Topless women case may head to Supreme Court — RT USA News

… The Oregon Department of Justice is being sued after its anti-terrorism Oregon TITAN Fusion Center (OTFC) was accused of illegally surveilling environmental and Native American protesters who opposed a gas pipeline…

Texas Covid Patient Denied Medical Treatment For Being White – Nwo Report

A Texas man has been denied monoclonal antibody treatment for covid because he is white.

Harrison Hill Smith, the host of American Journal, revealed the shocking race-based medical rationing scheme in a series of posts Saturday on Twitter.

“If I were black or Hispanic then I’d be able to qualify?” Smith asked a black female medical worker.

“That’s right… yup,” the medical worker responded.

“I’m being denied medical service because of my race?” Smith said.

“That’s the criteria,” she said.

In December 2020, the CDC released guidance stating that blacks and Hispanics should be prioritized for vaccination over whites.

“Every US state has been advised to consider ethnic minorities as a critical and vulnerable group in their vaccine distribution plans, according to Centers for Disease Control guidance,” The Daily Mail reported.

“As a result, half of the nation’s states have outlined plans that now prioritize black, Hispanic and indigenous residents over white people in some way, as the vaccine rollout begins.”

I asked at the time, “How long will it be before white people are denied other medical treatments just because of their race?”

It hasn’t even been one year!

Raising Awareness of Israeli War Crimes, with Palestine Action – muunyayo


October 30th, 2021

By Lowkey


“We’re not breaking the law; what we’re doing is actually rooted in law; it is a lawful act to do something to prevent the greater crime — to act to save lives.” — Huda Ammori, Palestine Action

Earlier this week, rapper Lowkey joined campaigners on the streets of Oldham as they protested at the Elbit Ferranti weapons factory located in the northern English town.

While the post-industrial town of 96,000 people might not seem like a likely flashpoint for the Israel-Palestine conflict, many of the weapons used against the civilian Palestinian population are actually manufactured there by the Israeli arms corporation.

In this interview, Lowkey…

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An Observation about this Bullshit called ‘Inclusivity’ | The Tactical Hermit

So my kids finally cornered me to sit down and watch a few episodes of The Squid Game and even though I had read some reviews that it was a borderline Communist indictment of Capitalism, I bowed to my offspring’s demands because well, I Love them and like to see them happy. To be honest the first few episodes I did not see any kind of political agenda at all. All I saw was a bunch of morally bankrupt South Korean’s (a degenerate gambler, a crooked businessman, a violent thug, a female pickpocket) all deeply in debt and then suddenly given the CHOICE to play a life and death game and win a shit ton of money.

The series overall has a very high production value with some great set’s and costumes and I have to admit, the script was pretty slick in parts. A word of warning: It is in South Korean with English subtitles, and just a FYI: South Korean is a really annoying language to listen to for one hour intervals, kinda like listening to toddlers babble at one another with really animated gestures.

OK so enough about this series, on to my observation.

We all know that Multiculturalism and “Inclusivity” pollute modern movies and T.V. entertainment like a 14 inch turd in the public swimming pool. I mean it never fails right? You can have a crime series set in the Rural American Midwest and they will put a black lesbian atheist as the Chief of Police, when you know damn well the only Black lesbian within 100 miles of that place is in Chicago. But have you ever noticed that all this inclusivity bullshit never includes WHITE people when you have a cast of all black or brown, or yellow?

I noticed this with this series The Squid Game: In a cast of ALL South Korean actors there is not ONE White person present within a hundred miles! BUT they did include a short, curly headed Indian (The ones who speak Hindi and Urdu and shit in holes, not the ones who murdered Custer, or as my late great Uncle Rex used to say “Dot not Feathers kind of Indians”) who happens to be (of course) an illegal whose Korean boss refuses to pay him his wages.

So just to be clear, to check the Multiculturalism PC box, the cast has to include at least one other race than the one predominantly shown and it does not have to be white?

Do you see how the Anti-White agenda gathers so much steam in a culture like this folks?

It’s actually part and parcel of Political Correctness to DENY White People the same rights as everybody else.

It’s racism and hate in it’s purest form disguised as ‘social justice.’

This is why black power anti-white comedian hacks like Dave Chappelle can make statements like “stop punching down on MY PEOPLE” and be applauded by woke liberals and blind, stupid conservatives alike. Let a white comedian do what Chappelle did and make a statement about “his people” and see what happens. (Hint: The left’s head will explode and the comedian’s career get’s cancelled.)

This shit is ridiculous and all of these militant black assholes and white guilt cuck liberals need to be called out on it.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.

Putin blasts ‘cancel culture’ and diversity at Valdai Discussion Club – The Washington Post

…Some Westerners believe “the aggressive deletion of whole pages of their own history, reverse discrimination against the majority in the interests of minorities … constitute movement toward public renewal,” Putin said.

In his Thursday remarks, he said the notion that children are “taught that a boy can become a girl and vice versa” is monstrous and “on the verge of a crime against humanity.”

He also suggested that transgender rights supporters were demanding an end to “basic things such as mother, father, family or gender differences.”…

US lawmakers play with the idea of social media ID verification, following proposals from other countries – Nwo Report

A draft discussion bill hints at future proposals.

Source: Tom Parker

Anonymity is often vital for those who want to speak truth to power and expose government wrongdoing. We only need to look to the US government’s treatment of National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to see how far governments will go to target those that don’t have the shield of anonymity when they reveal information that governments want to hide.

And in 2021 governments have renewed their efforts to end online anonymity by proposing and introducing new laws that force users to hand over their identity documents (IDs) to use social media and by framing online anonymity as something that needs to be eradicated.

While most of these government efforts to end online anonymity have been widely covered in the media, America’s recent proposals have managed to stay out of the spotlight.

But despite flying under the radar, these proposals do exist in a discussion draft that was introduced by Congressman John Curtis in May.

The discussion draft aims to “require a provider of a social media service to verify the identity of users of the service, and for other purposes” and prevent anyone from creating a social media account without verifying their identity.

Not only does this discussion draft intend to make ID verification mandatory for anyone who wants to create a social media account but it also wants to force social media companies to report users to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) whenever they suspect users have submitted fake IDs. Additionally, it contains a requirement for the FTC to submit these reports to the United States (US) Department of Justice (DOJ).

Social media companies that fail to comply with the terms outlined in this discussion draft will be targeted under section 18(a)(1)(B) of the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 57a(a)(1)(B)) which allows the FTC to define “unfair or deceptive acts or practices,” impose additional requirements on companies to prevent these acts or practices, and introduce “significant civil penalties for rulebreakers.”

While the discussion draft does include an exception for social media providers that have annual revenues of less than $1 billion for three consecutive years, the large social media platforms where the vast majority of the more than three billion total social media users are registered will be forced to verify the real identity of their users under the discussion draft’s current requirements.

Alternative social media platforms will only be shielded from this requirement if their revenues stay below the annual $1 billion threshold and if the discussion draft becomes law, this limit could be encroached upon and lowered, as has happened many times before with other laws.

We obtained a copy of this social media ID discussion draft for you here.

This discussion draft is the latest of many attempts by local and federal US governments to erase online anonymity by forcing online service providers to verify the identity of their users. Some of the most notable attempts include:

The Communications Decency Act (CDA) (1996) which was signed into law on February 8, 1996 and prohibited the “the knowing transmission of obscene or indecent messages” to minors but allowed online service providers to protect themselves from prosecution by implementing age verification measures. The provisions related to age verification were ultimately struck down after the Supreme Court declared them an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment.

The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) (1998) which was signed into law on October 21, 1998 and required website operators and content providers to prove that they had restricted children’s access to “harmful” content by requiring the use of a credit card, a debit card account, an “adult access code,” an “adult personal identification number, a “digital certificate that verifies age,” or “any other reasonable measures that are feasible under available technology.” However, it was blocked from taking effect by multiple courts which declared it unconstitutional on First Amendment groups. After more than a decade of ongoing legal challenges, the Supreme Court killed the law by refusing to hear further appeals.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) (1998) which was signed into law on October 21, 1998 and requires websites and online service providers to obtain “verifiable parental consent” if they’re “directed to children under 13” or they have “actual knowledge” that they collect personal information from children under 13.

Louisiana’s Online Age Verification Law (2015) which required publishers of material that’s deemed to be “harmful to minors on the Internet” to age-verify every internet user before providing access to the material. The law was permanently blocked by a federal judge in 2016 for violating the First Amendment.

While this discussion draft is likely to ultimately fail for First Amendment violations, many other countries that don’t have these same First Amendment protections are pushing similar proposals that would end online anonymity.

UK lawmakers recently bolstered their calls for a social media ID system in the wake of the murder of Member of Parliament (MP) David Amess, despite it being unknown whether the murder suspect had previously targeted Amess on social media.

In Australia, the federal government recently released an exposure draft for an Online Privacy Bill that would require citizens to verify their age by submitting official ID in order to create social media accounts, days after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for social media platforms to be held responsible for anonymous users.

And in Canada, the proposed Senate Bill S-203, the “Protecting Young Persons from Exposure to Pornography Act,” would essentially mandate age-verification for all sites that host user-generated content by making these criminally liable whenever an underage user engages with sexual content on their service unless they implement “a prescribed age-verification method.”

If these governments succeed with their push to end online anonymity, protest and dissent are likely to be one of the first things they attempt to crush. Australia’s authoritarian response to citizens who protest or oppose the government’s COVID response shows just how far governments will go to target those who dissent on social media. And if social media accounts were forcibly linked to real ID, it would be even easier for governments to use these tactics against their critics.

In fact, Lin Junyue, one of the early theoretical designers of China’s all-encompassing social credit system which links real IDs to a wide range of online data, has actually touted the ease with which it allows governments to crush dissent as one of its main benefits.

“If you had the social credit system, there never would have been the yellow vests,” Lin Junyue said in an interview with European public service channel ARTE. “We would have detected that before they acted. One could have foreseen…these events would not have happened. It is one of the great advantages, the social credit system.”

Not only do these proposals to end online anonymity threaten citizens’ rights to protest and criticize the government but by forcing social media platforms to collect real IDs, they also create a huge privacy risk. Numerous vaccine passport systems which impose similar ID collection requirements have already exposed the personal data and IDs of millions of people. Forcing social media companies to collect real IDs would create an even larger honeypot that could be leaked or breached.

Even more concerning is that these attacks on online anonymity serve as a gateway to a dystopian digital ID system that would give governments even more control of people’s digital activities. COVID passports are already paving the way for such a system in the physical world by making access to certain premises and events contingent on showing a vaccine passport. Forcing users to associate their social media accounts with real ID would make it easy for governments to expand this control to the digital realm and dictate which websites and online services people are allowed to use.

Although the First Amendment will likely shield US citizens from this government encroachment, for now, the persistent push to end online anonymity shows that many Western lawmakers are more than happy to ignore these significant privacy and civil liberties concerns so that they can more easily control and monitor their citizen’s digital lives.

BBC – Radio 4 Woman’s Hour -Pakistan Rape Laws

Comment by tonytran2015: Welcome to multiculturalism!

Last week Pakistan’s parliament approved a bill amending the country’s Islamic laws on rape. The Women’s Protection Bill will
seek to amend the heavily criticised Hudood Ordinance laws which insist that a rape victim must provide four male eyewitnesses to the crime...

Sen. Rand Paul: ‘We’ve Got Fauci Spreading Mistruths Across the Country’ | Aletho News

The Defender | October 13, 2021

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Monday took to the podium on Capitol Hill to criticize the media and Dr. Anthony Fauci for spreading mistruths about COVID, and for their role in causing unnecessary deaths by politicizing the science around COVID vaccines and treatments.

“We’ve got Dr. Fauci spreading mistruths across the country, saying we’ve got to forcibly vaccinate the kids,” Paul said. “There’s no science behind any of that.”

Paul accused CNN and others of misleading the public on a host of COVID-related of issues, including the need to vaccinate children:

“For example, the one truth you won’t be told is an 85-year-old has a 10,000 times greater chance of dying [from COVID] than a 10-year-old. Now you think we should treat them the same. If you were their doctor, do you think a 10-year-old should get the same healthcare and the same prescriptions for what they need to do as an 85-year-old? Makes no sense at all.”

Paul, who said he refused to get the COVID vaccine because he already had the virus, and has natural immunity, has been an outspoken critic of Fauci and the Biden administration for their handling of the pandemic.

In July, he accused Fauci of lying to Congress about approving funding for gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate.

Paul told the U.S. Senate on Monday it’s time to stop censoring people just for asking questions about COVID policies, and get back to the ideas of classical liberalism, where “we debated things.”


The complications from sex reassignment surgery are horrific – but in today’s trans-activist world, we can’t talk about this — RT Op-ed

A culture of silence and fear stops people learning what really
can happen when you undergo ‘sex change’ operations. The trans lobby
tries to portray it as easy and straightforward – yet it’s anything
There is an unspoken price
being paid for the fashionable transgender theories of our day. There
are unseen victims, invisible, though in plain sight. They are hidden
because their supporters believe too blindly, and their detractors write
them off, and their misery is facilitated by a lack of open discussion
and a censorship of the facts.

These victims get overshadowed by
the concerns of the general public who are caught in a culture war, by
the parents who lose children to this strange and manufactured dogma,
and by the disinterested innocents subjected to bewildering
pronoun-usage and terrible Netflix adaptations.

Also on
Parents shouldn’t have a ‘veto’ on children’s trans medical decisions? Should we let the kids smoke and drink too?

These hidden victims are the young transgenders
themselves, who are led to believe so strongly that they can ‘change
their sex’ that they undergo sex-reassignment surgery, only to find
themselves not just disappointed by the result, but horrified.

are true victims, in the sense that many of them suffer horrific and
irreversible physical damage and pain, which often leads to them
committing suicide.

may have heard of these high rates of suicide among transgender people.
What many people are not aware of is that this suicide problem is not
predominantly due to social rejection, bullying, or self-doubt. It is
due to the complex, unnatural, and somewhat shady nature of the surgery
involved in ‘sex changes,’ and its after-effects. I will focus in this
article on the male-to-female cases, as the list of complications in
these operations is long and harrowing.

It should go without
saying at this point that a person cannot really change their sex; it
comprises your genetic make-up at the molecular level (XX/XY genes). A
man who seeks to become a woman will never have a baby. The surgeon’s
knife is not a ‘magical’ transformation, it is a complicated cosmetic
operation, changing one’s outward appearance. It is a complex, fraught
rearranging of flesh.

Many young people today believe (and are
being taught) that they can elect their sex like they choose an item of
clothing, and go through with ‘surgery’ that will wholly transform them.
Often the result leads to disappointment, and there are many stories of
regret, and of (too late) reticence just before committing to the
operation. These stories are unfashionable to the ears of gender-theory
enthusiasts, who wish to forever believe that sex is a fluid and
insubstantial thing, and can be easily changed.

With male-to-female surgeries, post operative complications occur
at a rate of 32.5% (that is a one-in-three chance of complication),
and there is a re-operation rate of 21.7%. This is insanely high for any
kind of medical procedure, let alone considering this is an elective
surgery, and one that is performed, generally, on healthy, functioning
bodies. They now call it ‘gender affirmation surgery’ so that even the
language is deceptively adapted to sound positive and non-threatening.

In this sense, medical ethics and genuine concern (not virtue signalling) for these young people appears to be out the window.


is not often discussed (likely because it is not a topic for the
squeamish) exactly what are the common complications resulting from
modern sex-change surgeries. If you can bear it, I will attempt to
elucidate a few of the male-to-female complications, while seeking not
to be overly graphic. Those who are faint of heart may wish to stop
reading here.

The patient’s “neovagina” is partly constructed
from an inverted scrotum and penis, therefore any hair-bearing skin used
for the “neo-urethra” can cause
chronic infection and obstruction. In vaginoplasty, failure to perform
preoperative or intraoperative hair removal can lead to inaccessible
hair deep within the vagina. This can result in a hairball, which can be
a nidus for debris and infection.Infections are common and known to be
incredibly painful, according to sufferer accounts.

is no natural lubrication for a neovagina. In a procedure called
colovaginoplasty, a lubricant is sourced by opening up the abdomen and
using part of the colon to join the gap and make the vagina. The
lubrication comes from the bowel, and is constant (not based on
arousal). Post-op patient questions vary from, ‘Is it dangerous for my
partner to ingest this lubricant?’, to ‘Will I need to wear a pad
forever?’ (Often, yes).

Another complication
is known as a Rectoneovaginal Fistula, which is an ‘abnormal connection
between the rectum and neovagina’. The result is that the neovagina
begins to secrete fecal matter, resulting in permanent diaper-wearing.
There are many difficulties that can arise when you decide to open a new
hole in your pelvis that was not there naturally.

Sufferers have
complained about ‘never being able to have sex again’ – in some ways an
odd complaint after making the decision to castrate yourself. Another
common complaint is the necrotising of the neovagina, where the
constructed vagina (or portions of it) simply dies off.

surgery in general requires perpetual clinical follow-up and post-op
monitoring, as well as a lifetime reliance on estrogen and other

The wider trans community and the wealthy trans lobby
do not want any such negative information about transgenderism to get
out. They maintain that it is impossible to tell the difference between a
vagina and a negovagina, but this is not true. Many who undergo the
procedure learn the hard way that they have caused irreversible damage
to themselves, and their suicide rates are astronomical. There are many
stories of chronic pain and tissue necrosis that are either too graphic
to relay, and there is too much fear of censorship and legal threats
from the trans lobby for sufferers to speak out.

Also on
Tyrannical trans activists are trampling on free speech and democracy… and losing support in the process

The sad result of this is that many confused kids, often
encouraged by virtue-signalling parents and teachers, are being led down
the path that leads to these horrors. Nobody seems to care about the
realities that await them, that there is a very high chance their lives
will be ruined and they will suffer great pain and remorse. Yet the
gender theory activists still pretend that you can easily change your
sex with surgery.

These people require rigorous mental health
treatment, real role models, and a society which does not encourage them
to mutilate themselves.

Democrats Tuck Female Draft Into Defense Bill
The Pentagon will have to start drafting women in order to receive funding after House Democrats amended the defense budget. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D., Pa.) put forward a measure on Wednesday to require all women over the age of 18 to register for selective service. Houlahan said her policy would best draw on the “talents…