quang Trung Hoang De decreed that all official documents had to be written in Chữ Nôm. However this requires officials to know Han language before they can write Chữ Nôm in official documents!

2. Latin Alphabetization of spoken Vietnamese.

Christianity spread to Vietnam in the 16 th century, with it there arose the need for phonetization of Vietnamese for teaching Christinity.

Alexander de Rhode continued with the alphabetization of Vietnamese using Latin alphabets by Portuguese Jesuits preacher Francisco de Pina (1585-1625, of Guarda of Portugal) and popularized its use. There is a street in Saigon named in honour of Alexander de Rhode.

The alphabetization was made in the 16 th Century but it is remarkably close to the current International Phonetic Alphabets of 2015.

3. The problems of writing Vietnamese pronunciation in Portuguese.

The expression of Vietnamese pronunciation by Portuguese writing naturally runs into the problem of mutual peculiar and missing parts. The Vietnamese alphabet comes from old Portuguese alphabet.

Portuguese at the time of invention of Vietnamese Chử Quốc Ngữ had not included the (semi-vowel) letter j. So there must have been some substitutions and shufflings of characters available at that time.

The problem makes Vietnamese “D/d and Đ/đ” to have the phonetic values of

/j/ and /d/ in IPA.

At this present time of international phonetization, it would look simple for Vietnamese to use “J and D” instead of the established “D and Đ”. Or relying on the prevalence of English language, it may also be simple for Vietnamese to adopt “Y and D” instead of the established “D and Đ”. Either of the alternatives would simplify problems in international writing and in pronunciation.

4. The problems with Vietnamese phonetization via Chinese phonetization.

Some Vietnamese words come from Chinese phonetized words. Same problems can be expected from previous Chinese phonetization due to peculiar and missing parts.

The Han Chinese language has no accurate sound for the Western “r” whether it is soft r (as in English) or hard r (as in French).

So well known traceable geographical names become:

Original, Vietnamese via Chinese phonetization:

Roma, 羅馬,”La Mã”, (notice the replacement of R by L after Chinese phonetization);

Romania, 羅馬尼亞,”Lỗ-Mã-Ni”;

Rwanda, 盧旺達 (Lúwàngdá) !

Francaise, 富朗夏 ,”Phú-Lãng-Xa”;

France, 佛陵, “Phật-Lăng” (money unit);

Prussia, 普魯士 (Pǔlǔshì), “Phổ” (missing r);

Hungary, 洪家來,”Hun-Gia-Lợi”;

Bulgaria, 寶嘉來,”Bảo-Gia Lợi”,

Siberia, 西巴萊 A, “Tây-Bá-Lợi-Á”.

brahmin, 婆羅門, “Bà-la-môn”

Radar, 雷達 (Léidá) !

When the “r” is the strongest part of the pronunciation, the originally Chinese phonetization turns it into the word “nhĩ”:

Turkey, 火雞,”Thổ-Nhĩ-Kỳ”;

Ireland, 愛爾蘭, “Ái-Nhĩ-Lan”;

Germany, 一行人 ,”Nhất-Nhĩ-Man”

(Note Deutsch became 德國, “Đức quốc”);

Uyguir, 維吾爾語(Wéiwú’ěr yǔ) ,”Duy-Ngô-Nhĩ“.

Short consonant becoming a full syllable

Spain, 西班牙, “Tây-Ban-Nha”, previously “Y-Pha-Nho”.

The challenge for anyone knowing/supporting Chữ Nôm is to transcribe then ask another user of Chữ Nôm to read back (from the transcription using Chữ Nôm) the following Vietnamese sentence:

“Rừng rặm rộn rã réo rắt.”

Do it. The accuracy of the reading back and its understanding is the show case of usefulness of Chữ Nôm.

5. Standing problems with Latin alphabetized Vietnamese.

Although the Latin alphabetized Vietnamese as described in a previous post is a magnificent solution to the transcription of spoken Vietnamese there are still a number of unsatisfactory issues:

5a/- “Đ/đ and D/d” in Vietnamese have uncommon pronunciations. That also causes difficulty in printing/typing and pronunciation for foreigners. “Đ/đ” in Vietnamese has pronunciation of “d” in English and in French.”D/d” in Vietnamese has pronunciation of semi-vowel “y” in English “yes” and in French “Il y a”.

5b/- “X/x and S/s” in Vietnamese have uncommon pronunciations. That causes difficulty in pronunciation for foreigners. “X/x” in Vietnamese has pronunciation of “s” in English and in French.”S/s” in Vietnamese has pronunciation of “sh” in English and “ch” in French.

5c/- Vietnamese have many more than 8 well known cardinal vowels . Signs and combined vowels are needed to represent them all.

5d/- Sometimes two latin vowel letters denote one Vietnamese vowel (like “ai, ia”) which can be pronunciated at length like single letter vowels, sometimes two vowel letters denote a gliding diphthong (like “oa, uy”). This may look inconsistent for foreign Latin alphabet users.

High-risk Covid gene more common in South Asians – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: If this virus was released during a China-India war, it would be called a biological weapon.

Building on previous genetic work, researchers used a combination of artificial
intelligence and new molecular technology to pinpoint the exact gene –
called LZTFL1 – responsible for the increased risks…

They hypothesise that the high-risk gene derails a key protective mechanism that cells lining the lungs normally employ to defend themselves from Covid.

When cells lining the lung interact with coronavirus, one of their defence

strategies is to turn into less specialised cells and become less welcoming to the virus.

This despecialisation process reduces the amount on the surface of cells of a
key protein called ACE-2, which is key to coronavirus attaching itself to cells.

Secret Israeli dossier contained no proof to declare Palestinian NGOs ‘terrorists’ – reports — RT World News

A classified dossier which Israel used to brand six Palestinian
NGOs as terrorist outfits reportedly contains no concrete evidence to
prove their involvement in violent activities or to otherwise justify
the designation.
The document, which bears
the logo of Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service, is the result
of its inquiry into six West Bank civil society groups accused of
securing foreign funding for a Palestinian militant group.

the severity of the charges, however, Israel has yet to publicly
release any evidence backing up its decision to brand the NGOs as terror
organizations. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz prompted
international backlash last month after he officially placed a terror
designation on the six groups on the basis of the Shin Bet

Accessing the dossier, The Intercept and Israeli
outlets +972 and Local Call found that the information used was based
chiefly on interrogations of two accountants from another Palestinian
NGO, the Health Work Committees, which was also labelled a terrorist
organization last year.

Also on
Israeli ministers in war of words over ‘problematic’ move to brand Palestinian NGOs as terror organizations – reports

The accountants’ lawyers told the outlets that Israeli authorities had “distorted”
their testimonies, which were allegedly gathered under threats to
family members and harsh interrogation methods that might be considered “torture.”

Bet reportedly used a single statement from one accountant, about
forging fake receipts for Health Work Committees, to accuse the other
organizations of being involved in a similar scheme to fund the Popular
Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) militant group. The men
apparently described a number of educational and humanitarian
initiatives which could be affiliated with the organization as “PFLP activities,” but they did not describe any financing of violent activities.

outlets said that none of the testimonies cited in the 74-page dossier
were backed up by any documents or receipts. The dossier was apparently
delivered in May to a number of EU countries that have funded the
organizations, prompting independent audits and public criticism from
Dutch and Belgian ministers, who stated that the allegations did not
contain “even a single concrete piece of evidence.”

the Europeans didn’t buy the allegations, [Israel] used unconventional
warfare: declaring the organizations terrorist groups,” Michael
Sfard, an Israeli human rights lawyer representing Al-Haq, one of the
accused Palestinian NGOs, told The Intercept. He added that the charges
were a “political [attack] under the guise of security.”

Also on
Here’s what’s wrong with Israel branding human-rights groups ‘terrorists’

Meanwhile, senior officials from two unspecified European
countries told the outlet that since Gantz’s announcement, Israel has
ignored all requests for more information. While the Israeli Ministry of
Defense did not comment, two US sources told the outlets that an
Israeli delegation had presented similar dossiers on Capitol Hill.

six NGOs accused by Israel are Al-Haq, Addameer, Bisan Center, the
Union of Agricultural Work Committees, Defense For Children
International-Palestine and the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees.

Mayor signs legislation making Philadelphia the first major US city to ban police from stopping drivers for low-level traffic violations – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale

Journalists’ unions seek ICC probe into systematic targeting of Palestinian journalists | Aletho News

MEMO | November 3, 2021

There are “strong grounds” to conclude that Israel’s systematic targeting of journalists working in Palestine and its failure to properly investigate killings of media workers amount to war crimes, a complaint being submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) will say.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), working with the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate (PJS) and the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP), has asked Bindmans and Doughty Street Chambers to submit a complaint to the ICC detailing “the systematic targeting of Palestinian journalists on behalf of four named victims – Ahmed Abu Hussein, Yaser Murtaja, Muath Armaneh, and Nedal Eshtayet – who were killed or maimed by Israeli snipers while covering demonstrations in Gaza. All were wearing clearly marked PRESS vests at the time they were shot.”

“At least 46 journalists have been killed since 2000 and no one has been held to account,” the IFJ said in a statement on its website.

The complaint will also include the “bombing of the Al-Shorouk and Al-Jawhara Towers in Gaza City in May 2021″.

IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger said: “The targeting of journalists and media organisations in Palestine violates the right to life and freedom of expression. These crimes must be fully investigated. This systematic targeting must stop. The journalists and their families deserve justice.”

US mother accuses school board of teaching her daughter she was ‘BORN EVIL’ because she is WHITE — RT USA News

The Virginia school board at the center of a row over its
gender-affirmation policies and alleged critical race theory (CRT)
curriculum has been accused by a parent of teaching primary schoolers
that white people are “born evil.”
At a Loudoun County School
Board meeting last week, a mother revealed that she had pulled her
children from the county’s public school system after her six-year-old
daughter asked her last year if she was “born evil because she was a white person.” The child had apparently learned this in a history lesson taught at her former school.

of the incident was widely shared over the weekend. It showed the
unidentified woman accusing the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS)
board of allegedly forcing its “uncompromising political agenda” on parents. Claiming that the board was “[destroying] our schools,” she called on its members to resign over a series of recent scandals.

the last month, the national spotlight has been trained on Loudoun
County after school administrators reportedly covered up a sexual
assault by a supposedly ‘gender-fluid’ student. The unnamed “boy in a skirt”
was convicted last week of forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio in
relation to the rape of a teenage girl at Stone Bridge High School in
May. While that incident was being investigated, he was quietly
transferred to Broad Run High School, where he allegedly assaulted
another student on October 6.

In August, the LCPS board enforced
policy proposal 8040 – a directive that requires district schools to
affirm the preferred gender of students by calling them their chosen
pronouns and allowing them access to gender-restricted areas, such as
locker rooms and bathrooms.

Last week, students at Broad Run staged a walkout to protest the school board’s policy as “enabling” behavior. At a previous school board meeting last month, an angry parent said the policy was “rushed through to a vote without consideration for the safety of all students, simply to satisfy a liberal agenda.”

Also on
Loudoun County ‘boy in a skirt’ found GUILTY of girls’ bathroom sex assault as school boards’ actions trigger walkouts

A series of contentious school meetings in recent months has laid
bare the tensions surrounding the policy, which has seen at least one
teacher resign after refusing to “push highly politicized agendas”
on students. Another teacher who refused to abide by the policy on
account of his religious beliefs was suspended by the board, but a court
later ordered his reinstatement on First Amendment grounds.

the National School Board Association (NSBA) appeared to smear the
first victim’s family and other concerned parents as “domestic terrorists”
in a controversial letter to the White House that requested FBI
involvement after alleged threats to LCPS board members. After criticism
from some 20 state school board associations, the NSBA partially
apologized for the letter, blaming renegade leaders and expressing
remorse at “some of the language” it used.

But the debate
over schooling in Loudoun County is not limited to trans issues.
Critics of the board are accusing it of adopting ideology-driven
agendas, like shaping the curriculum in line with CRT. The LCPS board
has denied embracing the highly controversial view of American history
and society, which states that the country was founded on
institutionalized racism that needs to be dismantled.

school board member Beth Barts is expected to step down on Tuesday,
after announcing her resignation last month, parents and other critics
have repeatedly called on LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler to resign.

May, Ziegler emailed the school board about the sexual assault at Stone
Bridge High School, but claimed at a June school board meeting that the
“predator transgender student or person simply does not exist” and that there was not “any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.” He later apologized but insisted there was no cover-up.

Also on
Parents want Loudoun
County, Va. school board to quit after accusation it covered up bathroom
rape by ‘gender-fluid sex predator’

Raising Awareness of Israeli War Crimes, with Palestine Action – muunyayo


October 30th, 2021

By Lowkey


“We’re not breaking the law; what we’re doing is actually rooted in law; it is a lawful act to do something to prevent the greater crime — to act to save lives.” — Huda Ammori, Palestine Action

Earlier this week, rapper Lowkey joined campaigners on the streets of Oldham as they protested at the Elbit Ferranti weapons factory located in the northern English town.

While the post-industrial town of 96,000 people might not seem like a likely flashpoint for the Israel-Palestine conflict, many of the weapons used against the civilian Palestinian population are actually manufactured there by the Israeli arms corporation.

In this interview, Lowkey…

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